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Oct 10, 2015

Columbus Day 2015 and a Discovery of America Horoscope

October 12, 2015: Columbus Day Sails 'Round Again

by Jude Cowell

In Manly P. Hall's book A Secret Destiny for America we find chapter 8: A New Identity for Christopher Columbus in which astrologer-occultist Hall provides what is said by early historians and State documents to be Christopher Columbus' true name, Prince Nikolaos Ypsilantis, from the Greek island of Chios. Follow the link to read chapter 8 for yourself.

And here's my silly verse dedicated to Prince Nikolaos though I was unaware of that identity when I posted Ode to Christopher Columbus. Or that this Plato admirer kept two sets of ship's logs on the voyage which made landfall on October 12, 1492 in the West Indies. Hall says his voyage was a disguised journey actually intended to discover the Lost Continent of Atlantis! Well, myth it may be yet finding 'Atlantis' as his mission tallies with the Founding Fathers as secret society members (most if not all of them) and their determination to implement the creation on this continent of a New World to replace old worn-out Europe--a new land based on Enlightenment principles of Equality, Freedom, and Reason--not religion. (Sorry Christian Fundamentalists--America was where settlers came to escape from the persecution of religious fanatics, remember?)

Then There's George H. W. Bush's "thousand points of light"? (see video, below)

And of course you know the Enlightenment planets are electrical genius Uranus and visionary mystic Neptune which conjoined once again (a 171-year cycle) three times in 1993 around 18 Capricorn--the POLITICAL POWER degree in Sabian Symbols--just as I'm certain you know that Thomas Jefferson hung portraits of his favorite old masters (mentors!) at Monticello, an homage to Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, and John Locke whom he called his, "trinity of the three greatest men the world has ever produced."

If you're curious, this post displays the Horoscope of the American Revolution ('the shot heard round the world') and notes concerning Who's Who within its Hidden Dynamic. Familiar names will be found!

Lights, Enlightenment, and Infiltration! Here's an excerpt from Bush's 1989 Inaugural Address which should have seemed more ominous than it did at the time--well, to some of us, it did:

Related, a post from 2012: Another Pope Calling for World Government and a 'New World Order' because you see, the realms of religion, government, and finances are all in on the chess game, the so-called Great Plan of Lucifer (Venus) that Francis Bacon and others have insidiously championed since ancient times. But these days, the 'hidden hand' and its infiltrating network of agents, saboteurs, operatives, media shills, and political hacks have become much more open about it.

Astrology of the Discovery of America

The following horoscope of the discovery event is based on information found here and though the actual place of his stepping ashore remains in question I shall set the chart for the "early morning of October 12, 1492" for a spot as close as my software gets me. Actually, Watling Island is said to be the present-day location of San Salvadore ('Holy Savior') which is what Columbus named the island that its inhabitants called Guanahani. The place is controversial so in lieu of a definite location I'm setting the chart for somewhere 'in the neighborhood', Great Guana Cay, Bahamas:

Please enlarge the chart to read my scribbles for I shall not type out all my notes for you here.

Hour of Venus (Rx @17Sco19 and rising in 1st house as chart-ruler unless you prefer a Scorpio Ascendant which would make Mars the chart and landfall ruler but Mars does not apply to a planet and Venus applies to a square with Saturn in Aquarius.) You note that Pluto and North Node are conjoined @4Sco22/30 and rising which denotes powerful encounters which had to be the case for any adventurers when landing on native shores. Plus, Pluto-NN is the 'tiger by the tail' duo and there seems to have been a mysterious man on board who may be represented by a caped and invisible Pluto in secretive Scorpio and acting as a representative of the 'hidden hand' directing the New World mission.

As you see, '6:08 am LMT' is just after local sunrise with the Sun @28Lib29 conjunct Sigma, a letter in the Greek alphabet which in Astrology denotes karma (reaping what's been sown.) Seems it was the karma of navigator Columbus (or whatever his true name was!) to sail in what is now our general direction and step upon these shores and here we find exploring Jupiter of broadened vistas and boundary crossing fame in proud Leo and nearing a Sun-ruled Midheaven. Curiously, the combo of Jupiter and Uranus work well together for fortune hunting and for discovering novel territories. Here they are locked in an obsessive-compulsive quindecile aspect (165 degr) denoting risk-takers who seek new ways of benefiting mankind and promoting equality for all! (Reeves.) To me, 'New World America' fits snugly within this description along with the obsessive idea of Bacon, Gosnold, Weishaupt, the Founding Fathers, and others who knew of this continent and a Great Plan to colonize it long before we've been traditionally taught that they knew.

Now brief mention must be made of a certain midpoint picture--the Sun (leader) at the apex of Mars-Neptune (navigators; sailors; mariners) indicating 'new plans' being 'illuminated' (for me an Enlightenment reference) as given by Noel Tyl who also mentions 'situational changes' for the Mars-Neptune = Sun trio. There was much grumbling from the ship's crew if I understand correctly and landfall must have warranted quite a few "Thank Goodnesses" from all concerned. That Venus is prominent hints at treasure hunting for valuable things (Rx = another attempt?) and the 29th degree Ascendant (my choice) adds to the imperative to arrive Now before the crew mutinied! The chart reveals a success-driven Locomotive pattern with the fluctuating Moon in her own sea-going sign of Cancer leading the planetary throng of mariners. Did ocean waves determine their exact landing spot? You tell me!

Several planetary connections to Fixed Stars are notated as you see, and obviously there are many more chart factors of interest to consider but I've only just begun to experiment with this horoscope for America. So far progressions issuing from it and its Solar Return on Monday (Oct 12, 2015) are intriguing along with its Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Saros Series (PE), the 17 South @15Tau25 which recently manifested during Spring Equinox 2015 @29Pis27 (conjunct the Aries Point of Prominence and Fame--very famous is Christopher C.)

However, for Columbus and his crew a second solar eclipse influenced their endeavors for only 9 days later an eclipse manifested @7Sco30 in the midst of the Pluto-NN-Venus-Mercury group you see here at landfall within the 2-week time frame of the event. It was in the 18 North series--the very series we're in now! for it occurred on September 13, 2015 @20Vir10. And no, I had no idea of this cosmic resonance prior to setting up this chart earlier today. I simply felt impelled to study and post it in honor of Columbus Day 2015, the 523rd anniversary of the Discovery of America.

