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Nov 18, 2012

The Power Principle: Empire (video) plus, Clinton Inauguration 1997

It may be difficult to fully agree with all the concepts presented in The Power Principle Part One: Empire but if you were around during the Clinton administration and remember the February 1, 1999 release of the Clinton budget which was particularly heavy on military spending and light on domestic (social) spending--you may wish to view the following video (Part One) for a hindsight view of what America was being used for and set up for at that time.

Mr. Clinton had promised us a "peace dividend" but you see on which 'garden path' that has misled our nation. It isn't for nothing that the US performs its much-touted "peaceful passing of the baton" every four years on Inauguration Day and few can fail to see that our old bosses and new bosses share more than they differ upon.

Now 1999 was during Bill Clinton's second term, of course, and if you have the software to set it up and have never viewed his Inauguration 1997 horoscope (January 20 noon Capitol Building DC) please do so in tandem with this video presentation for you may wish to consider that transiting Neptune, with its tendency to undermine, seduce, cheat, merge with, and/or dissolve what it touches, conjoined America's natal Pluto 27Cap33 in the Inaugural chart at Midheaven (The Goal.)

Plus, We-the-People's Inaugural Moon 1997 @28Gem13 is in 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values (Moon = fluctuations; changes) and of course it was President Clinton who signed the US-job-killing NAFTA--not that it was his idea alone for he had global plutocrats to inspire him. As you know, '28Gem' = BANKRUPTCY in the Sabian Symbols, an apt description of what often occurs to people (Moon) when their jobs are outsourced to cheaper labor markets. Yes, a great hollowing out has occurred and we see the shreds of it now.

Guess the difficult energies of the Grand Cross between the Moon, Mars (4Lib23 in 6th house of the Military), Mercury (6Cap32 in 9th H of Foreign Lands), and Saturn (2Ari37 in 12th H of Politics, Self-Undoing, and Back Room Deals) in the Inauguration 1997 chart have had their way with us, y'might say.

Okay, I'll hush for now about the Astrology of it all and hope that you, dear reader, may find an hour and a half (!) to view Part One of The Power Principle: Empire. I'll add a few notes on the Sun Aquarius-Moon Gemini blend in effect for Clinton's Inauguration 1997 to denote his second term, in case you're curious.

Sun AQ-Moon Gem is a double-Air combo of clear-headedness and reason. Culture and elegance are notable, and 'never at a loss for words' describes its mental, intellectual energies; idealistic visions and political, philosophical, and/or ideological schemes are on the Airy menu.

Sun AQ-Moon Gem is the blend of New Age thinking (exs: New World Order; global governance; "free trade") and contains witty, cerebral, friendly, and progressive vibes though 'detached' is a word often used for it. Tackling the world's most demanding problems and changing the world are its aims with radical ideas easily and persuasively communicated. This blend is good at advertising, journalism, speech writing and delivering, and related endeavors such as Politics and it can be flippant at times.

This double-Air combo is shared natally by social activist and community organizer Saul Alinsky, golfer Jack Nicklaus, lawyer, statesman, and politician Elihu Root, and by none other than Founding Enlightener and Propagandist, Thomas Paine, who informed us of a paradox that still rings true:

"The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately."

One of Sun AQ-Moon Gem's Images for Integration in the Harveys' book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign may be quite appropriate for our current "fiscal cliff" (or, slope, curve, whatever) made dramatic by last year's 'sequestration' cuts that the Pentagon (and private military contractors) are sweating if things aren't resolved by Congress no later than January 1, 2013 at 12:00 am est:

"A white blackbird charms the garden with its song."

Well, some folk always liked to say that Bill Clinton was our first black president. And during Campaign 2012, he's been charming all over again, NAFTA notwithstanding.

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