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Jun 19, 2019

June 18, 2019: Trump Opens Campaign 2020 in Orlando

Last evening in Orlando, Florida, survivor Donald Trump introduced the 2020 Campaign to a large crowd eager to chant and applaud their favorite demagogue currently playing the POTUS role. Check out Gabby Orr's Politico article Trump stages his greatest show yet (updated at 10:39 pm edt last evening) for details on the rally's proceedings which began with the familiar chords of the predatory Eye of the Tiger and ended with Trump's usual You Can't Always Get What You Want. One assumes that Trump fans in the chanting crowd may not have realized the irony embedded within the lyrics of that last Stones tune but the title of the album the song issues from is appropriate for a violent man born with Mars-Saturn = Pluto..."Let It Bleed."

Anyway, I digress. Or do I? Well, who cannot when Trump's the topic?

Astrology of His Risings and Settings with natal Neptune at Midheaven

If you wish, please enlarge the image to read my notes messy as they be.

Above is an 8:00 pm edt horoscope of June 18, 2019 Orlando, Florida which I'll most likely use in future as the Opening Horoscope of the 2020 Campaign--at least in relation to Trump's bid for re-election for I've not found the moment he took the stage after Don Jr and Mike Pence spoke (chart time may be adjusted as needed). Note that most of the notes penned on the chart concern last night's rally with few concerning Trump's natal chart itself although his chart surrounds the 8:00 pm chart as a bi-wheel, as you see. This emphasizes Trump's natal South-Node/Moon conjunction rising while his Sun-North-Node-Uranus sets on the 8:00 pm Descendant...placing his transactional nature (Sun-Moon opposition) in the WHAT? and WHERE TO? positions. Unstable Neptune at MC suggests 'hiding in plain sight' but a percentage of his followers refuse to see his fraudulent nature. His problematic Moon-SN does not suggest popularity, you know, although there's a great need for it, and my suspicion is that the general public is not much impressed by last night's performance.

Ascending is 22Sag42 ("23Sag" = "Immigrants Entering a New Country"--one of his favored topics and targets, of course) which makes Jupiter Rx @18Sag25 rising the chart-ruler. Jupiter, the politician, financier, guru, and General, is strong in his own sign (of 'the outsider' or 'foreigner') yet is weakened by his retrograde condition--plus, he makes no applying aspects in the chart. However, even though he's weakened, Jupiter leads a Locomotive shape of the planets signifying the 'ruthless high-power executive determined on success' (Jones). Plus, as noted lower left, you see that Venus opposes Jupiter Rx (6A18), an aspect between two money planets, exact on June 23rd with transit Venus also conjuncting Trump's natal Uranus (17Gem53 in 10th house of Career and Public Status); this, and other current planetary indicators, suggests problems or separations in relationships, particularly with females, and a Venus-Jupiter opposition denotes extravagance, wastefulness, and social climbing--someone child-like and in need of moderation. Wonder who?

Then as you see, Trump's discontented natal Venus-Saturn conjunction snugs around the 8:00 pm 8th cusp of Shared Resources and Big Business with the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse @24Cap04 cosmically scheduled to oppose his watery Venus and Saturn in self-defensive Cancer. And as with all 'wild card' eclipses, revelations may occur and disrupt as more scandals (with the ladies and/or with finances) and inconvenient secrets turn up as Summer 2019 proceeds. Yet it's doubtful that anyone needs Astrology to inform them of such goings-on in the mobster-style life of Donald Trump.

Now as expected, last evening Trump Sr regaled the audience with several golden oldies such as grousing against his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton and the 2020 Democratic field of candidates, all of whom want to "splinter us into factions and tribes." Tribes! Pot calls kettle on that one and on other insults and brags which you may wish to read about in the Politico article, linked above. A fave of mine has to be when he added a gem of a whopper: "If I deleted one email, like a love note to Melania, it's the electric chair for Trump." So much hokum packed into one goofy claim, and certainly one of his intended distractions! First, he's said to never use email, plus, he surely must be joking about sending Melania a love note! And the "electric chair"? He said it, not I! And of course, the 'royal Trump' does not escape our fatigued attention.

Well obviously, hypocrisy and grand fantasies made their usual cameo appearances in Orlando as they do whenever Trump opens his mouth, wearing his nationalism and tribalism on his sleeve as his natal Mercury-Neptune square of 'loose lips' tells tall tales and misperceives situations. So not much of his rhetoric was fresh last evening but unveiled was Trump's new-ish campaign slogan for 2020: "Keep America Great" which suggests that our nation has been improved under his tutelage, no matter how many brown children must be caged in order to 'make it happen'. On that score alone, I strongly dissent.

Another interesting natal planet of Big T on full display at 8:00 pm in Orlando was his Neptune Rx at Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal/Aspiration Point of any horoscope. Also at MC were three midpoints thus creating a few pictures we may wish to consider to see if they apply to our topic:

Mercury-Jupiter, Mars-Jupiter, and North-Node/ASC conjunct MC and Trump's natal Neptune combined their energies which suggests potentials for: favorable arrangements, zeal, a person fond of talking (guess who?!), bamboozling or misleading people, falsehood, unfaithfulness, plans without a chance of realization, failures, a powerful imagination (his nibs), successful deception, trusting in good fortune, an expression of communal sense (he fibbed), and/or a tendency to 'lose the solid ground underfoot' while speaking (Ebertin). He often does this although my ears couldn't make it to the end of his pontificating to find out. So when he loses the thread he simply continues talking in goofy fashion for after all, he loves the sound of his own voice, as you've noticed. No telling what he'll say off-script!