Blog Note: Links to previous posts, horoscopes, and themes of the 17 South and 18 North Solar Eclipses may be located by typing 'Eclipses' into the sidebar Search field if you wish. If so, just scroll in a downward direction while pondering how similar the name 'Ypsilantis' is to 'Atlantis'.

Jun 14, 2014

Iraq Has Multiple Natal Horoscopes

Historically there exists more than one natal horoscope for the region the West calls 'Iraq'. Here are a few that are listed in Nicholas Campion's The World Book of Horoscopes with a few current planetary transits added:

Iraq (Kingdom): August 23, 1921 6:00 BGT -3:00 Baghdad (proclamation ceremony); ASC 4Vir54; MC 2Gem22; Sun 29Leo26 conj chart-ruler Mercury 29:06; Jupiter-Saturn conj in Virgo in 1st house; 8th house Moon 19Ari04. Transits 2014: Mars opposite n Moon; Neptune to n Uranus 8Pis00 Rx in 7th house of War; tr Pluto in Capricorn opposite n Pluto, then opposite n Venus 19Can47 in 11th house; .

Iraq Independence: October 3, 1932 10:30 GMT Baghdad (British mandate terminated): ASC 16Cap41 (tr Pluto approaches); MC 6Sco09 (tr Saturn was there recently for what seemed like forever); 1st house Saturn 28Cap07 (conj US natal Pluto Rx); 9th house Sun 10Lib00 conj Mercury 13:06 (tr Mars and its Rx period has been vexing them recently); 8th house Jupiter/Neptune conj in Virgo; 3rd house Uranus 21Ari52 Rx will experience an upcoming Uranus Return; 10th house Moon 24Sco45 under transiting rays of restrictive loss-bringer Saturn.

Iraq Republic: July 14, 1958 4:00 GMT Baghdad; ASC 14Leo40 surrounded by Uranus 10Leo39 and Mercury 14:54; MC 8Tau19 (recently hit by April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse still in effect until October 2014); 12th house Sun 21Can13; Moon 19Gem01 conj Venus 20:22 in 11th house--both opposing natal Saturn 20Sag21 Rx; 1st house Pluto 00Vir42 conj Royal Star of Persia, Regulus; 9th house Mars 25Vir25 opposing n Jupiter 22Lib41 where tr Mars approaches.

As for the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq, there are two horoscopes which may be valuable concerning the current take-over by I.S.I.S., an organization consisting of of Sunnis, the ones the Bush-Cheney regime kicked out of government in order to install Shi'ites, grab oil and loot antiquities, and to further Bush Sr's "heralding of a new world order" which he brazenly had announced as the justification for waging his "Operation Desert Storm" on January 15, 1991 and using Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait as the trigger:

1. A temporary constitution was signed "by Iraqi representatives on the US appointed Governing Council in Baghdad at 1:35 pm on March 8, 2004."

2. "The formal transfer of sovereignty to Iraq took place at 10:26 am on June 28, 2004 in Baghdad, and this should be the basis of a new national chart." (Campion.)

Now we see the lousy results of the Global Government's design as Sunnis viciously fight against the 'new world order' which the West seeks to impose upon the Middle East while hidden entities cheer on the furthering of their longstanding plan that Christians and Muslims should kill one another and take all belief in religion itself down with them as violence and chaos take over.

Meanwhile, US news agencies, reporters, and political operatives 'on the payroll' attempt to keep the American people divided and conquered with stupid R v D strategies, neglect-of-veterans travesties, congressional political theater, constant lies about presidents and politicians, NSA scare tactics, propaganda meant to instill fear that ISIS will send its members to US soil to commit terrorist acts (which may actually be a set up for future false flag ops), and any other method to interfere with our awareness of what's really going on in the you-broke-it-you-own-it Middle East--a circumstance well described by the ongoing and active midpoint picture of:

Saturn/Neptune = Pluto: denial of guilt by those responsible.

#evil #devouringspirit

Jul 23, 2013

Michelle Nunn (D-GA) to run for Chambliss senate seat

One of Two Possible Democrat Upsets in US Senate: Georgia

by Jude Cowell, Georgian, American, and Reluctant Astrologer

Yesterday 'shortly after 1:00 pm', the daughter of former US Senator Sam Nunn from Georgia, declared her candidacy in 2014 for the senate seat of Republican Saxby Chambliss whose campaign ads in 2002 so brazenly and repeatedly lied about Vietnam War veteran and then-Senator Max Cleland.

As a native Georgian I was personally embarrassed at the time for Mr. Chambliss who apparently felt he had to cheat to steal a seat on Capitol Hill but it has never seemed to bother him at all, and he will have served two terms by the time he steps off the Capitol Hill gravy train.

Here's a 31-second Chambliss ad that blanketed Georgia airwaves in 2002:

Why, even a Washington Post columnist lambasted Chambliss in 2002 for 'dirty bombing' triple amputee, Max Cleland and his alleged lack of 'patriotism' but of course in GOP-infested Georgia, Saxby won anyway, by hook and crook. It was shades of political operative Lee Atwater finagling Bush Senior into the White House and look at the misshapen form the Republican Party has twisted itself into since then.

So will a senate seat victory for Michelle Nunn be a winning situation for the nation and for 13th-colony Georgia? She's been called "--President Obama's liberal, handpicked candidate" in the emails of Republican primary candidate Karen Handel, a former secretary of state for Georgia and a person I don't wish to see taking a senate seat on Capitol Hill (you probably wouldn't either if you knew her reputation here--not that Republicans don't like her for I suppose they do if the old adage 'birds of a feather' holds true.)

In order to run in 2014, candidate Michelle Nunn will be stepping down as CEO of the Points of Light Foundation, an organization that helps communities, they say, but is much too corporate-backed and Bush-laden for mistrustful me not to think they're up to some sort of Illuminati shenanigans. Plus, you'll remember Bush41's 'Thousand Points of Light' shout-out to global government, or the 'new world order, as he openly called it.

As for Michelle Nunn, she has stated that in the Senate she will be "--picking up where Saxby Chambliss leaves off" which, considering the Jacka*sian Politics practiced by the GOP these days, I hope that if elected, she will be much better for America than that.

