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Feb 12, 2021

Pluto is Creeping Around 'Nazi Rising' Eclipse planets!

February 12, 2021: A Forewarning: Transit Pluto Can Help Activate Nazism

by Jude Cowell

In one of my previous posts you'll see the 6 South 'Nazis Rise' Solar Eclipse of 1932 set for Berlin, Germany. Meanwhile, the world is again threatened by the rise of such draconian movements of authoritarianism so in view of recent and ongoing events in the US and across the globe, it seems significant that transit Pluto in Capricorn is already within orb of 1932 Saturn (28Cap55 Rx, 10th house in Berlin 1932). Therefore, tr Pluto (@25Cap34 today) has been activating the aspects made by 1932 Saturn in the eclipse chart:

Tr Pluto, planet of transformation and regeneration, recently opposed 1932 Pluto (Capricorn vs Cancer, as we've seen before) and remains within orb of squaring 1932 Uranus, zealous, fanatical, and Utopian when in Aries. Transit Pluto will exactly conjunct 1932 Saturn 3 times: 1. February 9, 2023; 2. July 30, 2023; 3. December 17, 2023 - for the first time ever. So the possible manifestations of this Pluto-to-Saturn transit applies now, through 2023, and into 2024. Of course, in the background of society there are other transits occurring as well, some heavy, some mitigating. But Pluto-Saturn contacts are the weightiest and suggest transformed or altered traditions and structures, current circumstances bringing restriction and limitations, the past affecting the present, ambition that may be 'off the charts' or roguish, and issues of abuse of power which will intenstify and must be dealt with (better sooner than later but tragically, currently sitting Republican senators appear not up to the task of taking an ethical stance and voting against white supremacist Trump which means that his take-over efforts will be emboldened, even strengthened). This adds to the danger suggested by the Nazis Rising Eclipse Horoscope - because history rhymes.

Karmic Planets Saturn, Uranus, Pluto Bring Generational Conflicts

In addition, current Pluto transits to the 1932 planets in the horoscope linked, above, include potentials for assaults from powerful entities upon political and economic structures, no-compromise struggles for control (ex: of the Oval Office), and restrictions upon resources that are necessary for government to function (a longheld Republican dream).

Now if you view the 1932 Eclipse Horoscope, you'll notice a prominent, motivating T-Square of much dynamism between Mars, Saturn, and Uranus (with the Mars-Saturn midpoint as the 'death axis' pointing toward erratic, disruptive Uranus) and this, according to Reinhold Ebertin, denotes 'sudden acts of violence', and Noel Tyl adds, 'breaking loose.'

As always, your on-topic comments and observations are invited as long as your name is attached - No 'Anonymous' or 'Unknown' comments will be published. Jude

Jan 2, 2018

Jan 2 2018 Uranus Direct and a Double Promise Revealed

Tuesday January 2, 2018: This morning at 9:10:54 am est, Uranus turned Direct @24Ari34:13 on its projected path toward Taurus which it reaches on May 15, 2018 for a temporary stay. In Mars-ruled Aries, Uranus tends to behave like the Utopian reformer or blind zealot intent on anarchy (Ebertin) while in Venus-ruled Taurus there's more of a speculation, risking all in one go, and premature action leads to failure vibe, plus, resourcefulness in earning money may become necessary.

Transit Uranus has been retrograde since the first week of August 2017 (28Ari31) so the change of direction of the Sky God's quirky, unpredictable, sometimes shocking energy marks a major shift in many areas of life, no less in Washington DC's halls of power. You've heard that bipartisanship has been called for by the GOP and by Mr. Trump, and Democrats seem to be on board the bipartisan train as 2018 begins with Uranian derailment an obvious potential.

'Wild Card' Eclipses Can Bring Uranian Disruption

Looking ahead, some personal and societal unexpected developments may occur under Donald Trump's 2 Old North Prenatal Eclipse which manifested prior to his birth @9Gemini--conjunct US natal Uranus (8Gem55). 2 Old North repeats on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer (Castor-Pollux territory) in Trump's natal 11th house of Groups and Associations with its separation and unfortunate news concerning relationships themes although fast action can bring positive results (Brady). Because he's in the White House, 2 Old North themes relate to the American people as well as to Mr. Trump, his administration, and his family. (More 2018 eclipse info is linked, below).

