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Jun 9, 2014

An Astro-Peek at John Quincy Adams

A biography John Quincy Adams: American Visionary by Fred Kaplan draws deeply from John Quincy's diaries which are the most extensive personal memoirs in US history from a man who was witness to and participant of a large portion of our nation's early goings-on.

Born in Quincy, Massachusetts on July 11, 1767, this son of John Adams was an ambitious, intelligent, shrewd fellow with his Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn, a definite Moon-Saturn signature of austerity, frigidity, and stunted emotions. Not well liked by his contemporaries, Adams managed to find success in diplomacy--we have him to thank for Florida--and as Secretary of State, he ran for president against Andrew Jackson and 'won' thanks to the election decision being tossed to the House of Representatives where Adams made what his opponents called a "corrupt bargain" by promising House Speaker Henry Clay the Secretary of State post. However, Jackson, as you know, did vanquish Adams for the presidency in the 1828 election.

You may wish to check out his horoscope here though you'll find the natal data's "accuracy in question." The 11:00 am LMT birth time is shown but a rectified time of 11:37:25 is also given. Either way, Adams was apparently born with diplomatic Libra rising during a Sun Cancer-Moon Capricorn influence, a Water-Earth (mud!) blend of practicality.

Actually, this blend is the same as the Full Moon that occurred just prior to July 4, 1776, America's Syzygy Moon (July 1, 1776 @10Cap12--conjunct John Q. Adams' natal Pluto!), and the one that was allowed to pass by (as recommended by Ben Franklin, or so I've heard) so that the American people (Moon) would not start off with a Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon, a depressive, materialistic, ambitious indicator.

If you wish, view the Syzygy Moon horoscope. Instead We the People have the humanitarian Aquarius Moon of July 4, 1776 otherwise we'd be much crankier and joyless than we are!

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