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Jul 6, 2013

Flight 777 down: was Edward Snowden aboard?

A Time of Synchronicities Noticed and a Boeing 777 Down

by Jude Cowell

Most everyone is feeling around and about us a misty Water Grand Trine between societal planet Jupiter, governing Saturn, and Neptune of illusions, the media, and the masses. A protective trine, yes, a closed circuit of energies. Snugness and much cozying up at home yet a certain urge to lollygag about may be prevalent, even to a point of laziness and overindulgence in life's pleasures.

And maybe it's kinda odd how Rhianna and Flight 777 coincide, hers from her international Tour '777' in 2012, today from a horrific Boeing 777 crash, billowing plumes of smoke and fear. Creepy? Or a devised and planted event? One possibility is sabotage but we may never know since public figures tend to prefer wearing Neptunian masks of infallibility. To admit you were wrong about an issue is to be shown the political door.

As, yes. Infallibility. On Earth. But they're about to take it to a whole new level with John Paul XXXIII.

Sad to say, all this reminds me of the torching of journalist Michael Hastings in a 'single-vehicle car crash' which also occurred in the state of California. Hmm. Mr Hastings is the one who in Rolling Stone interviewed General Stanley McCrystal whose remarks ended his military career, allegedly--at least while the Obama administration has anything to say about it.

So was he? Was whistle blower Edward Snowden aboard Flight 777 that's just crashed at the San Francisco International Airport? Last I read or heard is that the plane was arriving from Seoul Korea (first reports) and crashed while or upon landing. Passengers are videotaped sliding down escape chutes (aka, emergency chutes) though they might use stock video footage of mystery passengers if that's all they have available to them of such a life-saving spectacle. However, stock footage costs less and is much less effort, so there's that.

Any and all of that aside, my hope is that arch-leaker Mr. Snowden was not a passenger today on Flight 777 to San Francisco. Don't you?

CBS News has details as they are known or thought fit for broadcasting to the masses.

And for more tragedy, see Michael Hastings Sent Panicked Email Hours Before Car Crash. Alternately, here's a post from June with the 4:30 am horoscope of the Mercedes Mr. Hastings was driving in flames within a sort of ritual murder scene, if you can manage it. The text is written in English of an American persuasion for those who don't 'speak astrologese' much.

Or who sometimes wish they didn't.

7.6.13 6:48 pm edt Update: so far it seems that my fret expressed above is unfounded, thankfully.

Note: though early reports referred to 'flight 777' it's flight 214, Boeing 777.

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