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Jan 25, 2021

The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunctions of 2009 and 2022

Tricky Legalisms, Political Conflicts, Grand Schemes, and Bubbles

by Jude Cowell

January 25, 2021: Here's a lightly edited (for clarity) excerpt written in 2016 which concerns the frothy planetary pair of Jupiter and Neptune and their Great Conjunction/s of 2009:

"Now those readers who were reading Stars Over Washington in 2009 and before know that I have typed a large amount of words concerning Jupiter and Neptune as a pair of energies that represent potentials for 'the grand spirit, visions, big promises, flowery religious sentiments, subversion, surveillance, get-rich-quick schemes, fraud, waste, speculation, hypocrisy (Ebertin)--and irresponsible, abusive, or reckless financial mismanagement. Political conflicts are also within the realms of Jupiter-Neptune (ex: Republicans vowing failure for President Obama since Day One). Such readers may be familiar with astrological principles and if so, they have not missed the significant synchronicity of the three 2009 conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune perfecting upon the US Moon in late Aquarius as seen on July 4, 1776: mundane US Moon = We the People.

The blend of this grand influence of the societal planet of expansion (Jupiter) and urge-to-merge Neptune (often a leader in fraud, falsehood, deception, smoke screens, masks, veils, loss, failure, theft, dissolution, contagion, mysticism, crime, and planet of The Masses, The Media, and propaganda) induced us in 2009+ to be exploited by our dreaminess, by falling into a swoon, having little sense of reality, becoming involved in speculation and fraud, losing ourselves in plans which brought waste, loss, and instability for a majority of the public (ex: the housing crisis). That America's natal Neptune @22Virgo conjunct fixed star Denebola (to go against society) obscures Barack Obama's natal Mars @22Virgo allowed the effective use of Jupiter-Neptune = natal Moon; meanwhile, those who were aware of the significance of such cosmic occurrences noticed that they timed and chimed with our newly elected "rock star" president (Mars-Neptune). This also relates to McConnell casting Neptunian shade over President Obama's natal Mars (motive, energy, action) to undermine him as every opportunity."

And with nebulous Neptune, as with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, the seductive, deceptive influences were karmic or fated for the American people (US Moon). And actually, those same influences have been operative through the hypnotic appeal of Donald Trump - for those who have been susceptible to his "charms." He's a real pied piper, y'know? However, the fumes of 2009's Jupiter-Neptune = Moon energies will dissipate by the next Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction of April 12, 2022 yet some effects may linger in the breeze since the 2022 conjunction perfects in mystical, shady, secretive, and perhaps compassionate Pisces, ruled, and some would say, co-ruled, by Neptune.

So below you see a dual chart of the third of three conjunctions of 2009 (lower left) along with the April 12, 2022 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction @23Pis58 (upper right) which occurs under the Biden-Harris administration. Study notes are squished upon both charts if you care to enlarge the image and make them out; Solar Eclipses are penned on as well: 11 South (2009) and 5 New South (2022):

Any thoughts?

Aug 3, 2019

Dissolving Neptune and the Republican Party in 2019

August 3 2019: With multiple Republican congressmen retiring from what's become the 'Party of Trump' anyone could be forgiven for blaming The Long Shadow of Neptune for such losses and disapearances along with the fact that a recent Neptune Return (a five-fer actually) has occurred for the 164-year-old Republican Party which formed March 20, 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin with Neptune @14Pis01.

For as you know, dissolving Neptune disintegrates, undermines, and weakens most easily when floating through its own sign of watery Pisces and can bring inspiration, yes, or the urge-to-merge planet can conjure negatives such as pathological tendencies, propaganda, lies, self-delusion, disguises, pessimism, contagion, fear, and paranoia in its wake--and as we see with retiring Republican congressmen and other issues of loss, Neptune is apparently flooding the GOP.

So as illustrated by the image of my drawing, above, when it comes to the Republican Party in 2019, Neptune Ascends and what will be left of the party once the washing away is done who can say? Here's one guess: snivelers and sycophants?

Jan 10, 2019

DC Horoscopes: the March 2019 Lunations of Crisis

January 10, 2019: Today as the Trump Wall stalemate as 'justification' for the bogus, harmful Trump Shutdown continues, news that the Mueller investigation nears its end comes as potential if partial relief to the current level of tension and frustration in America. It is reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will begin downsizing his staff soon and that acting AG Rod Rosenstein is preparing to step down from the DOJ, timed by William Barr's assumption of the AG post once his confirmation hearing, apparently scheduled for next week (possibly Tuesday January 15th), wraps up successfully. Then it will probably take several weeks more for Mueller's staff to prepare then present the report which may or not be 'hidden' by Trump supporters in the Department of Justice.

Not all my notes are mentioned in this text so please enlarge the image for more details:

Politically, it seems that the returning Mr. Barr is a shoo-in for the AG post circa 2019 but meanwhile, the fate of the Mueller report is uncertain due to 'Bill' Barr's pre-judgment of the Trump investigation's legality and the iffiness of the timing of Mr. Rosenstein's departure while still managing to protect the investigation against assaults by the guilty-acting Mr. Trump. This week we find that Robert Mueller's report may possibly 'drop' in March 2019 if not in February, so above are the DC Horoscopes of the March 6th New Moon @15Pis47 (conjunct difficult Achernar star of 'crisis' and/or'rapid endings') and deceptive, delusional Neptune (16Pis08), planet of mass media, the masses, lies, fraud, propaganda, bubbles, contagion, fear, paranoia---all in the 10th house of Career and Public Standing when the chart is set for the White House (same for Washington DC). As you see, Mercury is at Station and has turned retrograde which suggests review, reconsideration, or perhaps someone changing their mind about their plans (edit: or a 're-port'?). Sorry to say but Mercury conjoins another difficult star, too--Scheat, a star of misfortune.

