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Oct 2, 2015

video: Bernie Sanders Joined Congress: Health Insurance, Economics (1990 interview)

When Independent Senator Sanders entered the US Congress it had been 40 years since Frazier Reams of Ohio entered the House of Representatives as an Independent. Here's an informative C-SPAN interview with Bernie Sanders whose hair could have used a comb then, too!

View C-SPAN with Bernie Sanders, now a Democratic candidate for US president in 2016 whether the Democratic Party wants him to be or not. Personally I'm glad the senator keeps reminding both Democrats and Republicans of the critical issues now affecting the American people and how our concerns should be addressed in order to level the playing field in this rigged game that favors plutocrats, transnational corporatists, and their political handmaidens and operatives of Washington DC.

For as you know, corporatism + statism = fascism.

Closely related: the Sun Virgo-Moon Aries personality blend of Bernie Sanders.

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