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Jul 14, 2021

July 23, 2021 brings the Biden Presidency's first un-birthday!

July 14, 2021: On May 31, 2021 a post with dual DC Horoscopes was published here as DC Horoscopes: July 2021 Lunations showing the just-past New Moon of July 9th (18Can01) and the upcoming Full Moon of Friday July 23rd @00Leo26 which perfects at 10:36:45 pm edt.

Well! As the Cosmos would have it, July 23rd at 7:54:45 am edt happens to be the precise "un-birthday" moment of President Biden's Inauguration, aka, his Oath of Office taken on January 20, 2021. We all have them 6 months after our birthdays and if we apply its symbolic meaning to the Biden presidency we find that it times a brief period, perhaps only for a day, when one's course for the year should be reassessed and changes of direction made if necessary. Obviously, this 6-month period lasts until approximately January 20, 2022 - or actually until the exact moment of his presidency's Solar Return 2022.

So it may be interesting to see if around July 23rd and perhaps until the rest of July, any hint of such resconsideration or review is mentioned publicly by the President or by anyone in his administration such as Jen Psaki. Of course, they could prefer to keep such deliberations secret!

So astrologers may wish, if they haven't, to set up the July 23, 2021 un-birthday chart to use as a transit chart for commparison with the Inauguration 2021 Horoscope. If so, please feel free to let me know what you find by leaving an on-topic comment with this post. Thanks! jc

Now here's a related post When Pluto Conjuncts the Inauguration 2021 Midheaven.

Apr 8, 2017

June 9, 2017: Jupiter Stations Direct at the Full Moon

A Brief Peek at June 2017's Sag Full Moon with Jupiter Stationing Direct in Libra

by Jude Cowell

On June 9, 2017 two cosmic events occur: a Full Moon @18Sag53 perfects, and, 52 mins 30 secs later, Jupiter turns Direct @13Lib12, a conjunction by transit to US natal Saturn (restrictions partially lifted; possible success with legalities).

The following Full Moon horoscope is set for the White House and shows that North Node (a point of encounter and future direction) points to Mr. Trump's natal Mars, planet of aggression, there's a dynamic T-Square from the Full Moon to the delusional 8th house Neptune in mid-Pisces (conjoining fixed star Achernar = crisis; risk of rapid endings), the 8th house of Corporatism, Credit, Debt, Insurance, and Transformation also contains the currently reigning Solar Eclipse in Pisces which manifested @8Pis12 on February 26, 2017, US natal Chiron conjoins the goal-oriented Midheaven (21Aries: "A Pugilist Enters the Ring"), stationing Jupiter is in 3rd house as is Mr. Trump's *natal Jupiter which was Station Direct at his birth, Venus and Uranus are in the 10th house of Public Reputation suggesting the potential for lack of resources and/or erratic or eccentric spending, the Full Moon conjoins authoritarian Saturn, and the Gemini-Sagittarius planets are intercepted across the 5/11 Will axis suggesting something hidden, secretive, and/or karmic is afoot.

Please enlarge the chart if you wish to read my scribbles:

This Full Moon horoscope's ASC-DESC house cusps are in the same signs as those of Mr. Trump's natal horoscope (though in earlier degrees) and the June Full Moon echoes his own natal Sun Gem-Moon Sag opposition (his natal chart is linked, below). The Sun to his natal Uranus transit denotes a brief period when group organizing is difficult due to issues of disloyalty, unreliability, and/or stubborn pride, non-traditional solutions and methods are sought (pretty much his modus operandi), and Mr. Trump's uniqueness and unpredictability are singled out to receive more attention than usual (which is hard to imagine how much more he could receive--and we could tolerate).

Of course, this Full Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius, the natural sign of Jupiter, so perhaps its perfection denotes a sort of culmination, fulfillment, or an ending of political alliances.

Now as you know, astrological Jupiter can play many roles (exs: broadcaster, CEO, banker, financier, guru, actor, politician, the General) and once the Great Benefic of Good Fortune begins to move forward, Jupiterian matters in legal, diplomatic, political, religious, and financial realms will progress as well though this shall be more obvious once transit Jupiter leaves his own shadow at the degree of his last Retrograde Station (February 6, 2017 @23Lib08). Will generous, jolly Jupiter's forward movement aid a grumpy Congress in their careful deliberations? What careful deliberations?!

Tragically, the US Congress seldom if ever engages in such exalted non-partisan activities these days since the majority of them serve corporate interests rather than The People's.

But wait! According to some folk, the US Constitution was suspended in 1933 by FDR and every emergency act signed by presidents ever since have continued the tragic illusion:


Well, bless my habeus corpus! From 1996, here's a nuanced look at the issue of our suspended Constitution and the invoking of presidential Emergency Powers. Now I wonder why presidents continue to take their Oaths of Office to defend and protect a suspended document with provisions so often ignored? Probably to keep the ruse of a constitutional Republic intact and the wool pulled firmly over our eyes.

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Dec 20, 2016

DC Horoscopes: Dec 2016 New Moon w/ Jan 2017 Full Moon

Image: Dual Horoscopes December 29, 2016 New Moon @7Cap59 and January 12, 2017 Full Moon @22Can27:

The December 2016 New Moon in Capricorn conjoins a difficult fixed star, Facies, one of the 'victim stars' with potentials for: violence, war, death, blindness, detachment, frigidity, leadership ability, perfectionism, earthquakes.

The first lunation of 2017 in January, a Full Moon in Cancer, falls between the Dark-and-Light Twin Stars Castor and Pollux. Both stars suggest creativity, in writing particularly but Castor's potentials also include such things as: sudden fame or loss, crippling of limbs, mental illness, and murder, while Pollux's potentials are: murder, disgrace, rape, cruelty, success with Astrology or the occult, and danger from large animals, poisons, or...women.

As for Washington DC, on January 6, 2017 the new 115th Congress convenes and puts their official stamp on the December 19, 2016 Electoral College vote for Mr. Trump. You remember December 19th - when the Electoral College failed in its prime mandate to protect the US presidency and the American people from a dangerous demagogue president like loutish Donald the Demagogue? Still, my hopes are for Trump's 'plans' to work for the benefit of all Americans - even though the billionaire class he favors already has a huuuuge running start.

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Dec 19, 2015

Paul Ryan for President at a Brokered GOP Convention? - clip

When this thought occurred to me earlier today it seemed too wacky to take seriously but...

You know, much stranger things have happened in politics and the Republican National Convention in July 2016 is imprinted auspiciously by a Full Moon of fulfillment and culmination which will bring the event a large amount of publicity and may act in a Uranian fashion similar to an eclipse as it spotlights and reveals something unpredictable and/or novel. That something could be a someone such as Speaker Paul Ryan. Or....?

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Dec 16, 2015

Christmas Day 2015 Full Moon and a "Double" Ancestor Horoscope

On December 25, 2015 a Full Moon perfects at 6:11:27 am EST @3Can19 conjunct US natal Venus. As US History and the Cosmos would have it, this lunar position is the Syzygy Moon degree (last lunation prior to birth) of an ancestor of mine--a "double" ancestor thanks to his having two wives each with offspring who descend to my paternal and maternal side--because he was born Christmas Day 1776. Here's a noon chart for my "double" 4th-great-grandfather David Barnett (birth hour unknown) who was born in Christiansburg, Virginia and this "double" circumstance, I suppose, makes me my own cousin:

The KITE I'm not actually counting since his birth time is set specualtively for 'noon' but there is an Air Grand Trine pattern between Uranus, Mars, and Venus which denotes one who prefers a mental ivory tower, may have been somewhat detached or aloof, was charismatic, popular, idealistic, attracted friends and cooperation, and was a talented communicator (Tierney.) Of course, the protective nature of a Grand Trine was present. Success is indicated by a Locomotive shape with revolutionary Uranus as lead engine (and this is, of course, near America's natal Uranus degree.) Highlighted in yellow is David's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, the 13 North which manifested on August 14, 1776 with the completed signing of the Declaration of Independence occurring on August 2--within two weeks of the eclipse ('breaking of an existing bond which leads to joint achievement'--paraphrasing B. Brady.)

Another curiosity of the 1776 and 2015 charts is that the December 25, 2015 Full Moon horoscope shows Jupiter and North Node near one another in transit (22Vir56 and 25Vir35--in 9th house in the Washington DC chart) and on David Barnett's day of birth Jupiter was exalted in Cancer (22:12 Rx) with North Node (NN) @27Can15 nearby--obviously Jupiter an dPluto were inprocess of opposing one another, a time of contest of wills and dealing with issues of power, control, and money. We already discussed the three times that Jupiter and North Node conjoin in 2016 and the possibilities. Additionally, Mercury in Capricorn and Mars in Libra are square one another in both charts (1776 vs 2015) though at different degrees; this square denotes creativity but also judgmentalism.

Now if you enlarge the chart you'll see David's Pluto-South-Node conjunction which I've marked as "Revolutionary times" for the pair denote war, violence, and massive disruptions in society. This is America's natal Pluto position, of course, but the SN is closer to Pluto here than in our natal chart with SN in Aquarius (July 1776.)

And in spite of all the current 'wars and rumors of war' going on and threatening to ramp up into global revolution, we must look to Spring 2019 to find another transiting Pluto-SN conjunction of the power planet of sabotage, spies, and death and the South Node of the Moon, aka, the tail of the dragon.

May 10, 2015

Horoscopes: New Moon May 18 and Full Moon June 2, 2015

A Partial Consideration of the Lunations of May 18 and June 2, 2015 with Horoscopes Set for Washington DC

by Jude Cowell

New and Full Moons may have similar effects as Solar and Lunar Eclipses especially when manifesting on sensitive degrees. Therefore, let's take a look at those of May 18 and June 2, 2015 in relation to current societal issues. On May 18 a New Moon manifests in Venus-ruled Taurus (26:55) with the Jupiter-Neptune midpoint--the speculator-wastrel-grand-spirit pair of inflation, big schemes, and/or over-promising--conjoining the lunation amidst the stars of the constellation Pleiades. The Pleiades in late Taurus includes one of the more difficult stars in the heavens: Algol, a demon star of rage and destruction which is stimulated by May's New Moon. At the Full Moon of June 2 we find Alcyone angular instead and the input of such stars knits together the months of May and June 2015 and points toward America's ill-advised involvement in the Middle East being on the agenda.

