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Aug 10, 2015

Voters Are Rejecting The Ruling Class: The 1% Are Running Scared - video

Should we file this under the category of 'Bout Time?

#Corporatism #BernieSanders #RingofFireRadio #1%

Jupiter = Expansion, Growth, Investment; Saturn = Restriction, Contraction, Austerity

It may be that the current Jupiter-Saturn square marks a phase when those who have been given--or stolen!--much (Jupiter) are being challenged to give back (Saturn) to the Collective and this imperative stems from the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and their conjunction of May 28, 2000 at 23 Taurus. Perhaps the Sabian Symbol for 23 Taurus applies: "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Jewels" which to me sounds like the riches of the world craved by the greedy heist mentality of most corporate and big banker types of scoundrels who hoard gold and resources while calling the rest of us "useless eaters"!

Poor decrepit things! They pretend not to know that their reptilian ways show them to be lower on the evolutionary scale, not higher!

Related: 3-Quote Round-Up, One from Ayn Rand, priestess of the "useless eater" crowd, idol of the Republican Party. And yet in her dotage, Rand applied for and accepted Social Security benefits. Funny how that happens. Even for ideological hypocrites.


corporatism + statism = fascism

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