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Jan 14, 2018

May 2018: Trump's New Moon, Manafort's Trial, Uranus into Taurus

Bi-Wheel Horoscopes: inner Donald Trump (June 14, 1946); outer Transit Uranus Enters Taurus May 15, 2018 at 11:17 am est; Washington DC USA. 'Trump's New Moon' perfects on May 15th as well but earlier (7:47 am est) @24Tau36 thereby conjoining Mr. Trump's Career-Public Status-Goal Point, his natal Midheaven (MC). As a pair of lights, astrological Sun and Moon relate to marriage (husband Sun, wife Moon), soul and spirit, conscious and unconscious minds, vitality and feeling, left and right eyes. At MC, the Sun-Moon midpoint most often brings harmony yet perhaps you agree that Mr. Trump can find a way to disrupt any and all harmony by only wiggling his Twitter finger a little (Ebertin). Saucy, offensive, and/or lewd rhetoric as distraction works for him, too, and for those for whom his antics provide 'cover'.

And so this lunation in the image you see before you represents the start of a new cycle of activity especially for those affected by lunar influences (Trump), as naturally suggested by a New Moon in money sign Taurus with, glory be, a major outlet for these Venusian lunar energies spilling out at Mr. Trump's globally visible MC. However, the three days prior to this New Moon of May 15, 2018 are the 'dark of the moon' phase when things go bump in the night and shady behavior can go unnoticed or be inconveniently revealed. (New and Full Moons may act in similar Uranian fashion as Solar and Lunar Eclipses if various factors make conditions ripe; therefore, 'secrets may be uncovered', 'cover-ups may no longer serve', 'something abruptly ends', and/or 'unexpected events cause changes of direction' just as with those 'wild cards of the Universe', eclipses.) Also note that Trump's MC is affected by a certain fated-karmic asteroid/archetype, Phaethon. He's a fated fellow and an 'eclipse baby', too.

Also in his natal chart, the asteroid of retaliation, Tisiphone, conjoins his problematic SN-Moon conjunction in Sagittarius conjunct Ras Alhague, a star which prefers a restoration of balance, or a healing. Apparently on a socio-cultural level, Mr. Trump thinks he's restoring balance but, to the distress of the rest of humanity, only knows how to achieve a balance of sorts through retaliating, by taking revenge.

Yet paradoxically, Trump's Mars rises in Leo with royal star Regulus, with a caution that says, success if revenge is avoided. If not, all that has been gained will be lost. It's a cosmic, heavenly command, a natural law! Even a man such as Trump, born with asteroid/archetype Apollo rising (the 'sun god'), must himself bow to natural law eventually if not sooner and will reap whatever in the world he has sown.

So Will the Month of May 2018 in America Be Merry Merry?

How does any of this cosmic stuff figure in to the legal situation with Special Counsel Robert Mueller asking for a May 14th trial date? I mean the trial of Trump associate Paul Manafort and the other guy, Gates. Well, the timing may seem 'off' by a day but cosmically speaking, May 14th is pretty darn close to the May 15th New Moon, and to tech-savvy Uranus entering Taurus--both events signifying new directions or activities--for Trump, Manafort, Gates, Mueller, and the rest of the players in this particular Political Theater drama, the outcome of which is sure to matter to millions of people whether they pay attention to the proceedings or not.

As for Donald Trump, we know that, based on his intuitive, quirky manner of behavior, Mr. Trump is very much led by his 'guiding planet' (oriental), his 10th house Uranus @17Gem53, which was conjoined by the 2004 Venus Transit' see the horoscope of its mate, the Venus Transit of 2012 which fell earlier in the Zodiac @15Gem44--and it was the last Venus Transit until year 2117! At the time we discussed in various posts on this very blog the Transit's resonance with 'strong-armed paternalism' which is what we now see from Trump'n'Company and cheered on by their bigoted alt-right supporters. You expected different from over-promising deal-maker and bankrupt king Trump who has called himself the King of Debt? Puh! Not you!

Meanwhile, based on the natural lunar cycle, can the Manafort Trial begin under the influence of (and be symbolized by) the Taurus New Moon conjunct Trump's natal Midheaven (Trump is the goal!)? Yes, but can the proceedings end with the next lunation, the Full Moon of May 29, 2018 @8Sag10? Probably not since two weeks will be too brief a time for such a trial to play out (assuming it occurs at all) and yet a Full Moon is the fulfillment-culmination-awareness phase that book-ends a New Moon so, perhaps. But in Washington DC there are players and operatives who must be seen to 'work' for their money even though bribes, favors, and pay-offs rule most transactions with blackmail and intimidation always lurking 'round the corner, trying hard to stay out of sight of the public eye.

And this is one reason yours truly appreciates Astrology as a lens through which to investigate the dark squirmy critters hiding under Washington DC rocks (and beds) for we know that sunlight, via Solar Eclipses and often Lunar Eclipses, is, as they so often say, the best disinfectant.

But Did I Mention Donald Trump?

You know, this was never an auspicious time for Donald Trump to begin such a large project (whether he knew it was large, or not) of playing US POTUS while he labored under a Balsamic phase of the Moon via Secondary Progressions. Balsamic phases (which occur just prior to a Progressed New Moon) are periods of endings and partings and can be a rather difficult few years emotionally and otherwise. And no one can deny that Mr. Trump has experienced quite a few endings and partings since entering the White House as Uranian-in-Chief, chaos creator extraordinaire. But, let's try to be fair to this Libran Jupiter fellow--more or less trying to run the US government and an administration as if the whole shebang is part of a mafia organization cannot be easy no matter how many mob ties you have, foreign and domestic.

