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Apr 13, 2020

July 26, 1775 - Founding of the U.S. Post Office

Got a minute? Below is a brief synopsis on video concerning the founding of the U.S. Postal Service by the Second Continental Congress on July 26, 1775 with Benjamin Franklin appointed its first postmaster. In that era, Congress considered the founding of a postal service to be "crucial to the future of the 13 Colonies," a sentiment that modern-day (Republican) congress members do not hold because it doesn't jive with their campaign to sabotage and collapse the US government, and to privatize everything they can grab. Perhaps a few Democrats agree with this, I don't know. But ending the US Post Office is yet another example of how the greedy GOP is an anti-societal bunch of operators with bad intentions toward the American people and with no thought for the common good:

Video link.

Related: see an image of the First US postage Stamp Honoring Benjamin Franklin, Patriot and Postmaster - face value: 5 cents!

As for the Astrology of July 26, 1775, our USPS was founded under Sun Leo-Moon Cancer energies, a vulnerable and self-absorbed combination. Communicating Mercury @12Leo was retrograde that day which suggests a subsequent re-do or review of the legislation which formed the service. This relates to the fact that President George Washington signed further legislation, the Postal Service Act, which made the agency a permanent part of the federal government on February 20, 1792 with Mercury direct in Aquarius. Permanent. George Washington did that.

So as you know, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet often represented as a wing'ed messenger as shown, below. Additionally on July 26, 1775, expansive, inflating Jupiter was also posited in chatty Gemini, signifying the tremendous volume of mail delivered through the service's 237 years of operation. Oddly enough, Republicans behave as if they've never benefited from the US Postal Service! (Imho, anyone who depends solely on an Internet powered by an ancient electrical grid for all their communications must be completely daft. And excessively gullible.)

And so 2020 has dawned and the agency is on the verge of running out of funds in June! But this is thanks largely to 'help' from the Republican Party's imposed pension funding scam (a set-up for failure), and Trump's rejecting a bail-out package for the service - because mail-in votes could elect Democrats (!) in November so Trump would rather kill, or at least seriously hobble, the USPS than to lose the election. Astounding how much election rigging it's taking Republicans just to keep a substandard, unfit-for-office reality TV host playing at being 'POTUS'! Besides, the US Post Office delivers people's meds and other health supplies, too! See Postal Service on the verge of collapse and 63,000 jobs are at risk. Our nation is on the verge along with it, for meanwhile, transit Pluto creeps through governmental Capricorn and lends a hidden hand with the destruction of Saturnian structures as he heads for America's first-ever Pluto Return/s - three exact returns all through 2022.

Therefore, for the future of our Republic and the common good of We The People as we attempt to 'save what's left', my fervent hope is that a majority of Americans will speak up and out against the Republicans' plan to remove the US Post Office from our lives, a plan which just might culminate in 2027. Why then?

Because the Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') of the US Postal Service in the 11 South Saros Series - a Total eclipse which perfected on March 1, 1775 @11Pis11 and is also the PE of the American Revolution - has major themes attached: 'old methods/ideas fail; new systems are needed to deal with events; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' (Brady's Predictive Astrology). And so another Total 11 South eclipse occurs on August 2, 2027 @10Leo - the natal Pluto position of USPS saboteur Donald Trump.

Unless you think that maybe he will be the block that's removed!

Above Image: Mercury the Swift Messenger of the Gods.

Apr 26, 2019

America's Birthplace 2019: A UNESCO World Heritage Site of Global Culture and Interdependence - clip

April 24, 2019: Does the founding of America no longer belong to We The People? Here's an interesting presentation from Truthstream Media:

My personal opinion is that my Revolutionary ancestors who risked their lives and fortunes to help set up the place would not appreciate this 're-branding' of our nation at all. What do you think?

Jan 22, 2019

Corruption and the Coming Chaos - ep 362 Max Igan

From January 11, 2019: Max Igan's Surviving The Matrix via the American Voice Radio Network comes episode 362, "Corruption and the Coming Chaos" which opens with a quote by Benjamin Franklin on freedom of thought as chaos agent Trump the Uranian undermines America and democracy endures attacks across the globe:

Diss corporate media; support the independent work of Max Igan at Patreon.

Jul 24, 2017

In the Realms of Jupiter: Jared Kushner

On the day that son-in-law-in-chief Jared Kushner was born, January 10, 1981, expansive Jupiter @10Lib04 conjoined restrictive Saturn (9Lib43). His Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (0A20 at noon) is a strong indicator in a natal horoscope but of what? Without an accurate birth time our Jupiter profile must be somewhat out of focus but let's proceed since, as I type, Mr. Kushner is behind closed doors having a chat with politicians whose integrity, I say sorrowfully, is not a given in most cases. Witch hunt, Whitewash, all around the town!

