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Apr 26, 2023

Astro-Notes on J6 Coup Plotter Ted Cruz

Can Astrology Describe Ted Cruz?

by Jude Cowell: pro-democracy forever!

Hear Ted Cruz Caught on Tape Plotting "Step Two" of Trump's Jan 6th Coup Attempt, thanks to MSNBC's Ari Melber reporting on it.

The accuracy rating for the natal horoscope of Republican politician Ted Cruz is only a C since the hour of his birth is in question. Most often, 1:00 am MST (December 22, 1970 Calgary, Alberta: Sun @00Capricorn) is commonly used, as you can see if you follow the link. Yet another possibility is 7:34 pm, but admittedly I have no allegiance to either timing, particularly since Herr Cruz shows no allegiance to America, only fascist leanings. That he has argued cases before the US Supreme Court in the past does not an American patriot make. A Canadian by birth, Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship on May 14, 2014 and has clung to American citizenship ever since which places Cruz, the J6 coup plotter, firmly under US law.

And it may be that We the People don't actually know where Ted's true loyalties lie. Or if he has any at all.

Then way back in 2013, a post appeared on my WordPress blog, Jude's Threshold, concerning Cruz's Sun-Moon personality blend so if you're curious about a maga Republican who's revealed to be a Crusader Dueling with Shadows, you're invited to check out my astro-notes.

Meanwhile, one of lawyer Cruz's more informative natal placements to me is his legal eagle planet Saturn Rx @16Tau19 conjunct the very position of the 2022 Midterms Lunar Eclipse conjunct the radical anarchist planet, Uranus.

For Herr Cruz, this planetary contact qualifies as a Uranus-to-Saturn transit, a period when laws and rules are challenged and reevaluation and alteration are potentials which may affect the way responsibilities are handled due to the unorthodox ideas presented. Thing is, such alterations can be accomplished within The System without tearing it down.

Yet as we know, motivation is everything, and unfortunately, a motivated Ted Cruz has joined the tear-it-all-down brigade of comrades, many of whom are still feeling bu*t-hurt from losing the Civil War, a conflagration that Ted has no personal connection with, to my knowledge. And this resentful sore-loser condition has been easily manipulated by enemies of American democracy, enemies such as the vengeful Herr Putin who's known to have felt deeply resentful since the fall of the Soviet Union (Russia's 1991 horoscope is shown, below). So I must suppose that Herr Vlad feels "bu*t-hurt", too.

Then revealingly, the fascist-nazi clincher on seditionists like Cruz is the Sabian Symbol of his natal Saturn rounded-up to "17Taurus": "A Symbolical Battle Between Swords vs Torches."

So if this cosmic synchronicity of symbol plus Saturn-Uranus' old vs new order impetus reminds you of the vile tiki torch march in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017, then we're on the same page when it comes to white "supremacy" - so here's my question: since when are hatred, primal violence, crime, and murder signs of any kind of "supremacy"?

Foreign Manipulation of US Affairs = Sabotage

Now personally, I never celebrate the fall of any country because of the populations it harms, yet even so, here's a view of Russia's 1991 Flag Raised Horoscope for your consideration:

Note that the Soviet Union post linked above contains chart details and an enlargeable horoscope, if you'd like them.

Now to close, here's a related post: 2022 Midterms Lunar Eclipse and Planets hit US Congress' 1789 Horoscope.

And here's some interesting news that broke a few days ago: Three of the 2017 tiki torch marchers have been indicted so apparently, "swords" trump "torches", at least in the case of these three bu*t-hurt neo-nazis.

May 7, 2016

Mr. Trump's Conspiracy Theory of a Saturn-Neptune kind

The ongoing Saturn-Neptune square (*Sagittarius to Pisces) with its realism-fantasy vibes has me thinking about certain conspiracy theories both old and new, and wondering if you've ever checked out Conspiracy Archives, a site where you'll find pages such as 9/11 and JFK, plus, the following quote from Chris Sanders, author of Oil, Smoke, and Mirrors:

"The use of 'conspiracy theory' as a derogatory -- as an epithet almost -- is something the propagandists have perfected over the decades, and it's a useful tool for eliminating articulate dissent and other points of view, and information that might be inconvenient for a policy agenda."

Why, even Republican candidate and nominee-in-waiting Donald Trump uses conspiracy theories when they suit his purposes. Like the other day when he tossed out an innuendo about Ted Cruz's father Raphael having his photo taken with Lee Harvey Oswald in Cuba--but was that really a young Raphael in the grainy photo? Donald wasn't certain, of course, but perhaps it could be him...sigh...oh, isn't life simply full of Neptunian uncertainties?