Note: besides manifesting near red star Antares (the Heart of the Scorpion; Watcher of the West), the May 29, 2018 Full Moon @8Sag10 shines brightly upon The Fed's New Moon of 1910. Publicity concerning the Fed may be noticed around that time along with other financial concerns and matters of war--not unusual but prominent. (Note in the New Moon of 1910 Horoscope a YOD crisis/crossroads/special task pattern pointing toward Jupiter-ruled Mercury, trader and deal maker (a YOD pattern, if we count ASC and NN sextile Neptune of the masses, the media, and criminality), and powerful gold-lover Pluto Rx in 2nd house of Money and the National Treasury at '28 Gemini', a degree of BANKRUPTCY in the Sabian Symbols). Yes, the banking and corporate elites had cleaned us out under cover of the Panic of 1907. A too familiar scam, no?

Now here's a famous quote concerning the Federal Reserve 'Bank', a scheme which was sneakily created by Act of Congress late afternoon on December 23, 1913 as members left Capitol Hill for Christmas holidays. Hurry! Scurry to get outta Dodge before your claw prints can turn up on the evidence!

"This {Federal Reserve} Act established the most gigantic trust on earth. When the president signs this bill, the invisible government by the Monetary Power will be legalized. The people may not know it immediately but the day of reckoning is only a few years removed..." - Rep. Charles Lindburgh Sr, Dec 23, 1913

And, in case you missed it, here's a link to a previous post featuring one of Max Igan's informative presentations Government Is Racketeering.

Jun 30, 2013

Heard the one from Mark Twain? (Sun Sag-Moon Aries)

Astro-Notes on the Double Fire of Mark Twain

by Jude Cowell

"There are many humorous things in the world; among them, the white man's notion that he is less savage than the other savages." - Mark Twain (Nov 30, 1835--Apr 21, 1910)

Click for a bio and a view of his natal horoscope where you'll find natal Sun @7Sag34, Moon @15Ari37, and natal Ascendant @9Sco44. This double Fire Sun-Moon combo 'marks' Twain (nee Samuel Langhorne Clemens) as volatile, dramatic, hopeful, and creative, for as you know, his 'creative fire' burned brighter than most contemporaries of his day.

Yet upon our dualistic Earth, double Fire signatures set up a darker side for him to explore--the 'black dog' of depression (as Churchill called it) that howled whenever his passion for 'the vision' waned--or, brooded as he struggled to develop that inner level upon which the embers of high inspiration and wider perspective had to be stirred and banked when necessary in order to recapture a debilitating loss of meaning. And thus, after lifting himself out of the doldrums, he began again to creatively express himself in the outer world. His Mercury in intense Scorpio aided and abetted him in his work, and for this creative output he grew accustomed to being rewarded quite handsomely though finances were always an issue in his grand-scale life that lived beyond its means.

However, Sun Sag-Moon Ari denotes frankness, sincerity, courageous idealism, and restless adventurism. A vivid imagination and a certain missionary streak are notable, along with a bighearted demeanor and an irreverent attitude toward the outdated and the classic. (See above quotation for an example of his irreverence for that quaint, distorted notion long-held--still held--by white men of a haughty persuasion.)

It would seem that Mr. Twain, the writer, speaker, and journalist, preferred lots of freedom to 'do his own thing' though in the 19th century he may not have addressed his desire in so many words! Feelings of real dejection could take over if the applause wasn't loud enough--and dark moods swept in when appreciation and reward were not forthcoming. Of course, family disasters will oppress anyone if they come and for the Clemens family, come they did.

And yet with a Sun Sag-Moon Ari personality blend, Twain's zeal never waned for very long (though illness eventually weakens us all) because a natural devotion to principles supported an admirable inner belief in himself. His tendency toward impatience and an insensitivity within close relationships aside, Mr. Twain exhibited exemplary moral integrity for the most part and I allege that the issue of moral integrity peeks out of the following quote from one of his more famous novels:

"There was things which he stretched but mainly he told the truth."

His kind of "stretching' was the storytelling! Now let's close with some good advice from the American Bard that applies even more closely to We the People's truth-challenged Federal Government (its clandestine panties of frilliness so recently yanked down for all to see) than it applies to you, me, or the dog catcher down the block:

"Always do right; this will gratify some people and astonish the rest."


More Sag-Aries info is available from Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

1835 - 1910 v 2013: as I type, transit Uranus Direct @12Ari24 conjoins and catalyzes Mark Twain's natal Pluto @12Ari57 Rx denoting our current time frame as one in which abrupt changes occur within general social conditions and familiar ways of life are transformed. 'New patterns' are brought along that require psychological adjustments for many people and situations may spur our hidden fears to surface within the collective mindset. Since Mark Twain often feared loss of family, wealth and possessions, my suspicion is that current fears in society are in part along those lines--and quite naturally so--especially for those whose socio-economic positions are eroded or eroding--which means most of us whether we are aware of such insidious effects or not.

The ongoing Cardinal (initiating, active) Uranus-Pluto square (a titanic generational struggle in effect: 2010 - 2015) can act as a destructive factor in the adjustment process for it is that type of intense energy we must now deal with as 'new patterns' are foisted upon us...if we allow the foisting without uttering a peep.

And btw--secret underworld organizations wish to remain secret or hidden precisely so that they may do as they will: undermine and weaken the masses without being detected, called to account, or--stopped. Frilly underpants notwithstanding!

Also see a trailer of the video that asks Are you Surviving Progress?, if you wish.

Apr 15, 2012

May 2012 Eclipse to NWO natal horoscope

May 20, 2012 Transits to the New World Order Natal Chart

by Jude Cowell

In a previous post, the horoscope of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse at 00Gem21 conjunct Fixed Star Alcyone was on display (click image to enlarge the chart which is set for Washington D.C.)

