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Dec 18, 2012

Social Security threatened w Saturn to Mars and Jupiter

As you know, the Social Security Act was signed into law by FDR on August 14, 1935 with activist Mars @9Sco06 and generous Jupiter @15Sco06 (the Eagle Point in the Zodiac.)

As you may also know, today's position of transiting Saturn, planet of restriction, old age, government, and lawmakers is @8Sco24 and thus affects SS's natal Mars-Jupiter conjunction.

President Obama, whose natal Neptune in Scorpio is now under the restrictive yet authoritative rays of Saturn ('grim face of reality', 'dream come true', or a mixture of both), seems to be allowing Social Security benefits and regulations to be put 'on the table' of the ongoing 'fiscal cliff' negotiations. Means testing for wealthier recipients I can agree with as long as benefits for the neediest Americans are left intact. We don't want your elderly Aunt Granny Fanny eating canned cat food and skipping her meds, now do we?

Plus, not all the Baby Boomers will live to ripe old ages due to youthful risk-taking. Upping the eligibility age might be okay for sitting workers but would be cruel for physically active workers whose bones and energy give out before the age of 65! How would you like an elderly truck driver, aged 68 or 69, careening down the streets of your town, eyesight impaired and medically propped up with prescription pills that cause drowsiness? Being accustomed to sitting on their backsides for much of their 'working' day, Washington politicians must be joking on raising the age of eligibility!

Well, someone atThe Nation agrees with me: Don't Chain Grandma to Smaller Social Security Checks which covers all I wish to say on the matter for with transiting Saturn to natal Mars, we know that SS's vitality and existence are under threat, and with tr Saturn to natal Jupiter, a money planet, we may as well expect some form of economic loss or curtailment to be forced upon beneficiaries...hopefully and fairly of the well-heeled variety.


Blog Note: if you wish, scroll down this blog's sidebar for the video of FDR signing the Social Security Act of 1935.

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