Now in closing, there's much more to the charts yet I'll only mention two more items--that the lovely, successful, ego-expanding Sun-Jupiter midpoint conjoined US natal Neptune (22Vir25; penned on the chart, lower right) last evening which denotes the crook and/or feebleness, according to Ebertin. Add to that the fact that Trump's natal Sun-Moon midpoint @22Vir03 also conjoins US natal Neptune constantly so we find ourselves with easy upsets, illusions, deceptions, and mistakes. To this I'll add, sad disappointment and loss.

And that's about all I wish to type about 73-year-old Donald Trump today so if you've managed to read this far, I do salute you, dear reader!

Leave your on-topic comments with this post if you wish, and please Share if you care! jc

May 1, 2019

Horoscopes: May 1 and 2, 2019 AG Barr to Capitol Hill

Two DC Horoscopes are shown here: May 1, 2019 10:00 am edt (inner) and May 2, 2019 10:00 am edt (outer). Today AG Bill Barr is to testify under questioning chaired by Republicans, tomorrow (possibly at 9:00 am edt) AG Barr may testify under questioning by Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee if arrangements are agreed upon. Note that on both days the Sun 10-12 Taurus shines upon asteroid Astraea, goddess of Justice. Notes on Saturn conjunct South Node of the Moon are penned on the chart (upper right) while the Moon (We the People; the public mood) is in Mars-ruled Aries which should assure the hearings much public attention and denotes anger or at least active participation in social and other media on this topic.

Rising is America's natal Sun in Cancer (13Can19) denoting the Office of the Presidency which makes the Moon in Aries ruler of the chart so apparently the American public's demand for these hearings are rising or are the reason hearings are being held. Are we feeling wounded? I would say, yes, we know we are and the only aspect by the Moon in the May 1st chart is her conjunction to Chiron (2A14). But on May 2nd, Luna meets with Venus (0A18 at 10:00 am) which sounds lovely yet can also denote moodiness and assessments of weakness and of being easily led (Democrats beware!). Feminine influence (Amy Klobuchar? Kamala Harris?) is indicated as well yet the Moon-Venus conjunction occurs opposite US natal Saturn (14Lib48), a significator of accountability, our legal system and lawmakers (including those grandstanding for the cameras during these hearings). This trio also hints that some form of renunciation may occur and certainly rigid feelings will be shown; lady lawyers playing their parts are also indicated by Moon-Venus-Saturn.

Falsehood and failures are seen via the continuing Mars-Jupiter Rx opposition which has been squaring veiling Neptune now waning but Neptune is strong in its sign of shady Pisces. However, the Mars-Jupiter midpoint sits upon MC (The Goal Point) showing that favorable arrangements have been made and some measure of success will follow. As you see, the opposition links directly to Donald Trump via his natal Sun-NN (Uranus)/Moon-SN opposition (penned, lower right) with unpredictable, chaotic Uranus acting as always as Trump's 'guiding' planet in his 10th house of Career and Public Status. Mars-to-Sun: he's feeling energetic and angry, Jupiter-to-Moon: he's feeling 'happy' yet Jupiter is weakened (Rx) while leading a BOWL shape of planets. Trump's happiness is based on fluctuating foundations. Still, this is an opposition between testy Mars and expansive Jupiter so overestimation of one's strength and capabilities is evident and can lead to dangerous consequences.

The hearings are occurring during a Balsamic phase of the Moon, the darkened phase when 'things go bump in the night' and someone could be replaced. The upcoming New Moon @14Taurus on May 4th falls upon America's Inauguration Ascendant (the Presidential Oath of Office) but since powerful forces continue supporting Trump in the Oval Office (for now), will calls for AG Barr's resignation become louder? We'll know more of such topics by the light of the Full Moon @27Scorpio on May 18th which falls within the natal 4th house of Donald Trump.

Now in both hearing charts, above, prominent is Neptune in Pisces, a signature of the Republican Party (1854), at Midheaven which is the 'hiding in plain sight' significator so it's doubtful that ongoing lies, illusions, and obfuscations will be fully revealed today or tomorrow if they turn up at all during these hearings but will be on display for all to see (MC) along with official scandals of large proportions -- plus, there is fixed star Denebola at IC (The Foundation Point of the Matter) with its 'to go against society' theme suggesting that many if not all of these political actors are doing little more than performing a mystery play for public consumption -- for there also at IC sits US natal Neptune which, like the typical astrological Neptune, so often puts on a good if illusory show.

Jun 7, 2014

June 13, 2014 Full Moon in Sagittarius = US natal Neptune

June 13, 2014: A Flamboyant Full Moon in Mutual Reception with Jupiter

by Jude Cowell

On Friday June 13, 2014 a Full Moon perfects at 12:11 am edt and in Washington DC, 23AQ36 rises with America's natal Moon--We the People--close behind. Our issues are rising but also rising in 1st house are transit Neptune in its own compassionate if confused sign of Pisces (7:35) along with Chiron @17Pis44, a critical degree. Neptune in 1st house denotes large events involving water, oil, gas, or drugs and possibly copious tears. To me this suggests ground water ruined by the gas industry (fracking), or, more railway cars full of oil exploding--both of which can turn people into refugees fleeing their own homes. Natural disasters such as storms and the water needed to fight wildfires along with the general implication of fraud and deception that Neptune provides may be in the mix as well. Neptunian propaganda, the masses, and mass media also come to mind.