And you may wish to read the bit I wrote in 2007 about the NWO natal horoscope, plus, here's a re-publish of the chart as it was posted in 2007--click image or magnify your browser for closer viewing:

Note the NWO's Mars-Mercury-Pluto line-up in secretive Mars/Pluto-ruled Scorpio, sign of spies, agents, and Big Businesses such as Banking and Weaponry--and that NWO Pluto conjoins the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse horoscope's Ascendant set for D.C.--and vice versa. This feature that stands out clearly between the two charts (May 20, 2012 v October 24, 1993, #3 of the *Uranus/Neptune Great Conjunctions) for it shows a double Pluto/Ascendant synchronicity of which you may want to be aware since the themes of the May 2012 Eclipse affect the rest of 2012, at least or until the next Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 @ '22Scorpio'--which falls amongst the natal Mars-Mercury-Pluto trio in the NWO natal chart.

Mars/Pluto = Mercury: the desire to realize plans fanatically; presence of mind; noisy battles; abusive language brings attention; descriptions of powerful weapons; seeing is achieving; tenacious pursuit of plans; publicity; effective salesmanship (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

The November 2012 Solar Eclipse is from the 15 North Saros Series with a "joy through commitment" theme (Brady's Predictive Astrology) which doesn't sound too awful, does it? Unless bossy Uranus/Neptune types make it so. Yet as you know, any eclipse in the sign of Scorpio has a fated undertone to it.

So let's consider what Michael Munkasey has to say about the combination of (powerful, subversive, wealthy) Pluto and Ascendant, the WHAT? Point of any horoscope. We may assume that plutocrats, both American and --other-- will be active on certain levels which may be described by the following in the realms of Politics and Business:

Thesis: focusing consciousness on elements meant to do harm to others; space colonization (ISS? jc); inspection of waste disposal procedures; ID and reversal of potentially destructive ideas or attitudes;

Antithesis: introducing immoral or profiteering ways into practice (they've done that already but there must be more--jc); natural disasters that strike without warning; psychotic or self-destructive reactions; pollution or poisons; global trends for the environment.

What a nice bunch of evil one-world-government psychotics.


Recommended: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, M. Munkasey.

*The NWO's Uranus and Neptune, The Enlightenment duo, met three times in 1993 at or near '18 Capricorn' = POLITICAL POWER (Rudhyar); negative/shadow side expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones) on:

1. February 2, 1993 @ 19Cap34;
2. August 20, 1993 @ 18Cap48;
3. October 24, 1993 @ 18Cap33.

Their cycle is approximately 171 years' duration and they last met in the 1650s in mid-Sagittarius (near US natal Ascendant in our national Sibly chart though America was only a glint in Francis Bacon's eyes) and during their time of Great Conjunction there was a telling New Moon @ 12Cap21 on January 2, 1650--'13Cap' = "A Fire Worshiper" (WILL TO TRANSCENDANCE--Rudhyar) which may relate to the 'Illuminati flame' over gravesites of certain martyrs such as JFK, MLK Jr, and Princess Diana, and to the 'Eternal Flame' of the Olympic Games.

For further reading on such topics try Crystalinks and note the reputed and ancient connection to Gnosticism.

Nov 29, 2011

Is John Huntsman a Man with a Plan?

Perhaps you've heard that 2012 candidate John Huntsman is the only Republican hopeful with a detailed plan to end banking's Too Big to Fail dilemma.

(Well, it helped create a massive dilemma for 99% of us. Bankers seem fine as-is.)

Ah yes, I remember those halcyon days not so long ago (June 21, 2011 actually) when John Huntsman announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president. It seemed such a long shot and now? It seems such a long shot. But maybe a cabinet position on someone's White House economic team would be available to him. Or a VP slot. After all, he does have foreign policy experience more than most.

Well, it hasn't seemed pertinent to study Mr. Huntsman's natal chart so far but I did type up a few notes in real time during his announcement which initiated his candidacy in case you wish to track his progress...

Oct 4, 2011

Eurosceptic MP Nigel Farage on Greekonomics (video); Pluto plods on

In an interview from June 2011, EU member of Parliament Nigel Farage speaks from Brussels on EU problems, the bailout of Greece and the EU's deeper motivation for it, and the misguided notion of creating a "United States of Europe" in the first place.

Personally I agree with Mr. Farage on many things including that men do seem to find it almost an impossibility to admit it when they are wrong.


Political Astrology speaks on the transits of July 28, 2011 that affected what I call the EU/NWO Flag Unfurled chart of July 14, 1989, a year you'll recognize for its titanic triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in structural Capricorn in the 2--10 degree range (natal horoscope w transits shown.)

And if you track powerful manipulator Pluto in Capricorn, you may wish to consider the four midpoint pictures formed with the titanic trio of 1989 as Pluto approaches them and insinuates his invisible self within their midst, and eventually moves beyond them.

All apply to today's world, but the first picture, which has been in force for a while now, tells a major part of the 'United States of Europe' tale on its path toward rebuilding a 'global dominion' (aka, one world government) as the old order is threatened with collapse and ruin to make way for the new.

First, here are the trio's zodiacal positions in the EU Flag July 14, 1989horoscope:

Uranus 2Cap34; Saturn 9Cap45; Neptune 10Cap42 (posited in the 1989 horoscope's 4th house, set for noon)

Midpoints of 1989 alchemized and triggered by Pluto 2011:

1. Saturn/tr Pluto = Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order, regardless of potential losses (as we now see, that would be other people's losses, not wealthy Pluto's! jc.)

2. Saturn/Uranus = tr Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; rebellion; upheaval to protect assets (Greece and elsewhere! jc.)

3. Uranus/Neptune = tr Pluto: the Big Picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed--very little option to do otherwise (bailouts of governments by global bankers, today's topic! jc.)