And with 2 Old North's initial eclipse occurring June 24, 792 (OS) @5Can49, we may wonder if finances, banks, or Wall Street's bubbly stock market are uppermost for bad news and fluctuations since this points toward a conjunction with US natal Jupiter @5Can56. Of course, Congress, our official purse-strings holder-- reconvening tomorrow, January 3--figures into the eclipse picture with another partial government shutdown set for January 19, and other budgetary and funding issues up for resolution in 2018. And all this business and monkey business set to affect Midterms 2018 in November! However, it's the themes of The Tower Solar Eclipse in August 2018 that are most influential as the Prenatal Eclipse of the 2018 Midterm Elections manifests. Yes, 'collapse' themes are on the 2018 cosmic menu.

As for today's Uranus Direct Station, the difficult Cardinal Uranus-Pluto square of revolution is back (protests and revolt in Iran are again in the news as in 2010) and the Uranus Direct Station emphasizes the degree it seems to pause upon, so let's take a brief look at the Sabian Symbols involved--"24 Aries" as the karmic confrontation degree, and "25 Aries" for the exact station degree:

"24 Aries" = "An Open Window and a Net Curtain Blowing into a Cornucopia" which sounds to me like (more) theft via Internet hacking by Uranian techies, plus, leaks of info or intell meant to damage political opponents--or to steal money. Its keyword is MUNIFICENCE. Positive expression: irrepressible genius for capturing the richer rewards of life and providing a wider distribution for the higher realities. Negative (unconscious/shadow side) expression: a smug or petty self-importance in dispensing favors to others. Sound like anyone you know in politics?

"25 Aries" = "A Double Promise Reveals Its Inner and Outer Meanings"...Keyword: SENSIBILITY. Positive: a facility of adjustment by which everything in a given situation may be brought into the fullest cooperation with everything else (bipartisanship?). Negative: a lean to chicanery in all human relationships. Quite curious since 'chicanery' usually describes politics in general so I suppose all sorts of chicanery may now go forward with direct Uranus as it inches toward money sign Taurus. Yet to "25 Aries" Rudhyar adds, "The implied message is one of faith."

Now in my preferred realm of common-good politics, restoring faith in our government is possible if we can jettison the politicians who are in breach of the public contract--and elect those dedicated to the best interests of We The People! Of course, persuading honest people to run for office is the next challenge.

For more details see The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones, or An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.

Another note is that today's Uranus Direct Station occurs in Mr. Trump's natal 9th house of Philosophy and Foreign Lands and considering electric Uranus's association with air travel, we may soon see him jet off and leave his domestic troubles behind temporarily. Perhaps we'll even hear--gasp!--a change of ideology or belief tweeted from the ever-changing Uranian Mr. Trump with his natal Sun and North Node in 10th house along with his guiding planet Uranus in the lead, all three in changeable Gemini.

Now here's some good news! Fortunately for those of us who feel a need for guidance under the newly direct rays of the rebel planet, Julie Demboski addresses effects within the social order and how we can best handle the pressure and the 'blindspots' affecting relationships and/or finances in today's AstroEssence message 2 January 2018 Uranus Direct, Everybody Else in Trouble!.

A Related Post: Eclipses and a Few Other Cosmic Events of 2018.

Above image: my drawing Uranian Road (2010).

Nov 22, 2017

2017--2018 Planetary Returns to the DOJ natal chart

November 22, 2017: today I've been messing about with the Department of Justice (DOJ) natal chart which is displayed in a previous post of 2016 titled, Shadow into Light: an Esoteric Department of Justice. DOJ Jupiter, the planet associated with justice, is @3Sco10 (closely conjoining US SP Saturn Rx, our nation's progressed Saturn position these days since 1996--US Saturn no longer in balancing Libra, now in Big Business Scorpio) and since transit Jupiter has now entered Scorpio, I peeked to see when another Jupiter Return would occur for the DOJ (the last was on November 9, 2005 with a Jupiter-Uranus trine 3A41). The current Jupiter Return occurred on October 25, 2017--synchronicity! since October 25th is the DOJ's 'birthday' (1934, with FDR presiding in Masonic ceremony--follow link, above to view its natal or or founding chart). Now the DOJ's Solar Return 2017 occurred the evening before--October 24th, to be precise, as Solar Returns will sometimes do.

