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Jun 4, 2013

Secrets Not So Secret For the People

Saturn-Neptune: Secrets Not So Secret For The People

by Jude Cowell

If you dare and have the time, here's a site that's new to me in case you wish to check out such topics as Who the new world order aggressors are and What their agenda's Something for the People which also links to Cutting Edge.

Cutting Edge provides a Timeline of events that most people remember but may not have realized their full significance while they were occurring. One such is the "Fall" of the Berlin Wall, an important timer on the road to the 'new world order' (or, 'new world economic order' as some call it including Pope John Paul the-whatever.) Apparently the Vatican is the chosen vessel of the new order's "religious" content as if that makes the slightest bit of sense to a Protestant like me! Plus, some say that the "Mark of the Beast" in Scripture is Sunday worship which doesn't jive at all with the 7th-day Sabbath keeping of this blogger or with that of other believers who take seriously the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Not to mention those of other faiths who worship on Fridays or on other days!

The solemnity of Saturday ("Saturn's Day") has not been changed by the Vatican, they just pretend it has and use the fact that almost all Protestant denominations misguidedly follow them into Sunday worship--24 hours too late! The Sabbath is a 24-hour window of Time through which we may see Eternity, all the way back to Earth's Creation Week and as such it has not changed or been changed from its Fourth Commandment sacredness which admonishes us to "Remember the Sabbath Day". In fact, Jesus rested in His tomb on the 7th-day Sabbath and arose on the First Day of the Week, the day of the Sun, the day the Vatican is determined that everyone will eventually observe--if they want to 'buy or sell'.

Planetary Markers of a 'new world order'

Now if you're an astrologer you know that on the night the Berlin Wall was torn down (November 9, 1989), the *Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Neptune were occurring (from 10 to 12 Capricorn, where transiting Pluto--the Pope; the Secret Hand--now treads. This creates a midpoint picture which links 1989 with current day so let's consider its potentials for manifestation while remembering that the pair of Saturn-Neptune denotes such things as Communism, Socialism, Bolshevikism, Capitalism, Materialism v Spiritualism, secret/invisible government, martyrs, poor and depressed people, suffering, leaders who deceive, strong v weak, etc--and walls (Saturn) dissolving (Neptune):

1989 Saturn-Neptune = tr Pluto 2013+: rejection of responsibility and denial of guilt by guilty parties; new ideas on evolution upset long-held but weaker historical theories; punishment for those who've let decay and decadence persist (the IRS' spend thrifty parties and dance videos? A Joy Coach?? jc); feeling downtrodden; tremendous fear of loss; fear.

And of course, emotional manipulation especially via fear is one of the main tools by which propagandists sway the public toward acceptance of a 'new world order' in which, as we've already seen in Newtown, CT, our children are not safe from their gun-toting grasp.


Further reading may be found concerning what was the next Planetary Marker of a new world order, the Great Conjunction/s of the Age of Enlightenment Planets, Uranus and Neptune, which conjoined in Capricorn all through 1993 and hinted at "smug or strong-armed paternalism" vibes of totalitarian control. Here are a few astro-notes and the primary natal horoscope I use to study the NWO in our era.

Speaking of our children not being safe from these reptiles, the 1993 chart particularly pertains to the presidency of Bill Clinton who presided over the Siege at Waco (military force used to kill innocent US citizens including children--did the American people protest overmuch?) and the Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK (1995) where papers and records concerning the Waco conflagration were stored--and where children attended daycare, much to our sorrow, but little to our protest.

Also see my 2008 unedited post on the Oklahoma City Bombing which includes the horoscope. You'll see, among other things (click the horoscope to enlarge) that America's natal Uranus @8Gem55 rises with its indications of rebellion, revolution, uprisings, separations, and explosive actions and upsets--and of course Gemini and its ruler Mercury relate to young people, children, papers, and records.

*1989: Saturn conjunct Neptune: 1. March 3 @11Cap55; 2. June 24 @11Cap14; 3. November 13 @10Cap22; the "Fall" of the Berlin Wall occurred 4 days prior to Conjunction #3 with transiting Jupiter opposite @10Can38 and Rx...

1989 Saturn-Neptune = 1989 Jupiter: expanded ideas that reality is just a vision ("life is but a dream"? sing along!); deceptive practices are further concealed by religious ceremonies (Munkasey); depression; narrow-mindedness; egoism; easy upsets (Ebertin); very upset with the ways of the world; losing the will to fight (Tyl.)

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