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Dec 27, 2013

Is the Bill of Rights dissolving before our very eyes?

Well, dear reader, perhaps you received a coffee or tea mug as a gift this week but if so, did it look anything like these?


The US Bill of Rights was introduced as legislative articles to the First US Congress by author James Madison (March 5, 1751 11:59 pm LMT Port Conway, VA; Sun 26Pis16, Moon 23Sco09, ASC 7Sag46 with Pluto rising @6Sag43 Rx--check out his chart/details here).

They were adopted by the House of Representatives on August 21, 1789, formally proposed by a joint resolution of Congress on September 25, 1789, and ratified by 3/4 of the states on December 15, 1791, as detailed here.

Their purpose? To assure certain "...personal freedoms, limit the government's power in judicial and other proceedings, and reserve some powers to the states and to the public." As you can see, the Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution, turned 222 years old on December 15, 2013, just passed.

So if you watch the brief video embedded above, you'll be watching a physical representation of their purpose dissolving before your very eyes.

Welcome to 2014, America. Are you certain you want to keep quiet while this travesty against the Bill of Rights continues to happen?

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