In the DOJ Jupiter Return chart, justice-seeker Jupiter is sandwiched between the Sun @1Sco57 (as in the natal chart) and Mercury @12Sco30 with the planetary trio in Return 4th house. With 6Leo55 rising, Sun is chart-ruler and applies once--to a conjunction with Jupiter so the whole shebang is a very Sun-Jupiter affair. So from late 2017 and for approximately the next 12 years the DOJ will express its Sun-Jupiter tendencies for good or worse. Potentials indicated by Sun-Jupiter are long distance travel, cultural and social events, intellectual pursuits, courageous actions, self-confidence (maybe too much!), and generally, busy activities within the judicial system. However, Mercury in Scorpio is apex of a midpoint picture (Mars-Saturn) denoting bad news, as in bereavement.

Another stand-out feature of the DOJ Jupiter Return 2017 chart is disruptive rebel Uranus @26Ari18 Rx conjunct Return Midheaven (MC), a marker for potentials such as dramatic reforms and adjustments in career and/or public status (the US is trending down already), sudden reforms that affect every department, geographic relocation for someone, and/or change of profession. These events we have already seen via firings and resignations, a familiar theme of the Trump and GOP agenda as they 'slim down' government until it starves (or can be drowned in a bath tub a la Grover Norquist).

Then in May 2018, a series of three Uranus Returns begin to manifest for the DOJ, a time when the past no longer holds sway and there's no telling what the current crop of Uranian Utopian anarchists (Uranus in Aries) have in mind for our judicial system--apparently a new direction or an unorthodox goal. (Nothing good to my way of thinking.) Because once a country's court system is corrupted to the core, it's down hill from then on, I'm very sad to say. Not that the US Judicial System was ever perfect, of course, but we'll know what we really had once it's completely gone--undermined and perverted by infiltrators of the betraying kind.

Now here are the three dates of the DOJ Uranus Return/s to natal position of 29Ari21, a critical, impatient 29th degree which points toward May 15, 2018 when transit Uranus bursts into Taurus (horoscope shown):

1. May 3, 2018

2. November 24, 2018

3. February 18, 2019

Above image: the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building; {public domain; Wikimedia Commons}; Constitution Avenue.

Oct 2, 2017

Horoscope Feb 15, 2018: 'We The People' Solar Eclipse

Image: 'We The People' Solar Eclipse February 15, 2018 @27AQ07 so labeled because it eclipses US natal Moon in the 'Sibly US foundation horoscope' (July 4, 1776, late afternoon LMT with Moon in third decan of Aquarius. A late afternoon chart is one of many versions although other dates are potentially more foundational; some charts are set for Philadelphia, Pa).

Feb 15, 2018 4:05:08 pm EST Washington DC: Hour of Venus, Venus exalted in Pisces, corporate 8th house with a critical-crisis 29th degree on the cusp; Solar Eclipse Saros Series = 1 South (key themes listed, upper right, paraphrasing Bernadette Brady's Predictive Astrology); eclipse has just barely passed into the 7th house along with Mercury @25AQ49 and health asteroid Hygeia (repeal legislation again? Yes, the GOP promised tax cuts! They promised Charles Koch and other billionaire donors, that is.)

As seen in the horoscope, the opposite sign and degree, 29Leo21, is on the 2nd cusp of the National Treasury which in part stimulates themes of The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 (info is distorted and possibly false; unexpected events place great pressure on relationships; fatigue or illness possible) and spotlights the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump along with royal Regulus (success if revenge is avoided). Have more waste and fraud of taxpayer money been perpetrated? If so, my suspicion is that some Trumpsters have engaged in additional pilfering, embezzlement, and/or theft via other areas besides private airline travel. Is this eclipse indicative of our National Treasury dangerously at risk? It so often is, you know. And there's quirky maverick Uranus at MC (Goal Point; Aspirations), planet of radical reforms, revolts, disruption, upsets, activism, fanatic zealotry, Utopianism, and those with unusual reputations in the world.