Now as you know, a New Moon phase represents a 'seeding' of a new cycle of activity yet this one is clouded by veiling, disguising Neptune, just recently moved beyond its 5th conjunction of 5 (Dec 29, 2018) in the Republican Party's first-ever Neptune Return (14Pis01) Horoscope. Visions of Republicans obscuring Trump's antics and illegalities come to mind although a few GOPers have ventured from behind the curtain and jumped the sinking ship. Perhaps more will stand up and follow suit by March, no matter what secrets Trump, Putin, and/or others hold over them. Yes, I want to believe that not all Republicans are compromised, don't you?!

Then upper right, you see the culminating Full Moon of March 20, 2019 @00Lib09 which perfects a day prior to Spring Equinox 2019 and shows testy Mars @23Taurus conjunct Trump's natal MC and simultaneously nearing the natal Mars of Speaker Nancy Pelosi where raging star Algol blinks. This Full Moon @00Libra, a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation, conjoins the natal Midheaven ('MC' = The Goal; Aspirations) of the United States of America (July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT, Philly) so that a cosmic picture of timing and fulfillment is shown by the bright rays of the March 2019 Full Moon yet as I type at you in January, your guess is as good as mine, if not better, as to what Trump and Washington politicians have in mind--assuming that they have a definite plan for our nation at all--other than chaos as they shove our nation toward a constitutional crisis via authoritarian dictator-wanna-be Trump's extreme efforts to unduly expand executive power by ignoring the principles and requirements of the US Constitution.

Jan 27, 2017

DC Horoscopes: Feb 2017 Solar and Lunar Eclipses

February 2017 'Wild Card' Eclipses with Murky Karmic Conditions

In February 2017, the first eclipse of the year is a Lunar Eclipse on February 10, 2017 @22Leo followed by the February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse @8Pisces in the 19 South Saros Series. Here are both charts set for Washington DC; please enlarge to read notes for not all chart factors will be discussed in the following text:

Lunar Eclipse @22Leo28 Feb 10, 2017 7:32:49 pm est:

Solar Eclipse 19 South February 26, 2017 9:58:19 am est:

19 South last manifested on February 16, 1999 @27Aquarius, the position of US natal Moon (We the People) for those who use a late afternoon chart (July 4, 1776). The next Solar Eclipse in 1999 was the 'King of Terror' (or 'Alarm') eclipse which had apparently been predicted by doctor, seer, and astrologer Nostradamus with its Fixed Grand Cross of planets in mid-degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. And into the New Millennium, we know what the so-called 'War on Terror' brought the world, don't we?

The August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse is aka, The Mother of All Eclipses because it's in the 1 North Saros Series. 1 North will repeat across the continental US as The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017 @29Leo, a critical degree that conjoins Mr. Trump's natal Ascendant and his rising star Regulus. This will 'pull in' his natal Mars @26Leo as well and gives us pause when we consider that Mr. Trump was born into the 2 Old North Saros Series which occurred on May 30, 1946 @9Gemini--conjunct America's revolutionary planet of anarchy, Uranus. His natal Uranus is prominent in his natal 10th house (the world stage) and my suspicion is that the US and global Million Woman Marches the day after his inauguration, plus, other protests against Trump's Uranian presidency are only the beginning of the disruption and chaos he and his ilk will cause. I sincerely hope not, but there it is.

Unconscious Lunar vs Conscious Solar

All that aside, my purpose in this post today is to publish the February 2017 Lunar and Solar Eclipse horoscopes (set for DC) but also to mention a bit about the role of a Lunar Eclipse in relation to a Solar Eclipse. Naturally, the astrological Moon represents the unconscious and the Sun aligns with the conscious mind. Instinctive habits and childhood are in the realms of the Moon while one's adult personality and purpose are solar functions symbolically seen in horoscopes by the Sun and its condition via sign, degree, house placement, and aspects to other planets and points.

With a Lunar Eclipse, the sign relates to how we instinctively respond to karmic events and circumstances so the February 2017 Lunar Eclipse in Leo signifies pride, vanity, conceit, egoism, and drama with a potential for leadership qualities. If there is spiritual support for karmic progress to be made it is seen via the house polarity of the eclipse, a Full Moon, and in this case, the Lunar Eclipse manifests across the 6/12 victim-savior axis in Washington, as you see, and this also includes Health Matters, Jobs, Police, and Civil and Military Service. And of course, in Mundane Astrology, politics, backroom deals, large institutions such as hospitals and prisons, karma (reaping what's been sown), and self-undoing are associated with the secretive 12th house of The Unconscious.

As you see, the previously occurring Solar Eclipse @9Vir21 (Sept 1, 2016) is also in 12th house of this chart but there's a new solar influence coming on February 26th which will override the effects of the Virgo Solar Eclipse and its themes of truth-tackling and realism--which struggled because it was opposed by delusional, deceptive Neptune in Pisces. On one level, Neptune has expressed in the Collective as fake (Neptune) news or facts (Saturn). Yet realistic, authentic Saturn does not care for Kellyanne Conway's promotion and use of "alternate facts" as on the January 22nd Meet the Press (video)! But what else does Mrs. Conway have to offer the public? She may hear Mr. Trump's "You're fired!" sooner than she thinks if he no longer considers her useful.

Astro-Notes for Kellyanne Conway.

Still, it is a fact that the February 10th Lunar Eclipse occurs prior to the February 26th Solar Eclipse, a condition reflecting the waning or declining phase of the Moon from Full brightness to New shadiness. This suggests a passive response on our parts to what the Pisces Solar Eclipse has in store for Humanity (11th house). And since the 11th house is also the house of the US Congress (senators and reps alike) we may expect Neptunian actions of a secretive and/or undermining nature to be taken against the public with Pisces ruled by Jupiter, sub-ruled by Neptune--and Neptune as Key Planet (a 3m-22s-degree orb to the Solar Eclipse).

