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Mar 28, 2013

'The Red Tape Diaries: Veterans' Benefits' (Jon Stewart video)

Last evening on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart was brilliant while being hilarious concerning the shabby treatment the US government provides for our returning war veterans. in case you missed it, here's an excerpt--please overlook the lack of my embed success:

It seems to me that it's the same millionaires and billionaires and/or their colleagues and kin who profited and profit by the US invasion and occupation of the Middle East, passed the cost of war to US taxpayers, and now hide their profits and other profits offshore in order to avoid paying US taxes which would help support the United States of America. And of course, it's primarily America's Rich People's Party, the Republicans, who protect the status quo of the war profiteers' little win-win set-up.

The insidious yet blatant lies told by Bush, Cheney, and the others to take us to war negate the US taxpayers' financial burden for the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld wars. Now if only we could find a way to allow the select few old men who start wars learn to pay for them.

And yes, JG, US progressed Mars turning retrograde in 2006 relates directly to returning war veterans, the increased arming of America, lagging gun control proposals, financial thievery, and our impaired (thanks mostly to Bush and Cheney) ability to take action and/or fight when such action is actually called for because the Bush-Cheney wars have made us weaker and more vulnerable and despised as a nation--precisely what global government types want.

Clues are the Sabian Symbols for US Mars turned Rx by progression, '18Lib' and '19Lib':

'18 Libra' = CONSEQUENCE: "Two Men Placed Under Arrest" (a word picture which seems so far to describe Julian Assange and Sgt. Bradley Manning quite well rather than the war criminals who invented shoddy reasons for taking American troops into the oil-rich Middle East and who brazenly continue to lie about it all to this day. The negative connotation of this degree = "total inappropriateness of impulse and act" (M. E. Jones) with both 'impulse' and 'act' being within the province of astrological Mars, god of war.

'19Lib' = DIVERGENCE: "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding" which may include Cheney's 1% Gang. (You know that the invasion of Iraq included a ransacking of antiquities from the Baghdad Museum, right?) Negative ramification of '19Lib': 'abnormal mistrust of everything worth while.'

As Jon Stewart has said, "Corporations are people, but they're not Americans."

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