So you can suss out more factors in this chart and the solar eclipse for yourself, right? And you see listed on the chart under the eclipse info that 1 South's last manifestation was on February 5, 2000 @16AQ01...and you know what lay ahead at that point just prior to the much-touted practically magical and numinous 'New Millennium', don't you? The propaganda, paranoia, and glowing promises? Y2K madness? Tech bubble bursting? If you're old enough or can read, that is!

Now as this eclipse perfects at 4:05:08 pm EST, rising in Washington DC is dwarf-planet-archetype Ceres (food supplies, grains, milk, motherhood, sustainment, distribution, symbolic sheafs of wheat of a Virgoan goddess variety, and more) and she's retrograde suggesting a slow down or delay of some sort (FEMA difficulties come to mind). Yet with the fortunate North Node of the Moon in 1st house some development or growth with beneficial results is possible. Then in 7th house South Node @15AQ59 conjoins the degree of the Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017 so that similar issues or events of that period may return for further development, or may reoccur in similar fashion. Plus, North Node in Leo suggests festivities, entertainment, and a love of pomp such as an acting POTUS might have to endure. Or demand, depending on his personality--mild or brash.

Video: The Ceres Lights (13+ minutes).

And then with thinking Mercury in Aquarius nearby the eclipse, logic and common sense are needed for best karmic progress to be made for the sake of society, as suggested by a solar eclipse manifesting in cool, detached, rational Aquarius, the sign of We The People's Moon, as some believe, and a Tech, Science, and Futurism indicator.

As the BOWL Tips

Leading a BOWL shape of all the planets is Jupiter @22Sco31, 4th house, with Jupiter the General, CEO, politician, and/or preacher as the basis of it all and watery Scorpio as the sign of Big Business, Stealth, Wealth, control and/or betrayal. Are there more leaks of private information on the way? A BOWL shape emphasizes one hemisphere over the other and here we find signs Taurus through Libra 'missing' along with the related experiences described by those realms. Only the 1st house North Node links the two halves of the chart across the self-other axis.

The orientation of BOWL personalities can be advocacy of a cause, the furtherance of a mission, or perhaps it's based on divisions (and the furtherance of them? Trump!) The strongest point of application is the leading planet if it is in a Grand Cross pattern or in strong opposition which this Jupiter no longer is for the Jupiter-Uranus opposition is weakened with money-bags Jupiter in financial Scorpio and Uranus still in Aries. And yet, BOWL folk have something to give their fellow man and it may be "constructive or vindictive" (Jones) and will probably come by way of Jupiter in Scorpio (which is Reagan's natal Jupiter sign = massive tax cuts for the rich as Democrats in Congress enacted October 22, 1986?)

Now all this eclipse action is on the Leo-AQ self-will axis so Mr. Trump, the most famous Mars Rising in Leo fellow of bravado and quarrels that we know, is suggested on various levels of activity and events brought by the eclipse. However, it's important to note that it's Trump's natal Pluto @10Leo that is his first natal planet to rise in this particular horoscope so make of its power potential and wealth-grabbing-and-hoarding what and as you will or may.

For as you know, all eclipses are 'wild cards of the Universe' and 'cosmic blinks' that indicate times of change, pay attention--and those changes may involve sudden disruption, like astrological Uranus tends to do. Or not. Sooner or later. Or not at all. Because you know what they say about The Sky God: Expect the Unexpected and you'll never be disappointed.

A Previous Post: The Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2018 with Themes.

Oct 1, 2017

The International Net - Max Igan

Be sure to visit The Crowhouse for a variety of presentations, interviews, podcasts, and other media by Maxwell Igan.


Some say the world populace has been organized into schools of fish that can be scooped up.

Nov 11, 2016

Major Gen Smedley Butler & the Fascist Takeover of the US - video (w/ Eclipses)

Did the Attempted Fascist Coup of 1933 Finally Succeed via a Donald Trump Presidency?

by Jude Cowell

For those who may be unfamiliar with certain political events of 1933, here is a brief video concerning the attempted Fascist plot that General Smedley Butler refused to take part in and which he subsequently revealed to the US government and the public as a plot to take over FDR's presidency. The plotters first approached General Butler on July 1, 1933, a few months after FDR was first sworn into office and his New Deal programs have been under attack by 'conservatives' ever since.