Is it conspiratorial to wonder if there's a link between Trump's Cruz-Oswald photo 'revelation' and the Saturnian fact that candidate Ted Cruz ended his 2016 campaign after his major loss in Indiana and soon after Trump had latched on to the published photo (orchestrated between Trump and the publisher so he could cite it) thus creating a conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory? Timekeeper planet Saturn often ends things, plus we're under the influence of the 18 South Solar Eclipse with its themes of endings, partings, and separations. Could it be (and this sounds like a Trump innuendo tactic!) that Raphael Cruz actually does have a secret in his past that must be kept hidden which makes any spotlight thrown upon his Havana days inconvenient?

Well, Mr. Trump may have pulled a little Neptunian wool over the eyes of enough of his supporters in time to influence them away from Ted Cruz, but the Saturnian truth (according to the Warren Commission) is that the photo shows Oswald passing out pamphlets on the street with help from a couple of men he hired out of an unemployment line.

So in this case, truthful Saturn blocked (via the square) Neptune but only after conspiratorial Neptune had done its political hack job for Donald Trump with his reality-distorting Mercury-Neptune square.

Now let's close with an excerpt from a March 23, 2015 post concerning the astrological condition of chart-ruler Mercury in the horoscope of Ted Cruz's announcement of his run for president circa 2016:

I set up the horoscope for today, Lynchburg, VA at the moment the TV time-stamped his actual announcement that he's running for president of the United States (10:46 am edt). Rising 12Gem53 (the Descendant in America's natal horoscope for those who use the 'Sibly' chart for July 4, 1776 5:09 or 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA--possibly showing Cruz's Canadian birth as The Other/7th house?) and of course Gemini is appropriate for speeches, messages, and announcements of any kind. Therefore, Mercury, ruler of Gemini (sign of 'good news') rules the chart, the announcement, and the orator so we look to Mercury's major applying aspects to other planets to see how things may proceed from Mr. Green Eggs and Ham's announcement and presidential campaign, or how (his candidacy) will be accepted.

In the chart, Mercury is in the 10th house of Public Status and Career but is rather woolly in the sign of Pisces (16:40). Pisces is imaginative, yes, but is often murky, perhaps a bit confused, or even deceptive--and this Mercury makes not one major or minor applying aspect to another planet in the horoscope denoting that his bid may go nowhere as well. There is a separating sextile of opportunity between Mercury and Pluto @15Cap23 but he would have fared better if he'd not missed its waxing condition.

(A Mercury sextile Pluto indicates a penetrating mind, a need to remain flexible, trying to control the scope or direction of things, and hypersensitivity to criticism to the point that others may not share negative information which makes honest discussion and rational debate impossible.)

So it's fare well for now, ye crusader dueling with shadows...we hardly knew ya but it was too much all the same.

*Sagittarius, sign of the foreigner, is ruled by Jupiter which in mundane charts can play roles such as politician, ideologue, financier, actor, and propagandist, and Pisces is ruled traditionally by Jupiter with inspirational yet murky Neptune as a Higher Octave influence for cosmic Pisces. And of course, Neptune can wear many masks including that of a fraudster, a liar, and/or a crook.

Apr 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton: the Choice of Venus in this Year of the Outsider?

Is Hillary Clinton Outsider Enough to Satisfy Election 2016 Venus in Sagittarius?

by Jude Cowell

Sagittarius is the sign of the outsider or the foreigner and last year, when I posted to SO'W the article on the Venus Cycle and its influence on the upcoming US presidential election of November 8, 2016, it was early days and the field of 2016 candidates had not yet narrowed to Hillary, Bernie, Donald, Ted, and John. At that time, a brokered (or, open) convention had not been mentioned with its allure of a Republican nominee appearing from 'outside' the current field of wanna-bes. Perhaps in July a nominee from who-knows-where can still appear at the RNC (from outside the campaign) but apparently it will not be GOP favorite, Speaker Paul Ryan.

Now May 2016 is almost upon us and the Republican establishment is said to be coming around to the acceptance of wild card circus barker Donald Trump as their nominee for president, outsider as he is said to be. Hillary Clinton seems a shoe-in for the Democrats so I'm wondering: is she enough of an outsider to satisfy Venus and thus be the next resident of the Oval Office (the Venusian egg-shaped power base in the White House). My thought is that Hillary may be enough of an outsider due to her status as a female--and perhaps lady Venus will be satisfied with a president who isn't a traditional member of the good ole boys' network even though Hillary's decades as a political animal identifies her to most people as being as 'establishment' as anyone. But if she's indicted...well, Bernie can still step in and I suspect that his political status as a Democratic Socialist, not a Democrat, may qualify him as an outsider.