Here are the May 18 New Moon chart and the June 2 Full Moon chart; both horoscopes are set for Washington DC as is my typical practice here on SO'W:

New Moon @26Tau55 May 18, 2015 12:13:11 am EDT Washington DC; Hour of Mercury (Stationary in 5th house); ASC 21Cap17; MC 14Sco15 conjunct the Full Moon of May 3/4, 2015 @13Sco22 which is the Syzygy Moon of this chart. Mercury retrogrades back to 4Gem35 stationing Direct on June 11 and conjoins this New Moon's Mars (4Gem16) denoting energized thinking and planning, thoughts turning into action, and quickly flowing streams of ideas and information. Of course, you know that New Moons time new cycles of activity and projects though there may be a few shady actions perpetrated during the 3-day lead-up when Luna is darkest.

Please enlarge the images to read a few notes penned messily about the charts such as a friendly Mutual Reception between the exalted-in-Taurus Moon and planet Venus in Moon-ruled Cancer at the New Moon. A Water Grand Trine of sorts (if we include the MC with Osiris upon it) is highlighted with a Venus-Neptune trine from 2nd to 6th house denoting much creative talent expressed at the Career Point (MC) yet with an idealism and vision that inspires trust in others. However, the Venus-Neptune pair also has a hidden side such as the practice of goddess worship (exs: the Catholic Church, the Babylonian Mysteries, New Age 'World Mother' Isis stuff, etc) and/or a reliance upon romantic fantasy, magic, or illusion.

In the realms of Business and Politics, Venus-Neptune can represent an inflated treasury (supported by fraudulent Neptune in 2nd house of the National Treasury and in its own murky sign, and Venus in the house of service such as Civil Service, military forces, and police. At 11Can06, evaluating Venus trods among America's natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun and at the "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" degree in Sabian Symbols; plus, using inflation as a way to manipulate growth, wealth derived from oil, gas, or chemicals, internal resources that are misstated or exaggerated; scandals over deceptive practices or misuse of the treasury, subversives gaining access to finances (which includes hackers, of course), spies within financial branches, monetary fraud, and crimes involving art deception.

Yes, trines (120 degrees) can provide a slippery slope for all manner of activities to easily manifest, whether positive or negative. Let us hope that this particular Venus-Neptune trine brings positive results in banking or otherwise.

So there is Saturn-ruled Capricorn rising, sign of Business, Law, and Government, with manipulative Pluto @15Cap18 Rx just risen into the 12th house of Politics and Secret Deals; about 6 degrees below the horizon plods US natal Pluto (27:55) so we know that plutonian themes are particularly on the rise at the May 18 New Moon including the US natal Mercury-Pluto opposition of surveillance, spies, and propaganda. Scorpio is on the 10th house cusp indicating some notice by the public being taken of plutonic issues which must include nuclear considerations as well. In addition, Saturn Rx @2Sag00 is posited in its natural 10th house so perhaps a 'fall from grace' by an authority figure (probably in relation to finances or government) may be on the calendar especially with Saturn @00Sag51 Rx conjunct the IC (Endings, Separations) in the June 2 Full Moon chart.

This 00 degree rejoined by restrictive Saturn hints at a military link ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire") so the authority figure may be in relation to our military or somehow connected to a dictatorship. Of course, Saturn soon re-enters Scorpio, sign of Corporatism and Big Business, and at the May 18 New Moon, US natal Neptune and President Obama's natal Mars fall into the Scorpionic 8th house of the chart. Misguided actions on financial and corporate levels? If so, they may be revealed by the light of the June 2 Full Moon.

Other links to financial matters exist. The New Moon's 2/8 cusps of Money spotlight the degrees of America's Secondary Progressed (SP) Full Moon of December 2008 when our nation reached its limit (Crash of 2008) on the world stage with SP Moon @4Vir10 and SP Sun @4Pis10. You will remember that our National Treasury and many people's Pension funds were raided by the Bush-Cheney gang with a lot of help from Wall Street, the Fed, Goldman-Sachs and others, and enabled by the Obama White House. Plus, we find another chart factor knitting together the May and June lunations--North Node of Destiny in 8th house in the New Moon chart and 2nd house at the Full Moon as Money and Values intertwine.

As for We the People, one of the more difficult planetary pairs rises in DC at the New Moon giving a picture of potentials to interpret some of which relate nicely to 2016 candidates and public perceptions of their hot-air campaign promises and typical change-with-the-wind tactics:

Saturn-Neptune = ASC: noticing the false intentions or pretenses of others; inhibitions over corrections of long standing areas of disappointment; oppressive family circumstances; limitation of freedom. Also the secret/invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn) that shadows the politicians we see on TV is indicated. Plus, the Saturn-Neptune pair in Business and Politics contains interesting potentials: delusions among the real leadership; older programs which have no real purpose; policies that restrict spies (or whistle blowers?); inefficient use of expert advice ("I'm no scientist"?); mistaken religious leaders; leaders deceive about the exercise of control (in Texas? #JadeHelm15 ?!); exposure of deficient business practices (but seldom any prison time); respected persons involved in questionable enterprises; a leader capitulates; reliable equipment fails.

So chart-ruler Saturn opposes the New Moon (5A04) which gives a depressive yet determined flavor (Moon = the public, public trends and moods) and many challenges for leadership (Sun) as the lunation grows in light toward Full Moon status, a phase of awareness, fulfillment, culmination (of something begun around the time of this New Moon), but also of obstacles or inhibitions due to the opposition aspect with austere, conservative Saturn involved. The word 'stalemate' comes to mind.

On a lighter note, banker-politician-investor Jupiter @14Leo53 trines progressive Utopian Uranus (18Ari41) from the 7th house of Partnerships to the 3rd house of Communications hinting at breakthroughs (probably in scientific and/or technological fields), new discoveries, fortunate turns, an urge for freedom, and possible growth after periods of reform. Lest we become too giddy on the high-flying Jupiter-Uranus magic carpet, we note that civil war, unrest, and political conflict may be indicated as well though perhaps the protective nature of the trine will mitigate the negative nature of events if necessary. Along with scientists and researchers, organizers, inventors, adventurers, explorers, fortune hunters, and zealots with one-sided views are also implied by the Jupiter-Uranus combination of energies.

Now let's move on to the Full Moon chart of June 2, 2015 manifesting across the higher mind/lower mind 3/9 axis of Gemini-Sagittarius at 12:18:59 pm EDT; Moon @11Sag49 in 4th house opposite Sun @11Gem49 in 10th house; Hour of Saturn (Rx in 4th h conjunct IC 00Sag40, as noted above); fixed star Alcyone of the Pleiades conjoins Midheaven (MC), The Goal or Why? Point of any horoscope with its something to cry about--mystical but judgmental flavors. Also conjoining MC is the Solar Eclipse degree of May 20, 2012 hinting at returning themes of the 14 South Saros Series, details given below, yet including themes of the current Solar Eclipse Series (PE), the 17 South, which manifested at Spring Equinox on March 20, 2015 @29Pis27 and conjoined the 00:00 Aries Point of World Manifestation:

ASC 4Vir40, as noted above, is the position of the Sun in America's Progressed Full Moon chart of December 2008 (when a July 4, 1776 US natal chart is used); Hour of Saturn; chart-ruler Mercury (7Gem19 Rx in 10th house with Sun and Mars) makes one major applying aspect, an opposition to Saturn conjunct the IC (Domestic Scene; Real Estate) which spotlights the 4/10 Cancer-Capricorn axis of Security. Mercury opposing Saturn denotes strong opinions, shady deals and contracts (the TPP and other trade deals that are much more than they are purported to be?); professional troubles may also be indicated along with computing programming methods, delayed discussions or meetings, and treaties which are difficult to debate or negotiate.

Additionally, Mercury Rx @7Gem19 shows its ongoing conjunction to America's natal Uranus @8Gem55, our war indicator, which hints at potentials for labor coalitions or unions at work, reforms that cause transportation disruptions, propaganda used during emergencies, business groups that help initiate policies, those who care for numbers and data more than for people, riots or rebellion that begin because information concerning goals are not defined or well explained, breakthroughs in communications or info transmission (computers, the Internet, private systems), and/or increase or disruption in the distribution of financial, political, or societal newsletters or reports may occur.

Note that justification for the use of force will be found or invented (Mercury-Mars = Sun.)

Now unlike the New Moon, Saturn here only opposes Mercury and it's cloudy Neptune affecting the Full Moon (and Mercury) via a square aspect of blockages, obstacles, and hindrances. This forms a T-Square and a midpoint picture of Sun-Moon = Neptune, an image of discontentment, shared suffering, mistakes, disappointment, illusion and deception, self-torment, easy upsets, and a general lack of trust within partnerships and alliances. And if we take the Sun as leadership and the Moon as We the People, it's not a stretch too far to mention that political policies and events right now are marred by such feelings caused by duplicity, corruption, and an anti-sovereign attitude of government officials.

Yes, yours truly is enough of an Aquarian to believe that we're All One--in spirit. But the full implementation of a One World Government on the physical plane of existence is a totalitarian horse of a much different color, don't you think? And considering how the power elite class has poorly behaved in the past and currently--trampling our rights and stealing all the resources for themselves--how can We the 99% trust such villains with a massive undertaking like a 'new world order'? To quote the power elite:

"We shall have World Government whether or not we like it. The question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent." - FDR advisor J. P. Warburg (1896--1969), son of Paul Warburg, co-founder of the Federal Reserve Bank, during testimony before the US Senate Subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Relations (CFR) concerning a Revision of the United Nations charter, dated February 17, 1950. Points of consideration included 'Universal Federation Required', 'Should We Let Russia Participate in the New Over-All Plan?', and 'World "Federation" or "Order"?'

Now if you fancy a stroll back to the days of Harry Truman you may wish to check out the anti-democracy information embedded within the full statement by James Warburg here.

