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Jul 6, 2015

Social Democracy Is 100% American - Thom Hartmann w Harvey Kaye

Author Harvey J. Kaye and Thom Hartmann discuss the Socialist Democratic history of America including Thomas Paine, Dr. Martin Luther King, Franklin Roosevelt--and the 2016 presidential candidate who's drawing the largest campaign crowds of anyone--Senator Bernie Sanders:

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Meritocracy v Plutocracy

On November 8, 2016 which will you vote for: compassionate Social Welfare or greed-drenched Social Corporatism aka, Welfare Capitalism?

Although Senator Claire McCaskill, a Hillary Clinton booster, recently demonstrated a faulty memory concerning the progressive history of the Democratic Party, Senator Sanders highlights it. And Thom recalls the 1991 invasion of Kuwait by George H. W. Bush and reads the prophetic words of Bernie Sanders delivered on the House floor, all of which have turned out to be tragically true so as I viewed the excerpt of Thom's broadcast embedded above, I hoped their interview might mention that Bush 41 had proclaimed 'Operation Desert Storm' as "a triumph of the New World Order" in part because the Soviet Union had joined or was in cahoots with the US-led Coalition.

Knowing that, it seems not so curious that we heard the Jupiterian word "coalition" ad nauseum from Bush 43, Cheney, and pals in 2002-2003 as they sold the 'advantages' of their next forays into the Middle East--even as millions of people protested in streets across the globe against the brutality and folly of these warmongering psychopaths and megalomaniacs who think to rule the world and the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq which, as we now see, has no expiration date.

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