Yet alas, I hold no enthusiasm for yet another global government candidate for they are the rabid infestation (and infiltration) this blog has been fussing about since my first post in October 2005. Do you blame me?

For further reading try Bush the Elder and his Illuminati shout-out of via "a thousand points of light".

Dec 12, 2012

'Eye of the Phoenix--Secrets of the Dollar Bill' (film); plus, 1935 Eclipses

1935, FDR as Freemason, The All-Seeing Eye of Total Awareness, Secrets and Occultism in the US Government

by Jude Cowell

Eye of the Phoenix--Secrets of the Dollar Bill

is a video presentation which has been embedded on SO'W before, but I'm rather cussedly posting it again for your consideration.

Few Americans think about US history involving such characters as astrologer Manly P. Hall and Russian mystic Nicholas Roerich. Yet even if you don't believe that 'occult activities' surrounded the administration of Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt (among others), the video, which covers up to 1935, contains curiosities which may be viewed as amusing 'entertainment', if you wish:

Edit Oct 2022: Once there was another film (3 hours!) embedded in this post because it purported to reveal all sorts of secrets about the founding of America, the dollar bill, Nicholas Roerich, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Francis Bacon, America's Great Seal, and other people and topics with occult (hidden) themes--I embedded it because our nation continues to be affected by the Utopian, Luciferian ideals of past generations through present operatives and agents whose works we observe in Washington DC. Unfortunately the video has been removed but if you search YouTube for such topics you might find it!


Solar Eclipses of 1935

The year 1935 is when the pyramid and capstone with the All-Seeing Eye (of surveillance! also called the Eye of Horus, Providence, Phoenix, etc) was placed upon the dollar bill by the FDR administration. It's one of those rare years when 5 Solar Eclipses manifested (along with 2 Lunar Eclipses, listed below.) Let's take a look at the themes of the 5 Solar Eclipses just to get a sense of the background influences and flavors of 1935:

1. Jan 5, 9 Old North @14Cap: my source, Brady's Predictive Astrology, gives no theme for this Saros Series but we may surmise that Capricornian issues of government, law, and business were ahoof with tones of seriousness, conscientiousness, authority, and a need to "correct wrongful karmic situations and to guide others along the spiritual path." (Rose Lineman);

That 'the path' may be of a Luciferian nature is the question especially since Cap is the sign of The Goat (of Mendes) and is considered a mystical, occult sign containing a labyrinth. Of course, the symbol of the Goat of Mendes is also said to represent wisdom and other more positive things than satanism--yet I know you remember that Dubya was reading My Pet Goat in the classroom when he was informed that the attacks of 9/11/01 had been accomplished;

2. Feb 3, 9 New North @14AQ: sudden physical exertions, accidents, violence. (Last occurred March 19, 2007);

3. June 30, 9 Old South @8Can: falls between US natal Sun and Jupiter--again, no theme listed but in the sign of the sidewinding crab, Cancerian issues are denoted along with the president (Sun, 14Can) and ideology and money supply (our Jupiter at the "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" degree of 6Can); we may expect potentials to include: security, shrewd business maneuvers, emotional extremes, receptivity and imagination, selfishness (also a typical trait of Capricorn), genealogy, family matters, and fated or karmic ties; Series ended in 1971 @29Can oppposite US natal Pluto in Cap;

4. July 30, New South @6Leo: great yet possibly constructive energy supplied by a Mars-Pluto influence, idealism, and the uniting of loved ones; (last manifested on Sept 11, 2007 @18Vir);

5. Dec 25, 10 North @3Cap: frustrating news, inhibiting events, focus on communications, young people, paperwork; tiring and draining; last manifested on Feb 7, 2008, the year of the Great Bush Depression; next occurs in 2026 @29AQ, near US natal Moon.)

Lunar Eclipses of 1935: Jan 19 @29Cancer and July 26 @23Capricorn, further emphasizing the security and authority axis of Cancer-Capricorn and its ambitious if depressive Moon-Saturn influences. This degree is where karmic Saturn and Pluto meet on January 12, 2020.

Blog Note: here's a link to a previous post on Bush Sr's hospital stay with health-undermining transits to his natal chart (transits of 2012, not this year's hospitalization).

Aug 6, 2012

The Carlyle Connection (video)

Back to a previous topic today: perhaps you remember that Bush Sr and the Carlyle Group met on Tuesday morning September 11, 2001? I wondered at the time if their meeting was meant to be a target of the assassins...

Jan 19, 2012

'Wild Card' Eclipses of November 2011 and May 2012

November 2011 and May 2012 Eclipses Spotlight Mercury/Jupiter

by Jude Cowell

The current Solar Eclipse from the 14 North Saros Series in which events are occurring manifested on November 25, 2011 at 2Sag37 ('a peculiar turn of events') and the next Solar Eclipse will occur on May 20, 2012 at 00Gem21, opposite the November 2011 eclipse.

In between the two Solar Eclipses fell a Lunar Eclipse on December 10, 2011 at 18Gem11 triggering America's natal Mars in Gemini.

You remember that the November 2011 Solar Eclipse occurred within two days of the deadline of the so-called 'Super' Committee of 12 congressional elites who came to no agreement concerning their debt reduction duties, an outcome which is to trigger automatic cuts for which no single US politician may be blamed. (They think they're so slick, don't they?!)

So we haven't heard the last of the budget reduction negotiations with the American people still being held hostage to austerity promoters who are attempting to starve the baby before tossing it out with the bathwater--and the 'baby' is a sovereign and solvent America.

That austerity measures (against those who can ill afford further reductions) used as financial 'solutions' hasn't worked in Europe seems not to trouble US conservatives--or maybe they're hoping the American people won't notice the glaring obviousness by Election Day 2012.

In fact, US economist Joseph Stiglitz says that "European austerity plans are a suicide pact" that collapses economies. Well, duh! That's a major objective of the Global Governance agenda, as I've groused here many times before--to collapse the global economy and build it back in the image of the totalitarian model they prefer (the mark of the beast?), aka, a New World Order.