For brief details on why we're looking at astrological Jupiter in relation to Washington DC's current crop of infesting creatures see this.

And here's a video of Jared Kushner delivering a quite brief statement after today's testimony.

Now it is my surmise that a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction denotes the need to temper whatever traits and inclinations natal Jupiter may have in its sign--here, Jupiter relates to others through Venus-ruled Libra, the sign of Justice ("that's not fair!"--same sign as Mr. Trump's natal Jupiter), diplomacy, relationships, values, perspectives, art, good looks, and elegance. And one interesting factor of interest is that Kushner's chart is shaped like a BOWL with the planets following Saturn who tips said BOWL. However, without a birth time we cannot discern the hemispheric focus (he's somehow lacking in the signs opposite the BOWL) but perhaps the BOWL tips toward Career and Public Status unless what appears to be a very private individual (who speaks rarely in public--shy? or sly?) is more about home and family than career ambitions. Hmm.

As for Kushner's natal Jupiter, via conjunction it takes part in the leadership function or tipping of the BOWL and considering how close the conjunction, I would have to credit Jupiter as a focus here, leading the rest along with cautious Saturn although Saturn is slightly dominant. Advocacy of a cause or having a mission to fulfill are suggested, and "his orientation to the world arises from division." (Jones, The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation). Well, that echoes his Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra so it seems his relationships are affected on a deep level by this restriction-vs-expansion team of planets.

Jared Kushner's serious minded Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (one of two aspects of Jupiter to other planets and there's than a nice sextile to North Node) indicates a retentive memory (not a talent he's touting today!), fortitude and stamina, and a need to assert himself in the world (opening his mouth and sharing is a good start). A reader of informative books, Kushner is actually quite good at helping others solve their problems thanks to Jupiter-Saturn allowing him a measure of hope blended with realism.

This is supported by the themes of his Prenatal Solar Eclipse series, the 19 North with its vibes of realism, tackling the truth, and seeing old situations for what they really are. You remember that a 19 North Solar Eclipse last and very recently manifested @9Virgo on September 1, 2016 and is, in fact, the PE of Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017. Inconveniently, transit Neptune directly opposed the eclipse degree adding elements of fakery, corruption, fanaticism, bait-and-switch methods, paranoia, deceitful political spin, propaganda, and scandals to the realism so badly needed in our society. Do you think that this strong 19N eclipse influence remains in effect with the Trump administration's ongoing Russia Gate scandal/s? Then I agree with you.

The second aspect to Kushner's natal Jupiter is a trine from energetic Mars @8AQ28 (1A36, at noon) which suggests expanded ambitions, idealism, a liking for travel, and the possibility of a positive home life. This is a 'lucky' aspect and may provide its owner with success gained with only a minimum of effort. Of course, due to his blended Jupiter-Saturn duo, Mars also trines Saturn which suggests that he does not intend to waste his time (as he said about the June 2016 meeting with Trump Jr and the Russians--he left the meeting once he realized it was a waste of his time--no dirt on Hillary). With the Mars-Saturn trine, efficiently directing all energies toward productive enterprises is all important in similar fashion to Mars exalted in Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

With a Mars-Saturn trine (and natal Saturn direct), we see that Mr. Kushner has no trouble getting along with senior people in charge, and his judgment is valued by those who rely on him for advice and encouragement. Now that surely must be a description of his in-legal-jeopardy father-in-law and it will be interesting to see results from Jared Kushner's testimony today and how much side-scuttling he must do in order to protect Donald Trump and his White House misadventure that they all must careen through for Trump's sake while everything is at America's expense.

Curiously, Jared Kushner shares the Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces blend of conscious-unconscious energies with The First American, Benjamin Franklin, who so aptly for today's Kushner post observed that,

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of."


Note that another description of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction can be codified religion (Jupiter) meets orthodox Jewish religion (Saturn).