Update Feb 7, 2022: Video has been removed from SO'W but there's this if it's still available -

Video posted to YouTube by Wakeymedia3; here's the video link. And note that in the video the narrator says "1934" but it was 1933, just after FDR's first Inauguration.

On a cosmic level we may wish to consider the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933 and its horoscope which shows that rebellious Uranus @20Ari48 (conjunct our July 4, 1776 Chiron) was recently rejoined by transit Uranus. This may be termed a 'Uranus Return' and is, I believe, a time link from 1933 to 2016/17, as are the two Solar Eclipses mentioned, below. Here is a link to the 1933 Solar Eclipse Horoscope with details. And here are a few notes previously posted concerning the chart and written during the Trump campaign and suggesting the violence that his rhetoric has invited if not incited:

Added to the disruptive shock of the current Uranus Return (2016 to 1933) are the two interlaced YOD patterns with their turning point-crossroads-special task vibes of crisis. (For more info on the Fascism Rising Horoscope, click or tap the link, above). You will note other current transits to the planets of 1933 and, of course, the recurring Uranus-Pluto square (Aries square Cancer in 1933) of a titanic generational clash as we've been experiencing again in this, the New Millennium, but with Pluto in Capricorn (signature of 'the dictator'). It seems to me that megalomaniac Trump's rhetoric triggers the violent Marseillaise Mars-Jupiter-Neptune trio to march again to the Bastille with fists and elbows ready to strike all who disagree.

Now as you know, Uranus in Aries is the 'blind zealot' and 'fanatic anarchist' (Ebertin) and along comes candidate Trump born under Mars Rising with kingmaker star Regulus in tow--in egoistic Leo. Mr. Trump has made himself a willing vessel for violent Mars-Uranus energies that seek expression in our era for we know that fascist authoritarian elements in the Collective never disappear completely, they simply cower in darkness in preparation for another government take-over attempt as they re-arm to fight another day.

Actually, another planetary return to the 1933 Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse chart has occurred in our time--a Jupiter Return. This spotlights Jupiter-Uranus (now opposing one another), a fortunate pair of energies in many cases but which also contains a dark side with potentials for: 'fortune-hunting, conflicts over philosophy and religion', and 'zealous representation of one-sided views' -- all of which I expect to hear a lot of with authoritarian huckster Trump and theocrat Pence in the White House.

Now the two Solar Eclipses of 1933 are revealing: 7 North and 7 South. The Fascism Rising horoscope (Feb 24, 1933, linked, above) is background energy for the events of 1933 and its Pre-Natal Eclipse (PE) is the 7 North with its theme of 'deep and hidden passions' bursting forth. But what really concerns yours truly is the second Solar Eclipse of 1933 in the 7 South Saros Series for its themes include its initial eclipse's Mars-Pluto square with potentials for: 'immense power, anger, and force' and 'huge obstacles that suddenly clear or move very rapidly' (Brady).

Why be concerned? Because a man that some have equated with Fascist dictator Mussolini has just been 'selected' president (not by popular vote, only by Electoral College) and the ruthless Mars-Pluto vibes of the 7 South Solar Eclipse of 1933 will constellate again--not via a 7 North Eclipse but by degree: Feb 24, 1933 7 South @28Leo activated by the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 1 North @29Leo conjunct royal Regulus. Now if you're familiar with the natal chart of Donald Trump you know these degrees hit his rising Mars and Ascendant (and rising Regulus), with late Leo being a very sensitive degree area in Mr. Trump's natal chart and in his entitled psyche.

And if you're familiar with the 'Nostradamus Eclipse', the 'King of Alarm' or 'Terror' Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 (which descriptively ushered in the New Millennium and the pre-planned, so-called 'War on Terror' of the neocons), you know that the August 1999 Solar Eclipse is also in the 1 North Saros Series, aka, the Mother of All Eclipses. And the same neocons such as Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and their ilk are now skulking back to the White House on the coattails of Donald J. Trump which is why I say, the Fascist Coup of 1933 is now about to be completed.

A Final Note: the upcoming 1 North Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, occurring during the first year of the Trump-Pence regime, is also the eclipse that cosmically splits America in two and is being referred to as The Great American Eclipse (which seems to be the one no one has been waiting for). Plus, it may be interesting to note that the karmic implications of any Solar Eclipse in Sun-ruled Leo include cautions against vainglory, pomposity, pontificating, and other negative traits of the proud sign of Leo, for egocentricity thwarts karmic progress.