(Scroll down this blog's sidebar for a video of Bush Sr announcing the inevitability of a NWO around the time of the Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune, the 'Enlightenment' planets. Remember Poppy's famous slogan, "a thousands points of light"? It's from his 1988 RNC speech which also contains, "Read my lips: no new taxes!" among other gems--text and video here.)

So with eclipses being the 'wild cards' of the Universe and since we're poised upon the spotlighted Gem/Sag axis as I type, the influences of sign rulers Mercury (Gem) and Jupiter (Sag) are active within the Collective until Solar Eclipse polarities switch emphasis to the Taurus/Scorpio (Venus/Mars-Pluto) axis with the Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 at 22Scorpio (more on that eclipse later.) Yet even then, one more Lunar Eclipse will manifest at 7Gemini on November 28, 2012 thus wrapping up our Gem/Sag lessons until year 2020.

Let's consider the Mercury/Jupiter combination of energies which now color many of the events and issues of 2012.

When Mercury (thinking processes, communications, senses, oration, etc) combines with Jupiter (expansion principle, growth, abundance, largess, faith, ideology, philosophy, relating, etc) an interesting dynamic is described as their planetary energies are combined and strengthened. Naturally, all things mercurial are increased by Jupiter's touch and a wealth of ideas often results. Common sense, the intellect, optimism, erudition (especially in retirement or solitude), plans for gorwth, and constructive thinking are on the menu, along with enthusiasm (for ill or good!)

On the negative side, over-stretching or ignoring boundaries and verbosity are possibilities along with a potential for exaggeration or over-embellishment which makes Washington's euphemism for their habit of telling lies--to misspeak--is prominent as well though it's difficult to imagine when falsehoods are not one of their favored tactics to get what they want by hook or crook. And some of them are or have been on the shady side including those who hide their fortunes in the darkened shade of palm tree tax shelters like the Cayman Islands, as Mitt Romney is now reported to do.

Perhaps the news that Rick Santorum actually won in Iowa rather than Mitt Romney is a Mercury/Jupiter case in point with Mercury relating to voting and Jupiter to numbers or tallies.

As Always, Jupiter and Saturn

As you know, austerity is the province of planet Saturn, and together, Jupiter and Saturn are known as our societal planets for their constant stand-off between Saturnian restriction and Jupiterian expansion describes one of society's greatest needs: balance between opposing forces to create stability, the yin-yang of our dualistic world.

And in Mundane Astrology (with this blog concerned with its sub-category, Political Astrology), Jupiter and Saturn may be used to signify America's two political parties (between which many people see little difference--I tend to think of them as factions of warring ideologies more than actually differing parties especially since they've made everything an Us v Them/class warfare stand-off.)

Now not every mundane astrologer agrees with me on this, but I use Jupiter to represent the Republican Party ('Grand' Old Party of the wealthy--as Harry Truman said of them at the 1948 DNC, they're the party of "special interests--always have been and always will be"), and Saturn for the Democrats (being the older of the two parties, a little dour at times, and not as flamboyantly theatrical--with a few exceptions through the years. Republicans do like to leave Dems with Saturn's accountability, don't they? Takes the heat off the GOP, they hope.)

Now if everyone in Washington played fairly and were open about their true allegiances, perhaps the balance we sorely need, so wistfully expected by America's founders through 'checks and balances' provisions, would be easier to maintain than we currently experience. However, ideological forces within and without our government are at work and have been since America's first cry and before.

Let's hope and pray that We the People will continue waking up to Washington's machinations and mummeries in time to Save Our Republic for we cannot automatically assume that national politicians will do so as they jockey for top positions within the devilish New World Order.

Further reading: Graphics: European Debt Crisis Explained.

Plus, President Obama is now within his three-fer Mars Return 2012, a two-year cycle of new activity which began for him on January 14, 2012. The recent smoke bomb tossed over the White House fence garnered the president a Martian calling card and I'm glad that he and Michelle were having dinner at a restaurant down the street and were in no danger, with 'smoke' ruled by Neptune, and Mr. Obama's natal Mars 22Vir35 sitting directly upon US natal Neptune 22:25.

Currently I'm in a wait-and-see attitude as to whether the apparent smoke bomb was thrown by Occupiers for most of them had left the scene of their White house protests by the time the bomb was thrown and everyone knows the tiresome tactic that police or other entities use to stain the integrity of peaceful protests with violence by embedding police officers to cause trouble and adulterate a protest's public support on behalf of the corporate masters who sign their paychecks.

As expressed decades ago by candidate Harry Truman, here's a good Rs v Ds example of History repeating with similar themes a la Campaign 2012:

For progressive reading and video viewing, you may wish to visit Thom Hartmann, Amy Goodman, and/or David Pakman.

And, as always, please become involved with Move To Amend Citizens United while we still have a tattered republic in dire need of saving!

Sep 17, 2011

Horoscope: New Moon 4Lib00 Sept 27, 2011

Set for the White House, Washington DC, here is an image of September 27, 2011's New Moon @ 4:00:16 Libra rising (ASC 4Lib51), with the lunation as part of a Cardinal Grand Cross here perfected by US natal Jupiter 5Can56 at Midheaven (The Goal, or WHY? Point.)

Natal Jupiter @ '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" is the WHY? A new cycle of activity (New Moon on ASC) is the WHAT? HOW is Pluto breaking down systems and structures in Capricorn, and the WHERE? is apparently Utopia (Uranus in Aries on DESC.)

The New Moon perfects during an Hour of Mars 5Leo05 in 10th house of Public Status and Career, conjunct US natal North Node which indicates encounters with martian people or events; chart-ruler Venus 15Lib21 in 1st house and just past US natal Saturn 14Lib48 which is the first US natal planet to rise in the New Moon chart.

This indicates issues of legalities, austerity, responsibility, potential loss, and accountability. Accountability issues are seconded by asteroid Hera at MC (keeping or balancing accounts) and financial matters are prominent.

Also prominent are military issues (hospitals, illness, use of force) and mining (Pluto conj IC, 4th house ruled by Saturn, plus, Neptune/Pluto midpoint in 4th h indicates resource plunderers (Robber Barons) and, in particular, uranium mining, contamination, radiation, and disposal concerns.