Jul 7, 2015

Benjamin Franklin and the Ancient Science of Astrology

Views on Astrology by the Enlightened Benjamin Franklin

As you know, the First American, Benjamin Franklin, grew rich from the sales of his Poor Richard's Almanack, and is known to have been a prominent Freemason, scientist, and astrologer. These days, some folk say he was no astrologer, only an almanac writer and publisher. That's nonsense! Yet I am certain that Dr. Franklin can speak for himself on the topic of Astrology with his punctuation and spelling retained:

“Courteous Reader: Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high Esteem of old, by the Wise and Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight a Battle, in short, no important Affair was taken without first consulting an Astrologer, who examined the Aspects and Configurations of the heavenly bodies, and mark’d the lucky hour. Now the noble Art (more Shame to the Age we live in!) is dwindled into contempt; the Great neglect us, Empires make Leagues, and Parliaments Laws, without advising with us; and scarce any other Use is made of our learned Labors, than to find the best time cutting Corns, or gelding Pigs, – this Mischief we owe in a great Measure to ourselves: The ignorant Herd of Mankind: had they not been encourag’d to it by some of us, would never have dared to deprecate our sacred Dictates; but Urania has been betray’d by her own Sons: those whom she had favored with the greatest skill in her divine art, the most eminent astronomers among the Moderns, the Newtons, Helleys, and Whistons have wantonly condem’d and abus’d her, contrary to the Light of their own Conscience.”

Whew! Ben calling out Sir Isaac Newton, one of Thomas Jefferson's three philosophical idols along with Bacon and Locke for as you know, Mr. Jefferson hung portraits of The Three in his temple-observatory, Monticello. And thanks to the astrological astuteness of Franklin and Jefferson, the American people were saved from owning the Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon of July 2, 1776 (famously the favored date of John Adams) which opposed the Cancer Sun and have instead enjoyed the airier, humanitarian Aquarius Moon of July 4, 1776.

Speaking of Ben Franklin and Astrology, here's a brief presentation which might interest you:

Actually you may wish to consider the hidden, more unconscious or karmic information residing in the Full Moon horoscope of July 1, 1776 for debate concerning American independence certainly occurred under its influence. Significantly, this is America's Syzygy Moon, the lunation prior to the founding of our country across the Cancer-Capricorn axis of Security as Franklin and the rest debated and planned a 'New Order of the Ages' under peril of their own lives. Note that all the planets are in the usual signs of for the USA with the obvious exception of the Moon and the not-so-obvious exception of goddess planet Venus not yet in her July 4th sign of Moon-ruled Cancer and at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Mercury-ruled Gemini. Mercury was retrograde as on July 4th which to me describes the final (re-) signing of the Declaration of Independence on August 2, 1776 when Mercury, planet of signings, writing, and agreements, had turned Direct (which is preferred!)

Now here is a very much related post: Horoscope and the Hidden Dynamic of the American Revolution set for the 'first shot fired'.

Genius, occultist, philosopher, and probable Rosicrucian, Benjamin Franklin, was born January 17, 1706 (NS) at 10:30 am LMT (+4:44:14) in Boston, Massachusetts under the influence of a Capricorn Sun (27:12 conjunct US natal Pluto) and a Pisces Moon (5:20), a humanitarian combo of a scientist-poet-dreamer, a lover of mysteries with a talent for bringing order out of chaos. (Harvey.)

View Ben Franklin's natal horoscope at astrodatabank where you'll note that Isaac Starkman has rectified Ben's chart to 9:37:20 am LMT which, among other things, changes his fiery Ascendant from Mars-ruled Aries to an intuitive, mystical 13Pis40, making philosophical Jupiter and higher octave Neptune his chart-ruler and sub-ruler and gives him an earlier 4Pis49 Moon. A Pisces Ascendant is intriguing considering the very secretive Dr. Franklin yet given his amazing physical energy, a 9th house Mars as chart-ruler makes sense, too. Of course, other factors apply as well with an earlier birth time. What do you think?

Jun 9, 2014

An Astro-Peek at John Quincy Adams

A biography John Quincy Adams: American Visionary by Fred Kaplan draws deeply from John Quincy's diaries which are the most extensive personal memoirs in US history from a man who was witness to and participant of a large portion of our nation's early goings-on.

Born in Quincy, Massachusetts on July 11, 1767, this son of John Adams was an ambitious, intelligent, shrewd fellow with his Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn, a definite Moon-Saturn signature of austerity, frigidity, and stunted emotions. Not well liked by his contemporaries, Adams managed to find success in diplomacy--we have him to thank for Florida--and as Secretary of State, he ran for president against Andrew Jackson and 'won' thanks to the election decision being tossed to the House of Representatives where Adams made what his opponents called a "corrupt bargain" by promising House Speaker Henry Clay the Secretary of State post. However, Jackson, as you know, did vanquish Adams for the presidency in the 1828 election.

You may wish to check out his horoscope here though you'll find the natal data's "accuracy in question." The 11:00 am LMT birth time is shown but a rectified time of 11:37:25 is also given. Either way, Adams was apparently born with diplomatic Libra rising during a Sun Cancer-Moon Capricorn influence, a Water-Earth (mud!) blend of practicality.

