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Mar 26, 2014

"Former FBI Agent Reveals Who Really Killed John Kennedy" video

What a former FBI agent says in this 5-minute video about the JFK assassination makes more sense than the white-wash conclusions of the Warren Commission though he does not address the possibility that someone or a group of elites ordered the killing of an American president:

1960s: Pluto, the Assassin, Meets Uranus, the Anarchist

If you wish, you may view a totally unmarked version of the JFK assassination horoscope here. Among other chart factors, you'll notice the explosive, 'collapse of the old order' duo lining up for their mid-1960s Great Conjunction/s in mid-Virgo, Uranus and Pluto. The old order v new order pair now transit in a Cardinal Square aspect (next exact square April 21, 2014) and are supporting mayhem across the globe.

The horoscope also shows the Sun (leader) at a critical 29th degree of secretive, betraying Scorpio, and near fixed star Bungala (Alpha Centauri), aka, Toliman, a star that is only visible in southern latitudes but since I deal here with symbology, I'll add that Bungala has a Jupiter-Venus nature and indicates themes of relationships with females that are somehow spoiled (adultery can do it); or, a happy relationship that is suddenly stricken by exceptional circumstances...such as your husband being assassinated.

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