4. Saturn/Neptune = tr Pluto: feeling downtrodden; strong depression; great awareness of potential for loss; fear. (midpoint pics: Noel Tyl.)

And here's a general look at transit Pluto conjoining each of the Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune trio--I believe that all apply to current conditions:

Pluto to Uranus: the power of government must yield to the people (march on, everyone!); changes affect federal jobs and programs; issues of technological advancement and personal freedom.

Pluto to Saturn: structures and traditions upon which life is based are significantly altered or totally transformed by circumstances; issues of abuse of authority (confrontations), self-discipline, and accepting responsibility; ambition must be tempered with patience, resolve, and control.

Pluto to Neptune: circumstances denote economic, political, social, spiritual, and physical power struggles; social/genetic engineering and civil rights are seen to be moral and religious issues; power becomes an illusion as it is slowly eroded by subversive forces of the power-obsessed plutonians and oligarchs of the world.

So today is October 4, 2011, and tr Pluto @ 5Cap29 is snugged between 1989's Saturn and Uranus which is midpoint #2 above.

More reading: if you care to sashay down a memory lane, snag a peek at the Autumn Equinox 2009 Horoscope, describing the first Autumn EQ of the Obama administration, when Astrology outed some sore losers lurking in America's political woodpile. jc

Jun 3, 2011

John Edwards indicted under rays of Gemini Solar Eclipse 6.3.11

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards Indicted On Charges Related To Money Given To Mistress

The Democratic politician's lawyers contend the payments were gifts from friends. Prosecutors allege they were political donations that should have been reported.

More at NPR.


Often a Solar Eclipse can bring things to light which were hidden especially if it connects with a person's particular natal and progressed horoscopes. With this Wednesday's June 1, 2011 Solar Eclipse @ 11Gem02, Mr. Edwards (born with an Airy Sun Gem-Moon Gem personality blend!) has had his private business put out for all to review, critique, and bring charges.

And since Solar Eclipses are freshly seeded New Moons, the legal case against the former Democratic presidential candidate is at its beginning.

Here's a SO'W post from late 2007 concerning my surmises about the 2008 campaign and the out-of-bounds Mercury of John Edwards with his natal horoscope shown. (The post is not updated or edited and hindsight is 20/20. We know who won the presidency and who now acts as VP. Of course I did not know then.)

Considering today's announcement of the Edwards indictment for misuse of campaign funds, perhaps I should have written on his crisis-ridden YOD ('Finger of God') and a difficult Fist of God pattern which you may view by clicking to enlarge his natal chart.

Contagion, Neptune in Pisces, and Alan Watt on video 6.3.11

From June 2, 2011, the following series of videos present to you the Alex Jones Show featuring Alan Watt with updated details concerning the one-world-government agenda. The interview begins by discussing contagion and super-bugs as planet Neptune, dissolver of boundaries (such as cell walls), keeps a toe just inside its own sign of Pisces, yet is poised to return for a brief spell into late degrees of scientific Aquarius.

As you know, murky Pisces, ruled by expansive Jupiter and co-ruled by higher octave planet Neptune, relates, along with its opposite of Virgo (health, discrimination, categorizing function, digestive tract where much of our immune system is centered) to such topics as contagion, epidemics, contamination, poisons, and disease in general. Treachery is also indicated and population control is on the menu.

Of course you've been hearing in the last several days of an E. coli outbreak in Europe particularly in Germany where I'm sad to say people have been sickened and some have died from what sounds like a Frankensteinian bug (two strains
combined - by human hands of a reptilian persuasion?) First the powers that be blamed cucumbers! Turns out they blamed too soon.

(Click E. coli article link above for updated news about the outbreak with video. It's being named 'the worst ever seen'.)

Meanwhile the Russian government has stopped importation of food products from the affected region, another economic blow for the EU and a new example of food supply issues previously detailed on this blog in recent Solar Eclipse posts. Disturbingly, the June 1, 2011 eclipse in Gemini (trade, commerce, transport, communications, news, duality) is one, but the karmic Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2011 in Cancer (food, sustenance, nurturing, domestic scene) is even more worrisome.

Plus, the Cancer eclipse's influence is strengthened because it marks the birth of a brand new Saros Cycle - and manifests @ 9Can12 which is very near America's July 4th Independence Day 2011 and snugged between US natal Jupiter and Sun by degree.

The world can't seem to catch much of a break anymore, can it? It is my belief that there are social engineers making sure it can't and for their own selfish purposes which they consider to be more important than you, me, or our children.

So check out the June 2nd interview with Alan Watt, if you dare though I can't say it's for wilting flowers who wish to get their mainstream news served daily on a plate of roses laced with candy canes and lemon drops. Want unicorns with that?

Even in constantly propagandized America it's become obvious that there are two tiers of Medicine, one for the power elite, the other for the rest of us (if you can get treatment at all.) Discussed here are the two tiers of Science where superbugs don't invade (Neptune) the cells of the elite class who get the 'real' inoculations. You may disagree, but it's worth a listen just to see if the information rings any bells with you.

And if you don't care for Alex Jones, a bombastic sort of speaker, I do understand but please look beyond style to the basic info being provided, would ya? Keep a grain of salt handy, yes, and don't draw any conclusions before you take in the entire presentation at your leisure.

Warning: an open mind may be required!

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

Related links:

Prison Planet
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The Neptune in Pisces phenomena we're experiencing through health and contagion issues are also manifesting in the current upping of computer viruses and hackings but that's a topic beyond the scope of this article. And of course, invasion across sovereign boundaries also qualifies along with water and flooding catastrophes.