Actually, this blend is the same as the Full Moon that occurred just prior to July 4, 1776, America's Syzygy Moon (July 1, 1776 @10Cap12--conjunct John Q. Adams' natal Pluto!), and the one that was allowed to pass by (as recommended by Ben Franklin, or so I've heard) so that the American people (Moon) would not start off with a Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon, a depressive, materialistic, ambitious indicator.

If you wish, view the Syzygy Moon horoscope. Instead We the People have the humanitarian Aquarius Moon of July 4, 1776 otherwise we'd be much crankier and joyless than we are!

Jan 2, 2014

Jan 6, 2014 Congress returns w Sun Cap-Moon Pisces

With Congress returning to Capitol Hill on Monday January 6, 2014 and having important business to conduct (exs: Janet Yellen as Fedhead, extension of unemployment benefits if senior House Republicans agree), we may expect compassion for the plights of unemployed citizens to be expressed by some members, if not shown by others.

January 6, 2014: Sun (leadership) in governmental, business-oriented, law abiding (?) Capricorn, ruled by austere Saturn, and the Moon (the public; we the people) in muddled Pisces, ruled by happy Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, and forming no major aspect to other planets (actors) in the noon chart. There is, however, a quindecile (165 degrees) between the Moon and Mars (@14Lib06 in 6th house of Work, Service, Military, Police, Health, and Daily Rounds) which gives a frustrated, angry, aggressive, even abusive tone to the day with strong emotional convictions resulting in positive actions if the energy is well-directed (Reeves.)

Meanwhile, Mars (as chart-ruler--ASC 23Ari18) applies only once in Ptolemaic aspect--a square to Jupiter (1A13) giving the day a carelessness and a need to consolidate resources and direct them toward main priorities; Mars SQ Jupiter likes a challenge and, as we know, Congress and the nation have plenty of them to choose from and work on if someone can get the anti-government types to comply (and behave as if they care about the American people they supposedly serve--of course, the same could be said for enabling Democrats).

Also, Mars conjoins US natal Saturn (14Lib46; lawmakers) indicating that self-created obstacles are problematic to getting things done--careful planning is a must, wisdom of the more experienced members may be followed (to avoid running afoul of them), and a focus on structure and organization allows eventual success.

As we've discussed recently, Jupiter @15Can20 Rx is the 'handle' of a Bucket pattern that 'carries' the planets in opposition: Pluto @11Cap27, Sun @16Cap17--Mercury @21Cap23 and Venus @24Cap04 Rx have moved out of the opposition's orb for now though Venus will return to Jupiter's sway. The Capricorn stellium of planets is at Midheaven and thus are what the public will 'see' during this congressional session though Jupiter Rx at IC (The Drain; the HOW? Point) has much to say about what the Cap planets are doing.

US natal Sun (the president) @13Cap19 conjoins the noon IC along with transiting Jupiter Rx so obviously President Obama is part of the 'handle' and is opposed by powerful Pluto, the head of international banking houses which include the Vatican Bank.

Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces is an Earth-Water blend is practical, nourishing, and supportive and can do what needs to be done. Humanitarianism is a trait of this combination of energies along with a tendency toward mysticism mixed with practicality. This tender/tough blend is self-motivated, has a professional air, and is diligent in work. Let us hope that 2014 gets off to a rousing start with a Congress that acts according to the needs of the people!

Four famous folk born with Sun Cap-Moon Pisces are J. R. R. Tolkien, Paul Cezanne, Elvis Presley, and Benjamin Franklin. Here are quotes from three of them as given by the Harveys in their book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of." - Benjamin Franklin (Ben and I are looking at You, Congress--this is my natal Sun-Moon blend! Congress has perpetrated plenty of time and money squandering already--jc)

"I want to go beyond impressionism and make it something solid and enduring, like the art of museums..." - Paul Cezanne

It's very hard to live up to an image." - Elvis Presley

Yes, it is very hard to live up to an image and through the centuries the US government has certainly given the American people an exalted image of Congress, among other things. Now let's see a genuine attempt in 2014 by the US Congress to live up to its better nature, not down.

Jun 21, 2013

New Millennium Horoscope

New Millennium Horoscope January 1, 2001 12:00 am est The White House

by Jude Cowell

With the myriad of things going on in the world since the dawn of the New Millennium (and not all of it as 'bright' as we were often lead to believe beforehand), the following horoscope is quite useful for those who wish to keep up with transits of planets and points to its natal positions, chart angles and other house cusps. And naturally other techniques are valuable for comparison such as progressions and Planetary Return charts based on this natal horoscope as it relates to all of humanity and to America as the 'New Atlantis' for the much-touted 'New Age'.