Eclipse Themes of 14 South and 17 South

14 South Solar Eclipse @00Gem May 20, 2012 themes: success after long periods of hard work; an obsessive idea or method (viaMercury-Pluto content from the Initial 14S eclipse of August 29, 984 OS) is finally accepted, then Jupiterian success comes; long-awaited breakthroughs. The current 17 South Solar Eclipse @29Pis occurred on March 20, 2015 and contains themes of good news and sudden success in relationship matters or creative endeavors.

Eclipse themes paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology; midpoint pictures inspired by Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets and Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.

Mar 29, 2015

Horoscope: Libra Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015

As you see a horoscope for the April 4, 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse @14Lib24 has been set for Washington DC, the capital and representative for the United States of America, and eclipses US natal Saturn.

Full Moon = relationships, awareness, culmination, fulfillment; this Lunar Eclipse conjoins US natal Saturn; two sensitive points are highlighted: 14-15 Aries and Libra

by Jude Cowell

During an Hour of Jupiter, this Full Moon's perfection occurs at 8:05:32 am edt with Sun @14Ari24 in 12th house of such things as the Unconscious, Politics, Karma, Back Room Deals, and Large Institutions such as hospitals and zoos. We might suspect the halls of the US Congress to be located here as well. A 6th house Full Moon reflects fulfillment, culmination, awareness, and/or relationship issues concerning 6th house matters such as Health, our Daily Rounds and Schedules, Military, Police, and other types of Service--perhaps even the Secret Service which protects the president but has been on the hot seat of slackness and scandal of late. Another personnel shake-up plus a system review may be spotlighted by the light of this Full Moon for they certainly seem due.

Note that there are six 'super moons' (as termed by Richard Nolle) in 2015 with the super moon of September 28th a Lunar Eclipse at 5 Aries.

And with the April 4th Full Moon conjoining US natal Saturn (14Lib48) we may expect the fulfillment-culmination-awareness-relationship emphasis to fall upon lawmakers in Congress, the Justice System, and other institutions of a legal nature with themes of authority, responsibility, seniority, maturity, accountability, and the status quo. Of course, with karmic Saturn's tendency toward reaping what was sown, some element of loss may enter the picture as well. Plus, as with all eclipses, secrets may come to light. And with the Venus-Mars midpoint rising, the revelations could be from the realms of diplomacy, romantic liasons, or marital affairs.

Now a strong first house Venus @21Tau36 (in Taurus, one of its two signs of rulership) is chart-ruler yet makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects in the chart which casts our focus upon the planet's house and sign position since there is no mitigating input or interference from other planets (actors). A hint of dissatisfaction and inconstancy may be attached to 'lady' Venus in money-loving Taurus (sign of The Bull) who was anciently known as a goddess and called by many names all the way back to Babylon and Nimrod's wife, Semiramis.

(I mention what may seem to be an off-topic subject because the Utopian path America has been plopped upon toward the implementation of global government is never far away from my frets on this website and elsewhere--and it grumps me up every time I think about the criminality and cruelty of their plans. For those with eyes to see, the WTC attacks of 9.11.01 were a major signpost on the global government road and a symbol for the demolition of the old Tower of Babel morphed into the new ('World' Trade Center). and of course, the Tower of Babel was humankind's first-ever corporation--now global corporatists are constructing a new order 'built upon ruins' of the old via secret trade pacts such as the TPP which make sovereignty of nations a thing of the past and a clean environment an antiquated idea.)

So Venus is chart-ruler and also rules the Full Moon in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice and of balance and fairness. In addition, Venus rules or disposits the 12th house Mars and their midpoint conjoins the Ascendant which gives a flavor of diplomacy to the the Full Moon horoscope (set for Washington DC) and to the highlighted events that occur on or around April 4, 2015 until at least the next New Moon on April 18, 2015 in late Aries; romance is also in the spotlight.

A prominent chart factor is the Cardinal T-Square formed by the Sun-Moon opposition which points toward the 9th house Pluto @15Cap30. As you know, the 9th house relates to Foreign Lands and Foreigners, Philosophy, Religion, Legalities, Higher Education, and the Higher Mind. The apex planet of a T-Square can direct the energies of the T-Square and impact the tone of the entire chart and when in Cardinal signs, here-and-now goals are emphasized. And since Pluto tends to work at subliminal levels and Venus makes no applying aspects, Pluto calls the Full Moon tune with radical Uranus near the Sun (leadership) adding disruptive sparks from behind the scenes.

This planetary pattern with Pluto apex may denote poor planning as a vulnerability yet sudden changes will occur, planned or not.

Perhaps it's only a side note but Senator Elizabeth Warren was born with a Sun-Uranus conjunction of originality and genius and this conjunction in Aries in the Full Moon chart is in the 12th house of Politics.

Now when wealthy, sneaky Pluto is apex planet in a Cardinal T-Square pattern a person or group is identified as ruthless, manipulative, and extremely willful toward goals with a one-track-minded deviousness. Here is a high powered executive who acts with a chip-on-shoulder attitude and no one is supposed to stand in his (her, their) way. Obviously with saboteur Pluto, even assassination is on the table for it's 'success at any cost'. Note that Pluto on its own (even without Jupiter, Sun, or Chiron) can signify plutocrats, oligarchs, titans, popes, and propagandists using Psychology; drug use and mind control are also in creepy Pluto's realm of oppression and manipulation.

And naturally for Pluto in 9th house you've thought of ISIS/ISIL and other opponents of the West, haven't you? Sabotage, violence, kidnapping, assassination, mysterious power and stolen wealth certainly apply.

Plus, if we substituted US natal Saturn for the Moon in a midpoint picture (Sun-Moon = Pluto) we get Moon-US Saturn = Pluto and someone being pressured to change their entire value system. POTUS perhaps? Giving back his Nobel Peace Prize seems more and more appropriate yet this picture may also relate to the US Congress Via Capitol Hill legislation and/or US recent indictments for receiving 'gifts' (bribes). As you know, Saturn demands accountability and the shouldering of responsibilities and duties, things that Congress most often receives low marks for these days.

However, there is a mitigating factor and that is the Thales planet of the Sun-Moon opposition--Jupiter Rx @12Leo37 which sextiles the Moon (the 'ray of hope' aspect--Oken) and trines the Sun creating a beneficial condition and opportunity for improvement, perhaps instigated by President Obama since Jupiter conjoins his natal Sun--but then there's the 12-year cycle because...

Jupiter the General, Politician, Banker, Professor, and Guru conjoins again President Obama's natal Sun @12Leo denoting that something begun about 12 years ago must be ramped up or discontinued all together. This has been discussed on SO'W in previous posts so I'll not bore you again for obviously wars we've waged in the Middle East are implicated by this Jupiterian transit to the natal Sun of America's commander-in-chief which now continues as neocons once again spread their war-profiteering slogans across American airwaves and beat their drums of war on behalf of the *Zionists who now rule the State of Israel. Is the Pentagon following Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, and the others--again? From whence plutonian pressure comes.

Another thing about optimistic Jupiter is that the planet's Direct Station occurs on April 8, 2015 (conjunct the president's natal Sun @12Leo35, as noted--we see how war and war costs in the Middle East are now and will be increased), and in early July, transit Jupiter passes its shadow (Rx) degree (22Leo37) and moves on toward Virgo as political, social-societal, religious, exploratory, scientific, and financial plans and investments proceed however they may.

Well, there's my DC-related analysis of the April 4, 2015 Full Moon in the political realm and I'm certain you can find other chart factors to spotlight.

Be sure to check out a comprehensive and more personal view of the April 4, 2015 Lunar Eclipse by astrologer Depali Desai.

#LunarEclipse #Libra #WashingtonDC #PoliticalAstrology #Jupiter

Feb 21, 2015

March 3, 2015 Full Moon in Virgo: "Faith and Reason Shake Hands"

The Full Moon @14Vir50 on March 5, 2015

by Jude Cowell

The Earth-Water combination of March 3, 2015's Full Moon @14Vir50 indicates supportive, practical, and nourishing energies with the Sun in Watery Pisces. Exact at 1:05 pm EDT, the Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo blend is shared natally by such personalities as Luther Burbank, Alexander Graham Bell, Jack Kerouac, Glenn Miller, Roberto Assagioli (see quote, below), and Senator Edward Kennedy.

This is the Syzygy Moon (last lunation) prior to Spring Equinox on March 20, 2015 (6:45 pm EDT, a New Moon) and the Solar Eclipse @29Pis27 which manifests on that date at 5:36 am. Of course, Spring Equinox is also called the Aries Ingress (Sun to Mars-ruled Aries Point, 00Ari00:00) which spotlights major changes and peaks of activity on the world stage and stands as a predictive horoscope for an entire year. Other information is gained by consulting the horoscopes of Summer Solstice in June (00Can00), Autumn Equinox in September (00Lib00), and Winter Solstice in December (00Cap00) along with America's Solar Return of July, plus, other national Return horoscopes, and event charts.

Information found in President Obama's Solar Return in August 2015 is also relevant to the course of our nation along with transits and progressions to all related horoscopes; these must be studied for a fuller picture (although not suitable for today's brief post.)

Full Moon (awareness, opposition, culmination, relationships) March 3, 2015: Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo, the "Faith and Reason Shake Hands" *blend, denotes energies that give broad intelligence, analytical talent, and great perception which will bolster the Full Moon awareness factor. But in what departments of life? On a personal level, perception will be most notable for those who are aware of their natal planetary placements---in which house do you find 14/15 Virgo and 14/15 Pisces for there is where illumination will occur. On a mundane level, we may expect the victim-savior axis of Virgo-Pisces to be highlighted by the light of the March 3 Full Moon and the polarity emphasizes the tragedy of more brutality and revenge, as you know.

*Small events bring enormous consequences

Additionally, sign rulers Mercury (Virgo) and Jupiter (Pisces--with sub-ruler Neptune now strong in its own sign) and the Mercury-Jupiter and Mercury-Neptune pairings of energies are worth considering. In the realms of politics and business, we find Mercury-Jupiter denoting such potentials as expanding communications and transport systems, and discussions on legal, business, religious, and/or philosophical matters and theories. Such discussions and plans indicate possibilities for strained budgets, inflation concerns, religious leaders vying for political power, and scholarship censored by religious beliefs. Well-considered communications bring benefits with Mercury-Jupiter but with a caution against promoting overblown ideas or ideals.