So instead of Neptune influencing a solar eclipse by opposition as in September 2016 into 2017, Neptune will now conjoin the February Solar Eclipse which hints at the confusion, delusion, disappointment, obfuscation, lies, and even fraud and corruption which may be expected from a Trump administration peopled by amateurs, propagandists, anarchists, bankers, and foreclosure kings (like nervous tic Mnuchin). And with Neptune as ruler of mass media, some political pundits, media personalities, and reporters are already kow-towing to Trump's way of doing things (as in, no criticism allowed). The Trump administration prefers hiding behind Neptune's mask and a solar eclipse, the dark of the Moon (publicity), in the shady sign of Pisces is an opportune time for unpopular activities.

However, there are several planetary patterns in the charts, particularly in the Lunar Eclipse chart describing the public reaction to the Feb 26th Solar Eclipse conditions. Two Kite patterns (high-flying success) involve the Moon (We the People) and one Kite includes the Sun (leadership). A Mystic Rectangle of practical mysticism made up of positive sextiles and trines provides inspiration, and two T-Squares (though one only expresses at MC and involves corruption and improbable schemes) tell a tale of 'The Big Picture' directed by powerful Pluto at 18 Capricorn, the Uranus-Neptune New World Order degree spotlighted in 1993. This apex Pluto parallels asteroid Cupido which denotes The Family, The Underworld Syndicate, and Corporatism which are the puppet-master entities that exploit us. Jupiter-Uranus = apex Pluto suggests devices that transform the world (Munkasey) and/or sudden changes in financial conditions (Ebertin).

The Lunar Eclipse's degrees of Moon and Sun are revealing for Luna is at the 'worst foot forward' or 'foot-in-mouth' degree of Leo and the Sun's Sabian Symbol is: "A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws" which may refer to Mr. Trump (his Leo Mars-ASC-Regulus on the Leo end of the Full Moon) and Vladimir Putin of Russia, a country known by its symbol of a Big Bear.

With Pisces There Are Karmic Implications Afoot

The karmic implications of a (secretive) Pisces Solar Eclipse imply much difficulty uncovering hidden relationships and the causes of negative conditions due to a multiplicity of veiled factors which are made even more obscure because the Virgo-Pisces axis and solar eclipse are intercepted--here, across the Self-Will axis (5/11) in Washington, DC. A karmic stalemate is in force as the eclipse manifests and affects the Collective (around the time of the Feb 10th Lunar Eclipse) although the interception will disappear as the chart and the year progress. Dream interpretation may be helpful for those who are interested in finding insights as they drift up from the personal and the Collective Unconscious--as long as taking action isn't allowed to be stymied or negated by Piscean apathy or laziness.

My suspicion is that most people could agree that the positive traits of Pisces such as compassion and creative inspiration are much preferred when dealing with societal problems and issues rather than austerity measures that cause suffering such as cutting social programs of Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Social Security. Such cuts will not only cause suffering and harm to the American people but will seriously affect the US economy, damage already in the works under the GOP 'repeal and replace' ideology meant to sabotage the ACA.

The time for apathy has long passed, dear reader! For as progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann has often said, Democracy is not a spectator sport...participate!

Related: Karmic Planets Hit Natal Chart of Donald Trump including Saturn, planet of realism and accountability.

Mar 7, 2016

Astro-Notes: Mar 9, 2016 Solar Eclipse in the 18 South Saros Series

Mea culpa! The title of this post contains a typo: the Solar Eclipse manifests this evening, March 8, 2016 at 8:54 pm EST but to edit the title messes with the functioning of the link! Once Moon meets Sun, Luna becomes void-of-course until Wednesday March 9. jc

Original post begins here:

Tomorrow evening a Solar Eclipse manifests @19Pisces in the 18 South Saros Series:

18 South themes include potentials for: endings, separations, and partings which can relate to travel or to endings of relationships or alliances; grief and anguish may follow yet the pain of separation can be lessened by new situations which create positive outcomes (Brady's Predictive Astrology).

As you know, the sign of an initial eclipse in a series colors the eclipse--here it's a Jupiter-Neptune Pisces eclipse through a Mars-Pluto Scorpio lens, both emotional water signs but one Mutable (changeable), the other rigid, willful energy that, if conditions are right, may easily relate to war, aggression, and conflict. The Initial Eclipse of the 18S Series occurred on August 20, 1096 OS @3Sco29 with forceful Mars-Pluto undertones; this degree conjoins the current position of US Secondary Progressed Saturn Rx showing America's compromised authority in the world.

A major factor that occurred within the 18S initial eclipse is an obsessive quindecile aspect (165 degrees between two money planets, Venus and Jupiter which on one level can provide much creative energy but also indicates an excessive drive for relationships and/or money; ideals, morals, and ethics are often based on material gain, belief systems tend to motivate action, and excess and indulgence are definite potentials. For positive expressions of 18S, education is essential. (Reeves, The Quindecile.)

Actually, Campaign 2016 has a couple of candidates who allegedly use a 'belief system' for political guidance and to represent them with the evangelical community. However, gaining the Oval Office may or may not be a positive result for the American people if theocrats are riding the Washington gravy train while misrepresenting our Founding Fathers as promoters of the Christian religion when it was Age of Reason (Uranus-Neptune) principles that America was modeled upon and not that ole time religion of a later century.

As for the 18 South Solar Eclipse that occurs tomorrow, there's an interesting list of characters and entities born or occurring under 18S such as: Sirhan Sirhan, Craig Ferguson, Rudy Giuliani, Marilyn Monroe, Mark Twain, Piet Mondrian, the city of St. Augustine, Florida, the US hostage release by Iran (staged just in time for Reagan's first Inauguration)--and the surrender of General Cornwallis to General George Washington at an hour, date, and location of Freemason George's choosing (as we're told).

In rhyming with History fashion, 18S has manifested in the years 1908, 1926, 1944, 1962, 1980 (Reagan decade beginning), 1998, (2016). It will next occur in the year 2034 though you may wish to consider events of past years and all of the US president who oversaw them in search for similar themes or events (ex: a campaign manager or staffer leaves a candidate's employ) for these may return to our Collective Mind for re-evaluation in 2016.