(Yes, I know Trump is seemingly more of an outsider but we're talking Hillary here.)

So if you'd like to consider more on Hillary's status, see Hardball's Chris Matthews discussing how Clinton Survives in the Year of the Outsider.

"The Year of the Outsider"! Such an appropriate description of America's 4-year election cycle and the influence of planet Venus upon who wins the day!


Here's an astro-peek at the horoscope of Inauguration 2017 set for January 20, 2017 noon ET Capitol Building, Washington DC.

Blog Note: if you wish, scroll to the Search box and type in any of the candidates' names (including Ted Cruz's VP running mate Carly Fiorina) and you'll find a list of posts concerning the 2016 candidates, many of them astrologically inclined. jc

Apr 5, 2016

Astrology of 2016 Republican Candidate John Kasich

If you're curious, here is a bio of John Kasich which you may find to be quite mild. And without a known birth time for the former US Representative (1983--2001) and current Governor of Ohio (since 2011), we must depend on a somewhat out-of-focus reading of his natal planets since an accurate birth hour would helpfully time the Ascendant and other house cusps if we knew it. The natal info below is based upon a horoscope set for noon on May 13, 1952 (age 63) in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. Angles are not considered:

Governor Kasich was born under a 22-degree + Taurus Sun with the Moon in Capricorn for the entire 24-hours of May 13, 1952. This personality blend gives him a double-Earth nature of practicality and common sense. No, there are not a lot of frills here, but there is a traditionalist willing to take on responsibility--one who relies on logic and realism, and possesses a paternalistic authoritarian mindset. (You know, like old men who want to dictate how a woman makes health decisions for her own body? see the Thom Hartmann clip, below, where he mentions Kasich's recently stated view on punishment for abortion.) My thought is that John Kasich campaigns on being his own man (as a conservative Republican) so from this I gather that his paternalistic keep-women-down nature fits perfectly with the misogynist GOP agenda--their attempt to take America back to the pre-1850s. (Or with theocrat Reconstructionist Ted Cruz, back to the laws of ancient Israel.)

And with John Kasich's Sun Taurus-Moon Capricorn personality, we know that ambition and striving for possessions, power, and control are foremost for him and yes, this is a good blend to have if you're a politician. Many people tend to place their confidence in such a dependable Taurus-Capricorn fellow and this one has a strong inner sense of confidence and integrity. Shrewd in business dealings, Gov. Kasich as a critic can be severe and completely honest in his assessments and he commands respect from others. Not one to forget when he's been wronged or slighted, he can also be kind and affectionate in private and when feeling secure though Taurus always adds a streak of pig-headedness to most any personality.

Mercury, Planet of Thinking, Planning, and Communicating

John Kasich's Mercury in late Aries widely opposes his Mars Rx in early Scorpio (7A27) and hints at a brusque manner and way of speaking to the point. This pair of planets relates quite often to Politics and shows an alert mind and good intellectual capacity. With maturity he has learned to avoid arguing whenever possible and perhaps the art of compromise has somehow been absorbed. One must wonder if he should become the denizen of the Oval Office how much compromise he'll feel is appropriate with his opponents. This opposition may cause him to draw conclusions too readily before hearing or knowing all the facts. Plus, Mercury is also in an out-of-sign conjunction (4A51) with expansive Jupiter in Venus-ruled Taurus which denotes far-reaching plans, a talent for communications, and a deep thirst for knowledge (which probably aids him with his Mercury-Mars opposition's tendency to jump to conclusions--he's something of a know-it-all.)

So does any of this Astrology portend Governor Kasich to be the victor of the November 8, 2016 Presidential Election? No. It doesn't. Actually, we're talking personality traits. Yet perhaps more importantly, I see no close links from his planets to US natal Moon in Aquarius (We the People) which may be one reason he's had difficulty gaining approval with the general public. Yet when folks listen closely to his message, they tend to be impressed (Mercury sextile North Node--2S25).

Of course, if we knew Kasich's accurate time of birth we might find US Moon on an Angle of his chart which could boost his presidential aspirations yet with his long career in government I don't think he sounds much like the outsider that Venus portends in November, do you?