As you see, Jupiter Rx in Taurus, a money sign, is posited in 8th house of Shared Resources, Big Business, Corporations, Banking, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Legacies, Transformation, Death, and the Occult. The Neptune/Pluto pair has links to the supernatural and the occult as well.

For the sake of brevity, this analysis of the new cycle of activity beginning on Sept 27 will be primarily focused on midpoint pictures, aspects, and other links to the New Moon itself.

Chart-ruler Venus makes only one applying aspect (how things will proceed)--a conjunction with Saturn which happens to be conjoining US Secondary Progressed Mars Rx. Serious meetings are indicated along with mixing business with pleasure, working in isolation, and/or appreciating a need for better organization and structure.

Two applying aspects to the New Moon are telling, one that is separating (waning) indicates a past event or unconscious inclination--here are a few potentials which may come from the New Moon in Libra, sign of Partnerships and Legalities, but which also has war and conflict connotations:

New Moon square Pluto (0A55): new starts externally enforced; independent actions are courageous; transformation of lifestyles; ego is the driving motivation (Sun); emotional attachments intensify; overpowering emotions may outweigh other considerations; transformed domestic environments; powerful motivations bring impressive achievements but recklessness is a caution (Moon.)

New Moon sextile Mars (1A05): current opportunities inspire courageous actions; principles of loyalty and integrity are defended and may benefit career and reputation; competition or aggression (Sun); feelings morph into actions; talent is developed through instincts; business opportunities present themselves (Moon.)

Cardinal Grand Cross: Sun/Moon, Mercury, ASC, MC (US n Jupiter), Pluto, and Uranus

With US n Jupiter at MC and triggering/completing the T-Squares into a Grand Cross pattern, we know that idealism, finances, religion, higher education, war (Jupiter the General), courts, and other 9th house matters that Jupiter rules are particularly of interest in this New Moon horoscope, with business, self-protection, and security intimately involved (Cancer.)

Yet the separating opposition from radical Uranus 2Ari31 Rx may also relate esp with Uranus still affected by the transiting Jupiter/Neptune midpoint, the speculator-wastrel-grand schemes-inflationary pair of planets which conjoined one another upon our US natal Moon--we-the-people--in Aquarius all through 2009 creating an 'involved in speculation/instability' vibe. (Jup/Nep = Uranus: reality v imagination; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation--Ebertin.)

Please click the chart to enlarge for more details including America's natal planets which are penned around the outside of the chart and highlighted in an aqua color.

Since there's so much dynamic energy with the planetary pattern, let's consider the midpoint pictures formed by the US n Jupiter-completed Grand Cross--any, all, or none may apply:

n Jupiter/tr Pluto = Sun: creating magical effects; successful use of extraordinary mental or physical powers.

n Jupiter/tr Pluto = Moon: a desire to bring about social improvements; influencing the masses/the public through an appeal to the emotions (uh oh--that's now the US government always gets Americans to go to war--jc); a successful use of psychology.

n Jupiter/tr Pluto = ASC: a desire for power; organizing talent; personal advancement; far-sightedness; prudence.

(Interesting that 'prudence' was one of Bush Sr's signature words, and this New Moon shows the difficult Mars/Saturn midpoint sitting upon Poppy's natal ASC = possible health threat; separation; mourning. Also, Saturn 18Lib12 has just conjoined his natal Moon, also not a good portent for health issues, and his n Pluto in Cancer is at MC. Oh, and by the way: NN 17Sag14 in 3rd house of the New Moon chart is pointing toward Dick Cheney's natal Mars and as you know, Cheney's recent book has stirred up controversies over his role in 9/11 and his war crimes.)

n Jupiter/tr Pluto = Uranus: fanatics striving for improvements (Ebertin gives Uranus in Aries as 'Utopians'); quickly exploiting every situation; sudden reforms (will the president's American Jobs Creation bill pass? jc); adjustments to new circumstances.

Sun/Uranus = n Jupiter: successful reformers, inventors, or technicians; a pleasant surprise!

Sun/Uranus = Pluto: radical reformers; a desire to rearrange things; tragic experiences; imprisonment.

Sun/Uranus = MC: restless people with far-reaching plans; reformers, inventors, technicians (again--jc); the impact of sudden events or upheavals.

Moon/Uranus = n Jupiter: aims and objectives on a grand scale; vision; satisfied ambitions; ambitious aspirations.

Moon/Uranus = Pluto: fanaticism; self-willedness; stubbornness; a craving for sensation; building anew upon ruins.

Moon/Uranus = MC: pursuit of ambitious aims; excitement and great energy; determination; ready for action; sudden interference.

Uranus/ASC = n Jupiter: a fortunate rearrangement of the environment; optimism; successful teamwork.

Uranus/ASC = Pluto: a desire to attain success even under the most difficult circumstances.

Also of interest to our New Moon/new cycle topic is the Sabian Symbol for Mercury '3Lib' with trader Mercury in the 12th house of Politics, Secret Deals, Self-Undoing, and Karma:

"The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed"...'INNOVATION:

Keynote: The ever-present possibility of beginning again on a new foundation of values.'

Yes, but it's which values and what kind of 'new foundation' that concern this American.


Natal data, both with Rodden Rating A: George H. W. Bush June 12, 1924 11:45 am edt Milton, MA; Dick Cheney January 30, 1941 7:30 am cst Lincoln, NE.

All midpoint pictures today are from Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.

'3Lib' and '6Can' are from An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar.

Blog Note: once again, Blogger is 'disappearing' parts of my post as I type/save (some I have no time to put back), and SpellCheck goes out and in. Hopefully all will be displayed and correctly spelled once this post is published. Very annoying and time-wasting, Blogger! jc

Dec 19, 2010

Many Faces and Races run the NWO (video)

Here in three parts: Alex Jones and Bob Chapman discuss A Scientific Eugenics Elite That Believe They're God!


And you know what 'believing you're God' is, right? Lucifer's delusion.

Reminds me of the days when the media would occasionally mention the close friendship between George H. W. Bush and Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey...which then reminds me of Bush Sr proclaiming the soon-establishment of the New World Order, the topic of the videos above, and of this little charmer...

My promise to you: if you watch this video of a wonky-eyed, smug, determined Bush it will supply 100% of your daily minimum requirement of creep factor.

