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May 10, 2014

Apr 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse a direct hit to Pentagon natal Sun 8Tau38

On April 29, 2014, a Solar Eclipse @8Tau51 directly hit (conjoined) the Pentagon's natal Sun (leadership.) A view of the Pentagon's natal chart (April 29, 1942 10:30 am EWT) may be seen here and here if you wish (post contains the horoscope and details with the January 2010 Solar Eclipse chart around it.)

However, it is only natural that the April 2014 Solar Eclipse would conjoin the Pentagon's natal Sun since April 29th is the Pentagon's 'birthday' or foundation date. Transits and progressions to its Solar Return may also be informative for 2014 and is in effect until the Death Star's next 'birthday' in 2015.

As one result of the Pentagon's Sun being eclipsed, we may expect that General Eric Shinseki's leadership of the Department of Veterans' Affairs and the ongoing scandal of secret case loads placed off-the-books so that certain department officials can earn big bonuses is now spotlighted in high relief by the April 2014 Solar Eclipse. Those congressional incentives to shorten waiting lists didn't work with the tempted!

America's natal Jupiter @5Can56 now progressed to 15Can23 Rx

An example is the Secondary Progressed position of America's Jupiter @15Can23 Rx which has been conjunct the Pentagon's natal Ascendant degree (15Can30) for decades and signifies in part the bottomless money pit that is America's Pentagon, the Department of Defense, and the US military. Factor in Special Ops and Secret Agencies ('Dark Money') and it's no wonder the amount of our national debt languishes in a deep dark Jupiterian hole. The Transit-to-SP Return/s occurred three times: September 9, 2013, January 6, 2014--and most recently on May 3, 2014, a time when a new 12-year cycle begins and former beliefs and ideologies may be revised into new plans and projects. (I'm using Secondary Progressions as indicators of the physical plane, a la Robert Blaschke--Minor Progressions represent the mental plane, Tertiaries the intuitional/spiritual plane described astrologically by the *27:13:1 ratio.)

And of course we know that Jupiter the General must justify his lofty position and satisfy global string-pullers with their raptor's eye on the main chance so The General is always devising new plans to invade more countries, much to the American people's sorrow.

So is a Solar Eclipse of a natal Sun positive or negative? There are too many factors to consider for this brief post for results may go either or both ways depending on the condition of the Sun in the natal chart, house rulerships, plus, other transits, progressions, and return charts as they affect natal planets and chart angles and house cusps.

Yet perhaps most important of all is how conscious of the cosmic circumstances and potentials which are embedded within the natal horoscope are the actors and officials involved, how if at all do they use the energy whether consciously or not, and what--besides global conquest and protection of US assets--are their true motivations toward positive or negative outcomes.

Any thoughts?


*27:13:1 = we think (Minors/Mercury) 27 times faster than we act and as a thought bubbles up from the Unconscious it is either suppressed or allowed to become conscious; we then feel an emotion and perhaps an intuition (Tertiaries/Moon) about the thought or idea which occurs 13 times faster than we act upon it. Then, if we choose to do so (or are compulsively impelled), we act in order to manifest the idea on the physical plane (Secondaries) and bring it to fruition. See Progressions by Robert Blaschke.

The inward turning of America's Jupiter energies (how we expand, explore, and relate to the world around us) occurred with a Rx Station of our natal Jupiter in 1905 and relates, among other things, to the Panic of 1907 and the subsequent establishment of the Federal Reserve System (1910--1913) in the aftermath of the (rigged) economic crash that made J.P. Morgan our 'hero'.

As you know, 'The Fed' is the central bank of the US, controlled by the British banking system headquartered within the City of London--just what many of the Founding Fathers warned about and what the controversial President Andrew Jackson fought against so voraciously though he was an illuminated Freemason. See Freemasonry and The Illuminati.

For more info, you may wish to check out The Guardian's 2011 article concerning the unaccountable Corporation of the City of London "--where democracy goes to die."

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