Well! Right off the bat, the June 2014 Full Moon, a phase of culmination that hints at relationship concerns, shows a Neptunian vibe which may also relate back to year 2009 when transit Neptune in Aquarius conjoined US natal Moon--'fraud to the people'! Of course, the transit had the additional impetus of expansive Jupiter conjoining Neptune, the speculator combo, as homeowners (US Moon) continued to be scammed and robbed by banks, the mortgage industry, and the US government which rescued Wall Street while neglecting Main Street. Yes, Capitalism was saved but the people? Not so much.

And of course the June 13th Full Moon in questing, quixotic Sagittarius is deposited by Jupiter, here @22Can49 and just left 6th house for the 5th house of Gambling and Speculation. Therefore Moon and Jupiter are in Mutual Reception, a sympatico relationship. Plus, transit Jupiter will soon conjoin US natal Mercury Rx at its "A Leader of Men Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" degree, then will oppose US natal Pluto Rx in Capricorn, a time when power and success may be grossly mismanaged. It's a contest of wills in finance, insurance (ACA), and taxes. And, as you know, America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition across the Security axis (Can/Cap) has always had We the People under surveillance--and over-bounding Jupiter to our natal Mercury hints at enlarging plans, not reducing them in scope.

Additionally, a Thor's Hammer ('Fist of God') pattern describes an imperative circumstance and forms in the chart between the Neptune/MC square aiming at the 5th house Jupiter in Cancer (and thus at our natal Mercury, planet of plans, trade, communications, news, spying, etc.) In Politics and Business, the Neptune/MC duo relates to future plans based on visions and dreams (like Bacon's, Weishaupt's, and Pike's Great Plan of global domination, I suspect--America must be completely undermined first), spies who undermine national security ("Immigrants Entering a New Country"?), leaders who are deceived by others (I'll say!), and official scandals of large proportions (Michael Munkasey.) And with Jupiter as its primary object the proportions are certain to be massive.

So what Ptolemaic aspects (relationships) are chart-rulers Saturn and Uranus (ASC 23AQ36) applying toward in the June 2014 Full Moon horoscope to show how things will proceed over the next few weeks? No major aspects for either planet (actor) unless we count their problematic aspect with one another:

Manager/lawmaker Saturn in 9th house of Foreigners inconjunct (150 degr) quirky anarchist Uranus @15Ari54 in 2nd house of the National Treasury, Earning Ability, and Values. As you know, an inconjunct (aka, a quincunx) is an aspect of adjustment and here it denotes freedom v responsibility issues which seem to relate to finances and budgets (Uranus of disruption, new ideas and methods in 2nd house; austere, conservative Saturn in 9th house of foreign banks and governments.) Saturn has separated from its opposition to Venus (though karmically they are in the same degree and minute as is Chiron--17:44!) so relationship concerns are again emphasized as with a Full Moon.

And unfortunately, the Venus-Saturn opposition denotes break-ups between partners, financial hardships, and/or the burdensome responsibilities that Pluto as apex of the Saturn-Neptune midpoint wants to avoid...Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: denial of guilt from responsible parties, a circumstance that has bedeviled us for months now. There are also threads of heavy emotional depression in this picture and in the Venus-Saturn opposition though that may be lifting somewhat since the two planets are separating.

A new financial order--forced upon the world?

But back to the 9th house Saturn--the Full Moon's Sabian Symbol ('23Sag') = "Immigrants Entering a New Country." Shown here is friction between old order Saturn v new order Uranus in the Full Moon chart of June 13th though no one needs Astrology to tell them this for we all feel it and are experiencing it in our everyday lives, plus such conflicts are emphasized by any reading or listening we may do--assuming that our heads are not firmly planted in the sands of entertaining diversions. Naturally the threat of new congressmen winning the seats of older incumbent politicians at the November 2014 Elections cannot be ruled out as the generational conflict continues--Saturn the old man v Uranus the whippersnapper, as old order fights but must eventually give way to the new.

It's an Hour of the Sun, and with the Full Moon's Sun @22Gem05 in 4th house of Home and Security, we find a solar spotlight cast upon US natal Mars (the warrior) in dual Gemini and thus upon its natal square with our national Neptune (which conjoins President Obama's natal Mars @23Virgo.) The Mars-Neptune square has been problematic from the start of this nation but more so since US politicians and the government were bought out by wealthy plutocrats who owe no allegiance to our nation (so they think.) Yet Mars to US natal Sun indicates a surge of vitality for the POTUS (Sun) and a determined push toward government and/or his personal goals.

Now testy instigator Mars @12Lib24 is poised to leave the 8th house of Transformation, Debt, Credit, Corporations, etc, and will enter the 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open enemies. The Cardinal T-Square shows Mars opposing Uranus (explosive outbursts, violence) pointing toward manipulative Pluto (of hidden wealth fame and power), with Pluto here in 11th house of Groups and Associations (the global crime syndicate?) The T-Square continues to provide the world with force and violence on a large scale. And with the Full Moon in 10th house (in Washington DC) we may expect much publicity in all matters mentioned above and more besides for it promises to be a very event-filled Summer in, and instigated by, Washington DC.

Sun-Moon = the international reputation of a country; loss of face in international politics; leadership's will forcefully imposed upon the people; reading the people's attitudes when making policy; pessimism of the population or lawmakers (Munkasey, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.)

Now there are several more chart factors worth discussing if only we could but let's close with the midpoint pictures that are created by the Full Moon's Sun-Moon/Gem-Sag opposition with its midpoint @22Vir05 conjunct US natal Neptune and President Obama's natal Mars--the Zodiacal point where his motivations and actions (Mars) are veiled or hidden (Neptune) from public view:

Sun-Moon = US n Neptune: delusions about what's possible; misunderstandings, mistakes; undermining of associations; shared suffering; discontent.