As you know, Uranus-Neptune, the illumination pair, began the modern NWO clock in 1993, at '18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER (Rudhyar)...."The Union Jack Flies from a British Warship"...from Marc Edmund Jones we find its:

positive expression: the self's ever-widening spread of interest in its insatiable desire to leave some permanent imprint of itself;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

"Smug or strong-armed paternalism" covers many people and things such as the NWO types, Hitler (whose second book was entitled, The New World Order), the Roman, British, and American Empires, CIA assassinations and overthrows of duly elected foreign presidents, and the current beefing up of a police state in the US.

As Bush Sr announced, "If we're successful - and we will be..."

Now in his excellent book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey describes the Uranus-Neptune duo in the realms of Politics and Business as:

Thesis: Changes in social and political structures due to new ideals and dreams of the future; revolution or strikes which are focused on new ways of thinking; groups which form to exploit oil or chemical resources.

Antithesis: Sudden upsurges in the availability of illegal drugs; subversion using a new method of acquiring information; movements which diminish the power or authority of the nation's leadership or police systems.

'Nuff said?

Sep 7, 2010

Francis Bacon, Uranus/Neptune, and Pluto

If you like to read about America's founding, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, and other such mystical topics, you may be interested in a discovery I've just made of a site that has so many links and articles to check out, I'm just getting started. But I want to be certain you knew about it, too, though much investigation is required to find out how much it contains concerning America.

As you know, Sir Francis Bacon was an early activist within the 'New World', 'New Utopian' crowd and is thought to be the founder of English Freemasonry.

My own discovery is intriguingly titled Nine Degrees of Francis Bacon and is chocked full of some fascinating stuff!

And while I'm on such topics, here's an excerpt from J. R. Church's Guardians of the Grail:

It is reported that Benjamin Franklin was a Rosicrucian. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and George Washington were Masons...Though these men were part of these orders, George Washington warned the Masonic Lodge in America of the dangers of the Illuminati, while Thomas Jefferson and John Adams later disagreed over the use of the Masonic Lodge by the Illuminati.

"Dangers of the Illuminati"? I'll say.

So when we see the Illuminati symbol of the 'eternal flame' over an assassinated president's resting place (or over those of other world stagers' tombs, those who've mysteriously or violently died such as MLK, Robert Kennedy, Princess Diana, and Ground Zero), we may assume that the early warning against the Illuminati Society overtaking America either wasn't heeded or was, in stages, overcome by the Uranus/Neptune-inspired 'Illuminati' and their ilk and enablers.

It is my belief that our modern day New World Order types, the 'one world government' promoters such as Bush Sr, *David Rockefeller, the UN, and others you know by name, are part of the agenda's original 'vision' of America as a Utopian social experiment which uses chaos and what Naomi Klein has termed 'shock doctrine' to send mankind back to the jungle.

Seems to me that we would have to characterize the attacks of 9/11 as 'shock doctrine' and sadly for civilized people the world over, transformative Pluto's transit through the structural sign of Saturn-ruled Capricorn is mightily aiding the Uranian-Neptunian agenda as Mr. Hades, wearing his cape of invisibility, slowly approaches his natal position in **1776 at America's founding.


*David Rockefeller, in his speech to the Trilateral Commission in 1991, stated:

"But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

Actually, no. It isn't preferable at all. You plotter.

**fyi, here again are the dates of America's Pluto Return/s 27Cap33:

1. February 20, 2022
2. July 11, 2022
3. December 28, 2022

Aug 4, 2009

There be dragons and presidents' birthdays

Since I've been reading a good bit lately about Dragons in lore and myth, and because today is President Obama's birthday, I found a list of unusual birthday gifts for past presidents which may amuse but also give you gift ideas for your friends' upcoming birthdays.

Who received Naga, a Komodo dragon, in 1990? Why, Bush Sr, of course, Mr. NWO himself!

Feb 22, 2008

Obama: it happened in Dallas

News Updates from Citizens For Legitimate Government Feb 21, 2008

LegitGov Breaking News

Secret Service Gave Order to Stop Screening Obama Crowd In Dallas

Police concerned about order to stop screening for weapons Feb 21, 2008:

Security details at Barack Obama's rally Wednesday stopped screening people for weapons at the front gates more than an hour before the Democratic presidential candidate took the stage at Reunion Arena. The order to put down the metal detectors and stop checking purses and laptop bags came as a surprise to several Dallas police officers who said they believed it was a lapse in security. Dallas Deputy Police Chief T.W. Lawrence, head of the Police Department's homeland security and special operations divisions, said the order--apparently made by the US Secret Service--was meant to speed up the long lines outside and fill the arena's vacant seats before Obama came on.#

Oh yeah, of course that's the explanation. Or was it to send a message to someone to be ready to 'have at it' another time? And...this happened in DALLAS? As if anyone trusts them after JFK's 1963 assassination in Dallas when Bush Sr was CIA director!

Bit of a lapse from old Poppy there and he was in his 30s at the time. Whenever I look at national or mundane charts I pay attention to 11Vir+ primarily because it's Poppy's natal Ascendant (his nibs himself.) And old Saturn will be visiting there soon...

Well, if anyone knows the time the Dallas rally began, please let me know--I'd like to take a close look at the chart/s...see who was afoot and behind!

Aug 14, 2007

Poppy and the Attacks of 9/11

This post is about Shrub's Poppy and the Attacks of 9/11/01 when their New World Order was given a massive boost by win-at-any-costs plutocrats. Whether by blithe arrogance, inept thoughtlessness, or cruel design, the charts tell a tale of Jupiter/Pluto increase and Mars/Uranus revolution.

Hopefully, if you're reading this, you are also visiting on-blog, for clicking-to-enlarge the image (Bush Sr natal = Inner chart with 9/11/01, 8:46 am edt, NYC round the Outside) gives more detail than a single typing finger can manage--and even though my notes are squished-in as usual, I've color-coded the important bits for your consideration.

And after toying with the idea of posting the chart for Sr's shout-out for the NWO in the US Congress (brazenly on Sept 11, 1991--yep! 10 years prior to the day) I decided that one of the main tactics of promoting the NWO--the attacks on America, 9/11/01--would be just as telling and interesting as his NWO speech. I can post that later on, if anyone wants to see it for it's always informative to progress such charts, too.

