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Nov 3, 2015

Thom Confronts Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) On His Lies - videos

Well, I for one am glad that Thom Hartmann is riled up in this segment concerning Obamacare, Senator Barasso's remarks, Republican states that refused Medicare and Medicaid expansion, and the shady 2000 Election where Mr. Bush's latest slogan "Jeb Can Fix It" clearly reminds us of how Jeb Bush fixed the 2000 presidential election for his oilman brother, as Thom explains. Although I cannot find it online I do remember a video clip during Bush's 2000 campaign of W and Jeb on an airplane boasting into the camera, "It's in the bag!"

And yes. It was. Stuff happens. And Jeb fixed it, all right.

Now it's 15 years later which is more or less a Saturn opposite Saturn phase from Election 2000 to Election 2015 if not 2016--maybe that's one way to describe the adolescent childishness from much of the Republican field down to "children's table" debates and the candidates' 'new debate rules' foot-stomping to get their dainty way with the networks or else. Yet to me it seems that Jeb's poll numbers will have to be ginned way up before whatever "fix" he and his team are planning for November 8, 2016 to make a Jeb 'victory' seem at all plausible to the American public. Maybe Republicans will rely on rigged voting machines, voter suppression ploys, and a few other traditional tricks of the win-at-any-cost political trade.

Politicians! If cheating is the only path to 'victory' it doesn't bother them all...even though cheating isn't winning. It's stealing.

Okay, I'll hush now. Here's Thom Hartmann:

Now here's Thom with "How Will Whiny Republicans Deal with Putin?" which includes the clip of President Obama's priceless remarks last evening mocking Republican brags over dealing with Putin vs their inability to handle debate moderators:

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