The above post is a reprint from a previous SO'W article with a few minor edits of no importance whatsoever. jc

Sep 16, 2015

Will Republicans Force Another Govt Shutdown? - Ed Schultz (+ Mercury Rx)

With Federal Reserve officials meeting today and announcing their interest rate decision tomorrow (the day of announcing Mercury's Rx Station on US natal Saturn in mid-Libra!), here is Ed Schultz on the threat of another expensive government shutdown in the Republicans' misguided attempt to de-fund (Mercury Rx?) Planned Parenthood over the abortion/fetal tissue issue even though abortion via Planned Parenthood is by law not funded by taxpayer money:

Go Ed!

And for comparison, here from August 2013 is the Heritage Foundation's Jim Demint (former SC senator) discussing the previous Republican government shutdown over defunding Obamacare with the usual flawed logic. If anti-government Senator Ted Cruz manages to lead another shutdown in 2015 or 2016, the Republicans will say it's President Obama shutting down the government which will--again--fool few if any of the American public:

Guess Republicans feel they must use the 'the devil made me do it' strategy against the president! But will Ted Cruz treat us to another overly dramatically reading of a Dr. Seuss book? You remember the ironic thing about his choice of reading material, right? Green Eggs and Ham (he's the ham) is a tale about trying something new (like Obamacare) that you assume you don't like and finding out that you do--not quite the message Cruz's government shutdown was intended to convey.

Here's Amazon's page/s of Dr. Seuss books for Cruz to choose from though of course, he may decide to avoid some of the ridicule and skip reading a children's book this go-round. However, on the list of books is the ever appropriate for US politics One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish with its murky, up or down Piscean flavors!

Now for all you Pisces folks out there, here is my modest illustration of the Two Fish with a few astro-details concerning this Mutable sign published at Dreamyfish Art some time ago.

Pisces: Two Fish a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell (c).

May 12, 2015

US Tax Payers Subsidizing Fossil Fuel Companies!

#Oil #Gas #FuelIndustry #subsidies #UStaxpayers are #chumps #BobbyJindal #payola #ThomHartmann #TheGuardian

Shhhh! Neptune at Work

The financial exploitation of US taxpayers by the power elite that Thom spotlights from The Guardian reminds me that oily, gaseous Neptune is having a sneaky, slippery old time wafting its way through its own sign of Pisces and I suppose the current Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse from March 20, 2015 @29Pisces is stirring up the silt at the bottom of the pond with news reports of weasely fraud and graft (more words from Neptune's realm of deception.)

Plus, as you know, eclipses have a wild card of the Universe reputation for Uranian disruption and unpredictable surprises including the uncovering or leaking of dirty secrets or other details that certain fraudsters, crooks, and bad actors would prefer to keep concealed. Yes, this includes enabling politicians such as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Now this is where I type, peep-eye!

Feb 21, 2015

March 3, 2015 Full Moon in Virgo: "Faith and Reason Shake Hands"

The Full Moon @14Vir50 on March 5, 2015

by Jude Cowell

The Earth-Water combination of March 3, 2015's Full Moon @14Vir50 indicates supportive, practical, and nourishing energies with the Sun in Watery Pisces. Exact at 1:05 pm EDT, the Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo blend is shared natally by such personalities as Luther Burbank, Alexander Graham Bell, Jack Kerouac, Glenn Miller, Roberto Assagioli (see quote, below), and Senator Edward Kennedy.

This is the Syzygy Moon (last lunation) prior to Spring Equinox on March 20, 2015 (6:45 pm EDT, a New Moon) and the Solar Eclipse @29Pis27 which manifests on that date at 5:36 am. Of course, Spring Equinox is also called the Aries Ingress (Sun to Mars-ruled Aries Point, 00Ari00:00) which spotlights major changes and peaks of activity on the world stage and stands as a predictive horoscope for an entire year. Other information is gained by consulting the horoscopes of Summer Solstice in June (00Can00), Autumn Equinox in September (00Lib00), and Winter Solstice in December (00Cap00) along with America's Solar Return of July, plus, other national Return horoscopes, and event charts.

Information found in President Obama's Solar Return in August 2015 is also relevant to the course of our nation along with transits and progressions to all related horoscopes; these must be studied for a fuller picture (although not suitable for today's brief post.)

Full Moon (awareness, opposition, culmination, relationships) March 3, 2015: Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo, the "Faith and Reason Shake Hands" *blend, denotes energies that give broad intelligence, analytical talent, and great perception which will bolster the Full Moon awareness factor. But in what departments of life? On a personal level, perception will be most notable for those who are aware of their natal planetary placements---in which house do you find 14/15 Virgo and 14/15 Pisces for there is where illumination will occur. On a mundane level, we may expect the victim-savior axis of Virgo-Pisces to be highlighted by the light of the March 3 Full Moon and the polarity emphasizes the tragedy of more brutality and revenge, as you know.

*Small events bring enormous consequences

Additionally, sign rulers Mercury (Virgo) and Jupiter (Pisces--with sub-ruler Neptune now strong in its own sign) and the Mercury-Jupiter and Mercury-Neptune pairings of energies are worth considering. In the realms of politics and business, we find Mercury-Jupiter denoting such potentials as expanding communications and transport systems, and discussions on legal, business, religious, and/or philosophical matters and theories. Such discussions and plans indicate possibilities for strained budgets, inflation concerns, religious leaders vying for political power, and scholarship censored by religious beliefs. Well-considered communications bring benefits with Mercury-Jupiter but with a caution against promoting overblown ideas or ideals.

With Mercury-Neptune we find a legislature controlling the excessive dreams and plans of government and business leaders while futuristic visualizations are promoted by leaders sharing their dreams of growth, development, and progress. Of course, the presence of nebulous Neptune, planet of veils, masks, fog, smoke, inspiration, and deception adds its typical undermining influence which leads to instability; weak or artificial plans need rethinking.