April 5, 2016 Thom Hartmann reports:


Related: Astrotheme has posted an untimed version of the natal horoscope of John Kasich if you're interested in checking it out.

Mar 8, 2016

Morning Joe - Giving Up on Trickle Down?!? - video

March 8, 2016: glad that Thom Hartmann is talking about what Joe Scarborough said about the trouble with the Republican Party though I'd like to tell Mr. Scarborough that this isn't all:

Possibly Related: Obamaism vs Reaganism: Jupiter-Neptune and Pluto-Chiron. Note that both Cruz and Rubio were born with major Jupiter-Neptune signatures though Rubio's conjunction is closest with Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius (relates to others as a Sagittarian) unlike Ted Cruz whose Jupiter is in corporate-minded Scorpio (relates to others as a Scorpion, an Eagle, and/or a Serpent. Both have grand plans and ideas but are not necessarily reliable.

Now Pluto-Chiron plutocrats drench the place. You know, the two bodies last conjoined at the end of 1999 and their combined energies ushered in the New Millennium as much as any other cosmic factor shoved the Collective into the 21st century. And that's even if you consider the New Millennium to have started on January 1, 2001, not 2000.

At 12 Sag (which is often used as the US natal Ascendant (our rebel nation), the Sabian Symbol for the 1999 Pluto-Chiron conjunction is: "ADJUSTMENT" "A Flag That Turns into an Eagle That Crows" which could refer to any of the 2016 candidates, agreed? In political realms, the symbol sounds the most like crowing Cruz or bellowing Trump to me, but you must decide for yourself. The karmic degree just before is 11 Sag: "The Lamp of Physical Enlightenment at the Left Temple" with the keyword, RECONCILIATION." (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.) Wouldn't that be good? And yet...

The Pluto-Chiron cycle lasts about 60 years from conjunction to conjunction and has to do with transformation of mass consciousness and the deepest levels of reality. (Nolle). Among other things, the September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse resonates with Pluto-Chiron concepts and suggests conditions of the 1930s within the Collective Unconscious (to those who have eyes to read, ears to hear). America's Inauguration Ascendant (the Oath of Office, the Presidency) at '14 Taurus' (noon, January 20, Capitol Building Washington DC) rises with difficult star Menkar, of the Cetus the Whale constellation, and relates closely to the president as mouthpiece, saying what must be said. As you know, it was Teddy Roosevelt who turned the White House soapbox into a "bully pulpit" though the adjective "bully" might obviously refer to Taurus the Bull, and is not necessarily a synonym for 'great, handy, efficient,' or, 'groovy' pulpit from which to preach. Anyway, the exploits of Jonah in the whale's belly for three days are indicated even though it was FDR who changed our Inaugurations from early March (Cancer rising, 1933) to January 20th in 1937 with Taurus rising. The 1930s again.

Ancient ones among us remember that George H. W. Bush, in his quest for more power, called trickle down policies 'Vood Doo Economics' which tells you the level of realism involved. And with the September 2016 Solar Eclipse themes of 'realism, coming down to earth, seeing old situations for what they really are, not what you thought they were' (Brady's Predictive Astrology), we can only note that candidates Bernie Sanders and possibly Donald Trump are the only ones who come close to filling that bill in Campaign 2016. The congressional record of Bernie Sanders can be and has been fact-checked while Mr. Trump's business and tax records are more elusive to public scrutiny, his resume inconclusive. Mob ties may be in the wings.

There are other candidates to be wary of for the simple fact that (according to my mother), we should, "Never trust a man who says, Trust Me." Great advice. Because you can't.

Democrats please don't stay home on November 8, 2016.

Mar 1, 2016

March 1, 2016: Ted Cruz Suitability Poll--Here Are the Results

Hopefully any reader wanting to vote in the Ted Cruz Suitability Poll that was atop the sidebar for the entire month of February had a chance to do so. Here are the results--see if you agree:

Ted Cruz: better suited as a Supreme Court Justice than President:

Agree 11%

Disagree 4%

Possibly/Uncertain 3%

Better Suited for Canadian PM 3%

Unsuitable for Any High Office 78%

Tonight Senator Ted Cruz, 2016 candidate, received his 'home state' of Texas wrapped up with a big red bow on top, delegates surrounding in a merry throng, so I'm guessing that Mr. Green Eggs'n'Ham is pleased over this. But even for him it would have been rather sad if he'd not been able to sway his fellow Texans to his cause (Ted Cruz). Yet you'd think that Donald Trump's huge campaign and large ideas would have better suited the state where everything is always described as big.