Sun-Moon = BHO natal Mars: an urge to bring ideals to fruition; a stronger personal drive or initiative; forcing others for quicker progress; realization of joint plans; anger; a focus on strength.

Jan 10, 2012

Horoscope: US Syzygy Moon July 1, 1776 (and April 1, 2012)

A Horoscope for America: US Syzygy Moon July 1, 1776 @10Cap12

by Jude Cowell

Occurring during the final days prior to the public reading of the Declaration of Independence (and its partial signing on July 4, 1776, the date America's founding fathers seemed to have preferred us to celebrate as Independence Day) is a Full Moon @10Cap12 (Sun 10Can12 on July 1, 1776, a lunation which was recently 'eclipsed' or triggered by a Solar Eclipse @9Can12 on July 1, 2011.)

Below is displayed our Syzygy Moon horoscope with some rather messy chart details added by yours truly; please click image to enlarge; according to my SolarFire software, this Full Moon became exact at 10:30:06 am LMT Philadelphia, PA, and is the last lunation prior to our nation's birth (pre-July 4, 1776):

ASC 20Vir13 makes Mercury chart-ruler and brings up Fixed Star Denebola (to go against society; if rising: good fortune attended by dangers and anxieties, because of folly--DeVore.)

Venus 29Gem05 in 10th H is at a critical-crisis degree (29) and hurrying to reach Cancer where she will reside on July 4, 1776 in the 3-4 degree range and nearer to moneybags Jupiter ('6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"--Jones.)

Mercury's three applying aspects tell how things proceeded on this date, in this place, and at the hour of a culminating Full Moon showing an end of a phase of activity.

Chart-ruler Mercury applies:

1. semi-square Uranus (1A36; 45 degr) shows minor irritations between youthful orators, writers, and/or businessmen and the radical politicians and geniuses of the day; minor adjustments to future plans were necessary.

2. sextile Neptune (2A59; 60 degr) denotes inspiration, futuristic insights, and high ideals guiding the participants; however, if distracted, this promising energy makes it hard to begin again with the same high enthusiasm as before for it's rather wispy; philosophically minded people are indicated who put spiritual values above material concerns--well, some of them did; Mercury in 11th H shows groups, associations, hopes, and wishes centered on Cancer, sign of shrewd businessmen plus, domestic and security concerns; NN in 11th H denotes meetings and group encounters of a creative nature (Leo.)

3. square Chiron 20Ari04 in 8th H (5A17) gives mental exactitude, extreme opinions, high intuition, and a potential for creating magic (Clow.)

And as you see, our eye-in-the-sky, mind-controlling Mercury/Pluto opposition is separating as on July 4, 1776, but its unconscious influence continues to track and bedevil us when it isn't coping with problems of its own.

In Mundane Astrology, Moon = We The People

Moon inconjunct the planet of freedom and liberty Uranus @8Gem45 indicates recurring crises, anxieties and nervous conditions that lower resistance, and an excitable energy which attracts con men, politicians, and propagandists who play games in order to gain our willing if unconscious submission.

Venus inconjunct Pluto describes being left holding the financial bag (which has been painfully brought forward to 2007/08 and before--ex: corporate welfare and bank bail-outs), and a tendency toward financial over-extension which greatly added to our monetary woes. In its day, I believe this aspect described conditions of American diplomats going overseas to plead our cause and garner funding to support the American Revolution with about one third of the funding coming from the House of Rothschild (whether all the founders were fully aware of this enslavement to debt or not).

This is precisely what President Andrew Jackson fought so vehemently against--foreign banks holding debt over the US government's head when we may have to tussle on difficult issues or go to war with them later on. Makes you wonder about the wisdom of threatening China, our biggest creditor, doesn't it?)

Since members of the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia were in great danger of treason charges with dire consequences from Britain, the enterprise's conditions were at critical points all through deliberations in June and July 1776. Perhaps you've heard that Benjamin Franklin (almanac writer and publisher, astrologer/Freemason, and more) wanted the Declaration signing to happen after the Moon left Saturn-ruled Capricorn (thanks, Ben! An Aquarian Moon is much better in the humanitarian department) and sailed beyond opposition to the Sun (the leader.)

This chart marks the moment when the Sun/Moon opposition (we-the-people v leaders) culminates and is at its strongest--3 days before our nation's official birthday which falls into this particular lunation cycle and describes mundane (daily) conditions within the environment.

Some indication of the Convention members' testy arguments and stand-offs are also noted here through the opposition appearing across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of security, reigning needs (Moon), public status, business, law, and government (Saturn = lawmakers; Sun = the ruler, or, leadership) as the Full Moon perfects.

Note: The term 'Sygyzy' refers to a yoking together by conjunction or opposition of a planet with another--particularly with the Sun, and here it's Luna timing her own Full Moon with relationship/awareness/culmination and fulfillment implications.

So with America possessing several versions of a natal horoscope with most set for July 4, 1776, why am I showing you yet another one to consider?

It's not my scampish streak, it's our current societal conditions and the very real prospect that subtle plutonian forces of infiltration have been and are working to take over our country to an even greater extent than they already have (exs: 9/11/01; the 'Patriot' Act; death-dealing drones across America, global imperialism, US military as world cop, US citizens left out in the cold--too bad, so sad, Americans pepper sprayed in their faces and eyes for protesting legally, US wealth and resources heisted away to foreign entities, SOPA as mentioned below, etc, etc)...and the fact that progressing our Sygyzy Moon chart (a day for a year) shows that US Secondary Progressed Full Moon @4Vir10 (a phase which reveals what should be the limit of our expansion into the broader world)...hasn't occurred yet!