Use of delusion to mesmerize the public (propaganda) is evident for communications promise more than can be delivered and serve to divert the people's attention from important matters which may be carried out surreptitiously by fraudsters and spendthrifts with the Neptunian media playing the usual supporting role of keeping the corporate ball in the air.

And since a Full Moon is often a time of relationship fulfillment and brings a culmination of some kind, the Moon's ability to grant us fuller awareness across the Virgo-Pisces axis may clarify that others are not what we thought them to be---or, that they have purposefully deceived or even secretly harmed us. A wise course is to beware of illusion and deception under the silver moonbeams of March!

Now in spite of the fact that a "Faith and Reason" influence adds Illuminati-New World Order-globalism vibes to the March 3 Full Moon via Neptune (Faith, Spirituality) and Uranus (Reason, Science), let's close with some very good advice for all world leaders and wanna-bes, and for the war-wagers who profit from the deaths of others. The quote concerns the victim-savior axis even though as a group the power elite class seems to be too craven and self-serving to learn from it (which to me makes them seem rather ignorant):

"Without forgiveness life is governed endless cycle of resentment and retaliation." Roberto Assagioli.

Tragically for humanity, that's the sort of natural law their plans for global governance depend on.


Recommended reading: *Sun Sign, Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey; Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets by Michael Munkasey.

Jan 28, 2015

National Journal: The Rise of Dark Money and the Koch Party

The plot to seize the White House just after FDR took office (and thus collapse all social safety net programs) continues apace in 2015 with Campaign 2016 on the political menu and The Rise of Dark Money and the Koch Party in the spotlight.

Wait. Did I just type the word fascist out loud...or merely imply it?

Here's a previous post on the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse (chart shown) of 1933, the first year of Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency. Curiously, transit Neptune, famous for its veils, masks, deceptions and its connections to the media and the masses, now floats through its own murky sign of Pisces and has been activating this power-grabbing Solar Eclipse of 1933 which also influenced Herr Hitler's simultaneous rise to power--a rise funded by some of the same financial and familial houses that neglect the common good in the 21st century.

Jul 11, 2013

Neptunian paranoia! 'The Politics of Conspiracy Theory' (video)

The following video excerpt from the non-profit documentary Counter-Intelligence may be of interest to you since the use of conspiracy theories to discredit those who spout or listen to them is an Establishment tactic that shows no sign of letting up. And with secretive Neptune (the media; the masses; conspiracies) now traversing its own sign of murky, often deceptive Pisces, we find the paranoia created by this transit quite sufficient for devising new conspiracy theories, some of which will be closer to the truth than the ruling class wants us to know:

Though its attribution to FDR is in dispute ('he never said that'), I believe in the adage (after following Politics for several years) that, Nothing in Politics happens by accident--if it happens, you can be certain it was meant to happen.

And as I've typed before, America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition latched onto the use of political and economic propaganda from our very founding! It's the power of modern Technology in recent decades that provides them the tools with which to bound over the constitutional line.

For more videos on a variety of topics visit Forbidden Knowledge TV and Alexandra Bruce--she'll set you up!

May 20, 2013

"The Toxic Assault on Our children" (Bill Moyers video)

Of Lunar Needs, Poisonings, and Plutocracy

by Jude Cowell

On Saturday May 25, 2013, a global March Against Monsanto is scheduled and a *Lunar Eclipse will occur @4Sag08. As you know, the astrological Moon in Mundane or Political Astrology signifies The People or The Public while retaining its 'nurturance, food and food supplies, sustenance, reigning need' implications.

As one of the primary actors in America's ongoing saga of loading our children (and ourselves--I was fogged with DDT every summer as a kid--for mosquito control) with toxic chemicals, many of which are banned in Europe, Monsanto has had a major hand in the nefarious chemical poisoning of mankind, a situation now being spotlighted as contaminating Neptune floats through its own foggy sign of Pisces.

The *Lunar Eclipse of March 25, 2013 perfects at 12:25 am edt and is squared (blocked) by Neptune in Pisces rising in 1st house of Physical Body; asteroid Ceres, associated with grains, food supplies, and security needs, is @18Can07 (between America's natal Sun and Mercury Rx); in the US natal chart, Ceres is posited in contaminated Pisces conjunct our national Pluto-Chiron midpoint, the Plutocracy Pair.

For more astro-notes and a peek at the Lunar Eclipse horoscope set for Washington DC, please click here.

Feb 14, 2013

Rachel Maddow documentary 'Hubris' (trailer) w War astro-notes

Lies will be probed Monday February 18, 2013 on MSNBC @9:00 pm est as Rachel Maddow's documentary Hubris: Selling the Iraq War is aired. The report is partly based on the Isikoff-Corn book Hubris and features new interviews:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Iraq War natal data: March 20, 2003 6:35 am BAT Baghdad, Iraq; Rodden Rating: A, from timed documented source and news sources.

ASC 8Ari16 (where techno Uranus transits now); Hour of Jupiter (conquest; expansion, advancement; the General); Mars is out-of- bounds and chart-ruler making no major applying aspects unless we count Mars to Chiron, the 'sacred warrior' pair; Full Moon phase +203:59; Syzygy Moon 27Vir25 opposite war's Mercury.

The war's PE (Solar Eclipse @11Sag58 conjunct US natal ASC in 'Sibly' chart and conjoining the Great Conjunction of Pluto and Chiron 0n December 30, 1999, the disenfranchisement/primal violence/racism pair)--the PE's Saros Series = 4 South, key themes are: strong emotions about money and/or relationships, sense of fatedness as people are caught up in events beyond their control, emotions are blocked or frustrated--'avoid rash action until issues settle down' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Jupiter the General @8Leo25 (conjunct and expanding Dubya's natal ASC and Mercury in Leo and nearing his natal Pluto 10Leo35) is retrograde or weakened denoting the Iraq War has been a bottomless pit in the resources department from its start, and there is no clear victor especially with weakening Neptune opposite chest-thumping Jupiter in prideful Leo.