Sep 6, 2010

Autumn Equinox 2010 on Capitol Hill

Horoscope: Autumn Equinox September 22, 2010 Capitol Hill, Washington DC; Hour Saturn; chart-ruler Mercury 12Vir49 in 4th house of Domestic Scene and Real Estate - unaspected; Sun 00Lib00:00 in 4th house conjunct US natal Midheaven (Sibly chart); Moon 27Pis11 in 10th house of Public Recognition, Status, and Career; MC 00Pis01 conjoins America's Pre-Natal Eclipse 00Pis33 in the 12 South Series which we are in now: issues at first seem worse, then suddenly clear with successful outcomes (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology - let's hope so.)

As you see, the 12S Series manifested on July 11, 2010 @ 19Can24 (we're in it now) and falls within the 2nd house of Money, Earning Ability, and Values in the Autumn EQ chart. Fall EQ 2010's Saturn rules 8th house and is positioned at 6Lib46 which inhibits or delays Creative Projects, Gambling, and Risk-Taking. This may be a good thing considering how Capitol Hill has spent and gambled with taxpayers' money the last several years and put us into beggarship. Alternately, Saturn here may indicate loss through gambling or risk-taking, so caution is advised.

The big, honkin' mass of T-Squares all point to manipulative puppet master Pluto 2Cap49 (again opposing US natal Venus in Cancer); Mr. Hades refuses to share his power or reveal his true plans; highlighted in yellow, upper right, is the list of the midpoint pictures formed by the T-SQs; please look them up for some are repeats which I've noted here before.)

One date to mark on our calendars is Nov 9, 2010 when the Moon meets Pluto meeting the transiting North Node of encounters with destiny. The dragon's head (NN) conjoins Pluto, the dragon, while the dragon's tail (SN) swipes US natal Venus, planet of evaluations and relationships. Moon-Pluto-NN 3Cap36 hook up @ 3:13 pm est, Washington DC. (I'm using the Moon as a timer here to get an exact moment; the Pluto/NN conjunction lasts longer than that, of course.)

Soon to come is this Wednesday's New Moon 15Vir41 of September 8, 2010 (Rosh Hashanah) also also falls in 4th house of the EQ chart (noted as 'Syz Moon' = Syzygy Moon, the prior lunation), along with the unaspected chart-ruler Mercury, planet of commerce, trade, young people, reporters, journalists, and bloggers. All types of communications, speeches and speech writers are also under Mercury's purview. That the speedy one is unaspected strengthens the mercurial energies of the chart within its house and sign (with the effects lasting until at least Winter Solstice 2010 - or perhaps until Spring EQ 2011.) Plus, Mercury is strong in one of its own signs.

With Virgo being the sign of the critic, book writer, and health worker, we may expect emphasis placed on these areas to be of great interest in the US. If a new book hits the best seller list, it will most likely be from a home grown author, or its topic will center on US concerns which include real estate.

Mercury in 4th house may also indicate a moving of residence, and its energy may boomerang into the 10th house of Career. Moon in sympathetic Pisces is an interesting placement and with sign Pisces at MC, career decisions may overwhelm the people (Moon); much publicity may continue to center on (un)employment issues.

Plus, Luna nears the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction 28Pis10/33, both Rx, a pairing of energies that describes explorations, scientific, or technological realms. Jupiter rules Pisces with Neptune as co-ruler (as I say around here) and with Neptune 26AQ27 Rx conj Chiron 26:59 Rx - both conjunct US natal Moon - we may expect more news and concerns about oil spills and blowouts, gas leaks, or flooding here or abroad (9th house, but conjunct US n Moon.)

Now I don't usually include the mysterious Dark or Black Moons but I have penned one in because it conjoins the Neptune-Chiron-US natal Moon trio at MC: it's Dark Moon w/mat2 which I note as a depression indicator and as a spot in a horoscope where something is being hidden. Since it's near MC, perhaps revelations about the Deepwater Horizon blowout (and other water disasters) will be aired in the next few weeks or months.

ASC 23Gem00 brings up America's natal Mars, planet of action, energy, motivation, quarrels, and war. Fixed Stars Capella (Alpha Auriga, of constellation Auriga, The Charioteer: the need for independence; taking the reins of control) and Phact (Alpha Columba Noae: exploring unchartered waters; seeking the unknown; the quest for adventure) are rising as well. Note the keyphrases for Phact in relation to America's tendency to expand and invade territories.

Also, Columba Noae = The Dove of Noah's Ark, which is hopefully a reference to President Obama's participation (or refereeing?) of the Middle East peace process - such as there is one. 'Columba' or 'Columbia' also refer to America as does 'Atlantis' (which also relates to ancient Atlantis and to the Atlantic Ocean; keywords: where one feels doomed; abuse of power); you see that
Atlantis is penned into the 4th house and is conjoined with nasty old asteroid, Nemesis (divine retribution; the unbeatable foe.) Foes we got, foes we continue to make as abuse of power occurs on all sides.

One worst case scenario may be that the 4th house Mercury unaspected in criticizing Virgo with difficult asteroids = terrorists in the homeland, yet links to the US military cannot be ruled out (US natal Mars rising) especially with US n Neptune in 4th house - our national Mars/Neptune square may be at work with its confused motivations and/or deceptive actions. US security needs are on the agenda.

And if the 29th-crisis-degreed Dec 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse (here, in 1st house) affects the markets as previously predicted along with the finance-influencing Solar Eclipse of Jan 4, 2011 (opposing US natal Sun and also at a critical degree), troops may be held on stand-by and perhaps for good reason - to control the angry peasants. Hope not, but there it is. Disagree if you like, add your insights if you please.

Well, as usual, there are more factors to consider yet my blogging time grows short on this Monday holiday with company coming for dinner. If you wish to discuss, please leave an on-topic, courteous comment with no spammy links inside for they will be deleted! (You know who ya are.)

