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Sep 6, 2013

Both Putin and Obama born with Gemini Moons (conjunct!)

A brief look at Putin's and Obama's natal Sun-Moon Blends

by Jude Cowell

With the recent contact between Presidents Obama and Putin at the G-20 Summit in Russia, and considering their alleged chilly relationship, a consideration of their natal elements may be useful. As you see from the title of this post, both men have natal Moons in early Gemini (part of the 'nuclear axis' of degrees) so they share a reigning need (Tyl) for communication, travel, adventure, and the gathering of information and knowledge (which, with world leaders, leads to spying.)

If you're interested, Vladimir Putin's bio and natal chart may be found here though his birth data has a C Rodden Rating for 'accuracy in question'. And here's the same sort of information on President Obama, Rodden Rating AA.

Vladdie Putin a Double Air Personality

Data: October 7, 1952 9:30 am MSK St. Petersburg, Russian Federation: Sun 13Lib56, Moon 2Gem55, ASC 3Sco10, Mercury 23Lib10, Venus 11Sco42, Mars 26Sag31, Jupiter Rx 19Tau44, Saturn 17Lib27, Uranus 18Can23, Neptune 21Lib09, Pluto 22Leo43, Chiron 7Cap05, NN 18AQ37, MC 21Leo12, with power-mad Pluto at Midheaven (The Goal Point.)

The double Air combo of Sun Lib-Moon Gem denotes intelligence and clearheadedness, a natural communicator and thinker who loves to build political, philosophical, and social schemes in his head. Urbane and polite, Mr. Putin tends to take a step back to gain a broader view. He observes and questions and his cool demeanor can anger some, impress others. Emotional immaturity may be noted along with a detached air that seems overly cold and unfeeling to others especially those who have more impassioned personalities.

(His neglect of his own sailors stuck undersea in a Russian submarine a few years ago comes to mind--Putin declined to interrupt his vacation to deal with the tragedy and thus their fates were sealed. Also the hideous plutonium poisoning in 2006 of Soviet spy Alexander Litvinenko, who blamed Putin for his death, comes to mind, along with many political murders and other crimes in Putin's Russia.)

So President Putin's double Air blend makes him a real challenge in relationships as he weaves clever arguments that are difficult to unravel and one must be careful in conversation with him. A good balance for his Air is someone with a lot of Earth in them for both elements approach life from a pragmatic mindset.

Meanwhile, the 'live wire' Sun-Moon blend of President Obama and Sun and Uranus in creative, passionate Leo (Fire), his personality may fascinate people-watcher Putin on some level but it's Mr. Obama's natal Saturn strong and responsible in its own sign of earthy Capricorn that can add practicality and success to their team work--especially since their relationship obstacles include the cosmic condition of Putin relating as a stubborn, possessive Taurus (his Jupiter sign) and our guy, with Jupiter in the sign of the Water Bearer (Taurus squares AQ), relating to others as a cool, elegant Aquarius!

Data used for Barack Obama: August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii.

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