With Mercury-Neptune we find a legislature controlling the excessive dreams and plans of government and business leaders while futuristic visualizations are promoted by leaders sharing their dreams of growth, development, and progress. Of course, the presence of nebulous Neptune, planet of veils, masks, fog, smoke, inspiration, and deception adds its typical undermining influence which leads to instability; weak or artificial plans need rethinking.

Use of delusion to mesmerize the public (propaganda) is evident for communications promise more than can be delivered and serve to divert the people's attention from important matters which may be carried out surreptitiously by fraudsters and spendthrifts with the Neptunian media playing the usual supporting role of keeping the corporate ball in the air.

And since a Full Moon is often a time of relationship fulfillment and brings a culmination of some kind, the Moon's ability to grant us fuller awareness across the Virgo-Pisces axis may clarify that others are not what we thought them to be---or, that they have purposefully deceived or even secretly harmed us. A wise course is to beware of illusion and deception under the silver moonbeams of March!

Now in spite of the fact that a "Faith and Reason" influence adds Illuminati-New World Order-globalism vibes to the March 3 Full Moon via Neptune (Faith, Spirituality) and Uranus (Reason, Science), let's close with some very good advice for all world leaders and wanna-bes, and for the war-wagers who profit from the deaths of others. The quote concerns the victim-savior axis even though as a group the power elite class seems to be too craven and self-serving to learn from it (which to me makes them seem rather ignorant):

"Without forgiveness life is governed endless cycle of resentment and retaliation." Roberto Assagioli.

Tragically for humanity, that's the sort of natural law their plans for global governance depend on.


Recommended reading: *Sun Sign, Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey; Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets by Michael Munkasey.

Jan 29, 2015

Feb 3 2015 Leo Full Moon conjoins fixed star Dubhe

On Tuesday February 3, 2015 a Full Moon @14Leo47 perfects at 6:08:54 pm est across the 6/12 axis in a horoscope set for Washington DC. Along with Dubhe, the Full Moon rises with Jupiter Rx @18Leo00 conjunct the degree of the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse which heralded New Millennium 'terror' and our subsequent global economic woes. Jupiter continues as the handle planet of a Bucket planetary pattern thus linking chart hemispheres and the actors (planets) opposite.

Sun @14AQ47 falls in the 6th house of Work, Health, and Service (military, police, civil, domestic), and Daily Tasks and with the Moon is part of a Focused YOD along with the Pluto-Chiron sextile.

Pluto-Chiron = plutocracy, oppression, exploitation, primal violence

The Pluto-Chiron sextile (the base of the YOD pattern pointing toward the Moon and by opposition, the Sun) denotes spokesmen and those who have a "finger on the mass pulse" (Nolle). Pluto @14Cap18 in 5th house applies to a final square (0A55) with Uranus--here @13Ari22 in 8th house (exact on March 16). The ongoing Saturn-Neptune square from 4th house to 7th continues to bellyache over its social burdens such as the funding of America's safety net programs and other social needs of the populace. Also, 7th house Neptune denotes the ongoing unreliability in February 2015 of partnerships and alliances domestically and in American foreign policy. A 7th house Venus, exalted in Pisces, brings in a potential link to the Vatican.

My suspicion is that the Full Moon's close encounter with fixed star Dubhe points primarily toward US foreign policy for fixed star Dubhe is the alpha star of constellation Ursa Major, the Great She-Bear, and as everyone knows, this is a traditional archetypal symbol for Russia. Potential expressions of Dubhe include: destruction, arrogance (A. Louis), a martial nature (Ptolemy), nastiness (Ebertin), strong feminine powers, intuition, psychism, persistence, endurance, and quiet strength (Brady).

Visions of an angry, protective she-bear appear with the February 3rd Full Moon in dramatic Leo! Yes, paternalistic egos may be viciously defended yet examples of the star's Mars-inspired energies include Princess Diana's natal Venus which is linked by paran to Dubhe and, as Ebertin notes, Dubhe links with the natal Moon of China's Mao Tse Tung who advised his political operatives (and all future politicians with an infiltrating mission) that,

"Wherever we go, we must unite with the people, take root, and blossom among them..."

Hmmm..I confess, this reminds me of The Americans returning to TV last evening and how Russian and other spies are embedded among us.

Note: a brief bio of Chairman Mao Tse Tung and his natal horoscope may be found here.

And for additional information on the February 3, 2015 Full Moon you'll find a comprehensive analysis showing lunation horoscopes set for various locations including the Middle East at Grand Trines.

Update 1/29/15: the 8th house Uranus is prominent in the Full Moon chart for it acts as the Thales Point (trine Moon, sextile Sun)--the negotiator--that can ease tension between the opposing Sun and Moon.

Sep 1, 2014

Washington DC: September 8, 2014 Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Return of the Locomotive Pattern of Success: Lead Planet Jupiter (The General)

by Jude Cowell

With America now back on track toward sending more troops into Iraq, a December 18, 2011 post Iraq War ends w US Saturn uppermost 12.18.11 seems in retrospect to hint at a long relationship (Saturn) between the US government (natal Saturn) and the 2003 misadventure of the Bush administration's One Percent Doctrine, aka, the Cheney Doctrine of counter-terrorism.

Now since this is a Political Astrology blog, I trust that you have clicked or tapped yourself into the right place for expecting misadventure descriptions and unintended consequences explored under the rays of the September 8, 2014 Full Moon @16Pis19. If not you are urged to sashay over to a more personal Full Moon assessment at Ruby Slipper Astrology: Full Moon in Pisces: Wash Away the Inadequacy.

For as someone once said, Politics is "an organized system of hatreds..." (H. B. Adams) and I believe it should not be allowed to taint anyone's mood too harshly though goodness knows politicians and propagandists try their best every chance they get.

The New Moon of August 25, 2014 @2Vir18 is the beginning of the cycle from whence the September 2014 Harvest Full Moon comes--always two weeks later and always a culmination or fulfillment of the seeds planted at the previous New Moon. Follow the link for an image of the New Moon horoscope set for DC with a few chart details added.

So from Virgo to Pisces we go toward Autumn Equinox of September 22, 2014 (I'm preparing the post for it now to be published asap.) Set for DC, this Full Moon horoscope shows Taurus rising (10:22) which nominates Venus as chart-ruler and as usual, we look at the applying aspects of Venus to glean how things may proceed over the next two weeks from this lunation until the next New Moon of September 24 when the axis of emphasis changes from Virgo-Pisces (victim/savior) to Aries-Libra (relationships/self v others.) Yet we know that any Full Moon involves relationships along with full awareness and a potential for endings or even concerns about public matters.

Honestly, there are so many victims (and saviors) in the world today it's sometimes difficult to focus on just one or one group, isn't it? Additionally, in Washington DC the Full Harvest Moon falls in the 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes & Wishes so perhaps President Obama will have news concerning 'coalition of the willing' alliances he is said to prefer as the Pentagon marches off to the Middle East (not that we fully left) to continue its "war on terror" though to my mind, war IS terror.

Yes, ISIS/ISIL/IS--the Islamic State of assassins now terrorizing Iraq and Syria is being used in an attempt to terrorize the American public into fighting more war--may be a legitimate threat to the US but if so, it was the radicalization of the Middle East caused by our past betrayals plus Bush-Cheney bombs and now Mr. Obama's bombs that brought or may bring 'blowback' to our shores...for there's something about bombs killing all one's relatives that inspires a man or woman toward taking revenge--and an endless cycle of hatred and violence prevails. Forcing global government upon people who don't want it predictably creates chaos, don't you think?

Now the applying aspects of chart-ruler Venus (in 5th house of Risk-Taking) are as follows: Venus opposes Neptune (1A45) which indicates a period of vicious gossip, possible sexually transmitted diseases, and empty diplomacy. Self-serving gestures are prominent and religious fervor is faked.

Venus last trines powerful Pluto (6A53; Pluto in 9th house of Foreign Lands @11Cap02 Rx) denoting a time when the reading of body language is easy and those who seem self-contained with an aura of self-possession seem the most attractive. And though there are no guarantees there is a chance now to turn past failure into success which is an opportunity the Obama administration, the Democratic Party, and other players must take quick advantage of if they know what's cookin'.

If only the good of the American people were of any consideration!

Okay, the last chart factors I'll mention are the wide opposition between Mercury and Uranus across the 6/12 axis (which includes military and police services) squaring 9th house Pluto. This dynamic T-Square pattern may tend to attract complications or reversals, denotes potentials for vulgarities or slurs being added to speech, may point to a hasty realization of plans, and/or to 'getting the biggest job done in a commanding way' (Tyl.) Like a war or something really big.

Plus, now traversing structural, status quo Capricorn, wealthy, plutocratic Pluto is the apex planet of this Cardinal T-Square and we recognize those with a one-tracked, obsessive drive toward objectives which may include a demand for complete metamorphosis of systems and institutions and those who don't mind using extreme force to have their own way so that an old order can be swept away for the new. Abuse of power lies well within Pluto's realm as he overwhelms any opposition or challenge to his (imagined?) authority.

Now I wonder who this creepy Pluto group of psychopaths could be? The Fed, the Pentagon, international bankers, oligarchs, criminals, dictators, the Pope, secret societies, foreign or domestic assassins? Just as in life, Astrology works on many levels simultaneously so my guess is that Pluto represents all of the above and more besides--as in, a global conspiracy working toward waging WWIII.

Yet are there any benefits in the Full Moon chart to soothe the difficult energies and conditions now manifesting in the world? Perhaps, for an Earth Grand Trine is formed if we count a point of outlet for the energies at the Ascendant. The two planets involved are Sun trine Pluto, the actor I just maligned so terribly. Their protective, materialistic trine is separating (5S16) which denotes a past meeting (the Sept 4/5 NATO Summit in Wales?) between Sun (leader of a nation--in Wales it's 28 nations) and crabby, isolated, powerful Pluto, an aspect of concentrated will and deep insight into the most efficient use of energy and resources. As you know, a separating aspect also indicates unconscious or secretive influences.

