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Jun 30, 2013

Heard the one from Mark Twain? (Sun Sag-Moon Aries)

Astro-Notes on the Double Fire of Mark Twain

by Jude Cowell

"There are many humorous things in the world; among them, the white man's notion that he is less savage than the other savages." - Mark Twain (Nov 30, 1835--Apr 21, 1910)

Click for a bio and a view of his natal horoscope where you'll find natal Sun @7Sag34, Moon @15Ari37, and natal Ascendant @9Sco44. This double Fire Sun-Moon combo 'marks' Twain (nee Samuel Langhorne Clemens) as volatile, dramatic, hopeful, and creative, for as you know, his 'creative fire' burned brighter than most contemporaries of his day.

Yet upon our dualistic Earth, double Fire signatures set up a darker side for him to explore--the 'black dog' of depression (as Churchill called it) that howled whenever his passion for 'the vision' waned--or, brooded as he struggled to develop that inner level upon which the embers of high inspiration and wider perspective had to be stirred and banked when necessary in order to recapture a debilitating loss of meaning. And thus, after lifting himself out of the doldrums, he began again to creatively express himself in the outer world. His Mercury in intense Scorpio aided and abetted him in his work, and for this creative output he grew accustomed to being rewarded quite handsomely though finances were always an issue in his grand-scale life that lived beyond its means.

However, Sun Sag-Moon Ari denotes frankness, sincerity, courageous idealism, and restless adventurism. A vivid imagination and a certain missionary streak are notable, along with a bighearted demeanor and an irreverent attitude toward the outdated and the classic. (See above quotation for an example of his irreverence for that quaint, distorted notion long-held--still held--by white men of a haughty persuasion.)

It would seem that Mr. Twain, the writer, speaker, and journalist, preferred lots of freedom to 'do his own thing' though in the 19th century he may not have addressed his desire in so many words! Feelings of real dejection could take over if the applause wasn't loud enough--and dark moods swept in when appreciation and reward were not forthcoming. Of course, family disasters will oppress anyone if they come and for the Clemens family, come they did.

And yet with a Sun Sag-Moon Ari personality blend, Twain's zeal never waned for very long (though illness eventually weakens us all) because a natural devotion to principles supported an admirable inner belief in himself. His tendency toward impatience and an insensitivity within close relationships aside, Mr. Twain exhibited exemplary moral integrity for the most part and I allege that the issue of moral integrity peeks out of the following quote from one of his more famous novels:

"There was things which he stretched but mainly he told the truth."

His kind of "stretching' was the storytelling! Now let's close with some good advice from the American Bard that applies even more closely to We the People's truth-challenged Federal Government (its clandestine panties of frilliness so recently yanked down for all to see) than it applies to you, me, or the dog catcher down the block:

"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest."


More Sag-Aries info is available from Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

1835 - 1910 v 2013: as I type, transit Uranus Direct @12Ari24 conjoins and catalyzes Mark Twain's natal Pluto @12Ari57 Rx denoting our current time frame as one in which abrupt changes occur within general social conditions and familiar ways of life are transformed. 'New patterns' are brought along that require psychological adjustments for many people and situations may spur our hidden fears to surface within the collective mindset. Since Mark Twain often feared loss of family, wealth and possessions, my suspicion is that current fears in society are in part along those lines--and quite naturally so--especially for those whose socio-economic positions are eroded or eroding--which means most of us whether we are aware of such insidious effects or not.

The ongoing Cardinal (initiating, active) Uranus-Pluto square (a titanic generational struggle in effect: 2010 - 2015) can act as a destructive factor in the adjustment process for it is that type of intense energy we must now deal with as 'new patterns' are foisted upon us...if we allow the foisting without uttering a peep.

And btw--secret underworld organizations wish to remain secret or hidden precisely so that they may do as they will: undermine and weaken the masses without being detected, called to account, or--stopped. Frilly underpants notwithstanding!

Also see a trailer of the video that asks Are you Surviving Progress?, if you wish.

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