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Oct 3, 2013

Oct 2013 Republican Party: Pluto-ASC = Mercury @1Sag13

A quick post concerning the stalemates and quarrels ongoing in Washington DC over the Affordable Health Care Act ('Obamacare') and the soon-to-crest debt, deficit, and default clusters of chaos. Well, actually this post is more about the Secondary Progressions (SP) of the Republican Party, founded on July 6, 1854.

SP Ascendant, the Party itself, is at a World Point of Manifestation which possibly hints at their chance to crash the global economy with their self-serving antics. This ASC is sextiled by SP Pluto @1Tau56 Rx in SP 11th house of Hopes and Wishes (and Groups, Associations) and their sextile is in process of forming the base of a crisis-ridden YOD pattern, aka, a Finger of God, and representing a crossroads, turning point, special task, or a spiritual opportunity.

Since the GOP's roots are firmly planted within a mystical heritage, we might wish for them to take advantage of this 'spiritual opportunity' but this is probably not on the agenda of an organization so focused on attaining and maintaining worldly power.

Perhaps the midpoint picture potentials for the trio may add a bit of light to the current behavior of the Republican-Tea Party who seem determined to crash the US government because things aren't going their ideological way:

Pluto-ASC = Mercury (thinking; communicating): rationalizing thoughts and ideas to work outside the law (ex: government shutdown over the ACA, a settled law)--and I would add, blurting them all over my TV; a mental outlook that is used to destroy or eliminate opponents (Munkasey); the urge to dominate others (Ebertin.)

There are several other factors of note in the Secondary Progressions and other Progressed charts of the Republican Party but that's all my blogging time for today.

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