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Jan 21, 2015

2015 Saturn active in President Obama's natal chart

Did you catch last evening's State of the Union Address? If so you can hardly check the news today and for weeks ahead without remarks, opinions, and replays to regale you. I attempted to cover some pertinent astrological factors of its horoscope here including chart and MC ruler Mercury (oration, communication, deals) stationing Rx opposing Jupiter Rx in Leo, an echo of Mr. Obama's natal Mercury-Jupiter opposition, also across the Leo-AQ axis.

Yet year 2015 also brings the president what is often a difficult transit for anyone--tr Saturn opposing natal Moon. His natal Moon @3Gem21 is posited in natal 4th house of Home, Family, and Domestic Scene across the 4/10 axis which includes the 10th house of Career, Goals, and Public Status. A natal Moon in traveling Gemini denotes changes of residence in childhood and of course, he now resides (for two more years) in the White House, the domestic scene which will be affected by the transit from restrictive Saturn.

Even career (political) issues may be affected particularly since transit Saturn has and will conjoin President Obama's natal Midheaven (MC 28Sco53)--precisely three times: December 13, 2014, July 5, 2015, and August 29, 2015--as transit Saturn moves back into Scorpio from Sagittarius, then forward again and precisely opposing his natal Moon in 4th house.

Tr Saturn to natal MC indicates a period when rewards, recognition, and increased status arrive if well-earned (ex: his popularity ratings are up) as long as others are not unfairly blamed for past errors and misjudgments. Also on tap with tr Saturn to n MC are taking charge (as he has since the November 2014 elections) and accepting additional responsibilities whenever required while maturity and experience place him on a higher level of accomplishment.

Yet we often find that when career matters go well, home and family matters may suffer in some way and this seems to be indicated here for President Obama for tr Saturn opposing natal Moon (already within orb of influence since tr Saturn entered Sag but exact on the three dates given below) denotes potentials for emotional deprivation which may be linked in some way to the past. Family members including children may feel abandoned, neglected, lost, or ill (though I won't imagine a separation between husband and wife since couples never do until after a White House tenure if it's in the cards). It could be that the president's health may suffer--digestively, chronic or new conditions flaring up, teeth or bones aching, and colds or flu may turn up in the White House.

As for career and status, tr Saturn opposing natal Moon is a time when desires tend to be thwarted. A high level of maturity is necessary and perhaps this will be provided by tr Saturn to natal MC. Regarding the president's SOTU 2015 list of proposals intended to improve "middle class economics" for working (Saturn) families (Moon) and thus aid the US economy, this transit hints that any gains he receives will come at a very high price that he--and We the People--may end up regretting .

With Saturn, planet of lawmakers and legislation, involved, we must remain vigilant concerning unfortunate amendments to bills and to trade and other political deals that at first seem more helpful to the American people and the US economy than they actually are.

Transit Saturn 3Sag21 exactly opposes Mr. Obama's natal Moon @3Gem21 three times in 2015: January 29, April 28, and October 25; natal data used: August 4, 1961 7:24 AHST Honolulu, Hawaii.

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