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Jan 28, 2015

National Journal: The Rise of Dark Money and the Koch Party

The plot to seize the White House just after FDR took office (and thus collapse all social safety net programs) continues apace in 2015 with Campaign 2016 on the political menu and The Rise of Dark Money and the Koch Party in the spotlight.

Wait. Did I just type the word fascist out loud...or merely imply it?

Here's a previous post on the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse (chart shown) of 1933, the first year of Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency. Curiously, transit Neptune, famous for its veils, masks, deceptions and its connections to the media and the masses, now floats through its own murky sign of Pisces and has been activating this power-grabbing Solar Eclipse of 1933 which also influenced Herr Hitler's simultaneous rise to power--a rise funded by some of the same financial and familial houses that neglect the common good in the 21st century.

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