Why 'yet'?

Because progressing the US 'Sibly' natal horoscope (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT) results in a Secondary Full Moon @4Vir10 on December 24, 2008 and as we experienced, this timed the limits of our financial growth with the crescendo of the Bush-Cheney Financial Collapse 2008 presenting us with a major freak-out in December 2008. This may be because the 'Sibly' chart has Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius rising (The Seeker on a Sacred Quest--to bankrupt the entire world while protecting the wealthy, it seems.)

As you see above, America's natal Mars/Neptune square (misguided inspiration and actions; deceptive ideals; a misdirected military) is on full display--Neptune rising and Mars at Midheaven, the Goal or WHY? Point of any horoscope. And military Mars is, sad to say, the closest planet to an Angle in America's Syzygy Moon chart of 1776.

Saturn a Karmic Planet

The T-Square between Sun and Moon pointing toward apex Saturn gives info we don't usually obtain from other US natal charts since here, Saturn is within orb of the Sun/Moon opposition; Saturn rules the Moon (Cap Moon = major ambitions; emotional coldness or isolation) so the lesson-bringer's involvement is made more pertinent in the chart, and the business-oriented Sun in Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Apex Saturn in a Cardinal T-Square shows managers with executive talents who tend toward impatience, ambition, and self-determination; difficult challenges are confronted head-on until objectives are reached; issues of domination and authority are involved and concerns of immediate importance are directly dealt with.

And you see there, Saturn conjuncts 2nd cusp (money; earning ability; values) denoting the dearth of money the Continental Congress had to work with.

If you wish a view, here's the Secondary Full Moon Dec 24, 2008 post with horoscope shown which I published on my WordPress blog quite some time ago--the chart cusps differ from the upcoming April 1, 2012 Sec Full Moon horoscope, of course, but the basic planetary positions and Sec Full Moon's degree/s remain the same, including a Hard Rectangle pattern involving Sun and Moon (the pattern's details are noted in the post.)

Pluto/Chiron = Plutocracy

Checking a transit chart for April 1, 2012, we find the Moon @6Leo48 conjoining US natal North Node (from July 4, 1776) which is apex of a YOD pattern (special task; crisis; turning point; crossroads) between Pluto 9Cap33 sextile Chiron 7Pis31 at the YOD's base--and the Pluto/Chiron duo work together to disenfranchise and oppress all whom they can while lining their lairs and pockets with goodies and loot stolen or exploited from people of all ages, stripes, hues, and professions.

Check out transits in the April 1, 2012 horoscope (5:03:26 pm edt) with its retrograde chart-ruler Mercury (@24Pis09 in 7th H), if you have a chance. With its 12th H (Politics behind the door; Karma; Large Institutions such as hospitals and zoos; Self-Undoing; the Unconscious) Mars 4Vir38 Rx (during his long stay in critical Virgo, sign of Work and Health), we may be in for an April 2012 of denials, delays in plans, equipment breakdowns, and the usual, tiresome performances of Opposition Politics so prevalent and debilitating to the national interests of the American people and which is now over-covered and promulgated with impunity by a complicit Mainstream Media that should act as the people's governmental 'watchdogs' but who choose to operate instead as willing and happy enablers of corporate Global Governance ideals.

Mercury rules reporters and is debilitated by retrogradation and bossed around by powerful Pluto acting in his role as The Publisher.

Well, what else to expect since they're all members of the same clubs and societies and serve on the same corporate boards!

In addition, did you know that America's Solar Return 2011 Horoscope also contains a YOD pointing to '6Leo' (position of the April 1, 2012 Moon.)

But in our SR 2011 chart of July 4, 2011, that position is held by speedy, Tweeting Mercury, twisting under the emotional stresses of career, financial, education costs and loans, and family anxieties as they prepared inwardly for a certain public debut on September 17, 2011 when they incarnated as the youth-infused Occupy Wall Street movement, with Mercury ruling young people, communications, oration (ex: 'The People's Mic'), commerce, trade, negotiations, thinking processes, plans, and education.

So will you participate on Election Day November 6, 2012? Just wondering since staying home is precisely the wrong course to take even though election results may be shady.

And do you want to keep Internet freedom intact? Then we must nix SOPA, the so-called 'Stop Internet Piracy Act'--a clever ruse of a name yet transparent in its attempt to more fully commercialize, surveil, and control the Internet while lowering and eventually stomping out any remaining vestiges of the democratic atmosphere that has so recently wafted across the Uranian-Neptunian waves of Cyberspace these last few years.

Our millionaire Senate is set to vote on SOPA on January 24, 2012 and this draconian bill will sail through to a corporate harbor if enough people fail to speak up and out. If it passes then subversive, controlling string-puller Pluto in staid Capricorn will win and we will lose a larger chunk of our republic and our right to exercise free speech than we may yet appreciate.

How much effort, courage, and sacrifice it took our early founders and patriots to 'win' for all of us a decent--and I say, living--Constitution!

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

--The U. S. Constitution

As Benjamin Franklin replied to a shouted question as he left the Constitutional Convention on September 18, 1787 about whether America had ended up with a Republic or a Monarchy:

"A republic, if you can keep it."

This of course echoes the early rift between John Adams-Alexander Hamilton monarchists v the democracy championed by the Jefferson-Paine-Franklin-Madison alliance & their anti-King-George-III colleagues.

Yet since December 1913, the British-style Banking System rules the US government through the Federal Reserve System which is neither federal nor reserve-holding.