Well, since we're talking Politics, NATO discussions of global security threats, and the Sun-Pluto duo, we may expect that changes in policy direction are in the air along with governing authority that is used to control dissent along with a generous helping of immorality. And it seems to me that in America the now-spotlighted accumulation of excessive amounts of armed strength by organized government and the negative influence of the organized criminal syndicate are of more immediate concern to our nation than what NATO members are reported to be discussing while meeting this week in beautiful Wales.


As given in Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes, here are the natal details for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) created by treaty and 'brought into force' when signed by President Harry Truman; NATO 'came into being' on August 24, 1949 at 11:42 am in Washington DC after the treaty was ratified by France. ASC 2Sco57; MC 8Leo37 (the 2003 Iraq War's Jupiter Rx position); 10th house Sun 1Vir07 and Moon 7Vir52 conjunct Saturn 8Vir28. The September 8, 2014 Full Moon falls in the 5th house of the horoscope while the Full Moon MC (The Goal) @23Cap40 conjoins NATO's natal Jupiter @23Cap20 Rx...Jupiter the General.

Edit Sept 7, 2014: one event I neglected to mention which will be affected by the September 8th Full Harvest Moon (also a 'Supermoon' as termed by expert astrologer #RichardNolle because of its closeness to Earth and seemingly larger size) is that Congress reconvenes on Tuesday September 9, 2014 from summer break. Whether any useful, practical, or sane business will be accomplished during the two weeks (until the next New Moon!) they're 'in session' remains to be seen and howled at, if past performances are any indication. Whatever 'harvest' they gather will more likely be for special interest barns especially if they see benefits for them in the November Midterm Elections.

Cynicism from a dissenting American? Yes, and they invite it by breaking the public trust, showing themselves corrupt to the core, and regularly circumventing the wishes and needs of the American people. And yet it isn't the American government I abhor--it's the infiltrators, usurpers, and global government agents now holding seats and pretending to 'serve' in offices they don't deserve who should be tossed out of Masonic Washington DC. jc

Jun 7, 2014

June 13, 2014 Full Moon in Sagittarius = US natal Neptune

June 13, 2014: A Flamboyant Full Moon in Mutual Reception with Jupiter

by Jude Cowell

On Friday June 13, 2014 a Full Moon perfects at 12:11 am edt and in Washington DC, 23AQ36 rises with America's natal Moon--We the People--close behind. Our issues are rising but also rising in 1st house are transit Neptune in its own compassionate if confused sign of Pisces (7:35) along with Chiron @17Pis44, a critical degree. Neptune in 1st house denotes large events involving water, oil, gas, or drugs and possibly copious tears. To me this suggests ground water ruined by the gas industry (fracking), or, more railway cars full of oil exploding--both of which can turn people into refugees fleeing their own homes. Natural disasters such as storms and the water needed to fight wildfires along with the general implication of fraud and deception that Neptune provides may be in the mix as well. Neptunian propaganda, the masses, and mass media also come to mind.

Well! Right off the bat, the June 2014 Full Moon, a phase of culmination that hints at relationship concerns, shows a Neptunian vibe which may also relate back to year 2009 when transit Neptune in Aquarius conjoined US natal Moon--'fraud to the people'! Of course, the transit had the additional impetus of expansive Jupiter conjoining Neptune, the speculator combo, as homeowners (US Moon) continued to be scammed and robbed by banks, the mortgage industry, and the US government which rescued Wall Street while neglecting Main Street. Yes, Capitalism was saved but the people? Not so much.

And of course the June 13th Full Moon in questing, quixotic Sagittarius is deposited by Jupiter, here @22Can49 and just left 6th house for the 5th house of Gambling and Speculation. Therefore Moon and Jupiter are in Mutual Reception, a sympatico relationship. Plus, transit Jupiter will soon conjoin US natal Mercury Rx at its "A Leader of Men Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" degree, then will oppose US natal Pluto Rx in Capricorn, a time when power and success may be grossly mismanaged. It's a contest of wills in finance, insurance (ACA), and taxes. And, as you know, America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition across the Security axis (Can/Cap) has always had We the People under surveillance--and over-bounding Jupiter to our natal Mercury hints at enlarging plans, not reducing them in scope.

Additionally, a Thor's Hammer ('Fist of God') pattern describes an imperative circumstance and forms in the chart between the Neptune/MC square aiming at the 5th house Jupiter in Cancer (and thus at our natal Mercury, planet of plans, trade, communications, news, spying, etc.) In Politics and Business, the Neptune/MC duo relates to future plans based on visions and dreams (like Bacon's, Weishaupt's, and Pike's Great Plan of global domination, I suspect--America must be completely undermined first), spies who undermine national security ("Immigrants Entering a New Country"?), leaders who are deceived by others (I'll say!), and official scandals of large proportions (Michael Munkasey.) And with Jupiter as its primary object the proportions are certain to be massive.

So what Ptolemaic aspects (relationships) are chart-rulers Saturn and Uranus (ASC 23AQ36) applying toward in the June 2014 Full Moon horoscope to show how things will proceed over the next few weeks? No major aspects for either planet (actor) unless we count their problematic aspect with one another:

Manager/lawmaker Saturn in 9th house of Foreigners inconjunct (150 degr) quirky anarchist Uranus @15Ari54 in 2nd house of the National Treasury, Earning Ability, and Values. As you know, an inconjunct (aka, a quincunx) is an aspect of adjustment and here it denotes freedom v responsibility issues which seem to relate to finances and budgets (Uranus of disruption, new ideas and methods in 2nd house; austere, conservative Saturn in 9th house of foreign banks and governments.) Saturn has separated from its opposition to Venus (though karmically they are in the same degree and minute as is Chiron--17:44!) so relationship concerns are again emphasized as with a Full Moon.

And unfortunately, the Venus-Saturn opposition denotes break-ups between partners, financial hardships, and/or the burdensome responsibilities that Pluto as apex of the Saturn-Neptune midpoint wants to avoid...Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: denial of guilt from responsible parties, a circumstance that has bedeviled us for months now. There are also threads of heavy emotional depression in this picture and in the Venus-Saturn opposition though that may be lifting somewhat since the two planets are separating.

A new financial order--forced upon the world?

But back to the 9th house Saturn--the Full Moon's Sabian Symbol ('23Sag') = "Immigrants Entering a New Country." Shown here is friction between old order Saturn v new order Uranus in the Full Moon chart of June 13th though no one needs Astrology to tell them this for we all feel it and are experiencing it in our everyday lives, plus such conflicts are emphasized by any reading or listening we may do--assuming that our heads are not firmly planted in the sands of entertaining diversions. Naturally the threat of new congressmen winning the seats of older incumbent politicians at the November 2014 Elections cannot be ruled out as the generational conflict continues--Saturn the old man v Uranus the whippersnapper, as old order fights but must eventually give way to the new.

It's an Hour of the Sun, and with the Full Moon's Sun @22Gem05 in 4th house of Home and Security, we find a solar spotlight cast upon US natal Mars (the warrior) in dual Gemini and thus upon its natal square with our national Neptune (which conjoins President Obama's natal Mars @23Virgo.) The Mars-Neptune square has been problematic from the start of this nation but more so since US politicians and the government were bought out by wealthy plutocrats who owe no allegiance to our nation (so they think.) Yet Mars to US natal Sun indicates a surge of vitality for the POTUS (Sun) and a determined push toward government and/or his personal goals.

Now testy instigator Mars @12Lib24 is poised to leave the 8th house of Transformation, Debt, Credit, Corporations, etc, and will enter the 7th house of Partnerships, Legal Affairs, and Open enemies. The Cardinal T-Square shows Mars opposing Uranus (explosive outbursts, violence) pointing toward manipulative Pluto (of hidden wealth fame and power), with Pluto here in 11th house of Groups and Associations (the global crime syndicate?) The T-Square continues to provide the world with force and violence on a large scale. And with the Full Moon in 10th house (in Washington DC) we may expect much publicity in all matters mentioned above and more besides for it promises to be a very event-filled Summer in, and instigated by, Washington DC.

Sun-Moon = the international reputation of a country; loss of face in international politics; leadership's will forcefully imposed upon the people; reading the people's attitudes when making policy; pessimism of the population or lawmakers (Munkasey, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.)

Now there are several more chart factors worth discussing if only we could but let's close with the midpoint pictures that are created by the Full Moon's Sun-Moon/Gem-Sag opposition with its midpoint @22Vir05 conjunct US natal Neptune and President Obama's natal Mars--the Zodiacal point where his motivations and actions (Mars) are veiled or hidden (Neptune) from public view:

Sun-Moon = US n Neptune: delusions about what's possible; misunderstandings, mistakes; undermining of associations; shared suffering; discontent.

Sun-Moon = BHO natal Mars: an urge to bring ideals to fruition; a stronger personal drive or initiative; forcing others for quicker progress; realization of joint plans; anger; a focus on strength.

Jan 29, 2014

Jan 30, 2014 New Moon is a 'Lunar Transit' of the Sun

More info is now available on the January 30, 2014 New Moon @10AQ55 which is actually a 'Lunar Transit' of the Sun, a phenomenon that can only be seen from space:

Space Weather News for Jan. 29, 2014

LUNAR TRANSIT: The Moon is about to pass in front of the sun, producing an eclipse that can be seen only from space. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory will record the 2.5-hour "lunar transit" beginning at 1331 UTC or 8:31 EST on Thursday, Jan. 30th.

Tune into for pictures during the event.

If you're curious, a few astrological notes may be found in a previous post concerning the New Moon of January 30th which is the second New Moon of January 2014 and that leaves February with only one lunation, the Valentine's Day Full Moon in romantic Leo!

Jan 28, 2014

Feb 14 2014 a Full 'Snow' Moon in Leo

Feb 14, 2014 Full Moon in Romantic Leo, Sign of the 'Natural Leader'

by Jude Cowell

Since in Georgia we're facing possibly a major snowstorm this afternoon, I'm looking at the Washington DC horoscope of the Full Moon on Valentine's Day February 14, 2014, what is traditionally called the 'Snow Moon' for obvious reasons.

