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Dec 22, 2017

Dec 22, 2017 Trump Signs GOP Tax Bill leaves for Mar-a-Lago

This morning the impatient Mars Rising fellow playing the presidential role signed the so-called GOP Tax Cut and Jobs Act (or is it only a mock-up to represent the hastily passed bill?) Here's a video of Trump's remarks as he looks ahead to a quick escape to his Mar-a-Lago resort home for a holiday break.

Signing today puts cuts to social programs like Medicare on the GOP's 2018 agenda instead of 2019 (after midterms November 2018) because Trump didn't have enough patience to wait until January 2018 to sign the thing and if he hadn't been annoyed (Mars rising) by TV talking heads this morning asking 'would he keep his promise by Christmas'.

However, billions of dollars for the military are safe from any threatened cuts so Pentagon generals can heave a sigh of relief.

Jan 28, 2015

National Journal: The Rise of Dark Money and the Koch Party

The plot to seize the White House just after FDR took office (and thus collapse all social safety net programs) continues apace in 2015 with Campaign 2016 on the political menu and The Rise of Dark Money and the Koch Party in the spotlight.

Wait. Did I just type the word fascist out loud...or merely imply it?

Here's a previous post on the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse (chart shown) of 1933, the first year of Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency. Curiously, transit Neptune, famous for its veils, masks, deceptions and its connections to the media and the masses, now floats through its own murky sign of Pisces and has been activating this power-grabbing Solar Eclipse of 1933 which also influenced Herr Hitler's simultaneous rise to power--a rise funded by some of the same financial and familial houses that neglect the common good in the 21st century.

Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse = neglected burdens

A previous post concerning the March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse @29Pis27 detailed a good many of its karmic implications relating to the sign of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and co-ruled by nebulous Neptune, the pair that denotes potentials for speculation, fraud, inflation, wastefulness, and grand imaginings. However, a trine from conservative Saturn aids in the eclipse's positive expression toward karmic progress.

The Jupiter-NN midpoint is also mentioned for it brackets a karmic point in the chart--a 7th house Vertex in Mercury-ruled Virgo, the sign and constellation intimately linked to the layout of Washington DC, its architecture, its mission, and our Founders' goddess-worshiping tendencies.

Saturn @4Sag54 Rx conjoins the eclipse MC (The Goal) when the horoscope is set for Washington DC, and with the ongoing Saturn-Neptune square we know that political machinations against social safety net programs continue especially since the square adds to the 'neglect of social responsibilities' tone of the season along with a Venus-Saturn inconjunct (150 degrees) and its feelings of being burdened by the needs of others; meanwhile, the approval of others is also sought and one supposes this aspect of adjustment relates on one level to politicians (lawmakers, government officials = Saturn) who carry the water of austerity-for-the-people billionaires who now grasp for more complete control of the US government.

See Mother Jones: Why the Media Focuses So Much on the Koch Brothers--Explained in 5 Tweets.

Adding to Capitol Hill's current 'burdened' feeling via Venus-Saturn, Saturn-MC, and Saturn-square-Neptune is that the apex planet in a YOD with Jupiter and North Node at its base is communicating Mercury in confused, secretive Pisces which adds to the 'neglect of social responsibilities' tone already noted. Plus, it appears that someone or a group of someones is/are being trained and prepared to assume a more efficient role in communication of ideas and ideals that seem to be on behalf of the common good. Doesn't this sound a lot like the new talking points that Republicans are attempting to sell the public before Election 2016 rolls around? That's quite a magical task they've set for themselves!

Related: Republicans Pretend to Care About Inequality.

Further reading: List: Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2015 through 2022 or perhaps "America Unearthed", Three NYC Obelisks, and the Belt Stars of Orion.

Jan 13, 2015

"The Bill Press Show January 13, 2015": Romney runs and GOP v SS Disability

The Bill Press Show - January 13, 2015
by TawkrTV
Today's Guest:
Arthur Delaney, Politics Reporter, Huffington Post
Igor Volsky, Managing Editor, Think Progress
Lauren French, Congressional Reporter, Politico
Julian Hattem, Technology Correspondent, The Hill
Congressman Paul Tonko, Representing the 20th District of NY

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Sep 17, 2011

Sign Deficit Super Committee Petition: No Safety Net Cuts!

This 'just in' to my inbox--if you care about our social safety net programs and know someone who depends on them, perhaps you'll add your John Hancock, too:

Dear Friend,

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are in danger. But the biggest threat isn't driven by economics, it's driven by politics.

Twelve members of Congress from the House and Senate have been newly empowered to force both chambers of Congress to vote on a deficit reduction bill that can neither be amended nor filibustered.

Unfortunately many members of this new bipartisan, bicameral deficit super committee have Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security squarely in their sights.

In essence, they think it's better to let seniors fall into poverty, or deny needed health care to the poor and elderly, than to raise taxes on people who can comfortably afford to pay more.

I just signed a petition telling the members of the deficit super committee not to cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits. I hope you do too.

You can take action at CREDO


Stop America's imperial wars and fund the needs of we-the-people! jc

Mar 19, 2009

Bush-Paulson Bailout Bill a scam

Yes yes yes! A mega-heist has been perpetrated, as I keep complaining, and here Paul Craig Roberts asks if the Bush-Paulson Bailout Bill was a scam...yes!

NPR is reporting as I type that the deficit is 'far worse' than was expected...$2 trillion, as we'll hear tomorrow when the report is released. Can't wait.

So as Mr. Roberts mentions in the article linked above, there is no money for social programs (only for war.) They're getting ready to turn the screws on the ill, the elderly, orphans, and on anyone else thinking the US government has the integrity to honor its agreements with we-the-people.

Nice crowd. The renting of our social fabric is going well - for the power elite, thanks.

When are the heisters of Capitol Hill and their lawyers and ritzy friends going to return what they've embezzled for decades? Puh!

Of course, stirring up our emotions and indignation and sending us out onto the streets is part of the plan so being the meanie that I am, I refuse to give them the satisfaction!


Btw: did you ever read FDR's test of our progress from 1937?