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Mar 19, 2015

Tunisia natal data: June 15, 1956--and March 2015

This region of North Africa has an ancient history of colonization by the Phoenicians pre-500 BC. Independently it was the center of the Carthaginian Empire, it was ruled by Rome from 146 BC to AD 429, and then became the center of the Vandal Kingdom. In 533 Tunisia was reconquered by the Eastern Roman Empire (aka, the Byzantine Empire) until the Arab invasion of 670. The Turks conquered Tunisia in the 16th century and it became a French protectorate in 1881.

An accord for independence was signed in Paris, France on March 20, 1956 (59 years ago tomorrow) though full independence was not achieved until an agreement signed on June 15, 1956. Is Tunisia's 59th independence anniversary somehow an impetus for the March 18, 2015 terrorist attack? My suspicion is yes, as the ancient East vs West turmoil continues.

Tunisia June 15, 1956 17:00 CET (5:00 pm) Tunis, Tunisia marks the region's full independence agreement The Book of World Horoscopes (Campion) with a stand-out conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto at Midheaven on the 9th house side.

Therefore, a powerful Pluto @26Leo27 conjunct Jupiter @26Leo19 is a major imprint upon the country yet the Leo-Aquarius polarity is intercepted within the 3/9 houses. Not all astrologers give interceptions weight unless in a 'must be dealt with' manner. Of course, setting up a horoscope with a different house system may dissolve the chart's interception condition but I tend to stick with the Placidus system except for all but the most ancient horoscopes.

So now with Jupiter about to turn direct @12Leo on April 8, 2015, we find Tunisia in the midst of a Jupiter Return which is usually a positive period of reward and increase. However, attached is a Jupiter-conjunct-natal-Pluto transit so in addition there is the typical expansion of power, control, and political issues associated with the Jupiter-Pluto pair. Ruthless Pluto's cape of the saboteur-assassin is emphasized or employed as well (see BBC News link, below).

March 2015

Tunisia's Ascendant = 22Sco10 with Saturn Rx @27Sco41 rising and forceful Mars ruling with Pluto undercurrents. Current transits show that Tunisia has recently had its Saturn Return and although Saturn's upcoming foray back into Scorpio won't take the karmic planet as far as 27:41, it may still be considered within orb but waning. Natal Mars near the IC in 4th house clocks in @6Pis36 where nebulous Neptune has so recently transited and now @8Pisces, Neptune remains within orb of natal Mars.

This transit denotes a time of increased intuition but also false promises, opportunities that may not be what they at first seem, and physical efforts which may be undermined by mysterious or hidden forces with deception in the mix.

And as We the People have learned via America's natal Mars-Neptune square of July 4, 1776, misdirected or misguided motivations and actions along with "the fog of war" can turn up on the agenda through Neptune contacts with Mars, planet of war and aggression.

The current position of the planet of sudden attacks and revolution, Uranus, @20Aries (conjunct US natal Chiron with its Sabian Symbol: "A Pugilist Enters the Ring") transits Tunisia's natal 5th house (cusp 4Ari01) and will oppose natal Neptune @27Lib47 Rx in 11th house (but conjunct 12th cusp 00Sco19, position of the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse) beginning in 2017. A Uranus-opposite-natal-Neptune transit indicates a time when one ideology may be replaced by another and institutions related to minority concerns may reverse their practices and methods (Lupton Skalka).

Well, this is merely a brief snapshot of current transits to some of the modern natal planets of Tunisia. As events proceed, you may wish to set up the horoscope yourself if you haven't and take a much closer look.

BBC News now reports that 4 people have been arrested with possible links to Wednesday's vicious attack that resulted in 23 deaths, 20 of them tourists with tourism a major industry and revenue stream for the country.

There is also a BBC timeline for Tunisia which needs a bit of updating concerning the March 18, 2015 attack yet is useful nonetheless.

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