Hour of the Moon (fluctuations, instability) with Sun in Saturn-ruled Capricorn:

As you see, 5th house Venus is chart-ruler and makes only one applying Ptolemaic (major) aspect--a square to Jupiter @2Gem10 Rx in the 8th house of Money, Debt, Credit, Transformation, and---well, you know the Scorpionic 8th house realms that apply. Both Venus and Jupiter are associated with money: Venus with valuable items, evaluations, diplomacy, and relationships (the attraction principle), and expansive Jupiter (the relating principle) ruling banking and bankers, politicians, religious leaders, professors, gurus and priests, adventurers and explorers, thespians, and...well, you know the rest of the roles the Great Benefic can grandly play.

Venus square Jupiter = laws vs justice, something that our once exalted legal system could claim to uplift, at least some of the time for many of the people but as you know, the US justice system has been infiltrated and corrupted and is in need of purging to get out the crooks, charlatans, and anti-government types who prefer chaos in society to law and order. That is, unless it's their psychopathic kind of 'new world order'.

In fact, the New Millennium's Sun Cap-Moon Pisces blend denotes an ability for "bringing order out of chaos" yet the miscreants of power are set on creating extreme chaos first and then rushing in to 'save the day' by repairing the negative conditions they themselves engineered. Plus, Ayn Rand's cold rationality of objectivism and Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' theory are meant to weed out the chaff--the weakest--among us.

Historically it's interesting to note that the Sun Cap-Moon Pisces blend is shared by Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, perhaps America's prime mover who was very instrumental in setting up our republic ("if you can keep it," he said.) As you probably know, Ben Franklin was brethren in at least three secretive groups of his era: the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, and the Illuminati Society of Adam Weishaupt. Much of his initiatory activities and involvement occurred while he sojourned a few years in Europe--our diplomat to France, for one example.

So there's Venus @27AQ11 conjoining US natal Moon (We the People) and Jupiter so recently separated from Great Conjunction (May 5, 2000) with austere, controlling Saturn (24Tau34 Rx) with their conjunction's notable Sabian Symbol: '23Taurus' = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with Magnificent Gems". Or at least it was. But between bubbles, busts, 9/11/01, the Great Bush Heist of 2007/2008, and inflation America's gems and jewels are now primarily clutched in certain claws and deposited in secretive offshore bank accounts rather than in the hands of the people and in the US economy.

However, at the turn of the 21st century, transit Venus to We the People's natal Moon gave most of us an emotional lift and an expectant feeling that good fortune was around the bend. And of course, corporate and government propagandists played upon those feelings to further their own best interests and keep us occupied with entertainment and trivialities (remember the 'Y2K' hustle? wonder how all those millions were really spent? for surveillance systems, I suspect.) And all while power brokers continued their 'total awareness and control' plans that crescendo upon us now.

Okay, there are many other enlightening chart factors such as planetary *patterns to discuss but I shall hush for a while and hope that those who haven't used the New Millennium Horoscope before may take it as the predictive tool that I have found it to be. And I'll keep it linked conveniently near the top of the SO'W sidebar for my own future reference (and posts), if not for yours!


*Planetary Patterns: marked by a dotted line, you see a Fist of God (or, Thor's Hammer) configuration pointing toward 8th house Saturn Rx, an Air Grand Trine if we count the Ascendant with Jupiter-trine-Neptune (the speculator-grand schemer-inflationary pair that met three times in 2009 conjunct US natal Moon and whose energies are imprinted upon the Obama presidency, both terms), and a T-Square that expresses its Sun-opposite-MC energies at Ascendant (rising.)

Feb 23, 2013

Ben Franklin on "a prime cause of the Revolution"

"The refusal of King George III to allow the Colonies to operate an honest money system which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators was probably the prime cause of the Revolution."

Benjamin Franklin

And with the early establishment of an English financial system of banks in America, Thomas Jefferson thought that Alexander Hamilton "cooked the books."

So other than book-cooking from the start, things have remained the same--murky--through the ensuing decades, haven't they? In fact, the US government is a corporation, not a government! If they had to prove themselves a government, they couldn't do so.

Here's a 43-minute video presentation, All Wars Are Bankers' Wars:


Click here to read the informative text that goes along with the video and includes details on Abraham Lincoln's greenbacks and Andrew Jackson's efforts to fight the re-chartering of a central bank, and visit Forbidden Knowledge TV for videos on a variety of interesting topics, financial and otherwise.

