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Dec 29, 2013

A Message from My Friend Barack

When Plutocrats Are in Need

by Jude Cowell

A rather astonishing email has arrived from a special Friend asking me to provide $3 for work that Washington Democrats should already be doing. For they do draw quite generous salaries from public coffers after all.

Yet admittedly I do prefer Democrats to control the House especially considering how cravenly Republicans have mooned the American people since 2009 and even now, as of December 28th, they withhold benefits for the unemployed while they themselves enjoy another undeserved holiday break.

We don't even know if Republicans will cooperate well enough to extend unemployment benefits after Congress returns to Capitol Hill on January 6, 2014 but I hope on the way to casting a vote they don't trip over their selfish, austere ideology which has proven many times to be excessively generous toward the wealthy elite who are in need of nothing yet they can't muster a dime for those who actually are in need--and who would bolster the US economy by spending it pronto. Why, monarchic Republicans and their enabling Democrats act as if tax monies are only theirs to spend and funnel however and wherever they wish, and that We the People should butt out of such lofty elitist decisions.


Well, this dissenting American asserts once again that the majority of our politicians and other public officials are in breach of the public trust and, of course, have been for many decades. Many of them no longer pretend to do the tasks for which they were elected, it's just that after several years of Corporate Governance, embezzlement, theft, and fraud become much more difficult to hide successfully from the prying eyes of the fleeced. However, upping the level of outright brazenness helps their anti-American cause progress and that they've certainly been accomplishing while continuing to scam voters with glowing campaign promises and with political slogans that, as it turns out, have no merit in them for those who wish to retain a sovereign America.

And yet, no matter how outrageous Washington's sorry behavior becomes (and it will), we must not give them the fight they really want--millions of Americans in the streets with symbolic 'pitchforks' for government forces are surely amply armed and ready for us with tanks, drones, and otherwise. Besides, violence is never the answer to any problem and its use on our parts would shove us down to their reptilian-brained level where oppressive Pluto-Chiron's plutocrats and oligarchs dwell in the squalor of bad intentions.

Anyway, I hope my special Friend doesn't mind that I'm hereby publishing his email to little ole' me for it's certain that many of you received the same or a similar missive recently. Perhaps only the amount requested is different, but the cheekiness remains the same...

Friends --

They said it couldn't be done.

When our first Presidential campaign began, the naysayers dismissed the chances of a grassroots campaign powered by everyday folks organizing in their communities. Together, we proved them wrong.

Now those same critics claim we will fall short of regaining a Democratic House for the final two years of my term. But once again, you're building something truly incredible.

Friends -- Our campaign to defeat the Republican House and take back the majority is within range of a mark never before seen in Congressional campaigns -- one million online donations from grassroots supporters like you.

I'd like nothing more than to see us pull off this feat before this week's year-end fundraising deadline.

Can you chip in $3 or more today? Your donation could be the one that puts us over the top.

Let's get to work.


So. Are you persuaded?

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