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Mar 5, 2013

Jon Stewart on Sequester Cuts (video) plus, Moon-Saturn

In case you missed this:

Since I heard Rachel Maddow say that President Obama signed the order for sequester cuts 'a little before 9 o'clock' on Friday evening, March 1, 2013, a peek at the horoscope set for the White House shows that POTUS' Neptune in Scorpio is the first of his natal planets to rise. So with the transiting Scorpio Moon and austere Saturn Rx snugged around the chart's 2nd cusp (the house of the National Treasury) we find a midpoint picture created with the president's natal Neptune in the middle...

'Sequester' Moon-Saturn = natal Neptune: feeling inferior; melancholy; depression; anxiety; the sickness of the soul. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Imho, 'sickness of the soul' is what most Americans feel over how our government has turned itself into a corrupt mass of incompetent dissemblers, fraudsters, and purposefully treacherous bad actors bent upon implementing some sort of weird coup of dystopian dimensions.

And though Moon-Saturn contacts indicate such things as depression, melancholy, and anxiety all on their own, they also denote: strategy, direction, and ambition (Tyl.)

For as I suspected and mentioned here last week (and as you've noticed in the news), Republicans have cooked up a ploy to stop sequester cuts to what they care about such as the military budget--even adding $2 billion to it!--while keeping the domestic sequester cuts which will push vulnerable Americans out onto the streets, deny formula to hungry infants, let go teachers and other civil workers, furlough federal employees--in other words, place austerity measures upon the backs of those of our citizens disdained by the arrogant GOP. It looks as if Ayn Rand's cruel theories are in full play and brought to us by anti-social, conscience-free psychopaths who choose to govern ineptly in our nation's Capitol Building, that Masonic temple on a hill in Washington DC.

Why, even the news that billionaires such as Warren Buffet and George Soros have been "quietly" dumping millions of shares of US stocks in companies such as Johnson & Johnson follows the narrative of Rand's Atlas Shrugged as corporatists desert our nation! Beware the Fed printing funny money (Jupiter-Neptune = inflation) and the not-since-2007 DOW Jones average closing at a record high as it did today. And I was so hoping for good news for America's upcoming Jupiter Return on July 22, 2013...more on that later.

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