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Jul 7, 2013

Remembering Henry A. Wallace, our mystic Vice President

New Deal, New Day, New World...and mystic Henry A. Wallace

by Jude Cowell

If you've read or watched Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States then you ran across an important if long forgotten figure in US history, Henry A. Wallace, FDR's Vice President (1941--1945), Agricultural Secretary, and more. Quite a resume but Wallace's familial lineage is politically impressive, too.

Now during his lifetime, Henry A. was known as a mystic which tempted opponents to use the label as a slur in political campaigns. His association with Russian mystic and Holy Grail enthusiast Nicholas Roerich and his wife gave Wallace notoriety when notoriety was still quite taboo. Freemason George Washington was a mystic, too, but we don't often hear much about that in the mainstream press or in a typical biography, do we? Though I should add that Wallace broke off with the very unusual guru Roerich after some amount of time. As in our day, such unusual interests often inspired men to perpetrate under-the-table dealings not suitable for a national spotlight.

(The creative Mr. Roerich was a painter as well so perhaps you're familiar with the Roerich Museum in NYC?)

Well, since Wallace has interested me for years (ex: as a link between FDR and Truman) I checked my copy of The Sabian Symbols in Astrology and found that author Dr. Marc Edmund Jones considered Henry A. Wallace significant enough to include in the birth data list in the back of the book and so I post Henry Agard Wallace's details here. Will his leanings toward mysticism and metaphysical studies show in the natal chart?

Born October 7, 1888 @7:12 pm LMT Adair County, Iowa, a quick peek at his Wikipedia page reveals a closer location: "at a farm near the village of Orient, Iowa in Adair County." Orient, it is then.

Now a SolarFire v8 horoscope set for 7:12 pm LMT calculates chart cusps a few degrees earlier than what Jones lists in his book but I'm using the modern calculation since it gives an Ascendant of 19Tau12, for this is conjoined by the current Solar Eclipse degree 19Tau31 from May 9/10, 2013 in the 15 South Series ('sudden release of tension along with a sense of loss or grief that's more collective than personal'--Brady.)

Natal Moon @19Sco17--a mystical sign of Occult interests--sets on the 7th house side of the Descendant, and a 6th house Sun conjoins progressive Uranus (15Lib11/17Lib28), a political combination, giving Wallace an eccentric manner, arrogance, and a determination to always speak his mind.

As for the mysticism of Henry A. Wallace, we find the mystical duo of the Supernatural rising: Neptune @2Gem01 Rx and Pluto @5Gem47 Rx with both planets opposing his 7th house Jupiter in religious Sagittarius (sign of The Seeker on a Quest, and he was that), plus, there's motivating Mars @18Sag48 in the 8th house of the Occult (the study of hidden things such as Astrology, Freemasonry and Sacred Geometry, a touch of Theosophy, a generous helping of Philosophy, etc.)

In addition, priestly Chiron @11Can28 conjoins his natal midpoint of Saturn-Pluto ('the adept') and is intimately connected to the past and to mentors who are folklore heroes (like FDR) when in Moon-ruled Cancer. Chiron in Cancer also gives a decided populist streak which remains a notable and lasting feature of Henry A. Wallace's personality.

That is, if one paid the least bit of attention to the long forgotten presidential candidate, Henry A. Wallace, our mystic Vice President.

Reasonably unharmed in the preparation of this post, Chiron: the Key to Your Quest, Richard Nolle.

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