But one thing I will add about Poppy's NWO shout-out is the Prenatal Eclipse Series in which it fell. It's the same Series in which the assassination of too-close-for-comfort writer Danny Casolaro fell--killed the weekend of Aug 9/10, 1991...

11South: the need for making sudden reforms as old ideas or methods will fail and new systems are required to deal with events brought by this Eclipse; new ways of handling issues must be developed and any blockages may be violently or tragically removed (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The Initial Eclipse of this Series: June 14, 1360 (OS), Sun/Moon at World Events Point 00Can48, a degree triggered on 9/11/01 by violent tr Mars conj the karmic South Node (SN.) Interesting also is that the Initial Eclipse's Mercury (the scribe, the writer, the youth, the messenger) is conj Casolaro's natal Mercury at "20Cancer"...conj Fixed Star, Castor,to write or create. Casolaro thought he'd found the brass ring at last with his research and planned book. His notes disappeared that weekend.

The 11S Solar Eclipse occurred July 11, 1991; next manifestation: July 22, 2009, 29Can27, at the critical "Daughter of the American Revolution" degree.

The attacks of 9/11 happened during some powerful transits to Poppy's chart:

9/11 Venus to n Neptune: others find you out-of-touch, imagination and abstract thinking thrive with satisfying and profitable results; photographs taken now are flattering.

9/11 Uranus to n Mars (the explosive duo): danger in the air; encountering nontraditional people and circumstances; energy within associations and partnerships increase; introducing new techiniques and methods; use of the occult. (This transit was within orb before and after 9/11.)

9/11 Jupiter to n Pluto: personal power, resourcefulness, and new perspectives are felt; the big picture; keeping in control of things; greater power is established; success bwo the evaluation or distribution of monetary assets and raw materials.

9/11 Pluto to Jupiter (a double whammy!): seeking to attain greater power in political ambitions and economic expansion; a thrust for power and leadership; father's influence plays a karmic role in current endeavors; sphere of influence expands; intolerance and fanticism.

NOTE: my post was just shut down--got the "post may not save or publish" message as if I weren't connected (I was.) So I'll end for now with all apologies and continue at a later date since I know this is strong stuff. That's why I waited until 2007 to post it! Hopefully it will publish.

Aug 8, 2007

Endeavor, Challenger, and Pluto/Chiron

After last evening's loss--my little rural neighborhood vs big dog developers--with Pluto/Chiron midpoint rising as the county Board of Commissioners meeting began, and moneybags Jupiter at MC as the charade-of-a-vote was taken (Jupiter at the "Golden-haired goddess of opportunity" degree, no less, and conjunct Antares: obsessed with success), I'm a little verklempt this morning for my quiet home is about to be horned in upon by 196 half-million dollar houses!

So much for peace and quiet with lichen and bracken growing on tree limbs signifying as it does for now, pure air.

Anyone who has fought massive development with its environmental threats and its squirrelly math making glowy promises will know the feeling of powerlessness this engenders. And of course you would know that water is a major issue here as it is all over the globe. Seems there's either too much of the stuff or not enough.

Even the excess liquidity that's been pumped into the economy is problematic. But I digress and for good reason--after looking at the charts, I don't really want to post on the Endeavor launch this evening, reported launch time: 6:36 pm edt, Cape Canaveral,FL.

And I didn't want to revisit the Challenger disaster (Jan 28, 1986, launch time: 11:38 am est; break-up: T+73.162 sec) but the media and NASA won't hush up about it because of Endeavor's obvious connections to the Challenger crew.

Here's Challenger's WIKI link if you'd care for it.

But doesn't the Endeavor launch chart for 6:36 pm est look "throttle up"?

ASC 21Cap16, Pluto/Chiron just risen; MC 7Sc049 conj Challenger 1986 Pluto 7Sco19.

The 1986 Pluto was conj SN 3Sco52, a typical indicator of violence; *Moon 11Vir02 conj Fixed Star Zosma, the victim, Mercury 6AQ08 (Medina degree) conj asteroid, Minerva (desire to be accomplished.)

There are more violent indicators but I'm fading fast so I'll mention a few more things that concern me about tonight's chart.

Aug 8, 2007:

At MC (along with 1986's Pluto) is asteroid, Nemesis: the unbeatable opponent; one who inflicts retribution or vengeance.

Venus Rx and Saturn are snugged about the 8th house cusp, with Venus conj Regulus, one of the Royal Stars of Persia, one of The Watchers, keywords: success if revenge is avoided.

SN of the out-of-bounds Moon is conj Fixed Star, Facies: ruthlessness or the victim.

There are other ways to read these chart factors so perhaps being verklempt isn't the best time for me to peek at it...and as I've mentioned before, sometimes you just want to be wrong. Or perhaps bad weather conditions will postpone the launch...that'd be good because:

with 1986's Uranus 20Sag58 and Neptune 4Cap35 having at their midpoint Endeavor's Pluto this evening we see:

Uran/Neptune = Pluto: remaining at the mercy of external conditions without trying to make a firm stand; the necessity to give in; losses; calamities; the big picture commands a certain course of action which must be followed--very little option to do otherwise.

Well, I hope this midpoint picture doesn't tell the tale and show Pluto/Chiron's plutocratic, oppressive ways taking over the destiny of this nation one more time in order to serve their globalist agenda (Uranus/Neptune = NWO.)

I wish the Endeavor crew well and hope their mission is completed safely, and though there's more to say about the launch chart, perhaps I'll go lie down for awhile...

*Moon's position is reflecting the natal Ascendant of then-VP G.H.W. Bush. And Reagan was to give the SOTU address that very evening--and would have--but aides convinced him it would be unseemly, so he went on TV anyway and quoted poetry to us.
Come to think of it, watching him, I was feeling verklempt that night, too.

Note to John: revised/corrected natal chart for Republican Party now on file...thanks a bunch! (I appreciate all corrections, Y'all.)

Jul 28, 2007

Sep 11, 2007 Solar Eclipse

On Sept 11 there is a Partial Solar Eclipse 18Vir25--the same day as the US's Mars Return (a new cycle of activity; 2:55 pm, Mars in 6th house, Pluto rising, Moon moved on to 21Vir24, Sun and Moon in 9th house by then. Only applying aspect of Mars in Return chart: opposition Pluto, 4A56.)

