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Feb 18, 2013

Feb 18, 2013 lawmaker Saturn Stations Rx as Congress vacations

Today's Saturn Rx Station Times House of Reps on Recess All Week

by Jude Cowell

At 12:02:16 pm today, stationing Saturn changes to retrograde motion at 11Sco31:34, in 6th house of the horoscope when set for Capitol Hill. This seems descriptive of current actions and non-actions in Washington politics for Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, sees over government, lawmaking, law, and business.

With the brouhaha Republican are now making over a mysterious leak of the White House's Immigration 'Backup' Plan and its alleged "smoking out" of Senator Marco Rubio (who has attempted to 'own' the issue yet now must balk because the president's name is on it), we find that Congress, Republicans and Tea Partiers in particular, to be acting in bad form with their accustomed ill grace toward a Democratic president who dares to be of a different race. They simply will not work with him and who doesn't know it? Apparently the heat became too much for tender-eyed Speaker John Boehner so that he felt a need to call a week-long recess for this week in the middle of serious issues which cry out for resolution.

According to the official House website, the House's first item of business upon returning to Capitol Hill next week will be a hearing on the state of the rural economy on February 26, 2013.

All in all, the GOP charade of pique is meant to further undermine the American people's trust in Congress and the White House and from what people tell me, it's working quite well. Or at least, it's 'working' much better than the Republicans are working at doing the people's business. And it's almost amusing that in recent months a transiting Saturn-Pluto sextile of opportunity (60 degrees) has been in effect and was and will be the base of a YOD pattern of special task/crisis/turning point implications pointing toward moneybags Jupiter (re-forming in March) but for today's Saturn Station Rx, the Saturn-Pluto pair point toward the Moon @9Gem27 (We the People) in the 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions at 12:02:18 pm est.

Thus a midpoint picture is created in relation to Saturn's inward-turning condition which contains certain potentials for manifestation--all, any, or none may apply:

Saturn-Pluto = Moon: renunciation; giving up giving; frigidity; tragic destiny of a woman (check current news events for murders and suicides of women); strong control over people's habits; inconsistencies in work, achievements, or records. (Ebertin; Tyl; Munkasey.)


Now for something fun and completely different...I hope you caught Alabama Shakes on SNL Saturday. If not, don't miss the video of their fantastic roots rock performance! Maybe it can get the sour taste of a grandstanding Congress out of our mouths...

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