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Feb 27, 2014

"The Pity of War" author Niall Ferguson interview (video)

When Niall Ferguson, author of The Pity of War, asserts that it was Britain, not Germany, who was responsible for the escalation of war from a continental war into a World War, he fails to mention that it was the House of Rothschild, owners of the Bank of England since the Battle of Waterloo, upon whom the ultimate blame for the horrors of WWI lie. Wars make tremendous fortunes for banking houses and weapons manufacturers, as you know.

Here Mr. Ferguson also discusses National Socialism (Saturn-Neptune, as astrologers say):

The Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of WWI, the 6 South, manifested on August 21, 1914 @28Leo (Leo-AQ, the self will axis, Britain a Leonine country. (Plus, the old 'lions led by donkeys' description of Britain in WWI--see Viewpoint: 10 Big Myths about WWI Debunked.)

Beginning @21Pis55 on March 6, 1049 with a brutal Mars-Pluto opposition (Leo-AQ again), 6 South themes include 'being forceful and taking power'. T here is mania here with 'great force or strength manifesting in the relationship area' and 'sudden events' with a 'huge effort expended in some group activity' prominent, such as entering a continental conflict in order to start a global war--by a group of transnational bankers and 'win-win' wheeler-dealers who always back both sides of a conflagration.

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