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Feb 2, 2013

Groundhog Day 2013: Now with More Hog

Groundhog Day 2013: Now with More Hog

by Jude Cowell

By now you've heard that Up North Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early Spring, something Hurricane Sandy victims can well appreciate after being left out in the cold by financially obsessed Republicans scoring what they hope are political points.

Meanwhile, in an about-face that may signify a sleepy nod of fuzziness toward global climate change, today's prediction Down South by our own rodent, General Beauregard Lee (Phil's less famous cousin once removed) is for 6 more weeks of winter bluster to assail us 'down yonder'. As you might imagine, General Lee's burrow is located near Atlanta, GA.

And since February 2nd each year is when groundhogs are brought up for consideration from the depths of America's Collective Unconscious, I always review the Sabian Symbol for 15 Sagittarius: "The Groundhog Looking for Its Shadow...REASSURANCE."

In the Marc Edmund Jones version of the Sabian Symbols, positive and negative expressions are given for '15Sag' which are active in the environment at the moment due to real world events of fuzzy proportions with hopes for an early Spring:

'15Sag' positive: a natural talent for determining the proper course of action or reaction;

Negative (unconscious or shadow side--jc): lack of self-stability and ingrained timidity.

Dr. Jones adds to his interpretation that, "Implicit in the symbolism is a consistent sensitiveness to straws in the wind, and a willingness to make any amount of self-adjustment in order to capitalize on the situation of the moment."

In relation to Politics, my usual realm of fussiness, I'd say that straws in the wind reminds me of polls taken to ascertain which way the American people are 'blowing' at a moment in time, and of approval ratings for the president (good) and for Congress (in the crapper--but if we're feeling manipulated into thinking that our government no longer 'works', there's a good reason--we are.)

"Straws in the wind" also reminds me of a previously posted video you may have missed, Meet Your Straw Man, and of the pretzel shapes of 'adjustment' the Republican Party has been twisting itself into recently in an attempt to retain their core 'values' (of intolerance, bigotry, and disdain for the non-rich) while keeping their true sentiments squirrelled away by the use of new and improved rhetoric. Lipstick meets know how they do.

Astro-notes for February 2 and 3, 2013:

Once the Moon sailed into Scorpio this morning at 7:01 am est, Groundhog Day 2013 became one of Sun Aquarius-Moon Scorpio energies, an ethereal, misty Air-Water blend, perfect for the theatrics involved in Groundhog Day predictions, North and South.

Sun AQ-Moon Sco denotes keen insights (of groundhogs?!), strong wills, and ambitious reforms. It's a stubborn combo which may exhibit haughtiness and contempt especially when egos have been wounded. Emotionally possessive, this blend contains primitive needs which lead to manipulative tactics when needs are ignored or unmet.

At the foundation of these primal tendencies may lie a mind/feeling split not unlike the Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde archetype...rational scientist (AQ) v passionate sensualist (Sco)! Traits such as brooding, blowing hot then cold, and an all-or-nothing attitude may characterize today and Sunday (Super Bowl!) until the Moon enters Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius on Monday February 4th at 10:45 am est. Monday the Moon will be void from 7:31 am until 10:45 am est so you may as well sleep late if you can! Actually this is good advice for Super Bowl hang-over celebrants, isn't it?

The Sun AQ-Moon Sco combo is shared natally by Henry Brook Adams who is well known for his instructive analysis of the practicing scoundrels and varmints who infest American Politics, in his day and in ours (see this blog's description above, under the title!)

"Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds." Now he may have been a bigot concerning certain people, but it seems to me he got that right.

Plus, his definition fits perfectly into the 'divide and conquer' tactics used by a morally deformed power elite/ruling class against We the People in order to guard their exalted privileges, illusory social status, and massive wealth while keeping The Masses down, poor, and hungrier by the minute.

For populations to be disenfranchised by a hoggish elite bodes not well for our republic!

To close, so I can go enjoy the rest of Groundhog Day 2013 while forgetting about Politics, here's economics Professor Robert Reich on The Jobs Report, and Why the Recovery Has Stalled. He's another analyst who gets it right.

For more info on Sun-Moon blends, try 'Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

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