Plus, you may wish to check out a previous post on Andrew Jackson and his efforts to beat back his era's central banksters ("vipers.") The post includes a link to President Jackson's First Inaugural Address which sadly remains quite pertinent to the purposefully manufactured financial crises of our day.

Jan 29, 2013

Are social networking sites CIA fronts? (video) w Mercury-Pluto

The 'Social' Duping of America

by Jude Cowell

Though I gave up Facebook years ago (but do realize that FB is like sticky flypaper stuck to my cyber shoe), it seems more difficult to give up using Twitter. Plus, I have several blogs on Google's Blogger and a Gmail account so...

No doubt about it! The energies of America's natal *Mercury-Pluto opposition have been actively developed for spying on US citizens since the beginning and indicates a total obsession with doing so. And with FB and other social networking sites, the CIA has our full cooperation as we identify our own friends and acquaintances to whatever security forces are looking in, no matter their true motivations.

Suggested: a few notes on Benjamin Franklin, America's first postmaster (spymaster.)

Blog Note: out of pure cussedness, this post will not be tweeted by yours truly! Not that it will make any difference.

*Mercury = senses including sight, information, details, tricksters, etc; Pluto = spies and spymasters, intelligence agencies, invisibility, the power elite, the secret hand, betrayers, assassins, rapists, tunnels, underground bunkers, the Pope, the Underworld, the Syndicate, etc.

A variety of videos on many topics await you at Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Mar 10, 2011

Will Newt announce prez bid from Independence Hall?

In an attempt to create gravitas for the political aspirations the high talker may or may not have, Newt Gingrich is leaning toward announcing his presidential bid from Independence Hall, Philadelphia, in late May.

Perhaps Mr. Gingrich is subtly trying to link himself to Founder Benjamin Franklin whose portrait on the older 100 dollar bill shows Independence Hall clock at 2:22 (a sly clue from trickster Franklin as to the real birth time of America?.)

Whether his enigmatic smile toward Independence Hall clock indicates 2:22 am or pm, I do not know.

But if America's birth is timed by the Declaration of Independence's first copy coming off the press at such an early hour as that (as I've read it did, with Thomas Jefferson overseeing its printing with Mr. Dunlap), we may have a Scorpio Rising nation. I have stated in the past that this chart 'works' for spying agency issues and events and for Big Business (Scorpio, 8th house) concerns.

Here I shall post an image of the Scorpio Rising chart as a speculative natal horoscope for the United States of America (2:22 pm) so you can see the Scorpio Ascendant which makes Mars (square Neptune) the chart-ruler; this matches our surveillance and warring tendencies with sub-ruler Pluto adding zeal, spying obsessions, great wealth, and a secret, distant (Pluto is out-of-bounds) and ultimate 'boss' or cabal leading our national brew. (My guess is England since Pluto is in Capricorn, sign of the Old Country and sign of the UK's natal Sun, Jan 1, 1801.)

Several factors change with this natal chart, of course: house positions and rulers, cusps, Osiris at Midheaven, and more. If you're familiar with the most-often used Sibly version, the differences are easy to spot. Transiting Midas 8Gem+ currently sits upon our natal Uranus in any version of the US natal chart; this chart shows Midas conjoining the 8th cusp of High Finance and Debt.

Naturally, the degree of the Moon (we-the-people) changes. At 25AQ29 we have a different Sabian Symbol than in the Sibly version (5:10 pm LMT) with its 27AQ10 Moon.

'26AQ' = "A Garage Man Testing a Car's Battery with a Hydrometer"...MENTAL EFFICIENCY.

Keynote: Skill in applying knowledge of natural laws to the solution of everyday problems resulting from life in our technological society. (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.)

Natal Sun remains at '14Cancer' = "A Very Old Man Facing a Vast Dark Space to the Northeast"...PERMANENCE IN TRUTH.

Keynote: Fulfillment in transcending and changeless wisdom. (DR.)

(My suspicion is that the Sun's Sabian Symbol refers in part to the US Constitution being based on that of the Iroquois Nation of tribes which were spread across the northeast.)

So you may wish to click the chart image to enlarge for a few more notes; you'll see that I neglected to add our pesky Sun/Saturn square (lower left, the fatal flaw in our Libran Judicial System); interestingly, you'll see (upper right) that a new midpoint picture is formed with the Sun (the leader; leadership) which is different from other versions of the US natal chart and, imho, ably describes the way the leadership of this nation goes about doing things.


