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Jun 14, 2013

2012 into 2014: Syria's natal chart hit by authoritarian Saturn

Knuckle Under for Global Government...or Else

by Jude Cowell

It's official: as long suspected, Washington's Pentagon intends to topple yet another regime in the Middle East as evidenced by this week's White House announcement (which neocon war hawk John McCain "stepped on" on the Senate floor) that military aid will be sent to anti-Assad rebels in Syria. This is a ramp-up from the night goggles the US previously sent and an increase of militarism to ostensibly bolster the training and support the CIA is already providing there.

That the weapons the US provides will sooner or later fall into the wrong hands and be turned against our forces seems certain, imho. We're such patsies!

Well, former President Bill Clinton approves of America stepping into the fray of the sectarian war in Syria and he doesn't think popular opinion in the US matters a bit. In a well-rehearsed and scripted moment, Clinton says Obama's decision to involve the US in yet another war is "trending in the right direction." That direction, as some of us believe, is the internationalists' long term plan to march the world toward a 'new world order' where national sovereignty will be a thing of the past ('the old order'.)

(Besides, toppling governments and other structures is one of Pluto in Capricorn's favorite tasks and he's coping with it as he plods along.)

Yes, "the past" and "the old order", the status quo and authoritarianism finger the Assad regime and all are under the province of planet Saturn which now, @5Sco16 Rx as I type, is poised to stomp over Syria's 12th house planets in Scorpio: Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun. As you know, the Unconscious 12th house denotes Politics, Karma, Secret Deals, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions, and I'm looking at the Assad coup 1970 natal horoscope set for sunrise (a coup at dawn) on November 13, 1970 with Sun and ASC @20Sco22, Moon (the people) @18Tau33 conjunct natal Saturn @19Tau01 Rx, both in 6th house of Military and Police Service.

As you see by the 6th house conjunction's degrees, the current Solar Eclipse @19Tau31 'eclipsed' Syria's Moon-Saturn conjunction on May 9, 2013 (15 South Saros Series: 'a sudden release of tension but with a sense of grief or loss that's more collective than personal'--Brady.) Apparently the Assad government's 'restriction' and rule of the Syrian people is nearing its end. If there can be any up side to US involvement in this sectarian conflict (and proxy war between Russia and the US), I hope that is it though who or what will be propped up in Assad's position of power is anyone's guess.

So now in June 2013, as restrictive, depressive Saturn prepares to hit natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Ascendant, we find the Task Master also threatens opposition to Syria's natal Moon-Saturn conjunction with December 2013 the most difficult month. As you know, Saturn is a karmic planet (reaping what was sown) that brings along changes and loss if responsibilities have not been honestly dealt with in the past, and regrets ensue. Gassing one's population, if it did occur, can be tucked into that category in Mr. Assad's column. Click above to view Syria's 1970 horoscope (with 2012 transits added) and you'll see gaseous Neptune now wafting its murky through Syria's natal 4th house of Domestic Scene.

Or, considering America's natal and problematic Mars-Neptune square of militarism, misguided actions, and misdirected energy, is the propaganda campaign touting intervention in another region where we don't belong only sending US troops into yet another 'fog of war' with little if any clear outcome?

Tragically, there's another far-away sound being heard underneath empiric Washington's drum beat to war and I think it's America's Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves at the mess we've made of their Enlightenment experiment, America.

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