So what are the chances a president Mr. Trump can avoid the Leonine traits he has already exhibited now that he's coup'd the top CEO position in the land? My next question is: to what year will Trump and his cronies regress America now that 'karmic progress' is off the political table?


Eclipse themes: Brady's Predictive Astrology and Rose Lineman's Your Prenatal Eclipse.

Oct 8, 2016

October 9 and 19, 2016: the Clinton-Trump Debates (Mars-Pluto)

Two 2016 Presidential Debates Left: How Awful Will They Be?

Well, the controversial 'TrumpSniffle' the Lewd has bumped up voter interest in the second of three presidential debates via a leaked tape from 2005 of his remarks about making 'moves' on women--as a "star" he can "do anything". Then his recorded 'apology' had to include mention of Bill Clinton's past behavior toward women (predictable) and Trump offered the excuse that his remarks were a decade ago (even though Bill's behavior was twenty years ago but still blame worthy--Trump's, according to Trump, is not because he's "different" now). No more groping of women for Donnie!

As you know, Republicans are deleting their support of the vile Mr. Trump in a hurry though no word on how the ones who are Republican misogynists themselves will manage this situation for it must be a real inner conflict for them especially the ones up for re-election.

Astrology: Mars and Pluto on Display

Debate number 2 of 3 October 9, 2016 St. Louis, Missouri at 6:00 pm CDT: astrologically aggressive Mars remains out-of-bounds (like Trump's comments--he and his brash Mars rising in proud Leo) and rising in St. Louis is Mars-ruled Aries bringing disruptive Uranus in Aries (blind zealots, radicals, anarchists, and Utopians--Ebertin) in tow. Mars and Pluto, 6 degrees apart, are in the 10th house of Public Status.

But what's rather amazing is that the third and last of their debates on October 19th happens to fall on the day that Mars, planet of desire (and still OOBs), conjoins Pluto, planet of power grabs @15Capricorn. Now as you know, the combo of Mars-Pluto is forceful to the point of brutality, assaults and attacks, chaos, mayhem...and rape.

This intense pair prominent on October 19th may also indicate that war veterans and/or disabled people may be mentioned during the debate which to some of us includes the unprepared Donald Trump himself--or perhaps his previous mocking of a disabled reporter at one of his rallies will come up. What a man child! Or, at least, he plays one on TV.

And awful as either or both debates turn out to be, one thing is fairly certain: they will be watched.

Now here are details on where to watch Sunday's town hall style presidential debate via TV or Internet streaming, and the October 19th debate as well.

Apr 18, 2016

GOP Doing Everything Possible to Dismantle Democracy - video

Although I personally tend to blame both political parties for breach of the public trust in a multitude of ways these last decades, there does seem to be a particular leaning on the side of the Republican Party's anarchists and zealots wanting to "dismantle", shut down, obstruct, undermine, drown in a bath tub, destroy, and/or otherwise coup the US government as discussed here by Farron Cousins and Howard Nations:

Talk about a previous post! Here's one from December 2005 when Stars Over Washington was barely two months old concerning a similar anti-democracy topic: Chiron-Uranus Types in Government. Its points may sound familiar these 11 years later especially since transit Uranus in Aries (anarchists, Utopian zealots--Ebertin) is conjoining off and on America's natal Chiron @20Aries. Uranus in Aries describes, among others, the tea partisans who infiltrated the US Congress on the Koch Brothers' dime and would rather shut down the US government like cowardly traitors than actually govern our nation which imho puts them in breach of the public trust.

Mar 17, 2016

Jupiter in Virgo now triggers the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933

If Not Nominated Candidate Trump Signals Riots for RNC 2016

When 2016 candidate Donald Trump announced his presidential bid on June 16, 2015 it was influenced that day by a New Moon @25Gemini which denotes a new cycle of activity, and for Mr. Trump marked a new cycle involving Mercury, planet of announcements and voting and ruler of communicative Gemini (sign of Good News).

And perhaps you caught my post on how rioting Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries is in process of returning to its degree in the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse chart of 1933.