An Additional Astro-Note: as you may know, the '9Sco' ASC in the US horoscope pictured above conjoins the natal Neptune of President Barack Obama (August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii) with Neptune/ASC indicating potentials for: compassion and understanding, acting ability, a lack of resistance, acting as a willing tool for others' selfish purposes (Wall Street? the Bilderberg Group? the Health Insurance Industry? All of the them?), illusions and deceptions, cheating or seducing others, insincerity, disappointment and disillusion, an inability to retain one's place in the world, and/or abuse or betrayal of confidence (Ebertin.) I leave it to you to decide if any of the potentials apply to the relationship between President Obama and the place we're accustomed to calling America.

Blog Note: starting Friday it's another weekend spree for me, this time in the Atlanta area (where Gingrich will set up his campaign headquarters if needed); I will be blogging here again by Monday! And you know my heart remains in Madison, Wisconsin. Recall the Republicans! Wishing a good weekend to all, jc

Aug 19, 2010

Analysis: the handwriting of Barack Obama

Here's an interesting piece which analyzes the handwriting of President Obama.

One of the handwriting samples seems to be missing from the page (in my browser) yet I'm passing it on for those who wish to delve more deeply into the personality of Barack Obama bwo Graphology.

Actually, I have some info on an analysis of the handwriting of Benjamin Franklin which I should prbably post @ some point. Yes?

Jan 12, 2008

Benjamin Franklin's Solar Return 2008

Born of a humble family in Boston, MA on Jan 17, 1709 (exact time unverified--using *10:30 am LMT as shown at --other possible birth times listed at end of post) Ben Franklin's Solar Return for 2008 falls on Jan 17.

This 15th child of 17 apprenticed to a printer when he was 12, and began his own printing company, age 17. The 10:30 am natal chart has shown links from the Solar Arc Directions for today which is one of the methods I use for deciding which chart to work with when an historical person's birth time is in question...simple synchronicity (as if there is such a thing!)

Fame and success attended Mr. Franklin whose Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, 14South, brings just that--success when an obsessive idea is finally accepted, then Jupiter brings along the promised success. His Jupiter, whose natural house is the 9th house of Publishing, Philosophy, and Religion, is happily placed in business-oriented Cancer, although Rx--which gave Franklin something of a maverick flavor.

ASC 7Ari14, sign of the pioneer, gives active Mars as chart-ruler, and Franklin is known to have been robustly healthy as a youth. Neptune, which he would not have been aware of in his lifetime, is in 1st house, indicating some confusion and early loss, and a talent for role-playing and deception--useful traits for an ambassador and politician to possess.

In the Placidus house system Saturn is barely in 1st house which gives stability to the personality, plus, early hardship and work (apprenticed at 12 years old)--Saturn rules 10th house 3Cap44, with pleasant Venus in Capricorn at MC (arts; literature.)

Mars applies to sesquiquadrate with Uranus (1A31) but approaches an even closer trine to Pluto (0A16.) The Mars/Chiron combo = the sacred warrior archetype, and there is a separating trine with creative Neptune...good for public relations and promotions...and for secretive pursuits such as Freemasonry meetings and rituals.

In her book, New Insights in Astrology, Nona Gwynn Press gives the sequiqradrant (135 degr) as having transformative power.

You will recall his rather funky promo for his Almanac where he published an "astrological prediction of death" for one **Titus Leeds, a rival almanac publisher. This ruse, a preface in the 1st edition of Poor Richard's, was carried on for years and gained Franklin much notoriety while promoting sales. Leeds did not cooperate and die at the appointed time yet Franklin insisted each year that Leeds was dead and that others had assumed publication of his almanac.

One assumes this farce aided almanac sales for Mr. Leeds as well, and I suspect they held in common brotherhood in a certain organization.

(BTW: I've gotten to where I only change house systems with historical charts when there's a known chart to duplicate--usually with Regiomantanus, or whatever was originally used at the time. Here I stick with Placidus. In this case, Venus is near enough to MC to be possibly placed in 9th house of Publishing.)

Jupiter in 4th house has associations with publishing success so the 10:30 am chart 'works' for his fortune being made in Publishing--he began Poor Richard's Almanac in 1733 and retired, age 42, in order to devote himself to Science until Politics 'called' him in appr 1753. Quite a whistle heard round the world--with America the decided winner.

However, if you look at the chart for 1:30 am, Jupiter and Uranus are placed in 9th house while Pluto (linked with the masses and with Publishing) falls in 10th house of Career and Public Standing. Yet this birth time puts n Moon in AQ--29AQ52, 4th house. Was Franklin's Sun in Cap with Moon in the humanitarian and scientific (and astrological) sign of the Water Bearer? Or is Moon in mystical Pisces as is so often said?