And so if we fast forward to modern Washington DC, Campaign 2012, political promises that will miss their mark, and actual consequences of political policies and decisions, many people note that there's little if any difference between Democrats and Republicans, and with this I must agree. Why, it's almost as if the power elites of Washington DC are not the real and final arbitrators of our concerns, you know? CRaZy!

And since the GOP is the prime party of monarchists in the US, our allowing headstrong Republicans to take control of the White House helm and bullhorn once again (so soon!) seems to me more grievous and damaging to our tattered Republic than what a sane people with scales fallen from their eyes should reasonably and self-interestedly allow.
At about 8:45 pm est, Mitt "I like to fire people" Romney was announced as the victor in today's New Hampshire primaries which was the predictable outcome for this former Bain Capital financial 'hitman' who signed pink slips hand over greedy fist during his years running the corporation and predictably boosted the company's bottom line. Legend has it, Mitt created a few jobs, too. Hmm.

And yes, his "I like to fire people" remark of January 9, 2012 has been taken out of context in order to hoist Mitt upon his own corporate spear of destiny.

Or was he pooshed?

Credit to a hilarious SNL skit with Bill Hader and Alec Baldwin.

Mild Update: Oct 18, 2016

Jul 14, 2011

Happy 164.79th Birthday, Neptune! w US natal Neptune

In dealing with Politics through the lens of Astrology, one grows accustomed to thinking of Neptune's less attractive traits such as deception, illusion, confusion, fraud - plus, the masses, the media--well, you know the list of nebulous, yet sometimes inspired or even divine, tendencies and provinces of the gaseous planet.

Yet as seen from Earth, Neptune is one of the most beautiful objects in our solar system with its blue methane cloudiness and a charming, mysterious quality of elusiveness (telescope or binoculars are needed to spy upon the Sea King!)

So I was happy as a puppy with two tails when my friend Crystal Pomeroy, who writes the insightful column Moon Meditations @ Daykeeper Journal, sent along a link to a celebratory, informative article concerning our eighth planet, the rather glamorous Neptune.

Tuesday July 12, 2011 was Neptune's 164.79th birthday since its discovery on the evening of September 23, 1846. Yet in true Neptunian fashion, a veil is tossed carelessly across even that event for actually, Galileo was first to document (January 1613) what he notated as as a 'fixed star'...which we now know was planet Neptune!

US natal Neptune in the sign of The Worker, Virgo

Current US circumstances with jobs elusive and bank fraud run rampant (with much still hidden and un-indicted) may be described in part by Neptune (loss; fraud; deception; disappointment) in Virgo (work, service; discrimination) ruled by quicksilver Mercury which in America's natal horoscope (July 4, 1776) is retrograde in Cancer at a very interesting degree in the Sabian Symbols in relation to the events and participants of 1776 and to our national character in 2011.

US natal Mercury '25 Cancer' = "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power."

Now it's true I always think of Pluto's Cape of Invisibility (and Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, in May 1776) when I read the word picture for '25Can' yet Neptune plays an obscuring part in the charade as well. Neptune is quite the masquerader and actor, as is well known. And that, dear reader, becomes more and more apparent as the mummery of the debt and budget 'meetings' (rehearsals?) continue up to the wire of Default and obscures from realistic view what may occur to US and World markets after August 2, 2011 if a devil's deal isn't reached.

And as America approaches her third of three 'hits' from transiting Saturn to US natal Saturn (a 'Saturn Return' which occurs approximately every 28 years: accountability issues must be addressed) I am put in mind as I watch and listen to the debt brouhaha on Capitol Hill that the cold water of tr Saturn (restriction; denial; delays) stamped its signature upon Mr. Obama's presidency and America's n Neptune (hopes, dreams, ideals) Virgo, sign of Work and Health. (Being without work or income greatly affects one's mental, emotional, and physical health.)

Tr Saturn saluted US n Neptune on August 27, 2009 and that evening, Mars was closest to Earth as calculated at the International Planetarium in Vancouver, B.C. by way of a code (mathematical formula) found on a pyramid near the Observatory Hotel in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico. That night Mars (in Tropical Cancer)looked like a second Moon! Are sky-watchers the Maya now considered the Greeks of America?

Of particular note politically is the handy timing device of the parallel between tr Saturn and US n Neptune (similar to a strong conjunction) which formed on September 10, 2009, an interesting date in Politics. Challenging, confrontational Mars in Cancer was just passing US n Jupiter and about to conjoin US n Sun, the president and this was the evening that President Obama addressed a Joint Session of Congress to urge the passing of his health care reform bill (more insurance reform, really) and was rudely interrupted by Joe Wilson's martian shout of "You lie!"

(Noting that the "You lie!" interruption of Mr. Obama - SN conj Hopi: see Tea Party info below - is paralleled or echoed by the current and reputed interruptions of him by Republican Eric Cantor during their debt ceiling 'negotiations' at the White House. John Boehner as Speaker of the House is the one who should be talkin' to the president, not lowly Representative Cantor.)

And now in 2011, somewhere between Saturnian realism and Neptunian lies, left twisting in the wind are the American people. Ill-served (Neptune in Virgo, the Server) by a double-dealing, warring government, robbed of pension funds, employment, and hard-won bargaining rights with management (Saturn), we-the-people are forced to wonder if the politicians of Washington DC are still able to govern a sovereign nation at all with their visionary (perhaps self-deceptive) Neptunian ideology getting in the way of practical concerns and needs.