The actual dates of the Uranus Return/s to its 1933 degree are: April 16, 2016, December 5, 2016, and January 22, 2017. Naturally we both may note that the date of the third conjunction is uncomfortably near Inauguration 2017 on January 20th which could be one of the indicators of a Trump victory. (His impulsive finger on The Button? What are his supporters thinking???)

Another time link to 1933 and current political strong-armed tactics (aka, America's disastrous lean toward authoritarianism) is the Capricorn Full Moon which conjoins US natal Pluto and perfects during the 2016 Republican National Convention in July.. Recent primary results now point toward a brokered convention in an attempt to knock Trump off the GOP throne which is why Mr. Trump is signaling riots if he doesn't receive the Republican nomination which would suit perfectly the returning Uranus in Aries (blind zealots, anarchists, fanatics).

Now in the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse chart (set for Berlin, Germany because of Hitler--it signaled FDR's first term in the US) Jupiter and Uranus are inconjunct (150 degrees) indicating far-fetched dreams, extension beyond safe limits, overreactions, and an urge for instant results. And since the Fascism Rising Jupiter also returns to its 1933 degree, the inconjunct aspect with disruptive Uranus is echoed in 2016/17 by both planets.

Below are the exact dates of the Jupiter Return/s to its 1933 degree of 19Virgo58 (Rx and in line with Neptune and Mars, the violent Marseillaise Trio of the French Revolution); also note that then and now, Jupiter conjoins fixed star Denebola, key phrases: to go against society, or, out of the mainstream (which Mr. Trump is as a non-politician):

Jupiter to 19Vir58: November 22, 2015, February 24, 2016, July 20, 2016 with the last occurring during RNC 2016.

Mar 14, 2016

Violent Protests as rebel Uranus Returns to its Fascist Solar Eclipse degree

2016 Trends of Violence and Government Take-Over

by Jude Cowell

In February 2011, I posted the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse horoscope of 1933 which you see, below. As the Campaign 2016 rallies of Republican candidate Donald Trump have forced violence into view and is being fully covered by the news media, we should note that transiting Uranus, America's totem planet of rebellion, revolt, revolution, shock, and disruption, is now in process of returning to its Mars-ruled Aries degree in the 1933 eclipse chart:

Added to the disruptive shock of the current Uranus Return (2016 to 1933) are the two interlaced YOD patterns with their turning point-crossroads-special task vibes of crisis. For more info on the Fascism Rising horoscope, here is my original post. You will note other current transits to the planets of 1933 and, of course, the recurring Uranus-Pluto square (Aries square Cancer in 1933) of a titanic generational clash as we've been experiencing again in this, the New Millennium, but with Pluto in Capricorn (signature of 'the dictator'). It seems to me that megalomaniac Trump's rhetoric triggers the violent Marseillaise Mars-Jupiter-Neptune trio to march again to the Bastille with fists and elbows ready to strike all who disagree.

Now as you know, Uranus in Aries is the blind zealot and fanatic anarchist (Ebertin) and along comes candidate Trump born under Mars Rising with kingmaker star Regulus in tow--in egoistic Leo. Mr. Trump has made himself a willing vessel for violent Mars-Uranus energies that seek expression in our era for we know that fascist authoritarian elements in the Collective never disappear completely, they simply cower in darkness in preparation for another government take-over attempt as they re-arm to fight another day.

Jan 25, 2016

The Billionaires' Tea Party - Trailer (w/ Uranus in Aries 2010/2016)

When Uranus in transit entered Mars-ruled Aries in late May 2010 it timed many events related to revolt, protest, even riots. Disruption is one of planet Uranus' favorite past times and since 2010 the world has not been disappointed. And for America's 2010 Solar Return in July, Uranus performed a Station Retrograde precisely on the Aries Point (00:00) which, for those who use US natal charts set for a few minutes after 5:00 pm LMT on July 4, 1776 (Phildelphia, PA), announced Uranus in Aries entering America's 4th house of Home--but also the house of Endings and The Drain (IC).

