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Dec 10, 2012

New Moon 21Sag45 on Dec 13, 2012 @3:41 am EST

December 2012: Seeds in the Soil, Fire on The Hill?

by Jude Cowell

Around here a New Moon @21Sag45 which perfects on Wednesday December 13, 2012 at 3:41 am est spotlights new beginnings and a seeding of something that will culminate or fulfill its promise at the Full Moon of December 28, 2012--just around the time that the over-dramatizing politicians of Washington DC should be getting their 'fiscal cliff' act together. Plus, with the overly extended Bush tax cuts from 2001 set to expire at 12:00 am est on January 1, 2013, the clock, as they like to say, is tick-tocking while stock markets crouch in wait.

For as you must have heard, IMF chief Christine LaGarde has cautioned Washington politicians over the 'fiscal cliff' anxiety which global markets will react to negatively if our barely functioning functionaries continue their inaction and/or put overly austere measures in place.

So if our representatives in Washington get this wrong, we'll know precisely who on Capitol Hill wants the American people and the US economy to fall back into a recession.

Then may I suggest ahead of their perfidy that if Tea Party members of Congress must be tossed over a cliff in order to get anything fiscally constructive done before the end of 2012 and beyond, I'll gladly volunteer to help with the pooshing if you will, Dear Reader! And let's include a decided ixnay on the Republicans' threatened debt ceiling stalemate, too--especially since we've seen that particular politicized matinee performance in 2011 and it really stank up the place.

No, all their financial and other dramas don't make me feel that my government is broken. But it does make me feel that those Reconstructionists who treasonously interfere with the people's business and have no intention of actually governing because they have only partisan and/or utopian ideological goals in mind are not working for the common good of our nation and should leave town before the sheriff rides in.

Now if only a sheriff were coming!

Yet There Must Be a Happier Space...

Meanwhile, over at Celestial Space you'll find Depali Desai's analysis of this fabulous New Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, fiery sign of The Seeker. Depali's lunar overview is perfect for those wishing to integrate the Jupiterian New Moon influence into their own lives by considering where 21Sag45 falls in the natal chart for that house (and its opposite) denotes an area of life now ripe for new beginnings!

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