Perhaps you'll wish to mention the ongoing Venus/Mars hook-up, now in intense and passionate Scorpio (sign of Big Business and Surveillance) which here hang out in the risky 5th house of Romance...'6Sco' = "A Gold Rush" - which may be a clue to gold 'piercing' (Mars conjunct Eros) a new and higher level of pricing.

Gold is awfully heavy to transport and store though, isn't it?


Here's interesting info concerning the Fixed Stars linked to US inaugurations, both when they were held in early March and the switch to January 20. Bernadette Brady compares the inaugurations of Richard Nixon and Barack Obama and why 'scandals and rumors' accompany all US presidencies since the date was switched to January.

Plus, you may wish to check out a few brief details concerning Autumn Equinox 2010's ethereal Sun Libra-Moon Pisces blend.

Jul 12, 2010

July 12, 2010: Senate returns with Moon in Leo

Today the US Senate returns to work on Capitol Hill just after yesterday's Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

Meanwhile, here in the Atlanta, Georgia area, a thunderboomer has suddenly announced itself so this post must be brief with only a thumbnail sketch of the day's energies...

Sun Cancer-Moon Leo (Water-Fire): dramatic sensitivity; devoted; clannish; shy but with inner greatness; magnetic; private but radiant; proud; aristocratic; compassionate.

Playing prima donna is a caution, and cutting oneself off from others if they do not tow the line is a weakness; this blend has 'a voracious need to rule the roost and to have others jolly well like it'. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzy Harvey.)

Images for Integration: After serving a sumptuous five-course dinner, the hostess leaves the washing-up to her guests while she serenades them on the piano with Moonlight Sonata...A child ventures forth from her family to seek her greatness.

Hmm. Maybe they should better serenade the American people by extending expired unemployment benefits and plop that money into our faltering economy. And it's okay by me if they save their 'greatness' for later kudos especially since a Leo Moon has a reigning need (and bottomless pit?) for applause, approval, and accolades.

As sharer of the Sun Can-Moon Leo blend, Antoine De Saint-Exupery, once advised,

"Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction."

Feb 10, 2010

Inauguration 2009's Mercury Return Feb 10, 2010

When President took his (first) Oath of Office on Jan 20, 2009 at noon est, Capitol Building, Mercury was Rx (resulting in his second oath-taking and plans gone awry as we've seen) and @ 00AQ41, a degree Mercury revisits today at 3:39 pm est.

The oppressive and transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint now stomps upon Inaugural 2009 Mercury along with the Neptune/Pluto midpoint, all at 00AQ+. Any, all, or none may apply:

Nep/Plu = Mercury thinking and acting while under strange influences; the inability to think independently (yet pretend that, as President, you are in control!); many plans incapable of realization; sensitive nerves; learning how to gain control or power; gathering info about transformation; communications are other than they appear; deception as a strategy; loss of centering. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

In the Mercury Return chart set for DC today, Mercury is setting on the Descendant 28Cap52 which places US natal Pluto setting as well. But perhaps more to the point, Mars 5Leo14R opposes Mercury, becoming exact in March. After mid-April this influence will dissipate.

Since astrological Mars represents males between the ages of 25 to 36 (give or take a year or so), one wonders if Presidential security should be upped. Certainly the President's announcements and plans are being argued against by martian-minded opponents and his communications may be particularly under attack (I'm listening to Fresh Air now about cyber-security and all the hacking the US government has undergone for years now - it's gotten much worse and Mr. Obama was clued in on how crucial the problem is for America when he took office. His May 29 speech last year mentioned cyber-security importance.)

Mars is also apex planet in a YOD (Finger of God pattern; special task; crisis) between Jupiter and Pluto, a pattern I've mentioned in a previous post. In short, this indicates misdirected hostility from Mars, a crisis may permit a new start and the use of mobilized forces (sounds like something many people are concerned about in the US: imposition of martial law as the US gov's police state mask is removed for real. Forces are gathering.)

Asteroid Icarus 29Cap24, the risk-taker with a possible connection to assassination, is at a critical 29th degree, and conjs Mercury and US natal Pluto, a picture I do not care for. Asteroid Cupido (corporatism; The Family; The Syndicate) still rides along with Pluto, the ultimate villain of the piece.

ASC 28Can52 gives Moon as chart-ruler yet Luna makes no applying aspects to planets, only a conjunction with North Node 20Cap56 ('20Cap' a critical degree) (4A06) and Moon is involved in a propaganda-esque midpoint picture - Snowpocalyse? Or...

Mercury/Pluto = Moon: obsessive needs for privacy or power; speaking from the heart convinces people; a woman with emotional communication power.

Well, there are several other factors of note in Inauguration 2009's Mercury Return chart for 2010 but the real world is calling my name and I must reply by motoring into the city.

Therefore, I highly recommend to you an article by Julie Demboski on the Empowerment of the New Moon during this Balsamic Moon phase, aka, the dark of the Moon. (New Moon Feb 13, 2010 @ 25AQ18 9:51 pm est.)

Adios, amigos!

Jul 16, 2009

Who doesn't want the Fed's veil lifted? the list

Here is a list of names of the shadowy figures who don't want the Fed's veil raised, if you're interested in playing Peep-Eye with them.

Schools are outed so leave your pet campus behind while you think of the magnitude of the booty and the future implications of such grand mega-power being placed in so few grasping hands.

Then, if either of you speak astrologese, consider grandiose Jupiter/Neptune whose year 2009 is and how their combined energies are alchemizing America's natal Moon in Aquarius.

The Fed? Audit! Because Neptune Is in the House

Follow the link above to sign a petition to stop the creep/s.