The disruptive shift into US 4th house occurred around the time that the Tea Party rose to public awareness with Uranus in Aries denoting Utopian anarchists and blind zealots (Ebertin). Then as now, everyone continued to agree that America was following a wrong path and some accepted the propaganda that the 'grassroots' movement called the Tea Party could cure politically and socially what ailed us as a nation--and reform Washington Politics where the global criminal syndicate is centered. The last time period that Uranus traveled through Aries was from 1928 to 1934 which of course includes disruptive events and turbulent interventions such as World War I, the Market Crash of October 29, 1929, the rise of Hitler and FDR, fascism taking over Italy--while transit Neptune's continuing path through Virgo, sign of The Worker, helped to undermine employment and social conditions for millions of people--especially since America's natal Neptune is in Virgo (22+).

Of course in 1929, Uranus squared Pluto but Pluto was in Cancer then (transformation of family values), opposite Pluto's current sojourn through the governmental, legal, and business-oriented sign of Capricorn, ruled by tough Saturn. Social upheaval has reappeared under the New Millennium's Uranus-Pluto Cardinal square as extreme measures are being pushed through Congress (many of them hidden within legislation to be discovered and despised later on), fanaticism is prevalent from many directions, and war and weaponry are lifted high as Nationalism and Patriotism are again used by the power elite as shields for hiding an agenda of global conquest. Meanwhile, Pluto in Capricorn = the dictator, according to Ebertin, and from Washington and across the nation we've heard accusations of such behavior by Obama opponents yet my suspicion is that we ain't seen nuthin' yet in that department--wait till Donald Trump (or whoever) takes the Oath of Office on January 20, 2017! Only Senator Bernie Sanders seems genuine to me but we'll see how that goes with primaries about to begin.

Be all of that as it may or may not be, check out the following trailer for The Billionaires' Tea Party and marvel at the political chicanery of the plutocrats:


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Oct 29, 2015

Fix Our Broken Criminal Justice System by Bernie Sanders - video (w Saturn-Uranus)

Here is Senator Sanders with an important message:


Saturn, Uranus, Criminal Justice, and Old vs New

Those who use, study, or practice Astrology know that America's natal Saturn in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice, is in astrologese considered exalted. Yet since July 4, 1776 when Saturn was at 14 Libra 48, America's Secondary Progressed (a year for a day) Saturn has since retrograded by progression and is now at 3 Scorpio (since 1996 if memory serves--Bill Clinton!) This is quite a different influence for Saturn--forceful Mars-Pluto rather than evaluating Venus. Only recently transiting Saturn plodded through Scorpio, sign of big business (like our privatized prison system, towns and cities making money off those who can't pay court fees and traffic tickets, etc, as if they're criminals) but also of transformation, corporatism, the occult, and even death which unfortunately and unfairly has been the fate of an alarming number of our citizens in their cells or beside the road.

Add to this the transit of disruptive Uranus in Aries which has been opposing US natal Saturn within orb since early 2014 and remaining within range of opposition (if we count a 5-degree orb on either side of 14Lib48) until approximately late March 2016. This transit affects many areas of our government, business and legal systems, and other realms that Saturn rules--including systems. Restriction, inhibition, limitation, authority, loss, karma, accountability, responsibility, reward for hard work--you name it and transiting Uranus, planet of upset, upheaval, rebellion, riots, protests, anarchy, and (when Uranus is in Mars-ruled Aries), a signal for blind zealotry, violence, and fanatical fights for ideas has tipped America's Saturnian apple cart in unexpected, unpredictable ways.

Yes, dreamy Utopians have gained quite a bit of ground against the status quo that establishment Saturn tends to prefer. That the US Congress is a target is actually predictable, however, since Saturn also rules lawmakers such as senators and representatives, many of which are or were lawyers.

Included in this transit is the theatrical event on Capitol Hill this very morning when Saturnian John Boehner handed over the Speaker's gavel to a new generation in the person of Uranian Paul Ryan and this may be partially described by transit Uranus opposing US natal Saturn when a 'new order' is demanded. Helpfully, the Full Moon of October 27, 2015 at 3 Taurus 44 acted as a perfect timer since the Sun conjoined US SP Saturn at 3 Scorpio and a culmination or fulfillment (Full Moon) was reached as John Boehner's tenure as Speaker of the House was completed.

Hmm..wonder if the strong Saturn-Uranus energies now affecting our nation are on some deep level resonating with Senator and 2016 candidate Bernie Sanders who was born in 1941 under the auspices of a Saturn-Uranus conjunction?