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Jan 28, 2016

Trump Brings Out Mysogynists in Fox Debate Feud - Thom Hartmann reports

Misogyny has long been apparent within some political circles and here we are in 2016 having issues with rude slurs cast upon women by 2016 candidate Donald Trump who's in a snit over being asked a pointed question by a--gasp!-- female FOX News anchor (in a previous debate)! What will tonight's GOP debate/s bring? Will Mr. Trump take his prejudices to another stage and skip the debate hosted by FOX in order to dodge being put on the spot by inconvenient questions? Oh deary me! Let's be anxious together, shall we? But I'll manage tonight's anxiety by watching NBC's The Blacklist at 9:00 pm and give nary a thought to the blacklist of Donald Trump:

Of course, without Mr. Trump, the GOP debate mojo falls upon other candidates, most notably senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz who, unlike real estate mogul Donald Trump, actually know how to debate issues and policies.

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