And though US war criminals will never see the inside of a prison cell as they should, it would be poetic justice if all who profited from this war whether in weaponry production, oil, gas, contract work, or antiquities had to pay back the billions of dollars that US tax payers were scammed into financing for this neocon quixotic money-making endeavor that has needlessly taken or maimed so many lives.

Plus, in the Iraq War's misty Water-Air blend of Sun Pisces-Moon Libra we find negative traits such as 'holding unrealistic ideals by which you live and evaluate others' and a 'tendency to rationalize and believe what is most pleasant and expedient' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

"Greeted as liberators"? (liar Cheney of the '1% Gang'); flowers in gun barrels?; "a cakewalk"? WMD? Puh!!!

And you may wish to check out what The Nation's Greg Mitchell has to say.

Cosmically on February 18, 2013 is Saturn's Station Retrograde @ 11Sco32...'12Sco' = "An Embassy Ball", it's Presidents' Day, and the Sun enters mystical Pisces (a sign of war as are Aries and Libra) at 7:02 am est.

Jan 9, 2013

Neptune in Pisces and Decalcifying Your Pineal Gland (video)

With infectious Neptune traversing its own sign of Pisces we note a ramping up of such problems as Boston's flu epidemic as the stealth planet associated with the 'urge to merge' undermines the lives, prospects, and/or health of many people as Year 2013 gets underway. My belief is that Neptune's link to the Divine Source is the only reliable method of survival we can depend on!

Here's one of my posts from January 11, 2012 concerning the transit of Neptune through Pisces, the pineal gland, fluoride's toxicity (as in, poisoned tap water, toothpaste and other commonly used products), and calcification of the pineal gland ('3rd eye' = intuition.)

These same topics (without the Astrology) are addressed in the following video presentation by Erin Janus: How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland:

And isn't it annoying that flu vaccinations and vaccines of all kinds--also ruled by Neptune and meant to fight infection--seem part of the undermining of our health, according to many vaccine-safety doubters? At the least Neptune often adds doubt and over-charging to the situation.

Plus, astrologers deal with planetary cycles and recognize that Neptune's transit of Pisces will eventually result in America's Neptune opposite natal Neptune (23 Virgo) transit across the Virgo-Pisces axis of compassion-victimization, a time of conflict when the Neptunian ideals of one generation are pitted against another's, and some of the masses (Neptune) will become victims of religious and/or racial persecution.

To me it seems like the persecution of the global population began a long time ago, doesn't it?

My thanks to Forbidden Knowledge TV for sending a heads-up on Erin's video.

Oct 24, 2012

Mitt Romney: International Man of Mystery (video)

Beware! The following 10-minute video may contain stark facts concerning the elusive Piscean Mitt Romney, political chameleon:

Oct 1, 2012

Stephen Colbert on Romney's poll numbers (video) and his Pisces Planets

Last week Stephen Colbert reported on the Romney campaign's lack of oomph in the polls and I'm just now posting the video to cheer up my two Romney-supporting friends who are admittedly down in the dumps. I'm not certain which stage of grief they've entered (they'd rather not talk about it) but I'm sure this will help them deal:

Right away astrologers recognize Mr. Colbert's 'Aqua Romney' as a (perhaps unconscious?) reference to Mitt's natal Sun, Mercury, and Mars in watery, diversionary Pisces! Just when you think you've 'caught' a Pisces, he swims away.

And it seems curious to me that Romney's assumption that it's now his "turn" to be president (added to the regressive GOP platform meant to roll back progressive programs from FDR's New Deal, Civil Rights advances, women's reproductive rights, and more) shows an interesting synchronicity with the Inaugural Sun positions prior to the change from early March (Sun 13Pis+) to January 20 (00 AQ+) for noon Inaugurations, a switch which took place between FDR's Inaugurations of 1933 and 1937--and Romney's natal Mercury Rx = 13Pis55!

Don't know about you, dear reader, but I do Not want to live under 1930s conditions any more than we already are, either with or without Mr. Romney playing the role of president!


Blog Note: many Thanks to all who have subscribed to the just-published Oct-Nov-Dec 2012 edition of Stars Over Washington Monthly! Your kind encouragement is very much appreciated, Jude

Jul 12, 2012

Neptune in Pisces floats up mysterious drownings as Romney is booed in all the right places

Speaking of mystical Neptune now traversing its own oceanic sign of Pisces, on July 9, History Today published an article by *Christopher Winn on concerning Mysterious Drownings which spotlights the 190th anniversary of the drowning off the coast of Italy (July 8, 1822) of romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Shelley, born August 4, 1792 @10:00 pm in Horsham, England, died age 29 which to astrologers denotes his leaving the earthly plane at his Saturn Return. Some have thought he may have committed suicide or that his boat was a victim of a pirate attack yet it seems certain that a squall at sea did hit and upturned the boat. In any case, he'd left (temporarily) wife Mary after yet another loss of child which smacks of running away from responsibilities, something which taskmaster Saturn does not appreciate. Honestly addressing one's responsibilities is a basic theme during times when Saturn returns to 'his' natal position.

Interestingly, Shelley's Saturn Return of May 9, 1822 shows sea-ruler Neptune Rx @ 5Cap00..."Indians Rowing a Canoe and Dancing a War Dance." (Jones.) Were the "Indians" Shelley and friend rowing what would soon be a capsized boat, or pirates on the attack? Who can say yet it's a tantalyzing picture to consider. Plus, in his Return chart, Neptune conjoined the planet of sudden events, Uranus Rx @7Cap05. '8Cap' = "Birds in the House Singing Happily" which may indicate the rebel was in a good mood before Neptunian tragedy struck by whatever means. And Shelley's death (Pluto) was ultimately a World Event with Pluto @00Ari28 (Aries Point) and rising in his 1822 Saturn Return chart.