Too bad we can't tie Tossing Out Every Top Government Official (especially those in Congress) irrevocably to the proposed Default of August 2, 2011, a speculative Jupiter-Neptune circumstance which, if allowed, will effectively toss out the American people if the US defaults on its debts, since WE should be the last ones standing in America--not the select few who pretend to govern while driving our nation off a financial cliff for the sake of their one-world-government vision...Saturn (government) Neptune (vision) as inspired long ago by a mercurial Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power.


Read more Astrology at Julie Demboski's Astrology, Global Astrology, Political Astrology 2010~2012, or visit Neptune Cafe as you wish!

Hey! Did you miss the dual charts of the Tea Party Convention (Feb 4 - 6, 2010) in Nashville, TN? Some amazing astro-factors are shown (click image to enlarge horoscopes) as sunrise on February 4, 2010 in Nashville brought up Sarah Palin's natal trio of Sun-Mars-Saturn @ 22AQ - 26AQ.)

The Tail of the Dragon (South Node, SN) conjoins tr asteroid Hopi, keywords: ambush; prejudice which seems to me is a theme of the Tea Party's challenge to Barack Obama. Sorry, but there it is, right there in the chart. This doesn't mean that all Tea Partisans are racist, only that those at the top either feel that way or have determined that their political advantage is assured by appealing to that nasty prejudicial strain in the American psyche - even though the majority of us come from generations of immigrants of all skin colors. Crazy!

In the symbolic 'end of the Convention' chart set for 11:59 pm February 6, 2010, two interlocked YODs (crisis; crossroads; special task) appear with Mars/Saturn at the base of one (YOD pattern (Mars-Saturn on one level is Mrs. Palin), and Jupiter/Pluto as the base of the second YOD; Jupiter-Pluto = wealthy preachers and the corporate funders and backers who, for one thing, have hijacked the leadership role of the Tea Party--here, I trustingly assume that the TP was ever a 'grass roots' movement rather than the externally controlled astro-turf model the national organization now resembles.

Well, on the Convention's last night, February 6, 2010, the key asteroid has to be Hidalgo, one of the power archetypes with a social climbing vibe, which was, at 11:59 pm, perfectly mirrored by the light of the Moon @ 3Sag06 = a woman; publicity, conjoining powerful Hidalgo...synchronistically @ 3Sag06!

No, I can't count Sarah 'Sun-Mars-Saturn' Palin out of the Jupiter-Pluto-funded 2012 presidential race just yet. Sad to say. jc

Above image: Neptune Ascends (c) Jude Cowell 2011 & beyond...

Jan 4, 2011

Government Scams of the American Dream (video)

Here's a 30-minute video to rub some of the ways in which the American people have been scammed by the US government: the American Dream relates to our national Neptune in Virgo, sign of Work, Health, and Service which includes military, police, and other civic services such as our government bureaucrats.

As you know, the US natal Neptune is squared (blocked) by natal Mars (action, energy, motivation, the military, young males, quarrels, etc) so our nation eternally operates under difficult Mars/Neptune rays which include:

turmoil when asserting ourselves, fluctuations between action and complete apathy, an inability to face reality, sexual frustrations from repression, blaming others when things don't go as planned in order to deflect criticism and avoid accountability, defense against imagined abuses, self-persecution, lowering of standards which attracts unsavory characters, and a tendency toward feelings of bitterness when disappointed by others.

The chance for misdirected actions/motivations is greatly multiplied by our Mars/Neptune square along with natal Mars being posited in duplicitous Gemini and the fraud, deception, and confusion that Neptune so often brings to any table.

Of course, the Founders didn't see it that way since Neptune wasn't discovered until 1846, 40 years after 1776; it was the discovery of freedom-loving, disruptive, revolutionary rebel Uranus (1781) that marked their era and which continues to signify America, the New World.

Yet for the US, Neptune's inspiration and insight are possible, of course, but it requires that positive motivations (Mars) be completely aboveboard for this to be the case - which doesn't include lying the American people into illegal wars.


USA chart used: July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT (Sibly version) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dec 27, 2010

A Presidency in Review (video) : our Mars/Neptune link

A Presidency in Review: Who is Barack Obama?

Looking around for a general review of President Obama's Oval Office term with which to end 2010, I came upon John Pilger giving his assessment of President Barack Obama in July 2010. This may present the clearest picture yet of the man in the White House and the astrological synchronicity between our nation's *Neptune 22Vir25 (illusion, delusion, self-deception, fraud) connection to Mr. Obama's Mars 22Vir35, planet of motivation, action, and energy.

Neptune is also linked to the (collusive) media, the masses, large entities such as corporations, and Socialism.

Yes, the slogan-based 'Change-Hope' wool (Neptune) proved easy to pull (Mars) over the public's eyes and the mutual Obama-US Mars/Neptune link accounts for much of what some then considered Obama's dreamy rockstar appeal (remember the heady days of Campaign 2008? Obama Girl probably does.) Having his Neptune in sexy Scorpio added to the glamorous effect as well - still does - and helped sell the product: the candidate himself.

For a perfect description of our Mars/Neptune collusion with the Democrat who 'came from out of nowhere' onto the world political stage in 2004, check out what Mr. Pilger has to say about the Obama presidency especially toward the end of this video presentation. Mention is made (as it has been several times on this blog) of Hillary Clinton's and Mr. Obama's secret attendance at the Chantilly, Virginia Bilderberg meeting in June 2008 when it was young Barry who was annointed next 'leader' of the 'free world'!


