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Oct 31, 2013

10.31.13: Senator-elect Cory Booker sworn in w his Venus rising

At noon today, Senator-elect Cory Booker was sworn in and now joins the hallowed lions' den within the US Capitol Building. Assuming the ceremony and oath proceeded on schedule, we find that 2Cap26 is rising on the Ascendant at the Capitol Building (10.31.13) with Venus @25Sag21 rising in 12th house of Politics and Karma, and powerful Pluto @9Cap25 rising in the 1st house of Self.

This gives a 'fascinating, attractive personality' vibe to his tenure (Venus-Pluto = ASC) and makes Saturn the chart-ruler directing the event and his term. Saturn @13Sco32 is in 10th house of Public Status/Career and makes no major applying aspects though the societal pair of planets, Saturn and Jupiter, as in a lovely trine (6A54) from Jupiter's 7th house position 20Can26 (a critical degree).

With no application, Saturn's sign, degree, and house position become more prominent. Yet Saturn is not part of a rather massive YOD pattern with its base an 8th house Mars @9Vir32 sextiling Sun (8Sco23--conjunct President Obama's natal Neptune today and his alleged falsehoods in the news), North Node @7Sco45, and Mercury Rx @11Sco06--not great for taking Mercurial oaths. So will there be a flub? Or is Mercury Rx related to Booker's taking over for deceased Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, as in, a second oath taken for the same senate seat? Well, this is a Balsamic phase of the Moon period so taking over for another who can't carry on is denoted already and a retrograde Mercury seems to be supporting this.

Now the apex of the YOD (special task, crisis, turning point) is planet Uranus Rx @9Ari27 in 3rd house of Communications. As apex planet in a YOD, Uranus behaves as a catalyst, an extraordinary person with acute intellectual capacity who disrupts by making sweeping changes.

And we all know that the US Congress needs all the sweeping (and dusting and cleaning) it can get, so Welcome, Senator Booker, to Capitol Hill Antics Theater! May your 'special task' be successfully performed on behalf of the American people. I hope you brought a large broom.

As for Senator Booker's natal chart (April 27, 1969, Washington DC, 'noon'), his first natal planet to rise today at noon is Venus @10Ari35 with the magic wand of Uranus catalyzing it which indicates new or unusual alliances being formed and interactions with others that are difficult to predict. The swearing-in Moon today @1Lib59 conjoins Mr. Booker's natal Uranus @00Lib33 Rx (which conjoins his natal South Node, and both conjoin America's natal Midheaven, and if his natal Moon in Virgo is on or near 9Vir+, transit Mars @9Vir32 conjoins it denoting a quicker pace to life and emotions that are close to the surface.

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