Perfecting in DC at 6:53 pm est, this particular Full Moon is personalized for America by its degree of 26Leo12 with Sun @26AQ12 falling upon US natal Moon @27AQ10 (We the People). A Full Moon (fulfillment or culmination phase that relates to relationships, alliances, and full awareness) highlights the Leo-Aquarius axis of Self Will and there are romantic v humanitarian vibes going on with this Fire-Air blend.

Occurring during an Hour of the Sun, we find the horoscope showing several planetary patterns and one is a T-Square between Sun and Moon and Mercury and Moon--all pointing toward an apex Saturn @23Sco06 in 3rd house of Communications, Neighborhoods, Siblings, and Primary Education. Midpoint pictures are formed and indicate potentials for addressing problems and issues, separations, weakened systems, and possible depression 'if the tide has turned' (Tyl.)

Apex Saturn, a karmic planet, in a Fixed T-Square describes those in executive positions who are extremely dedicated to their preferred causes which they focus upon with laser-like obsession, an indomitable will, stubbornness, and--as we might expect from the austerity lovers of Washington--with a deep need to control others. In fact, ambition is the main motivation in life and they are always on guard to make sure personal vulnerabilities are not exposed. So determined toward concrete goals are they that abusive tactics toward those who stand in their way are used whenever necessary. Character assassination and 'the power of the half-truth' comes to mind.

Sun and Moon are involved in a Hard Rectangle pattern as well along with the Jupiter-Pluto opposition and speedy Mercury Rx in 6th house of Work, Health, and Service. This pattern denotes a condition or situation in which the opposition's actors (here, Jupiter and Pluto) are under tremendous yet indirect pressure to reconcile their differences. Yet greater antagonism is also a potential due to the pattern's semi-squares and sesqui-squares. In other words, though cooperation and compromise are much needed in Washington, they continue to be dirty words for many of our politicians with axes to grind and major corporate supporters to obey.

The Uranus-Pluto Square Slings a Hammer of Thor at the American People

The midpoint of Uranus and Pluto, two generational planets squaring (blocking) one another (next exact square on April 21, 2014), form a Thor's Hammer (or, Fist of God) configuration that points toward (conjuncts) the Sun (leader) which conjoins US natal Moon (We the People) and thereby affects the Full Moon @26Leo12. This difficult condition lies across the Virgo-Pisces victim-savior axis of the 6th and 12th houses.

Midpoint pictures form from the Hammer pattern that include potentials for great tension, revolution or rebellion, indomitability, change through force, catastrophe, extreme dedication to goals (sounds like Saturn, above), and/or introducing unique ways to represent old methods into new explanations. Daring, ambition, and intuition may also be prominent by the light of Snow Moon 2014. (Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin.)

So with a multiple-day power outage predicted, and snow now piling up on the ground outside my window north of Atlanta, I'll close with a *famous quote (below) and offer you a link to a Valentine's Day Full Moon article that has romance and relationships as its focus and not politics at all! See Full Moon on Valentine's Day: Your Emergency Preparedness Guide by Matthew Currie.

*Sharing the Sun AQ-Moon Leo blend natally is Frederick the Great who informs us that, "My people and I have come to an agreement...they are to say what they please, and I am to do what I please." Sounds to me like the current state of things in America!

Jan 12, 2014

Jan 15 and Jan 30, 2014 Full and New Moons

A second New Moon occasionally occurs in a calendar month and January 2014 has one on January 30 @4:38:30 pm EST @10AQ55. This leaves February 2014 with only one lunation, the Valentine's Day Full Moon in romantic Leo on February 14th. More about that later.

As you know, the first New Moon of 2014 was on January 1st @10Cap57--conjunct transformative Pluto (hidden wealth, the Pope, the saboteur, etc.) Next comes the Full Moon @25Can58 (conjunct US natal Mercury Rx) on January 15th at 11:52:09 pm EST. The horoscope I'm looking at is set for Washington DC with 17Lib23 rising along with transiting Mars @17Lib54, a double emphasis on this degree.

'18Lib' = "Two Men Placed Under Arrest"...CONSEQUENCE with all that the word picture implies along with warrior Mars (or, simply males between 25--35, give or take a year or two), and of course, Mars represents US military and police forces. This degree also conjoins US SP Mars Rx which describes our nation's progressed condition in any and all the realms of Mars.

Note: US SP Mars '19Lib' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding" and we're infested with them, aren't we? And their tiresome 'denials of responsibility from guilty parties' (tr Saturn-Neptune = Pluto).

In The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones gives the negative expression of '18Lib' as: "total inappropriateness of impulse and act", with impulse and act both relating to functions of the astrological Mars. No matter how we think of it, the January 15th Full Moon, the culmination/awareness phase, describes conditions that are immediately on the menu for Washington DC actors (politicians, lobbyists, and the rest) because they are on the horizon for the nation's capital.

Also rising is the Moon-Pluto midpoint which provides a sense of anger and frustration in the environment yet at Midheaven (MC, the Goal Point) is the happy, opportunity-instilled Moon-Jupiter midpoint which for some portends confidence, popularity, and good fortune in Career and Public Status realms.

The Full Moon chart also includes a pattern called a Thor's Hammer (or, Fist of God) which is aimed at nebulous, often deceptive Neptune @3Pis39 in the 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling. The base of the Hammer is the square between Mars and MC (also ASC and MC) which denotes that something is off-the-mark and needs focus to counter the diffusion that exists within the environment. This Hammer or Fist may not be as difficult as it could be, however, since chart Angles are involved in both instances rather than a third planet (actor.) Yet with tr Mars and ASC conjoining US SP Mars, we may expect some action concerning military and/or police forces especially with Neptune (the masses; the media) so near Fixed Star Fomalhaut (crisis at the end of the river.)

And there are also dynamic T-Square patterns formed that point to catalyst Uranus @8Ari57--Uranus denotes 'anarchists' and 'blind zealots' when in Mars-ruled Aries, according to Reinhold Ebertin. The Full Moon Uranus is posited in the 6th house of Work, Health, and Service--military, police, and otherwise.

With the Full Moon manifesting in 10th house in Washington DC--and thus with the Sun @25Cap58 near US natal Pluto Rx in 4th house--we have a focus on relationships and awareness (Full Moon) across the Home-Security axis. Perhaps the NSA's secret spying on Americans (4th h = Domestic Scene) is described here on one level with President Obama scheduled to speak at the end of the week about making changes to their draconian surveillance programs. Plus, there is an 'overturning the tables' vibe to the Full Moon chart (Jupiter-Pluto = Uranus.) Yet given this astrologer's lamentable inability to fully trust the US government, perhaps our Orwellian spies will only find a better way to snoop on us while portraying themselves as sensitive to the US Constitution and protective of our (former) right to privacy.

Now the Full Moon horoscope's Libra Ascendant makes Venus the chart-ruler, and Venus is retrograde @18Cap23 (IC = 19Cap56) in 3rd house of Communications, having just left 4th house. That the chart-ruler is Rx denotes delays of some kind, or glitches--perhaps in the implementation of the so-called new world order since '18Cap' (POLITICAL POWER) is the degree of the Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s of 1993 which form a modern natal horoscope for the NWO. This gives a fantasy element to the Full Moon and a lack of realism concerning Venusian things such as relationships, diplomacy, and evaluations. Even Real Estate may be affected by this picture for the 'Real' may not be so real after all.

As for the New Moon chart of January 30, 2014 @10AQ55, it is conjoined by the transiting midpoint of Pluto-Chiron, the oppressive Plutocracy pair and some sort of new cycle of activity begins. With the New Moon in the 7th house of Partnerships, I must unfortunately (for US workers) think of the three secretive trade pacts being forced upon our nation as I type. Annoying how Washington politicians give lip service to job creation while their behind-the-curtain wheeler-dealing leads to signing our jobs away to other nations whose workers are cheap hires. So if you're like me, you are not amused by Washington's and Obama's perfidy in this matter and wish the TPP and the other trade 'deals' could be stuffed inside their own paychecks for a change. (I'm being a nice southerner using the word 'paychecks', aren't I?)

Besides, my grump so far doesn't begin to address the new trade 'deals' and their coming ruination of nation-state sovereignty, environmental standards, and decent working conditions to which we can say buh-bye any day now. Why, even Bill NAFTA Clinton knows a lot about it because he was one of the major tools for implementing the supranational purpose of undermining America!

Guess Bill read Atlas Shrugged, too, where corporatists take their money and flee.

Well, there are many more chart factors worth discussing in both horoscopes but I doubt you have time to read them if I type them! So maybe you can set up the Full and New Moon charts of January 2014 for yourself and see what you see for I highly recommend the practice if you have a chance and the inclination!


Dec 2, 2013

January 1, 2014: New Moon, a Grand Cross, and a Bucket

Astro-Portents of New Years Day 2014: New Moon in Capricorn

by Jude Cowell

A New Year, a New Moon--sounds quite fortuitous, doesn't it?

Well, I'm looking at a New Moon horoscope set for Washington DC on New Years Day 2014 (6:14:08 am est) with 22Sag52 rising along with fixed star Ras Alhague (a Ophiuchi: 'a desire to create balance and healing' (--Brady, though Devore mentions 'perverted and depraved tastes' and 'misfortunes through women'), and powerful underworld boss Pluto @11Cap16 followed by an out-of-bounds Mercury @12Cap50 and Venus 26Cap42 Rx. It's with a full 1st house that Washington DC faces the New Moon on New Years Day, yet we may pause for prayer since warring Mars @11Lib51 conjoins MC, the Public Status/Career/Goal Point of the chart and the most visible for the world to see.

Opposite Mars near the IC (The Drain; Endings; Domestic Scene; Roots) is quirky disruptor Uranus @8Ari40 in 3rd house and feeling his anarchist oats since entering America's natal 4th house in 2010, blind zealots and Utopians represented, according to Ebertin. Is a false flag op soon to be perpetrated on US soil? Some say so.