The chances during the 24 hours of his day of birth do favor the Pisces Moon, but just in case, here are the Images for Integration for both combos...

Sun Cap-Moon AQ: A prophetic poet is awarded high honors...An historian points the way to the future...Having struggled unaided to the peak, a mountaineer hitches a ride on a passing helicopter.

Worldy ambition and success mixed with furturistic, scientific concerns. See what I mean?

Now here's the Sun Cap-Moon Pisces blend: A child builds a sandcastle of reinforced concrete...Bilbo in Tokein's 'Lord of the Rings'...'Bathers in a Landscape' by Paul Cezanne...A wine collector uncorks a rare vintage to celebrate a success. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

With our decider-in-chief off the continent (and as usual I feel a certain bouyancy), we're forced to decide for ourselves which combo may better describe Benjamin.

Franklin was ahead of his time and one cannot rule out a Pisces Moon, the sign which contains all other signs before it, and Cap-Pisces is a humanitarian combination--actually the humanitarian businessman. A New Moon personality, Franklin was emotional, impulsive, subjective, and intuitive.

His most powerful natal midpoint picture (which I entered on the chart but didn't complete due to lack of space, so here it is) has Jupiter/Pluto (plutocrats!) pointing at scientific reformer and rebel, Uranus...

Jup-Pluto = Uranus: intense application of resources to establish new perspectives; turning the tables; getting back on track or finding a better one; fanatical striving for improvements; sudden reform; adjustment to new circumstances (Tyl; Ebertin.)

In the 10:30 am chart, pictured here, there is also a YOD (Finger of God) which I neglected to colorize for you but will mention since it relates to a special life purpose but also to health issues.

Moon-Venus = Uranus: sudden romantic feelings and attachments (he was a laydees' man--and had Mars-Pluto midpoint conj Desc, 10:30 am); a periodic and sudden manifestation of sexual desire (hubba hubba); fits of emotion and irritability.

Ebertin gives Moon-Venus as glandular secretions and Uranus disrupts--this may cause convulsive states when triggering the Moon-Venus midpoint.

Well, I don't know what Franklin actually died from but it couldn't have been good--it killed him.

Now on that sassy note, let's consider his Solar Return chart for Jan 17, 2008:

Historical charts for our Founding Fathers intrigue me and I tend to use them to 'speak for' America in the here-and-now (or for whatever time frame under consideration.)

So you can imagine my semi-surprise when I found Hillary Clinton's campaign 2008 written all over it. And since Ben himself is no longer with us these 218 years, I shall give a pass to his SR as a personal map for him and mosey on to Hillary implications.

Primarily it's the Taurus Moon in 10th house of Public Status and Career that clued me in...

Mars/MC = Moon: publicity; an emotional appeal (!); changing status through emotional "feel" !!

Yes, Hillary is being said to be using a newly accessible emotional style. She's found her "voice" she says...and, this reluctant astrologer notes, her tear ducts along with it. Weepy crocodiles the world over are tres proud!

Venus-Jupiter = Pluto: publicity; the world view (as in NWO?); popularity; unbounded enthusiam (she's waited so long to take hold of the New Millennium baton...she expects it and perhaps has been promised it. Guess the New Moon over New Hampshire was Hill and John McCain hooking up.)

Sun-Uranus = Neptune: self-deluding schemes for ego recognition; blind zeal can only be detrimental; unexpected events connected with flying, water, or navigation.

Hey! that last sounds like Bush's tour of the Middle East when he was forced to motor instead of helicoptering--and of course, Franklin's Solar Return is also a simple transit chart for Jan 17. Perhaps Clinton will experience similar delays on the campaign trail--or Bush may have vehicle troubles again.

Pluto-MC = North Node (the public; associations): the desire to gain leadership; influence over other people.

Mars-NN = MC: excellent teamwork; partnership values are important.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully, Benjamin isn't squirming in his grave at this post with its quirky insinuations concerning our current outrage--er, I mean presidential campaign.

If he is, I'll be more than happy to fluff his pillow which will give me a chance to apologize to a Founding Father for the America this squad of politicians have brought upon us and upon the world.

Global domination indeed.

*other possible birth times: 11:00 am, 1:30 am, 9:40 pm, all LMT.

**Titus Leeds' predicted date of death: Oct 17, 1733, "3 hos, 29 mins PM"...a request for calculation supposedly made to Franklin by Mr. Leeds...cheeky monkeys!

For dates of Ben Franklin's triple Uranus Return visit Jude's Threshold if you wish.