As you know, Mary Shelley authored Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus, as Uranian a title and story arc as you'll ever find in literature--'sky god' Uranus is often referred to as, The Awakener, perfect for the cobbled-together Monster and the catalyst for life, electricity, all provinces of Uranus.

Both Mary and Percy were born with Sun-Uranus conjunctions, his in dramatic Leo, hers in book-writing Virgo which relates to their unorthodox alliance which broke societal boundaries by an elopement against her father's wishes (yet William Godwin continued to borrow money from Percy!) And with their Jupiters (how one relates) placed in opposite signs--his in Libra, hers in Aries across the Relationship axis--theirs was a romance 'written in the stars' as they say. Perhaps with his Sun-Uranus conjunction near his natal Venus in Leo added to her natal Mars in bookish Virgo near her Sun-Uranus, their willfulness in love (Mars-Venus) simply would not be denied.

Now here are Mary's birth details in case you don't have her natal horoscope in your files: August 30, 1797 @11:20 pm London, England; Sun 7Vir58, Moon 27Sag57. I am happily indebted to Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker, author of Jupiter Meets Uranus for sharing her excellent research on Mary and Percy Shelley and the dream (Neptune!) which inspired the writing and publishing of the classic Uranian novel, Frankenstein.


*Christopher Winn, not to be confused with Jonathan Winn, author of Martuk...the Holy!


Desperate Republicans and Wasteful Votes

Regular readers may note that up until now, this post contained no mention of Politics, arrogant politicians, or of the time and money wasting efforts yesterday of the Republican Party as they voted in the House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 which was upheld as constitutional by SCOTUS on June 28, 2012. The GOP's 31st performance of Capitol Hill Political Theater shows our tax dollars not at work on behalf of the American people and I refuse to type much more about their sham for the moment as the jackassian politicians of Washington--including turncoat Democrats--continue undermining our national government (and state governments, for that matter) while making idiotic fools of themselves for the sake of the dumbleheaded, anti-social, anti-American ideology by which they hope to re-take the White House.

Yes, I must agree that current GOP ploys defy all reason and the only plan they seem to me to have is to cheat in November 2012 and play dirty tricks (such as Mitt Romney speaking to the NAACP yesterday so he could be booed to impress his 'base'--how simplistic and transparent!) All very Neptunian of them with the Party's natal Neptune @15Pis53 Rx in n 3rd house of Communications, and Neptune sextiles Uranus in stubborn Taurus (15:48) which forms a YOD (crisis pattern) with US natal Saturn 14Lib48...Uranus-Neptune = Saturn has potentials for: a clash among ambitions and projects; need for recognition; changes of direction; staying put causes depression and loss of confidence (Tyl.)

Additionally, the Republican Party's current progressed Ascendant @29Gem50, a critical-crisis 29th degree, shows a sense of desperation, and the Party's progressed Mercury @29Sco39 (voting; ideas; plans) is @29Sco39..."30Sco" = "The Halloween Jester" which may indicate an October Surprise on the GOP menu which is meant to sway the American people away from President Obama and toward the GOP's daft austerity measures. After all, Inauguration 2009's Moon (The People; the masses) remains at @29Sco45 until Inauguration 2013 rolls around when The People's Inaugural Moon will be posited in the much lighter sign of Gemini at noon--almost four hours from Mr. Obama's Lunar Return (back to the White House?) which occurs at 3:54 pm est on Monday, January 21, 2013.

The natal chart I use for the Republican Party: July 6, 1854 @5:00 pm LMT Jackson, MI, which shows natal Sun conjunct US natal Sun; plus, the Democratic Party's Moon in Aquarius conjoins US natal Moon....our Papa and Momma? Arghh! No wonder the two parties can't get along and are able to constantly and easily divide and conquer the American people's loyalties with the strain between Sun inconjunct Moon which is an echo from America's natal chart and psyche of July 4, 1776!

Jul 6, 2012

Read the SCOTUS Obamacare Decision (and Venus Transit 2012)

Mother Jones is providing a PDF of the full text of SCOTUS' Obamacare decision of June 28, 2012 if you wish to read the real thing instead of listening to people telling or semi-telling you what's in it.

Oh, and by the way: have meant to return here to note that the Venus Transit of June 5, 2012 where I'd written that it might lead to 'unusual or unorthodox alliances' being formed as during the Venus Transit of June 2004 between world leaders (G-8 Summit on Sea Island, Georgia) or, in 2012, to possibly a 'break-up of alliances' (EU? Greece? still possible) describes Justice John Roberts siding with the more liberal side of the Court rather than the conservative side when he wrote the opinion upholding the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010. And of course, in the Tropical Zodiac, Venus Transit 2012 occurred in mid-Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury, planet of decisions, opinions, announcements, and good news.

Now if I could only get over the ideas that the legislation contains things we'll be sorry about one day (DNA ownership? forced vaccinations? cloning Mitt Romney?), and that Justice Roberts has an ulterior motive for the June 28th decision such as mitigating public outrage when the November 2012 election has to be 'decided' by SCOTUS (November 6th Mercury Rx = disputed outcomes, voting irregularities) as in December 2000 and he proudly hands the presidency on a golden platter to that mysterious Piscean, Mitt Romney--'aristocratic' royalist and firm believer in protection by magic underwear.

In addition, it doesn't matter how the Roberts Court ruled if the fix is in and Romney and a gaggle of GOP candicates are going to be 'elected' in November since if they gain a majority in the Senate, Obamacare is set by their global governance overlords to be repealed anyway!

Click the Republican candidate's name if you wish to view an early posting of Romney's natal horoscope with details including his Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series theme and then, like me, you may long for a brokered convention in Tampa. That is, if Mystery Mittens with his natal Sun-Mercury-Mars in murky Pisces makes it that far...

Jun 3, 2011

Contagion, Neptune in Pisces, and Alan Watt on video 6.3.11

From June 2, 2011, the following series of videos present to you the Alex Jones Show featuring Alan Watt with updated details concerning the one-world-government agenda. The interview begins by discussing contagion and super-bugs as planet Neptune, dissolver of boundaries (such as cell walls), keeps a toe just inside its own sign of Pisces, yet is poised to return for a brief spell into late degrees of scientific Aquarius.

