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May 14, 2015

Senator Bernie Sanders: Sun Virgo-Moon Aries

At noon on Bernard Sanders' day of birth (September 8, 1941 Brooklyn, NY), the Moon @19Ari11 neared planet Mars Rx @23Ari41 and natal Sun @15Vir35 neared the Head of the Dragon, the North Node @22Vir43 (future direction). Neptune clocked in @26Vir58 while speedy Mercury had recently moved into Venus-ruled Libra @2:40.

Curiously, since Senator Sanders rails against corporatism, inequality, and plutocrats whenever he has a chance, his natal Pluto @5Leo93 had recently been conjoined by Chiron (9Leo41), a definite marker for plutocrats and their oppressive deeds. You'll remember that Pluto and Chiron last met on December 30, 1999 @11Sag22 and rose in their conjunction horoscope set for Washington DC (@5:52 am EST). This plutocracy pair helped the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 announce the primal violence, terror, corporate empire expansion, exploitation, and pure evil with which the New Millennium has been stained by international financiers, syndicate criminals, and corrupt politicians who follow a police-state Global Government script.

So let's consider the personality blend of Bernie Sanders even though we have no birth time for him. (If you, dear reader know his birth time, please share!)

Sun Virgo-Moon Aries is an Earth-Fire blend which can give a 'scorched earth' quality to his life and temperament. Positively, pragmatism combines with creative spark and off he goes with his natal Mercury, planet of oration, in Libra, the sign that prefers balance and fairness. A preponderance of Virgo energy in his chart resonates well with Washington DC, a city infused with Virgoan energy as can be seen in its many goddess symbols, horoscopes, and Zodiacs sprinkled liberally across the District on architecture and statues.

Another chart factor is that September 8, 1941 was in the midst of a Saturn-Uranus conjunction though out-of-sign with Saturn @28Tau32 and Uranus @00Gem20 Rx. Natal Uranus was hit by a Solar Eclipse on May 20, 2012 @00Gem, an important cosmic event for the senator since Fixed Star Alcyone shines there. Alcyone of the Pleiades is the 'something to cry about' star and also carries a 'mystical but judgmental' implication (Brady; Solar Fire).

Saturn-Uranus conjunction types are not afraid of responsibility, are ambitious to achieve something of importance, and have much to offer the world due to knowledge and understanding. The pair is also related closely to the Middle East and to Israel in particular which spotlights the senator's Jewish heritage. And another aspect is found between his Venus @22Lib17 opposing Mars @23Ari41 Rx denoting relationship issues due to a lack of cooperation, aggression, and great sensitivity.

His natal Venus link to Arcturus by degree is the only White House connection I've noticed in his chart so far but interestingly, transit Jupiter beneficially conjoins his natal Venus @22Libra on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017! (Arcturus = the White House in the L'Enfant plan of the Federal Triangle; Regulus = the Capitol Building, Spica = the Washington Monument, as previously discussed here.) Yet an opposition from Saturn to his natal Jupiter denotes more failure and a negative period than victory. Still, forcing issues of inequality and other topics into the 2016 debates is said to be his primary motivation and for this I thank him.

How Senator Sanders relates to others is shown by the sign of his Jupiter which is Gemini and hints at versatility, an obliging manner, voluminous communications, and a talent for making social connections (good in Politics!) One negative, however, is a potential for superficiality and recently I've heard radio pundits accusing him of not really caring about the poor. But we must consider the source and the fact that with all the publicity his presidential campaign is receiving he simply must be denigrated by Republicans, mustn't he? Same with Senator Elizabeth Warren. Both of them broadcast too many facts plainly laid out!

With the personally ambitious Sun Virgo-Moon Aries combination of conscious-unconscious energies we find intellectual precision, skill and pragmatism, diligence--and a bossy workaholic. This blend tends to be a self-absorbed and emotionally detached, traits that may be what his critics have focused on in their attempts to undermine him. No, his sharp tongue and superior mental abilities do not suffer fools gladly, yet Vermonters obviously like him and I'm guessing they know Bernie well enough to vote for him multiple times. Plus, note that Moon in Aries is the 'I AM the people" placement which accounts at least partially for the senator's conviction these several years to speak out on behalf of our less fortunate citizens.

Now let's close with a quote from one who was also born under the auspices of Sun Virgo-Moon Aries, St. Francois de Sales:

"Heed well the precepts of the saints, who have all warned those who would become holy to speak little of themselves and their own affairs."

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