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Nov 2, 2014

1971: Nixon, Gold, Jupiter-Neptune, and a Solar Eclipse Series ends

1971: the 9 Old South Eclipses Series Ends; 2009: Jupiter Meets Neptune Again

by Jude Cowell

Back in 1994, Hunter S. Thompson wrote on the topic of the US president who made unending debt a major part of American lives to the detriment of all but the super wealthy class. Check out He Was a Crook if you wish.

And since Richard Nixon ended the practice of the US backing its money with actual gold in 1971, it seems appropriate to have a brief peek at the Solar Eclipse in the 9 Old South Saros Series that ended on July 22, 1971, its last manifestation, and with its Initial Eclipse on June 23, 727 (OS) @4Can16 (conjunct US natal Jupiter @5Can56 on July 4, 1776.)

9 Old South's themes have a forceful, willful Mars-Pluto signature because both planets are in Leo in the Initial Eclipse of year 727 and there's a quarrelsome vibe to the picture in 1971. As in 2009, in 1971 there were 3 Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune, the pair of speculation, gambling, wastefulness, spend-thriftiness, inflation, and bubbles. The duo often contains a religious tone as well but that's not our topic for today (though how often religious leaders haunted Washington's halls of power and interfered with government policies during Nixon's presidency is for someone else to say. With Dick it was all political.)

Themes for 9 Old South include idealism, reunions, and great energy (Brady) though it seems to me that for the American people, reunions weren't as much on the political and financial menus as was separating us from our hard-earned money through usury rates and terms of un-payable loans that never end--kind of like student loans and other debts live forever now. But perhaps you disagree and are perfectly happy with what Mr. Nixon did on the financial level in order to change our society. There remain to this day justifications for his actions from some economists and Nixon apologists.

Anyway, my point (if there is one) is that America's ending in 1971 of backing the US dollar with the gold standard occurred in tandem with the ending of the 9 Old South Saros Series which looks significant to me in similar fashion to how the August 14, 1776 Solar Eclipse--the Initial Eclipse of its Series--describes the founding of America better than its official Pre-Natal Eclipse Series from earlier in 1776 (@00Pis33), the 12 South (themes: successful outcomes to long term worries or issues that have felt draining.) Applicable to our founding, one supposes, but the 13N sounds even more descriptive though it occurred after July 4, 1776, the Independence Day the Founders promoted as our day of celebration.

So the August 1776 Eclipse (13 North @21Leo52)) manifested within the 2-week window of a certain event with its own 'first-ever' vibe--the full signing of the Declaration of Independence on August 2, 1776 with our nation the very first to be founded on an ideal (or, idea.) 13N's themes are: separation due to the breaking of an existing bond (ex: with Britain) which leads to joint achievement; large ambitious group projects (ex: the New World and 'New Order' of America, a centuries-long Plan to re-establish 'Atlantis'.)

So the 1971 Solar Eclipse Series ended and we now see precisely where Nixon's actions have brought us--market crashes, bubbles bursting, and on through 2008's engineered collapse--and to the Fed's current overprinting of money (QE) with the inflationary Jupiter-Neptune pair of speculators and circus barkers imprinted (like pretend dollar bills!) upon the Obama presidency, the US economy, and certain actions of the Federal Reserve System (TARP, Wall Street bail outs) thanks to their Great Conjunction/s all through 2009, Mr. Obama's first year in office.

Their 2009 Conjunction/s in Aquarius fell exactly on US natal Moon (We the People--we were feeling dreamy with little sense of reality and had become involved in speculation--Tyl) so we had the idolatry of Barack Obama as 'Apollo' the sun god (and the Sun rules royal Leo and its metal, gold), along with a very similar tone in 1971 as Jupiter and Neptune met in Great Conjunction 3 times on February 1, May 22, and September 16, 1971--all within a range of 00-3 Sagittarius, ruled by banker and general, Jupiter. Of note is that this degree area includes '1Sag'..."A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" ('guns v butter') and you know one of the large projects rich old men like to undertake: waging wars for profit and making huge, fortune-founding usury-interest-rate loans to governments who should know better than to fritter away their autonomy.

So considering how China now owns a large percentage of our nation and our government debt, don't get me started on Nixon's often-touted Visit to China for that's another shady part of the genesis of the American people's current financial and economic problems since Nixon's 'opening of China' ultimately supported the establishment of 'free' trade, a normalizing of secretive trade deals galore, and the outsourcing of what used to be decent American jobs.

To this American, many of Nixon's actions made him more than a crook. They made him a traitor. And I personally felt his betrayal in real time for his presidency marks the era in which Washington DC was my city of residence.

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