*The astro-link between US natal Neptune and Mr. Obama's natal Mars qualifies as a Mars-to-natal-Neptune transit for the US on his birthdate, August 4, 1961. The transit marks a time when getting to the bottom of who did what, why, where, or when is impossible or elusive (JFK Inauguration Jan 20, 1961), and the motivations of others are diffcult to ascertain. Physical efforts are secretive, go undetected, or are misunderstood. Alternately, actions may be inspired yet caution is advised when one is around water, gas, chemicals, or drugs (including alcohol.)

Or when driving through Masonic Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on a November day.

Dec 11, 2008

Stiglitz on our 5 keys mistakes (Saturn to US Neptune)

Capitalist Fools

By Joseph E. Stiglitz

Behind the debate over remaking US financial policy will be a debate over who's to blame. It's crucial to get the history right, writes a Nobel-laureate economist, identifying five key mistakes-under Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II - and one national delusion.


Warning: the following astrological comments are serious - do not read if you're looking for pie in Neptune's sky!

Ah, yes, one 'national delusion.' In Astrology that would be, as you know, America's Neptune in Virgo, sign of the dedicated worker. Our collective Neptune is being visited heavily by transiting Saturn, planet of realism, within orb now but exact at the end of August into early September 2009.

This is the 'grim reality' transit so our national delusion is being made painfully clear with laser focus, or perhaps with a significant disillusioning event in Aug-Sept of 2009.

Saturn can bring loss along with regret for past mistakes (if there have been any - and there have), and Neptune has to do with living on credit - pretend money, money we don't actually have - and isn't that our illusory finances in an astrological nutshell?

The US 'Sibly' or Rudhyar charts have Neptune in 9th house which in Horary Astrology is the department (House) of foreigners, our world view, wisdom, and abstract thought. Saturn prefers the practical to the abstract, so Saturn is useful for talking Neptune down from the heights.

And foreigners are running from the US dollar in droves, plus they're part of the total buy-up of gold which has caused gold backwardation - as of Dec 2, 2008. See jude's threshold for a recent article on gold backwardation.

With Saturn-to-Neptune, there can also be confusion as to what or who is responsible for what, especially with money matters, and we are experiencing that now as well...see article above! We could say that Joseph Stiglitz (Saturn, a man of authority) is bringing Saturnian realism to our national delusion (Neptune), couldn't we?

Even the title, Capitalist (Saturn) Fools (Neptune) applies as Saturn 'descends' Neptune, but I have no drawing of that, only this one, 'Neptune Ascends' which could be seen as descending instead....

More realism on the way:

Saturn then goes on to US natal Midheaven (which we will have to consider later - it should mean being at the top of one's game professionally, but with all that's going wrong in America, it indicates to me more loss of standing in the world and restriction of our Libran ideals with possible legal system implications.)

Then it's the US Saturn Return to 10th house, which this time will be a three-fer due to Saturn's retrogradation...using the US 'Sibly' chart, here are the dates when Saturn returns to natal degree:

1. Dec 3, 2010
2. Mar 22, 2011
3. Aug 28, 2011

US n Saturn 14Lib48:20 is in 10th house, so our national return to realism stretches out into the next 2 to 3 years with the ongoing social dislocation of home and income loss attending.

Obviously, I will be posting more on our Saturn Return later on, and I wish could be more cheery about all this but that would only be more of the same rose-colored Neptunian glasses - and would vex Saturn who doesn't appreciate his lessons being dissed!

Aug 27, 2008

Obama to Denver - Moon back in bounds 8.27.08

This morning at appr 8:46 am MDT, the Moon returns within the earthly plane and at some point Barack Obama's plane lands in Denver, Colorado for DNC 2008.

Considering the Moon's astrological influences of fame and publicity, Luna's coming back in bounds seems to be an obvious pointer toward the popular Dem candidate now making the scene in the biggest way as he enters the realm of the convention being held in honor of his annointing!

Well see a 'famous Moon' deliver a Mercurial speech on Thursday night.

Small Caution: if you visit the post linked above, you'll find astrologese therein but not to fret - it's translated into English as best this reluctant astrologer can manage.

The very apt Sabian Symbol (word picture) involved with today's timing of the Moon's return to the earthly plane is '25 Cancer' - conjunct US natal Mercury from 1776!

Moon-Mercury contacts give great perceptual ability, receptivity, and often relate to the family in some way. In Obama's case this may be his own family (a shout-out? and/or to the family of mankind); and the audience (Moon) will be very receptive to his speech (Mercury.)

Yes, Obama, the big tent revivalist, is about to do his work Thursday evening while the transiting Mars/Saturn midpoint ('hard work; directed energy; actions restricted') sits upon his natal Mars degree.

This is part of my previously mentioned concerns this week about Obama's safety...that it's piled upon US natal Neptune if you'd like to fret with me here's the midpoint picture created with poison-flavored Neptune of deception and veiling fame - Mars/Saturn may also have a 'threat to health' influence...

Mars/Saturn = Neptune: feeling threatened (he has been and so have we - as he has been saying, the American people are 'fearful'); waning powers of resistance and weakening efforts; undermining of vitality through poison, gas, or epidemic; a grievous loss; a mysterious death. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

This is an ugly portent which one hopes will be avoided if need be especially since it affects America's Neptune in Virgo, sign of tummy troubles and health. Hope no one catches the flu! And Virgo's work association is on the table too, or under the table with so many American jobs already lost.

So you can read all about it at Jude's Threshold plus, I'm certain you can find other astrological analyses online of the DNC shendig by tossing your browser a very short distance toward all the wonderful Astrology bloggers waiting for you in cyberspace!

Here's one of my many Moon Art images, Moon Trail, from Secret Moon Art!