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Jun 23, 2015

Bernie Sanders is the REAL Family Values Candidate - video

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Currently a SO'W post is in the planning stages concerning the Republican Party and its natal horoscope which I hope to publish by the weekend or before. So as I study the party's horoscope and its Venus-Saturn conjunction in Mercury-ruled Gemini, the above video popped out at me because of its topic of the GOP's hypocrisy concerning what Republicans call "family values" and the lip service they pay to such a decent concept while they continue proposing and/or passing a legislative agenda that works against American families and the basic need everyone has for leading civilized, dignified lives.

In Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey gives one potential of the Venus-Saturn combination of energies in political and business realms as "restrictions on the way society is able to function" which sounds descriptive of the issues mentioned above in Senator Sanders' message as read by Thom Hartmann who then calls up Harry Truman who similarly spotlighted the Republican Party back in the day.

And since you know the basic imperatives in Mundane Astrology of relational, values-based Venus and authoritative, conservative, flaw-finding Saturn, planet of business, law, and government--and if you follow and/or suffer from US politics particularly where Republicans are concerned--you just might agree that the party's natal Venus-Saturn conjunction indicates that there has been from the start (1854) a serious flaw within their value system. Coldness or rigidity in relationships, plus, a cheap streak when it comes to the comfort of others may also apply.

On one level, such psychological weaknesses are shown by their irrational attitudes, meddling in the business of others, and restrictive actions that identify them as having an obsessive, regressive ideal of womanhood which to the modern women I know is more misogynist than chivalrous, more oppressive, egotistical, and paternalistic than protective.

As an entity, the party is made up primarily of curious cusses and hopefully, you will stay tuned for more astrological details about this complex group of politicians who style themselves as 'Republicans' while pretending that their heavy 19th-century baggage of conceit and hatred is tucked out of sight and far away from the minds of voters.

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