Oh good...Dave Letterman just showed the Statue of Liberty with Tina Fey's smiling face! Time to hush up my grousings for a few hours and wish you both a Good Night.

And now Dave announces what is news to me: that Amy Winehouse is getting a divorce. I did not know that. Sorry to hear of it.

Jun 10, 2009

US financial crisis? I knew it was You, Reagan

Paul Krugman's opd-ed of May 31, 2009 tells of Ronald Reagan's signing the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which opened the door wide to the deregulation of the mortgage industry and the crisis, frauds, and heists of today.

Here's the horoscope and a few details on the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 in case you haven't seen it. The post was written before I found info on the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act and before I realized the significance of it as it leads directly today's heist. (Thanks, Alex!)

And check out the text of President Reagan's jolly remarks at the Garn-St. Germain Act's signing ceremony in the White House Rose Garden on Oct 15, 1982 - 11:03 am, as you'll see here.

"All in all, I think we hit the jackpot," said Reagan as noted by Paul Krugman in his op-ed linked above.

Spoken like a true ideologue with heister tendencies.

Mar 19, 2009

Obama Stimulus Bill ok'd AIG bonuses

Thanks to Jax, a reader at Jude's Threshold, I have a link for you to a Fox News video and article concerning the fact that Obama'a Stimulus Bill explicitly grants AIG bonuses as inserted by Sen. Chris Dodd.

Be sure to scroll down for the mocked-up active pic of the primary recipients of AIG campaign donations riding in what favors a dune buggy, sodas in'd be hilarious if the circumstances weren't so undermining for America.

You know the Inauguration 2009 chart wasn't so marvelous with its Mercury Rx under the Sun's rays, that Venus in Aries is Rx, money is being requested to be returned (Rx = re-this and re-that) and Venus, one of the money planets, was in confusing Pisces on Inauguration Day...near quirky, willful Uranus.

The Venus-Uranus pair often indicates being erratic, extravagant, or wasteful with money.

And with May 27 being the first of 2009's three conjunctions of Jupiter (large amounts of money) with inflationary, veiling Neptune, planet of excess liquidity, the entire year will be about speculations and large promises not so easily kept.

Once again, here's the midpoint picture of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which lands all three times on US natal Moon (we-the-people in our national chart):

Jup-Nep = Moon: going with the wind; dreaminess; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness.

And so far, 2009 is panning out exactly as the above midpoint pic describes, don't you think?

Dec 24, 2008

GOP IT guru's plane crash

Raw Story has an update of Mike Connell's plane crash and subsequent death along with the crash event window: between 5:35 pm and approximately 6:00 pm EST, Akron Airport, Friday Dec 19, 2008.

See post just below for more details.

At 6 pm EST in Akro, Ohio on Dec 19, 2008, 12Can48 was rising with Bush's and America's natal Suns in tow; the Uranus-Saturn opposition was at Mc-Ic, and Mars 24Sag31 and Pluto 00Cap49 were snugged around the Sun 28Sag26...

Mars-Pluto = Sun: accident; violent measures; injury; an upset or shock caused through intervention of a Higher Power. (Ebertin.) 'Twas the Hour of an out-of-bounds Mars, and Mercury, planet of air travel, was out-of-bounds, too, at 11Cap46.

The zealous Mars-Pluto duo likes to blow things up, y'know...a very pushy, if enthusiastic, pair of energies when working together.

And 6 pm's transiting Vertex, a point of fated encounters, was at 29Sco46, the degree of America's Inaugural Moon on Jan 20, 2009...Sabian Symbol for '30Sco': "A Halloween Jester."

Dec 6, 2008

Scahill on Obama's foreign policy

Hopefully, you've already read Jeremy Scahill's article about Obama's foreign policy team and their hawkish leanings - most have Clintonite status.

Remember what Bill Clinton did almost as soon as he first took office? He bombed Baghdad. The Scahill article gives BHO's advisers and cabinet names with detials on their...associations, and the current and former positions each hold or held.

It is not comforting.

Why, it was only earlier this year that a campaigning Barack Obama said, "I don't just want to end the war, I want to end the mindset that got us into war."

That's a tall order to change people's minds, Barry.

And made quite impossible by appointing advisers who are part of the brigade that created the mindset in the first place under Clinton and Bush administrations, as Scahill more fully explains.

That an Obama presidency will bring real change to America and improvement to our imperialist foreign policy looks more sour each day as we near January 20, 2009.

Does the crisis 29th degree of the 2009 Inaugural Moon (Moon = the people; the public) indicate serious disillusionment with Barack Obama as he takes the (public) Oath of Office?

That it represents the many crises we are experiencing and which are being made worse by the engineered financial meltdown (Scorpio) seems a given to me, but a 29 degree Moon in a US Inaugural chart reflects what are, for now, unknown factors which may become apparent in January, if not in December 2008.

Things may not turn out as expected, but whatever the case by Jan 20, 2009, it will be imperative to deal with it.

Oct 14, 2008

The Shadow Factory by James Bamford

At the moment I'm listening to Terry Gross interviewing James Bamford about his new book, The Shadow Factory which chronicles the NSA and the Bush-Cheney administration's circumventing the lawful FISA to spy on American citizens without warrants, so I searched this blog for previous Michael Hayden posts.

One entry on Hayden is from Dec 11, 2007 - the day of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter (the Republican) and Pluto (the spy) when Hayden took a meeting on Capitol Hill. Plus, the post contains a link to Hayden's natal chart (sunrise - birth time unknown) and was written within echo of the mysterious gunshots in the Rayburn Building where William Jefferson's FBI freezer raid was conducted a few nights prior.

You'll find that Hayden's natal planets are placed around the chart of his confirmation to the directorship of the NSA in 2006.

