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Feb 17, 2013

Sec of State John Kerry: a 'new world order' (video)

There's a 'higher' agenda and has been for many years in Washington DC about creating a 'new world order' or as some call it, a 'new world economic order'. We saw evidence with the attacks of 9/11/01 and Financial Collapse 2008.

Since I didn't bother to watch Senator Kerry's recent (certain) confirmation hearing for Secretary of State, I missed his repeated reference to a 'new world order' and the fact that he actually cited a book authored by a war criminal (and fellow perpetrator of war criminal Richard Nixon), one Henry Kissinger.

I hereby remedy my neglectful omission of Senator Kerry's draconian remarks:

It seems that John Kerry didn't learn anything useful after all about lying us into war from his stint in Vietnam. Or, he willingly succumbed to 'playing the game' in Washington in order to get ahead and receive plum assignments for his Skull'n'Bones self. After serving in the war, Kerry's famous testimony about who wants to be the "last man in Vietnam," etc, was probably more for future political maneuvering than high ideals, or so I've suspected for a long time. (I watched him on TV the day he gave his testimony to a Congress full of warmongers and agreed with his lofty rhetoric. But I was younger and more gullible then...constant lies from my government through the years have cured the condition.)

So now he's getting his 'dream job' of Secretary of State, the one he's prepared for all his life, some say. With Jupiter's Direct Station @6Gem19 on January 30, 2013, this hope is realized with Jupiter conjoining Kerry's natal Uranus 6Gem20 Rx--in natal 6th house of Work and Jobs (plus, the 6th H is Cadent = preparation.) Transit Jupiter will proceed to conjoin his natal Mars @10Gem36 Rx (6th H), move into 7th H from 6th H and hit his natal Moon, then natal Saturn @23Gem30 Rx. Here's a brief summary though other effects are in the mix such as tr Jupiter opposite n Sun and trine n Neptune 4Lib04 at MC 5Lib39:

Jupiter to n Uranus = political and financial expansion succeeds; Jupiter to n Mars = work success, favored in competition, dynamic energy and force but should avoid overconfidence for best results; Jupiter to m Moon = emotional satisfaction, popularity, and a higher social status; Jupiter to n Saturn = burdens are eased, hard work and patience merit success and recognition, authority is rewarded.

For a view of John Kerry's natal horoscope with details visit his astrodatabank page although his birth time is rated C for 'accuracy in question'. Yet his Sun 18Sag40 (rising) and Moon 17Gem31 (setting) seem to be the correct Sun-Moon blend, so we find a man of creative Fire and mental Air who is versatile, inventive, intellectual, and sociable. Good at giving practical advice, he's less able to deal with emotions, and can be tactless and short-tempered when things don't suit him. (Who isn't?)

A natural spokesperson, Senator Kerry is famously long-winded often doubling back on himself while speaking though he doesn't seem quite as bad about circuitous expression as he once did. (Plus, I have a young relative with a Gemini Moon who is very chatty and can talk in paragraphs without taking a breath!) President Obama has natal Moon in communicative Gemini as well and is known for his rhetorical talent (but with natal Sun in Leo.)

Yet there is a caution with Sun Sag-Moon Gemini which is a tendency to spread oneself too thin and not finish projects. May setting up perpetual war to establish a draconian 'new world order' of totalitarian global government be one of those projects.


Blog Note: if you wish, scroll to the sidebar's Search field and type 'nwo' and you'll have a list of posts, some with the modern NWO natal chart (timed by the third of three Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune in 1993) and others with lists of politicians and others who have mentioned--threatened--the creation of a 'new world order' through the decades. If you wish.

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