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Feb 14, 2013

Rachel Maddow documentary 'Hubris' (trailer) w War astro-notes

Lies will be probed Monday February 18, 2013 on MSNBC @9:00 pm est as Rachel Maddow's documentary Hubris: Selling the Iraq War is aired. The report is partly based on the Isikoff-Corn book Hubris and features new interviews:

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Iraq War natal data: March 20, 2003 6:35 am BAT Baghdad, Iraq; Rodden Rating: A, from timed documented source and news sources.

ASC 8Ari16 (where techno Uranus transits now); Hour of Jupiter (conquest; expansion, advancement; the General); Mars is out-of- bounds and chart-ruler making no major applying aspects unless we count Mars to Chiron, the 'sacred warrior' pair; Full Moon phase +203:59; Syzygy Moon 27Vir25 opposite war's Mercury.

The war's PE (Solar Eclipse @11Sag58 conjunct US natal ASC in 'Sibly' chart and conjoining the Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron 0n December 30, 1999, the disenfranchisement/primal violence/racism pair)--the PE's Saros Series = 4 South, key themes are: strong emotions about money and/or relationships, sense of fatedness as people are caught up in events beyond their control, emotions are blocked or frustrated--'avoid rash action until issues settle down' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Jupiter the General @8Leo25 (conjunct and expanding Dubya's natal ASC and Mercury in Leo and nearing his natal Pluto 10Leo35) is retrograde or weakened denoting the Iraq War has been a bottomless pit in the resources department from its start, and there is no clear victor especially with weakening Neptune opposite chest-thumping Jupiter in prideful Leo.

And though US war criminals will never see the inside of a prison cell as they should, it would be poetic justice if all who profited from this war whether in weaponry production, oil, gas, contract work, or antiquities had to pay back the billions of dollars that US tax payers were scammed into financing for this neocon quixotic money-making endeavor that has needlessly taken or maimed so many lives.

Plus, in the Iraq War's misty Water-Air blend of Sun Pisces-Moon Libra we find negative traits such as 'holding unrealistic ideals by which you live and evaluate others' and a 'tendency to rationalize and believe what is most pleasant and expedient' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

"Greeted as liberators"? (liar Cheney of the '1% Gang'); flowers in gun barrels?; "a cakewalk"? WMD? Puh!!!

And you may wish to check out what The Nation's Greg Mitchell has to say.

Cosmically on February 18, 2013 is Saturn's Station Retrograde @ 11Sco32...'12Sco' = "An Embassy Ball", it's Presidents' Day, and the Sun enters mystical Pisces (a sign of war as are Aries and Libra) at 7:02 am est.

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