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Mar 27, 2014

White House cornerstone laid October 13, 1792

Looking at the White House's horoscope set for noon on Saturday October 13, 1792 Washington DC, we find a Sun Libra-Moon Virgo blend of energies influenced by Venus (Libra) and Mercury (Virgo), and if you've studied the history or the architecture of Washington DC, you know that there are approximately 23 Zodiacs around the city along with the constellation and stars of Virgo (the Virgin, Ceres, Isis, Mary, Venus, etc) embedded within its buildings and monuments. But such a topic requires a much lengthier post so today we'll simply consider the Sun-Moon personality blend of Washington DC.

Details of the cornerstone laying of the White House may be found by visiting, plus, a quick Google on your part will turn up more information, as you wish. Plus, we should note as well that the Moon conjoined its North Node in Virgo on that day lending auspiciousness to the Masonic ceremony of cornerstone laying.

Washington DC's natal Sun Lib-Moon Vir is an Air-Earth blend that provides 'practical idealist' leanings which can be 'up in the air' and 'down to earth' simultaneously. However, becoming 'dry as dust' is a caution.

Sun Lib-Moon Vir indicates an ability to speak to people from all walks and levels of life, and it should be peace loving (but we know how that's been undermined by foreign financiers with total control on their reptilian minds--did Alexander Hamilton and George Washington know what they were doing--enslaving America to perpetual debt--when they allowed the English wolves of central banking into the American henhouse?)

This combo likes to observe people (and poll numbers!) in order to learn from them. I would have to say that some of our presidents have used this blend's social concern in a pragmatic way though others clearly are only in it for the power and money--these are the ones who resonate with the White House tendency to entertain a 'holier-than-thou' attitude while facts are quickly summed up and action is taken. And as you know, opponents allegedly take offense at President Obama's more measured way of making decisions even though the Pentagon's 'might makes right' mindset has become part of this picture for whatever Commander-in-Chief is in the Oval Office (another Venus reference) especially after the Cold War. (Aren't all wars 'cold'?) A dislike of messiness by the White House may also be noticed with its Sun Lib-Moon Vir.

Now let's close with a starkly practical quote from someone who was born under the influence of the Sun Libra-Moon Virgo blend, comedian Lenny Bruce:

"The 'what should be' never did exist but people keep trying to live up to it. There is no 'what should be', there is only what is."

Now I wonder if that includes knowing what the meaning of *is is?

For details on this and other blends check out Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

*It may seem a strange question but was Bill Clinton's 'is is' ridiculousness a shout-out to Isis?

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