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Jun 24, 2014

June 27, 2014: New Moon in Cancer

June 27, 2014: Mercury, Pan, and a New Moon in Cancer

by Jude Cowell

As of Wednesday June 25, 2014, we'll enter the Dark of the Moon--the three days prior to a New Moon when things tend to go bump in the night and shady actions may be perpetrated by any, all, or none. The New Moon perfects at 5Can37 which, as many people know, conjoins the natal position of America's Jupiter (July 4, 1776.)

On June 27th, this Friday, the New Moon perfection occurs at 4:08:27 am edt and in Washington DC, 11Gem07 rises with extra body Pan (a mercurial trickster element hinting at Capricornian pursuits such as gilt-edged stocks and trading, and governmental activities perhaps better left hidden.) Chart-ruler Mercury @25Gem02 Rx is rising in 1st house but makes no major applying aspects in the horoscope denoting that Mercury's sign, degree, and house placement are all important with a New Moon phase signaling that a new cycle of activity has begun. The typical realms of Mercury may be affected by a new cycle such as transportation, travel, commerce, sales, journalism, etc., and Cancer hints at home, food, business, maritime, and/or security concerns.

Besides the chart itself, Mercury also rules the New Moon horoscope's 5th cusp (18Vir14, in DC), the house of Risk-Taking, Speculation, and Gambling. This is one of the chart factors hinting that this New Moon contains implications of financial goings-on with Fed head Janet Yellen possibly a prominent actor (over the next two weeks in particular with something--an event or relationship--culminating or coming to fruition around the next Full Moon in Capricorn on July 12th.) Curiously, the Fed's Secondary Progressed (SP) Moon will reach 5Can30 on June 27, 2014 and be conjoined and darkened by this New Moon. ('The Fed' natal chart I'm using is set for December 23, 1913 with Sun conjunct Midheaven @1Cap17, Capitol Hill--Senator Aldrich and the banksters waited until Congress left town for Christmas break before sneaking the bill through.)

The combination of Moon with Jupiter denotes such things as business dealings, female officials or civil servants (IRS? the Fed?), legal conflicts, large-scale enterprises, negligence, injustice, successful entrepreneurs, rebellion, inner conflict over religion or politics (I.S.I.S? the Republican Party's reputed inner conflict of Establishment v Tea Party?)

Other potentials are shown in the chart as well, of course. So with my blogging time almost gone I shall add only four more chart factors here though there are many worth sharing:

One is the midpoint picture of this lunation...Sun-Moon = US natal Jupiter which gives a flavor of 'joint success' and 'pursuit of wealth or possessions', and the same old Cardinal T-Square between the forceful Mars-Uranus opposition which continues to square manipulator Pluto @12Cap27 Rx (denoting high-powered executives with chips on their shoulders.) This dynamic energy has outlet in the 8th house of Shared Resources, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Corporatism, Transformation, Death, and/or the Occult.

Mars-Uranus = Pluto: violent intervention (US troops to Iraq? oil and other resources must be protected--just ask Shotgun Cheney); violence; a Higher Power. (Ebertin.)

The third chart factor is the ongoing midpoint picture we've discussed several times before...Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: 'denial of guilt from responsible parties'. And as previously noted, I'm certain that you can think of many such denials of guilt now being expressed by certain culprits about their bad decisions and shady behavior.

Now the fourth and last chart factor to mention is the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon's degree of '6 Cancer' which is, as stated, the same symbol (often mentioned on this blog) as for US natal Jupiter: "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests."

Given the low opinion that Washington politicians and others (the Fed) have inspired within this blogger over the past few years (against my will for that is just what they want--for the American people to give up on the US government!) need I type more?

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