Journalist James Bamford has been writing about the NSA for 30 years (his first book about the agency was published in 1982) and he has some interesting new info about the subject.

And you've heard recently of two whistleblowers who worked at the NSA center in Augusta, GA spying on Americans' pillowtalk conversations and more.

The Shadow Factory covers these whistleblowers' accusations as well as giving us pre-9/11 facts about FISA, al-Qaeda, and the invasions of privacy we've all become accustomed to thanks to the cooperation of telecoms everywhere and their complicity in political spying on journalists, members of our military, and others. That there does not exist a 'political enemies' list a la J. Edgar Hoover, Nixon, and others is impossible for me to believe considering this White House.

In today's interview, however, Bamford gives props again to Quest who refused from the start to spy on its customers.

The upshot is that collecting everything makes finding real intell more difficult due to the sheer volume of communications....makes it more expensive and a waste of time. And US analysts don't even speak al-Qaeda's language!

Bamford says that the government has software that can ignore your Aunt Granny Fanny's calls to her bookie - but Cheney doesn't want to. (I'm the one saying 'Cheney' but why he's so interested in your Aunt Granny Fanny, I do not know.)

So if you missed Fresh Air today, you can read an excerpt from The Shadow Factory and download a podcast of Terry's interview with author Bamford.

The interview's audio version will be available on the site at approximately 3:00 pm et today.

Aug 23, 2008

Biden's 1st speech as VP nom

Having just published a few notes on today's Springfield, IL speeches of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, you may wish to check it out as Biden idealizes Obama's best traits - and don't be surprised at the synchronicity and a few mystical references!

You'll also find there a link to the audio of Biden's remarks today in case you've yet to hear them or want a recap.

Aug 8, 2008

To know is to loathe: John McCain in Arizona

The Phoenix New Times has an enlightening article by Amy Silverman, who has covered John McCain for years, which brings the man into clear focus as something of a mountebank, opportunist extraordinaire, and a liar to boot.

Sounds like qualifications for political office (I know!) but read Silverman's insights if you haven't already.

What McCain did to sabotage Arizona's Rose Mofford during her testimony before the Senate Energy and Water Development Subcommittee on Appropriations on the topic of the Central Arizona Project on April 12, 1988 should be known by anyone considering voting for one of the most manipulative Moon/Pluto individuals you'd ever want to avoid.

And descriptively enough, on that April day, 1988, guess which asteroid was conjunct McCain's natal Sun 6Vir+ and thus triggering his considerable ego needs for recognition?

Nemesis, whose keyphrases are: the unbeatable foe; divine retribution.

When afterwards a friend asked the Senator why he sabotaged Mofford's testimony, McCain replied: "I'll embarrass a Democrat any time I get a chance."

To know him is to loathe him. How well do you know John McCain?


See my article on the natal chart of John geezer McCain at Jude's Threshold if you're interested in his particulars.

And here's a linky trail to a few details on the progressed chart, April 2008 of John McCain, the leading neocon of the moment and apparently the best the GOP can offer for continuing and promoting plans for the New World Order chaos now ruining the other words: the third term of George W. Bush.

Jun 7, 2008

baby by by: Hillary bows to superior mojo

Hillary backs out at noon June 7 is a Page I've set up with astrological notes on Hillary Clinton's failure to capture the collective imagination enough to be the next globalist New Millennialist shill.

Now you'll find a smidge of Obama Astrology in the article yet with no direct mention of that skewed view of the New Millennium (on their side or ours)--but you know I'm thinkin' it.

Sheesh! hearing her noon rally's audience's cheers makes me miss living in DC!

The article is mainly concerned with today's transit of restrictive Saturn and Neptune's eventual conjunction with her n MC, so I hope you'll get some kind of info out of it, but first...

you must click!

May 24, 2008

VP search: political musings for the week

Summer is upon us, it's Memorial Day weekend, and I've been blurbing and musing on 2008's presidential candidates and the required search for a VP candidate to share the ticket: VP search: too many senators has a few points I've been pondering this week concerning senatorial egos, piggish governors, Obama's Israel shout-out, and Hillary's crystal ball for June horrors, among other things.

Last here on May 21, the two-tiered interweb (thanks, TV's Craig Ferguson!) is continuing to be problematic for it seems I'm allowed into this blog on alternate days at best, or every three or four days more annoyingly and my 'real world' schedule must often take precedence over creaky page-loading.

But I love my Stars Over Washington blog, so please don't think I diss if I'm absent awhile, okay? Blogging has become quite a struggle on Turtle Lane.

And sometimes my blog on WordPress navigates more easily, so you may find me there instead. If you follow the above link you'll also find articles on the natal charts of TV's Craig Ferguson, chanteuse Amy Winehouse, and master artist Edgar Degas sprinkled amongst the politics.

That's because Jude's Threshold is meant to be a hodge podge of Art, Astrology, and Politics...a veritable tapestry of creativity and societal concerns stretched upon a loom of Astrology.

Perhaps it's a good mix, but as you know, the clunker in the happy blend is none other than Politics, that system of organized hatreds which ruins most of what it touches while lying to our collective face in order to cover its fallibility and pocket-lining.

We could put it down to human nature, but these critters, vermin, and crooks imagine themselves to be above the rest of us on the evolutionary ladder along with their elite societal status...because they confuse wealth of money with wealth of character.

And Scripture says it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. So that settles that, doesn't it?

Now this reminds me of the Sabian Symbol for "25Leo"..."A large camel crossing the desert"...ADEQUACY...

pos: uncompromising persistence and uncomplaining self-expenditure in any course to be followed;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: ruthlessness in an unintelligent self-interest.

But what would Washington be without its unintelligent self-interest?

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Mark Edmund Jones.)