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Oct 21, 2015

Paul Ryan is the Same as He has Always Been (10-21-15) - video

Here are a Astro-Notes on the Personality of Rep. Paul Ryan if you're curious (I didn't have his birth time then.) So more to the point, The Political Astrology Blog has revealed Ryan's recorded birth time (2:37 am) on January 29, 1970 Janesville, Wisconsin. Born at 2:37 am CST gives him a Libra Moon and a Locomotive pattern of executive talent and a drive to success with powerful Pluto @27Virgo as the engine--in his 10th house of Career and Public Status.

As for assuming the heavy responsibility of the Speaker of the House position, karmic Saturn now @2Sagittarius has just crossed Paul Ryan's natal Ascendant (00:38) after a stomp upon his natal Neptune @00Sag35 (he's a thespian it seems.) This is the 'dream come true' or 'the grim face of reality' transit and my suspicion is that for Rep. Ryan, is he accepts the Speaker position he will experience a bittersweet mixture of both.

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