The explosive Mars-Uranus opposition is part of a dynamic Grand Cross with the second half formed by Jupiter Rx @16Can03 (7th h) opposing the Capricorn line-up in 1st house though Jupiter's opposition is closer by degree to Mercury than to the New Moon, Pluto, or Venus. Yet the Grand Cross planets include: Mars, MC, Sun and Moon, Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square separating (2S35) for now, and Jupiter acting as the handle of this Bucket shaped chart.

Planets arranged into a Bucket shape denote circumstances in which energy is focused and released via the handle planet--here, Jupiter, exalted in Cancer yet weakened, or its effectiveness and benefits delayed, by its retrograde condition. This pattern indicates an uncompromising direction of effort with little or no concern for end results. It seems there is no desire to conserve resources and there are many Americans who level this charge against the pocket-lining politicians of Washington DC--those who are in breach of the public trust come to mind.

To me the New Moon in Capricorn (the Saturn-ruled sign of government, law, and business) hints that unemployment benefits may not be extended by the end of December 2013 which will give a tremendous downward tug to the US economy as well as creating more misery for Americans who have suffered losses already at the hands of an uncaring corporate government. Hopefully I am wrong about this difficult start of the New Year, but there it is.

Best case is that Jupiter as handle shows inspiration and an adaptation of allegiances to where they can create the most benefits for the American people; on the downside, Jupiter here signifies malcontents and agitators who play the Jolly One's typical roles as professor, General, explorer, guru, priest, banker, or corporate CEO.

Cardinal Grand Cross: it's complicated

The Grand Cross of squares and oppositions indicates that quick, ill-considered action may be taken since impatience abounds. Staying power to complete projects is required and the continued cooperation of others is a must (the ACA website?) Common sense helps avoid pitfalls and it will be necessary to prevent succumbing to such things as recklessness, bad timing, over-assertion, and direct confrontations with others. Though ambitious, we must exercise more self-control even while facing one obstacle after another!

Now Pluto is, I suppose, Lord of the Eclipse (0A18), while status quo Saturn @20Sco24 (11th h) disposits Sun and Moon. Jupiter Rx is ruled of the horoscope, another indicator that the money planet's Rx condition is problematic as 2014 begins. And we haven't even discussed how the January 1st planets and Capricorn New Moon are lined up opposite America's natal planets in Cancer! Or how transiting Jupiter is retrograding back to rejoin US natal Sun (the president)!

To summarize, early 2014 is a critical time of development and it looks as though war, weapons, diplomacy, possibly explosions, financial mishaps, and even earthquakes or other natural disasters are potential dishes on our nation's menu as the New Year starts so I hope both readers of Stars Over Washington stay safe, warm, and dry, and do take activated charcoal for that hang-over if you allow yourself to party too much!


New Moons Are Followed by Full Moons

As you know, New Moons begin a phase of activity and represent a seeding time which culminates or fulfills about two weeks later at the subsequent Full Moon. On January 15, 2014, a Full Moon @25Can5j8 conjoins US natal Mercury Rx with the Sun @25Cap58, near US natal Pluto Rx, thus stimulating the US Mercury-Pluto opposition of surveillance and secrets. There are no planets OOBs in the Full Moon horoscope, but Venus is Rx @18Cap23, the 'new world order' degree of POLITICAL POWER and 'smug-armed paternalism' (Jones).

1/15/14: Mars @17Lib54 rises (ASC 17Lib23) in Washington DC and spotlights US natal Mars which is Rx by progression @18Lib+ since Summer 2006 (almost a 'Progressed Mars Return') denoting our wounded vets, other militaristic concerns, potential gun violence, protesters, activists, etc. This rising Mars--prominent in the New Moon horoscope, as mentioned above--can act as a trigger for events of a Martian nature especially since a Thor's Hammer pattern is 'aimed at' delusional Neptune @3Pis39 in 5th house.

The base of the Hammer is a Mars-MC square which creates a midpoint picture giving the January 15, 2014 Full Moon 'out of the mainstream' and/or 'withdrawal as an option' vibes though lucky Jupiter @14Can04 Rx in 9th h does conjoin Sirius, the Dog Star, and is about to rejoin US natal Sun. This transit may aid the president with obstructionist Republicans concerning budgetary issues, austerity measures, nominations, and such. Jupiter to Sun shows that 'something begun 12 years ago must be ended or move up to the next level' which sounds much like the 'leave Afghanistan in 2024' substitution for leaving in 2014.

Around the time of the January 15th Full Moon, deception will be used as a strategy, as usual in Politics, and/or communications will be other than they appear (Neptune-Pluto = Mercury--Tyl) which is also very much the usual in Politics.

The Saturn-Neptune = Pluto midpoint picture remains in effect in January 2014 so the 'denial of guilt from responsible parties' continues to interfere with social progress as syndicate criminals walk free, prosper, and live to defraud us again.

Sep 3, 2013

Syria, Capitol Hill, and the Sept 2013 New and Full Moons

Powerful Manipulator Pluto Busy in Syria and on Capitol Hill

by Jude Cowell

Today it is reported that the Syria Resolution Will Hit Right Mark, Predicts Obama which completely bypasses the opinions of the majority of the American people who agree that another Pentagon intervention on Middle Eastern sand is a very bad idea. Genuinely so. But expecting any good faith efforts from the bandits and charlatans who infest Capitol Hill is a waste of our time especially since this Political Theater script is being written elsewhere.

Plus, the Israel lobby in DC will direct the votes of senators and representatives alike of both parties but particularly those of the Republicans.

As we've seen in the years since January 2009, the undermining and thus the weakening of the US government has been in high gear for racial prejudices can always be used against America and we will now be encumbered by more performances of the anti-Obama kind which may discredit his legacy as president while it also demonstrates the weaknesses now showing in our republic form of government. The US is not a democracy if it ever was so we can predict with 99.9% certainty that We the People's views on military intervention will not be taken into consideration. With each new president, the agenda of the global domination/new world order plan "must be followed; very little option to do otherwise" (Tyl).

But then most regular folk don't pine for Global Government the way the Jupiter-Pluto types do, those who can mount large-scale enterprises and foment war whenever it suits their psychopathic obsession with grabbing ultimate control of the world, its people, and its resources. Waging war is a 'handy' form of de-population after all, and the property of millions of exiles may never belong to them again, ancestral lands or not. Plus, dispossession and disenfrachisement are favorite tactics of Pluto-Chiron, the Plutocracy duo of primal violence, prejudice, and exploitation.

Looking at the two Syria natal horoscopes in my files (January 1, 1944 12:00 am Damascus and the Assad coup chart of November 13, 1970 at dawn), the 1944 natal chart's Sun is now precisely conjoined by transiting Pluto @9Cap59 Rx (which forces a new start), and the 1970 chart's Pluto @29Vir01 is rising precisely at the Full Moon's perfection on September 19, 2013 (@26Pis40) when the chart is set for Washington DC. That makes two Pluto assignations with destiny of a vastly transformative nature and my heart and prayers go out once again to the good people of Syria and to those in the entire region of the Middle East.

Yet some empathy is due the American people as well since people don't start wars, only governments at the insistence of the Global Crime Syndicate (headed, some say, by the Vatican Bank) do.

New and Full Moons of September 2013 (Washington DC):

On September 5, 2013, a New Moon @13Vir04 begins a new cycle of activity and perfects at 7:36:08 am edt with, sad to say, 23Vir19 rising and 22Gem24 at MC (Aspirations; the Goal) which puts America's natal Neptune on the Ascendant (what's coming up--loss and fraud) along with President Obama's natal Mars (action; energy; motivation) which is masked by US natal Neptune making the president's motivations and actions difficult to see or understand clearly. At the New Moon's MC is America's natal Mars in duplicitous Gemini which tallies with reports that the US and others have had 'boots on the ground' in Syria for some time now (commando forces.)

So the fog (Neptune) of war (Mars) that lurks within our nation's problematic Mars-Neptune square is on the rise with its misguided actions/confused motivation implications. Well, if Congress makes a decision this week or next on Syrian intervention by the US, it will be fraught with misinformation and deception, some of which is supplied by the president, some by lobbyists and others who intend to profit by exploiting the dire situation in oil-rich Syria.

Note: all of Congress returns to session on September 9, 2013--between these two Virgo-Pisces lunations across the victim-savior axis. The populations of each nation are being victimized!

A dynamic T-Square pattern between the financier-class Jupiter-Pluto duo (criminal elements with great social influence; religious leaders who want political control--AIPAC? Evangelicals? Both?) which points toward radical Uranus Rx in Aries (Utopians and blind zealots--Ebertin) so we have potentials for quick exploitation of every situation, sudden reforms, overturning the tables, and/or getting back on track or finding a better one (Ebertin; Tyl.)

The New Moon culminates on September 19, 2013 with a Full Moon @26Pis40 perfecting at 7:12:51 am edt; the horoscope contains a brutal Thor's Hammer pattern formed by the Mercury-Jupiter square aimed at fraudulent, misleading, confusing Neptune (@3Pis20 Rx which squares Mr. Obama's natal Moon in Gemini, a time of being at the mercy of confusing situations and facing undermining obstacles when loyalties are undependable and alliances shift--recently, to France from Britain, as the script goes!)

This cosmic pattern results in a midpoint picture that denotes bamboozling or misleading people, erroneous thinking, putting too much faith in poorly explained theories (a constant charge made against Mr. Obama), successful attempts at deception or speculation, and a lack of realism. (Inside the Beltway? Puh! As always, they are not in the 'real world'.)

And of course, whenever Neptune is active in a mundane chart we tend to think of The Masses who are being bamboozled into yet another unwin-able war, and the Mass Media folk who enthusiastically promote the Global Government agenda through such bamboozling of the American public who have been habitually used by foreign bankers and other operatives to finance the military arm of their tiresome global agenda.

Recommended: September 5, 2013 New Moon insights may be found in Julie Demboski's post All in the Family...'14Virgo' = "A Family Tree" (MEJ.)

