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Jun 7, 2014

June 13, 2014 Full Moon in Sagittarius = US natal Neptune

June 13, 2014: A Flamboyant Full Moon in Mutual Reception with Jupiter

by Jude Cowell

On Friday June 13, 2014 a Full Moon perfects at 12:11 am edt and in Washington DC, 23AQ36 rises with America's natal Moon--We the People--close behind. Our issues are rising but also rising in 1st house are transit Neptune in its own compassionate if confused sign of Pisces (7:35) along with Chiron @17Pis44, a critical degree. Neptune in 1st house denotes large events involving water, oil, gas, or drugs and possibly copious tears. To me this suggests ground water ruined by the gas industry (fracking), or, more railway cars full of oil exploding--both of which can turn people into refugees fleeing their own homes. Natural disasters such as storms and the water needed to fight wildfires along with the general implication of fraud and deception that Neptune provides may be in the mix as well. Neptunian propaganda, the masses, and mass media also come to mind.

Well! Right off the bat, the June 2014 Full Moon, a phase of culmination that hints at relationship concerns, shows a Neptunian vibe which may also relate back to year 2009 when transit Neptune in Aquarius conjoined US natal Moon--'fraud to the people'! Of course, the transit had the additional impetus of expansive Jupiter conjoining Neptune, the speculator combo, as homeowners (US Moon) continued to be scammed and robbed by banks, the mortgage industry, and the US government which rescued Wall Street while neglecting Main Street. Yes, Capitalism was saved but the people? Not so much.

And of course the June 13th Full Moon in questing, quixotic Sagittarius is deposited by Jupiter, here @22Can49 and just left 6th house for the 5th house of Gambling and Speculation. Therefore Moon and Jupiter are in Mutual Reception, a sympatico relationship. Plus, transit Jupiter will soon conjoin US natal Mercury Rx at its "A Leader of Men Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" degree, then will oppose US natal Pluto Rx in Capricorn, a time when power and success may be grossly mismanaged. It's a contest of wills in finance, insurance (ACA), and taxes. And, as you know, America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition across the Security axis (Can/Cap) has always had We the People under surveillance--and over-bounding Jupiter to our natal Mercury hints at enlarging plans, not reducing them in scope.

Additionally, a Thor's Hammer ('Fist of God') pattern describes an imperative circumstance and forms in the chart between the Neptune/MC square aiming at the 5th house Jupiter in Cancer (and thus at our natal Mercury, planet of plans, trade, communications, news, spying, etc.) In Politics and Business, the Neptune/MC duo relates to future plans based on visions and dreams (like Bacon's, Weishaupt's, and Pike's Great Plan of global domination, I suspect--America must be completely undermined first), spies who undermine national security ("Immigrants Entering a New Country"?), leaders who are deceived by others (I'll say!), and official scandals of large proportions (Michael Munkasey.) And with Jupiter as its primary object the proportions are certain to be massive.

So what Ptolemaic aspects (relationships) are chart-rulers Saturn and Uranus (ASC 23AQ36) applying toward in the June 2014 Full Moon horoscope to show how things will proceed over the next few weeks? No major aspects for either planet (actor) unless we count their problematic aspect with one another:

Manager/lawmaker Saturn in 9th house of Foreigners inconjunct (150 degr) quirky anarchist Uranus @15Ari54 in 2nd house of the National Treasury, Earning Ability, and Values. As you know, an inconjunct (aka, a quincunx) is an aspect of adjustment and here it denotes freedom v responsibility issues which seem to relate to finances and budgets (Uranus of disruption, new ideas and methods in 2nd house; austere, conservative Saturn in 9th house of foreign banks and governments.) Saturn has separated from its opposition to Venus (though karmically they are in the same degree and minute as is Chiron--17:44!) so relationship concerns are again emphasized as with a Full Moon.

And unfortunately, the Venus-Saturn opposition denotes break-ups between partners, financial hardships, and/or the burdensome responsibilities that Pluto as apex of the Saturn-Neptune midpoint wants to avoid...Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: denial of guilt from responsible parties, a circumstance that has bedeviled us for months now. There are also threads of heavy emotional depression in this picture and in the Venus-Saturn opposition though that may be lifting somewhat since the two planets are separating.

A new financial order--forced upon the world?

But back to the 9th house Saturn--the Full Moon's Sabian Symbol ('23Sag') = "Immigrants Entering a New Country." Shown here is friction between old order Saturn v new order Uranus in the Full Moon chart of June 13th though no one needs Astrology to tell them this for we all feel it and are experiencing it in our everyday lives, plus such conflicts are emphasized by any reading or listening we may do--assuming that our heads are not firmly planted in the sands of entertaining diversions. Naturally the threat of new congressmen winning the seats of older incumbent politicians at the November 2014 Elections cannot be ruled out as the generational conflict continues--Saturn the old man v Uranus the whippersnapper, as old order fights but must eventually give way to the new.

It's an Hour of the Sun, and with the Full Moon's Sun @22Gem05 in 4th house of Home and Security, we find a solar spotlight cast upon US natal Mars (the warrior) in dual Gemini and thus upon its natal square with our national Neptune (which conjoins President Obama's natal Mars @23Virgo.) The Mars-Neptune square has been problematic from the start of this nation but more so since US politicians and the government were bought out by wealthy plutocrats who owe no allegiance to our nation (so they think.) Yet Mars to US natal Sun indicates a surge of vitality for the POTUS (Sun) and a determined push toward government and/or his personal goals.

Now testy instigator Mars @12Lib24 is poised to leave the 8th house of Transformation, Debt, Credit, Corporations, etc, and will enter the 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open enemies. The Cardinal T-Square shows Mars opposing Uranus (explosive outbursts, violence) pointing toward manipulative Pluto (of hidden wealth fame and power), with Pluto here in 11th house of Groups and Associations (the global crime syndicate?) The T-Square continues to provide the world with force and violence on a large scale. And with the Full Moon in 10th house (in Washington DC) we may expect much publicity in all matters mentioned above and more besides for it promises to be a very event-filled Summer in, and instigated by, Washington DC.

Sun-Moon = the international reputation of a country; loss of face in international politics; leadership's will forcefully imposed upon the people; reading the people's attitudes when making policy; pessimism of the population or lawmakers (Munkasey, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.)

Now there are several more chart factors worth discussing if only we could but let's close with the midpoint pictures that are created by the Full Moon's Sun-Moon/Gem-Sag opposition with its midpoint @22Vir05 conjunct US natal Neptune and President Obama's natal Mars--the Zodiacal point where his motivations and actions (Mars) are veiled or hidden (Neptune) from public view:

Sun-Moon = US n Neptune: delusions about what's possible; misunderstandings, mistakes; undermining of associations; shared suffering; discontent.

Sun-Moon = BHO natal Mars: an urge to bring ideals to fruition; a stronger personal drive or initiative; forcing others for quicker progress; realization of joint plans; anger; a focus on strength.

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