As you know, murky Pisces, ruled by expansive Jupiter and co-ruled by higher octave planet Neptune, relates, along with its opposite of Virgo (health, discrimination, categorizing function, digestive tract where much of our immune system is centered) to such topics as contagion, epidemics, contamination, poisons, and disease in general. Treachery is also indicated and population control is on the menu.

Of course you've been hearing in the last several days of an E. coli outbreak in Europe particularly in Germany where I'm sad to say people have been sickened and some have died from what sounds like a Frankensteinian bug (two strains
combined - by human hands of a reptilian persuasion?) First the powers that be blamed cucumbers! Turns out they blamed too soon.

(Click E. coli article link above for updated news about the outbreak with video. It's being named 'the worst ever seen'.)

Meanwhile the Russian government has stopped importation of food products from the affected region, another economic blow for the EU and a new example of food supply issues previously detailed on this blog in recent Solar Eclipse posts. Disturbingly, the June 1, 2011 eclipse in Gemini (trade, commerce, transport, communications, news, duality) is one, but the karmic Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 in Cancer (food, sustenance, nurturing, domestic scene) is even more worrisome.

Plus, the Cancer eclipse's influence is strengthened because it marks the birth of a brand new Saros Cycle - and manifests @ 9Can12 which is very near America's July 4th Independence Day 2011 and snugged between US natal Jupiter and Sun by degree.

The world can't seem to catch much of a break anymore, can it? It is my belief that there are social engineers making sure it can't and for their own selfish purposes which they consider to be more important than you, me, or our children.

So check out the June 2nd interview with Alan Watt, if you dare though I can't say it's for wilting flowers who wish to get their mainstream news served daily on a plate of roses laced with candy canes and lemon drops. Want unicorns with that?

Even in constantly propagandized America it's become obvious that there are two tiers of Medicine, one for the power elite, the other for the rest of us (if you can get treatment at all.) Discussed here are the two tiers of Science where superbugs don't invade (Neptune) the cells of the elite class who get the 'real' inoculations. You may disagree, but it's worth a listen just to see if the information rings any bells with you.

And if you don't care for Alex Jones, a bombastic sort of speaker, I do understand but please look beyond style to the basic info being provided, would ya? Keep a grain of salt handy, yes, and don't draw any conclusions before you take in the entire presentation at your leisure.

Warning: an open mind may be required!

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

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The Neptune in Pisces phenomena we're experiencing through health and contagion issues are also manifesting in the current upping of computer viruses and hackings but that's a topic beyond the scope of this article. And of course, invasion across sovereign boundaries also qualifies along with water and flooding catastrophes.

Sep 16, 2010

An astro-peek at Constitution Day September 17, 2010

Tattered by constant assaults in recent years, ignored by arrogant, bossy globalists everywhere, the US Constitution was signed by 39 men on September 17, 1787 making tomorrow, September 17, 2010 Constitution Day and the document's 223rd birthday.

However! Master astrologer Zip Dobyns did excellent work in the mid-1980s concerning the horoscope of the US Constitution and she stated that (unlike the Declaration of Independence and our nation's founding) there is, "no question about the time the US Constitution became law" and that it "went into effect at 00 AM Local Mean Time, NYC on March 4, 1789."

Dobyns adds her views on the existing plethora of US natal charts as well so if you've ever felt conflicted over the variety and 'which one is the real natal chart?' you may wish to read her thoughts on the topic and put your kerfluffling to rest.

In its March 4, 1789 birth chart, Sun 14 Pisces conjoins Saturn 14 Pisces and Saturn is the planet ruling law, government, and business; Moon is in early Gemini, conjunct South Node (another Saturnian tone); Moon conjoins the natal Moon of President Barack Obama, former Professor of Constitutional Law.

The disciplined combination of Sun/Saturn energies in Politics and Business, according to Michael Munkasey in his excellent book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets are described as:

Form and definition of an enterprise; the will of the people as defined in the principle founding documents; checks and balances within enterprises as implemented by various administrations; unreasonable centralization of authority in one location; older and more distanced leaders; a leadership preoccupied with various forms of law enforcement.

Now the US Constitution has worked reasonably well in the past 221 - 223 years even with the ongoing debate between 'living document' vs its stricter interpretations. My suspicion is that the mutable sign of Pisces having the rigid conjunction of Sun and Saturn as tenants indicates the typical confusion of watery, nebulous Pisces (an energy that does not like to be pigeon-holed or held captive) along with the changing character tendency shared by all mutable signs, it is, in a word, adaptable.

My thought is that if the founding fathers could have known back in the day about modern technology and other facets of modern life we deal now, they would have thought we were daft idiots to expect the US Constitution to remain as if written in Saturnian stone - and stone is never a match for Piscean waters.

So on September 17, 1787 the document was signed and then it sprung to life on March 4, 1789. Here's a link so you may view an image of the Constitution's natal chart plus, the progressions and Solar Arc work Dobyns did on behalf of us all.

The Constitution's Sun Pisces-Moon Gemini blend has a weakness which may actually be a strength: *it lives according to an ever-changing relative morality.

A weakness in an individual, oh yes. But for a living document built to last and not break from rigidity, I consider it a very great strength indeed. Do you?

Happy Constitution Day 2010, America.


*Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.

May 13, 2008

Justice Earl Warren on social progress vs socialism

Many people consider the things which government does for them to be social progress, but they consider the things government does for others to be socialism.

That describes current attitudes perfectly, doesn't it?

Still I must be aware the beam in my own eye while complaining over the mote in yours! (a beam being a board of wood and a mote being a mere speck.)

Justice Earl Warren was born with Sun in compassionate Pisces and Moon in nurturing (if self-protective) Cancer...a blending of fish and oceanic!