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Jun 14, 2014

Iraq Has Multiple Natal Horoscopes

Historically there exists more than one natal horoscope for the region the West calls 'Iraq'. Here are a few that are listed in Nicholas Campion's The World Book of Horoscopes with a few current planetary transits added:

Iraq (Kingdom): August 23, 1921 6:00 BGT -3:00 Baghdad (proclamation ceremony); ASC 4Vir54; MC 2Gem22; Sun 29Leo26 conj chart-ruler Mercury 29:06; Jupiter-Saturn conj in Virgo in 1st house; 8th house Moon 19Ari04. Transits 2014: Mars opposite n Moon; Neptune to n Uranus 8Pis00 Rx in 7th house of War; tr Pluto in Capricorn opposite n Pluto, then opposite n Venus 19Can47 in 11th house; .

Iraq Independence: October 3, 1932 10:30 GMT Baghdad (British mandate terminated): ASC 16Cap41 (tr Pluto approaches); MC 6Sco09 (tr Saturn was there recently for what seemed like forever); 1st house Saturn 28Cap07 (conj US natal Pluto Rx); 9th house Sun 10Lib00 conj Mercury 13:06 (tr Mars and its Rx period has been vexing them recently); 8th house Jupiter/Neptune conj in Virgo; 3rd house Uranus 21Ari52 Rx will experience an upcoming Uranus Return; 10th house Moon 24Sco45 under transiting rays of restrictive loss-bringer Saturn.

Iraq Republic: July 14, 1958 4:00 GMT Baghdad; ASC 14Leo40 surrounded by Uranus 10Leo39 and Mercury 14:54; MC 8Tau19 (recently hit by April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse still in effect until October 2014); 12th house Sun 21Can13; Moon 19Gem01 conj Venus 20:22 in 11th house--both opposing natal Saturn 20Sag21 Rx; 1st house Pluto 00Vir42 conj Royal Star of Persia, Regulus; 9th house Mars 25Vir25 opposing n Jupiter 22Lib41 where tr Mars approaches.

As for the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq, there are two horoscopes which may be valuable concerning the current take-over by I.S.I.S., an organization consisting of of Sunnis, the ones the Bush-Cheney regime kicked out of government in order to install Shi'ites, grab oil and loot antiquities, and to further Bush Sr's "heralding of a new world order" which he brazenly had announced as the justification for waging his "Operation Desert Storm" on January 15, 1991 and using Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait as the trigger:

1. A temporary constitution was signed "by Iraqi representatives on the US appointed Governing Council in Baghdad at 1:35 pm on March 8, 2004."

2. "The formal transfer of sovereignty to Iraq took place at 10:26 am on June 28, 2004 in Baghdad, and this should be the basis of a new national chart." (Campion.)

Now we see the lousy results of the Global Government's design as Sunnis viciously fight against the 'new world order' which the West seeks to impose upon the Middle East while hidden entities cheer on the furthering of their longstanding plan that Christians and Muslims should kill one another and take all belief in religion itself down with them as violence and chaos take over.

Meanwhile, US news agencies, reporters, and political operatives 'on the payroll' attempt to keep the American people divided and conquered with stupid R v D strategies, neglect-of-veterans travesties, congressional political theater, constant lies about presidents and politicians, NSA scare tactics, propaganda meant to instill fear that ISIS will send its members to US soil to commit terrorist acts (which may actually be a set up for future false flag ops), and any other method to interfere with our awareness of what's really going on in the you-broke-it-you-own-it Middle East--a circumstance well described by the ongoing and active midpoint picture of:

Saturn/Neptune = Pluto: denial of guilt by those responsible.

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