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Feb 23, 2014

World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes reveals...(2-hour video)

Well, it isn't as if we don't already know that the crooks are in charge, right?

Knowing this in general is one thing but if you're easily spooked or already distressed, you may wish to avoid watching the following revelations from Karen Hudes, formerly of the World Bank, concerning the long-planned global plot now afoot because the video contains two horrific hours of information, if you ask me and I've studied Astrology charts of such topics and of devilish chaos-creators (who royally suck) for years:

So let's give a mild hurrah for President Obama making the journey to Rome to meet Pope Francis on March 27, 2014. After all, that gold ring can't kiss itself, y'know, poverty issues to discuss or not!

And another illustrious supplicant will peek out of her palace long enough to travel to meet Pope Francis for the first time: Queen Elizabeth who will spend only one day in the Vatican. But it should be enough time to pucker up and show some respect to the ecclesiastical head of the *goddess-worshiping Catholic Church.

Money on My Mind and My Mind on My Money?

The rest of us really have to wonder exactly which topics and plans are really being discussed when political and religious leaders clump together in such a publicized manner inside what is a very private sovereign state called Vatican City. So if you have about one hour to spare and are curious, you may wish to view an informative History Channel presentation which I hope won't be removed from this blog since I make no income at all from any of its posts:

If the video is removed perhaps its YouTube link will do the trick and whisk you away to the Vatican door. Note: the topic of why US presidents visit the Pope is addressed about 21 minutes in.


*Venus (goddess)--Neptune (worship; idealization) aside, it's only fair to add here what I always do when fussing about the hierarchy of the Catholic Church: that many of the most charitable and kind people I have met and known all through my life have been devoted to the Catholic persuasion. It is only the church hierarchy and their lamentably bad behavior that I complain of, Protestant as I am. jc

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