So with Pluto conj ASC in the US Mars Return chart we have:

Pluto/ASC = Mars: ruthless energy deployment; courage; upset and change; foolhardiness and danger; injury; accident. A Mars Return is 'good' until the planet's next Return to natal degree--appr 2 years.

(With *midpoint pics, any, all, or any combo may, later, or possibly never.)

If you click to enlarge the Eclipse chart, you may be able to read all my shmooshed-up notes--if so, you see that Mars is apex (focal) planet of two Mutable T-square patterns formed with Sun, Moon, and Uranus.

Sun/Uranus = Mars: hasty physical actions; injury; accident; hitting a brick wall.

Moon/Uranus = Mars: lack of self-control; self-aggrandizement; injury; violence; danger of infection; craving for sensation; excessive ambition.

Apex Mars in Mutable T-square indicates one who is restless and tends to diffuse his energies in a disorganized fashion. There is a high-strung, nervous disposition with mental irritablity; he's distracted and possibly bored.

Stimulated to initiate a wide range of enterprising activities, he must focus and coordinate better to manage this energy well lest nervous exhaustion and incompetency take over.

This apex Mars also happens to be conjunct George Bush's n Uranus/NN conj:

Uranus/NN ("political reformers") = Mars: quarrels; disputes accompanied by violence; rashness; having an axe to grind and gaining support; tremendous energy and tension (the last supports nervy apex Mars, above.)

Factor in Bush's Secondary Progressed Ura/NN with Mars and we have:

Mars/Ura = NN: experiencing sudden events with others; execution of extraordinary and unusual enterprises; hyperexcitability.

Mars/NN = Uranus: organizing others; getting people worked up; sudden events that affect many people; active cooperation; upset within an organization or community.

Another thing about the US Mars Return--Mars is conj 9/11's Moon/Saturn midpoint...

Moon/Saturn = Mars: separation; illness; desire to overcome difficulties; sense of real problems; difficulty getting off the ground except by strategically planned exertion of energies.

Every couple of years, as Mars hits this degree, we may hear (but hopefully not re-experience) these issues from the 9/11 attacks. Yet we know that such disasters "keep on giving" for a long time.

Bush's natal planets rising:

Perhaps you can see a bunch of Bush's natal Libran planets rising in the Eclipse chart--Neptune, Chiron, Moon, and Jupiter, with tr Mercury 9Lib13 (conj Vindemiatrix, "loss of partner; depression; the occult.")

And with Mercury recently transited Bush's n Neptune he may have "misplaced" some communications, and has had difficulty in grasping the true meaning or accuracy of info received (Petraeus' "report" on Iraq? Purgegate emails? Other previously hidden sorriness?)

Plus, there are often mystic/occult connections when Mercury transits n Neptune--and contacts may involve charitable institutions, prisons, and hospitals (Walter Reid? Secret prisons? "Faith-based initiatives"?)

In the Eclipse chart MC 13Can09 brings Bush's and the US's n Suns to the most visible point of the chart--and as you know, things manifest at chart angles since they have an outlet for expression.

Another interesting occurrence which has been off and on of late is that tr Pluto has been in an obsessive-compulsive quindecile (QD) aspect with Bush/US natal Suns...

Sun QD Pluto = intense drive to break outdated concepts bwo innovative ideas; may disrupt governing systems and break rules through defiance of law and order (that pretty much describes the Bush administraiton in totality, doesn't it?)

Therefore, the Eclipse brings along a QD between MC and Pluto:

Pluto QD MC = driven by the need for ultimate power within career; reformers of societal perceptions; leaders of mass movements.

This Solar Eclipse is in the 9 New South Series which began July 19, 1917...not such a good year, imho...there was a Saturn/Neptune conjunction then and we're just finishing up another of their oppositions in 2007. (The US propped up the Shah in Iran during the 1952/53 conjunction. Their 1989 conj brought Bush Sr playing prez, and NYSE woes.)

9 New South Series:

In her very useful book, Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady gives the following info for this Series:

Long-term worries about loved ones, health, or paperwork/communication issues are brought to the surface. There could be a worrisome piece of news about a loved one--or responsibilities with paperwork could come home to roost. Any news received will have a sense of destiny or fatedness about it.

The last manifestation of this Series was in August, 1989...and with this Eclipse occurring in natal 1st house (physical body; self) for Poppa Bush, will his health and/or past presidential actions be brought to the surface in some way?

And will the stock market react in similar fashion as in 1989?

The next Solar Eclipse will be on Feb 7, 2008, at the "Unmasking" degree when someone's true motives are exposed--Peep Eye! But more on that later.

*midpoint pics: Tyl; Ebertin; The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.

Jul 9, 2007

New World Order: Oct 24, 1993

My original post with charts details on this dragon's spawn is here. It's proven itself to be quite the Octopus--just ask Poppy Bush!

More reading here on the Illuminati and their NWO plans which are proceeding nicely and very much including the bankrupting of America by the Bush, Illuminati (updated: 9.26.07.)

Apr 24, 2007

it's only 'Bush fatigue'

Got the sniffles? Feelin' achy? No worries!

Bush 41 told CNN's Larry King Monday night that "the electorate may be experiencing Bush fatigue."

More like a raging case of Epstein-Barr. Besides, an "electorate" implies that Bush 43 was actually elected and that our votes count! Well-played, H.W., well-played.

Bush 41 is not-so-subtley cluing us in that Jeb will be sitting out the 2008 election, and with the usual Bush aplomb predicts that Jeb may enter politics again in the future...a threat if there ever was one.

"I hope Jeb, who left office looking good, is not through with politics," he said, giving his other son a reach-around for the White House.

Apparently meetings have been held and their best bet is being waged...a different globalist name in between the Bush players has been decided upon and little Jeb must be patient.

Guess that means Bush 41 thinks Dubya has done such a superb job that Jeb deserves to be shoved into the White House as well. Puh.

The link below to CNN's article has become a Never Mind link--it seems to be MIA now...perhaps you can stomach the video instead at or perhaps not.

Here's the missing link...good luck:

Bush Sr.: 'Bush fatigue' may be setting in