Astro-Note: Adriano Carelli, who does not use the rounding-up method for degree symbols, gives '13Vir' of the New Moon as "A rose on a Greek cross (the Rosicrucian symbol)" which reminds me of Britain's Rosicrucian-Zionism with its long-term desire for triggering World War III and setting up a World Kingdom based in Jerusalem. The Full Moon symbol for '26Pis' = "Judith, beheads sleeping Olophernes", a revolutionary and warlike degree which is that of Robespierre's natal Uranus, the anarchistic ruler of his natal Aquarian Ascendant.

Jul 26, 2013

The New and Full Moons of August 2013 spotlight Leo-Aquarius

Leo, Leo, Leo: a Peek at the New Moon of August 6, 2013 conjunct Vesta

by Jude Cowell

Looking at the August 6 New Moon horoscope set for the White House, the transiting *Jupiter-Pluto opposition is on full display with Pluto @9Cap27 Rx rising and Jupiter @9Cap12 setting across the 1/7 Partnership axis. The New Moon @14Leo34 in 8th house conjoins Vesta (on the 8th cusp) which suggests that a new cycle of activity (New Moon phase when seeds are sown) begins now with creative production high and reward or recognition expected by people successful in their work as their positions are consolidated. Any time 8th house matters are energized, such topics and concerns as Corporatism, Credit, Debt, Legacies, Insurance, Transformation, Death, and the Occult may be on the agenda.

(Yet for some, a blocking of goals in 8th house matters may still occur and frustration results. See where 14Leo34 falls in your natal and any aspects the New Moon makes to your planets and/or points, especially squares that block or limit--this New Moon interpretation is based on general mundane matters of the collective in relation to DC politics in particular and is not meant to be read as a personal analysis.)

Plus, sales, promotion (including job promotions--or, the creation of jobs), and speculation are main themes here especially with the 8th house emphasis, with women's issues, health, and sports on the menu as well. When the Moon is involved with Vesta, we hope to merit security through our hard, dedicated work--if we can get it, and health regimens may be in focus along with emotional and family issues.

Now with wealthy Pluto (Mr. Underworld, saboteur among the plutocrats) opposing money planet Jupiter exalted in Cancer and recently returned to natal degree (US Jupiter Return July 22, 2013), we'll experience continuation of stalemates over the budget and the daft, reckless idea of Republicans to again threaten a US credit default and shut down the federal government. No doubt that they will be in discussion all through their summer break which begins soon as they decide on talking points for their media echo chamber against the president.

Yet a top Republicans like John McCain are calling out this inane strategy and reminding Tea Partisans in Congress of the great potential for blow back from voters in 2014--and really, we've all had more than enough of the GOP's grandstand playacting and reckless disregard for reality of paying one's bills that are already racked up, haven't we? The GOP campaign to nullify Obamacare is pathetic--they ask Americans not to sign up for health insurance as if Republican political ideology is more important than being treated for health conditions or illness. Puh! How about a slogan: 'Support Republicans via contagion and disease' that could've been prevented. And maybe sacrifice the health or lives of your children in the process just so the GOP can continue to undermine the presidency of Barack Obama!

Well, there are many other curious factors in the New Moon chart of August 6, but no time to type all of them out. However, something must be mentioned about the Jupiter-Pluto opposition which forms a T-Square of dynamic energy with Uranus @12Ari21 Rx (a critical-crisis degree) at apex in 3rd house of Communications, Neighborhoods, Primary Schools, Travel, and the Lower Mind through its Gemini association. Thereby, a midpoint picture results with tones of fanatical striving for improvements, exploitation of every situation, new circumstances, and fast developments (Ebertin), any, none, or all of which may manifest. (You never know with quirky Uranus.)

And at 12Ari21, Uranus is in Nodal degree, a karmic or fated condition, with North Node (NN: contacts and fruitful encounters) in 10th house of Public Status and Career which also contains austere, conservative Saturn @5Sco11. Uranus separates from a helpful trine aspect with the New Moon, and old man Saturn is out of the loop. Yet with deceptive, veiling Neptune in secretive Pisces and in the 2nd house of the National Treasury, nothing is as it appears to be in the financial departments of American life.

Another chart factor is Pluto rising (ASC 5Cap22) so we know that events too big to handle may occur at or just after the New Moon of August 6, 2013, and they will culminate (or, be fulfilled) around the time of the Full Moon of August 20, 2013 @28AQ10, a degree which shows that America has just experienced another monthly Lunar Return (27AQ10) at 8:05:16 pm edt. And nebulous Neptune conjoins the Full Moon and opposes the Sun, a condition certain to bring illusion, lies, fraud, confusion, and scandals into the light of the Full Moon's rays, if not a little inspiration.

But toss all of this aside for it's Friday! So why not check out Saturday's and Sunday's cosmic weather with Julie Demboski's A Little Astro-Essence for the weekend just ahead!


*On this blog and elsewhere, I have also used the Jupiter-Pluto pair of combined energies to signify the Federal Reserve Bank, Big Banks in general, and those worldly wheeler-dealers who organize, promote, and implement Large Group Projects. As you know, the last Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto took place @28Sag24 and their current opposition is part of that cycle--the halfway mark; six years ago, Fedhead Ben Bernanke made one of his official statements on the US economy within minutes of their conjunction on December 11, 2007. jc

Jul 22, 2013

July 22 2013 Aquarius Full Moon a 'supermoon'

Yes, today at 2:16 pm edt, a Full Moon perfects @00AQ05 and is, in fact, a 'supermoon', a phenomenon labeled as such by master astrologer Richard Nolle.

Perhaps you'd like more information on tonight's 'supermoon' with its degree conjoining the US presidential Sun, as noted previously in a recent post.

Plus, today marks America's Jupiter Return (or, Jupiter Reward Cycle, a la Noel Tyl!), a 12-year occurrence that last manifested in 2001/2002, and you know how our National Treasury was spent for waging war, creating the financial boondoggle that is Homeland 'Security', and other such quixotic notions and misadventures of the Bush-Cheney administration.

But now we have President Obama to preside over US Jupiter Return 2013. And since astrological Jupiter provides anyone who wishes it hope, enthusiasm, and optimism, a new cycle of uplifting possibilities begins this very today for our nation!

Perhaps Senator Elizabeth Warren's proposal for a return to the Glass-Steagall Act is perfectly timed by our fresh Jupiterian cycle which would be super, imho. Some say the Act was never a foolproof remedy for our national infestation of banking crooks, mobsters, and foolish risk-takers of Wall Street, and perhaps not. But it did keep the worst of their financial fraud tamped down for decades by the separation of banks' commercial and investment branches and kept the FDIC guarantee for use as it was intended--not for Corporate Welfare--but on behalf of We The People.

Jul 19, 2013

July 22, 2013 Aquarius Full Moon impacts US presidency

July 22, 2013 Full Moon @00AQ05 Conjoins US Inaugural Sun

by Jude Cowell

Now if you mosey over to Celestial Space you'll find Dipali Desai's details and insights concerning Monday's Full Moon @00AQ05 which conjoins the degree of the US Inaugural Sun (the president) and which denotes a fulfillment or culmination (Full Moon), or at least, an awareness of something relating to the White House and/or its presidential endeavors and relationships.

Will more inconvenient secrets be revealed under the rays of Monday's Full Moon which also conjoins President Obama's natal Jupiter Rx? Well, in addition, transiting Mercury Rx, planet of reporters, young people, messages, orations, trade, commerce, travel, and plans, now sits atop US natal Sun as you read this!

Yes, for a Political Astrology blog, the above is a very general assessment of the July 22nd solar-lunar synchronicity of the Full Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius (the water-bearer), I know, but honestly--who knows precisely what plans are afoot, on the drawing board, or being implemented as I type? For after all, there are a lot of secret spaces underneath the fortified White House building where all manner of hidden-from-the-public activities take place. And it is a white lodge as well.

If you're feeling a might on the occult side today, you may wish to investigate The Sirius Mystery and Freemasonry's Great White Lodge. The Dog Star, Sirius, is intimately connected to the natal chart and founding of America and in recent years the star has precessed in the Zodiac to conjoin US natal Sun @14Cancer. Sirius worship in ancient Egypt is well-known, too, as are the pyramid with its all-seeing eye in the floating capstone in American iconography of the Great Seal and the dollar bill. Plus, there's also Freemasonry's Blue Lodge, if you wish to explore.

One thing we may wish to do now is to review the Sabian Symbol (rounded up) which represents the US Inaugural Sun (the elected president): '1AQ" = "An Old Adobe Mission" (Jones; Rudhyar adds, --"in California".)

DURABILITY (Jones); THE CONCRETIZATION OF AN IDEAL (Rudhyar); Jones gives this symbol's positive expression as: effective breadth of vision and a respect-compelling depth of character; negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): lack of ambition and blind adherence to superficialities.

Perhaps by the degree's 'lack of ambition' you can tell why it's always seemed to me that the karmic degree and symbol just prior to 1AQ may be more descriptive of American presidents as they alone allegedly 'helm' the US government:

'30Cap' = "A Secret Business Conference"--OPPORTUNITY (Jones); "A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs"--EXECUTIVE POWER (Rudhyar.)

Jones' positive expression for '30Cap': a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life; negative (unconscious/shadow side): rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

And of course, the Illumination Point (opposite degree) of 30Cap is 30Cancer: "A Daughter of the American Revolution" which is the degree and symbol opposite this reluctant astrologer's natal Mars! Maybe that's one reason why these Washington DC varmints intrigue me so--that, and the idea that to dissent is as American as it gets!


Since the days of George Washington, the US presidency has been a Sun cult of personality and exalted pretensions, so you may wish to review Tomas Campanella's City of the Sun with its 'Old Adobe Mission' implications while keeping in mind that 'shining city on a hill', Washington DC, and the old-Europe establishment of a New Atlantis, aka, America. Plus, the fact that US Inaugurations were until 1937 (FDR) held in early March with the Inaugural Sun around 13 Pisces--where transiting and wounding Chiron now traverses.

So what other astro-shenanigans have I been up to? Posting on my WordPress blog about a rectified natal horoscope for Dracula!

And remember that Monday July 22, 2013 also times America's Jupiter Return 2013 and a full Report on it is available for ordering near the top of this blog's sidebar in PDF format, suitable for printing, horoscope provided. Thanks a bunch! Jude, the Reluctant