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Nov 20, 2014

11.20.14: POTUS explains his solo move on Immigration

At 8:00 pm est, MSNBC will broadcast President Obama's remarks concerning his immigration plans to improve family conditions and separations via a presidential Executive Order. Naturally much Republican rage is being expressed over the president's "power grab" as such actions are usually characterized by the opposing party.

With the 5th house Sun @28Sco37, Mr. Obama's natal Midheaven is spotlighted with its apt Sabian Symbol: "29Scorpio" = "An Indian Woman Pleading to the Chief for the Lives of Her Children"...EFFECTIVENESS (MEJ), and in fact, there are Moon-Mercury concerns uppermost in this chart indicating family, maternal, and children's issues such as being separated by America's overbearing and often illogical immigration policies which on another level, lack of action threatens our agricultural effectiveness. Tonight President Obama will use logic concerning agricultural, financial (*Jupiter @22Leo07 in 2nd house of the National Treasury and Values), and social conditions and needs in an attempt to at least temporarily redirect such policies in order to rejoin mothers and fathers with their children. 'Bout time in my book.

However, Republicans and their wealthy backers and bigoted supporters will use emotions as usual to rile up as many of the white populace as possible (Mars and Pluto in Capricorn setting and thus opposing tonight's Ascendant, the remarks and plan itself.) Activist and fire-starter Mars remains out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and is up to who-knows-what. But whatever he's up to may be considered anti-societal.

(This week's closely related post concerns the November 18th Sun-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, a picture of an isolated (Saturn) leader (Sun) acting alone: Sun-Saturn in Politics. See below for my take on certain political calculations involving tonight's plan.)

The horoscope for tonight at 8:00 pm est in Washington DC shows the family and business oriented sign of Cancer (tribal, protective, and shrewd) rising at 16Can03 which makes the Moon (The People in a mundane chart) the chart and speech ruler. Luna falls at 10Sco28 in 5th house of Children but this is also the house of Risk-Taking ('11Sco' = "A Drowning Man Rescued.") For hints of how things may proceed from the president's remarks about his plan, we look to the chart ruler's major applying aspects, if any.

In tonight's horoscope, these are: Moon sextile Pluto (1A22), an aspect of opportunity if one chooses to take it. Yet Moon-Pluto sextiles tend to become stuck in the past, in part a description of recessive, secessionist Republicans who pine for pre-Civil War days, perhaps, but the planetary pair also denotes a lunar-psychological-propaganda connection with public relations and Politics (Pluto = manipulation and control, Moon = The Public) so we know that the GOP and those driving them will not be letting go of their feelings of prejudice and intolerance concerning immigration issues and a black president's daring to inhabit the White House--and to sign an Executive Order rather than accept continued Republican inaction on the matter.

The expressed concern seems to be the fear (Pluto) that Barack Obama and immigration reform adds to the changing of the American complexion from white to brown and black which to me seems a natural process that's been ongoing for decades if not from the foundation of our country. My own fear is that immigration issues now herald a signpost on the anti-sovereignty road to a North American Union between the US, Mexico, and Canada (which may implicate Canadian pipelines cutting through America as more of same.) Plus, you know how stronger "border control" has been a major squawk between Democrats and Republicans for years--and most of the time their debates have completely ignored the people component where family members are deported and thus separated from each other. Which is tonight's presidential theme with the Moon-Pluto sextile picture containing deep sorrow and grief that may finally be expressed on behalf of the people most affected by excessive numbers of deportation.

Tonight's remarks may also result in calming the public and harmonizing the Latino population with the president's solo immigration efforts (Moon trine 9th house Chiron in suffering Pisces--2A37.)

Ultimately, the Moon conjoins orator Mercury @18Sco28 (8A20), also in 5th house, a Moon-Mercury meeting that will support the previous indications of harmony and rapport with the public noted in the chart. The public joins the orator's ideas, it seems--plus, the Moon's applying aspects make up a Water Grand Trine--see below for details. Yet in Washington Politics, there are always political undertones to everything that's done or not done, said or not said, aren't there?

Besides giving the GOP-drenched 2015 Congress yet another issue to get their collective panties in a bunch over, tonight's announcement of solo actions by President Obama may be meant to box in Republican presidential candidates for the 2016 election--if so, bravo! For it will give a tiny needle to thread for such bombastic candidates to spend the next two years blasting away at the president's taking immigration matters into his own hands (due to their own years of inaction and obstructionism--not that all Democrats are in the clear on this), then turn around and expect Latino votes in November 2016.

Why on earth would a single Latino ever again vote Republican?

So enjoy tonight's show expressing the chart's protective, security-minded Water Grand Trine between maternal Moon, young people's Mercury, wounded Chiron in the 9th house of Foreigners, and the Cancer Ascendant. But beware the 2015 Congress' Full Moon conjunct mystical Sirius on January 4, 2015 when the North Node rises in DC with US natal Saturn (lawmakers; judges), the Full Moon squares (blocks) NN-Saturn, and the Moon turns void-of-course immediately afterward denoting that others will not be able to interfere with actions and events--and/or that results will not turn out as expected.

Since the January 4, 2015 lunation precedes the swearing in of new members it is the Syzygy Moon of the New Congress. More will be posted on this important cosmic event and on the 2015 Congress in a future article.

*Investing Jupiter remains the lead planet in a Locomotive pattern--"high-powered executive" with a potential for ruthless actions. Here, Jupiter rules the 6th house of the Military, Police, Civil Service, other Workers, and Health--all with potential to be reasons behind taking action on immigration issues--will more soldiers for overseas and domestic control ultimately result?

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