Or so they tell me. I'm a Georgian and wouldn't actually know. But I did vote today. Did you?

Feb 26, 2016

Why Isn’t Ted Cruz Being Crucified For His Role in the Govt Shutdown? video

This question that has haunted me since Ted Cruz announced his bid to run for president of the country after leading the theatrical charade of shutting down the government for 16 days for the purpose of making an ideological point. Why does no one mention the quirkiness of a man wanting to run a government he shut down because of an anti-societal notion--and reading children's books in mockery of the US Senate?

A related Natal Astrology post: Senator Ted Cruz: a "crusader dueling with shadows".

All this tea party anarchist rhetoric and its code words used in Campaign 2016 puts me in mind of the Cardinal Square Solar Eclipse of July 2010, the year that rebellious Uranus electrified the Mars-ruled Aries Point of Manifestation, transit Jupiter of corporatism came along and joined in, and tea party candidates infiltrated Capitol Hill which eventually made possible the Cruz-led shut down of the US government. And of course, the separating Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto continues triggering generational stand-offs as 40-something politicians challenge The Establishment of the Republican Party.

Yet there is not such a generational battle for Democrats in Campaign 2016 where Grandma and Grandpa are struggling for the Dem nomination!

Feb 15, 2016

DC Horoscope: Spring Equinox 2016 w/ Mars Rising

A Political and Societal Consideration of the Spring Equinox 2016 Horoscope

by Jude Cowell

Image below: Horoscope of Spring Equinox (aka, Aries Ingress--Sun to Aries Point) March 20, 2016 Sunday 12:30:31 am EDT Washington DC; Hour of the Sun; chart-ruler Jupiter at Midheaven but retrograde; warrior Mars rising @4Sag35 and Saturn @16Sag22. Two malevolent planets in 1st house, plus, chart-ruler Jupiter Rx indicate potentials for: conflicts, aggression, delays, obstacles, and setbacks (ex: veterans' issues) during the Spring 2016 season; conditions may affect the entire year until next Spring unless and until other planetary factors intervene or mitigate the ones you see, below.

Please enlarge the image to read notes, some of which are not mentioned in the following text but should be kept in mind:

At the most visible angle of the chart we see Jupiter-North-Node at MC which shows someone increasing in public popularity, recognition, and status though NN conjoins star Denebola (to go against society, or, out of the mainstream which may describe any of the 'outsiders' still struggling for their respective nominations in Campaign 2016--or, malevolence toward society. Actually, the transiting Jupiter-NN of late has benefited the natal NN (22Virgo) and Neptune (26Vir58) of Senator Bernie Sanders and for Spring Equinox 2016, Sanders' natal Sun (15Vir36) shines at the Midheaven of this chart (Aspirations; The Goal.) However, the Equinox MC is at a critical or dangerous degree (17Virgo) as is the IC (17Pisces) which has the 18 South March 8, 2016 Solar Eclipse @18Pis55 conjoining it with themes of: endings, separations, partings, but with positive outcomes. (Brady.) The eclipse themes may describe candidates leaving the race or staffers leaving campaigns (though a loss through death cannot be ruled out at the IC = Endings, The HOW? Point, or the Foundation of the Matter.)

The public mood is playfully Leonine as you see: Moon @23Leo16 in 9th house chugs along as lead planet in a Locomotive line-up of planets, plus, the Moon (Hillary?) is also a member of a Fire Grand Trine with status quo Saturn and progressive Uranus, a closed circuit of energies where 'she' (Luna) is privileged, insulated, and hopes to be protected from outside interference and frustration (though nervous tension is involved). In the creative Fire element, this pattern shows a Moon full of self-pride, personal significance, and egotism. Fire is the royal element which provides much inner strength and self-confidence (humility need not apply!) along with demands for recognition (and nomination!) though such demands may be expressed in subtle or indirect ways. A reserved or stilted manner may be noticed. Yet this leading Moon might also describe the SCOTUS nomination process with Jupiter and Saturn square (obstacles; blockages) and both societal planets relating to the legal system and to the much-touted 'checks and balances' between the three branches of the US government.

But Bernie Sanders isn't the only 2016 candidate with significant planetary contacts to the Spring Equinox 2016 chart for Hillary Clinton's natal Jupiter @00Sag30 also rises in the above chart and her Saturn (authority, authenticity) is spotlighted by the Leo Moon. On the Republican side, the Leo Moon shines upon Jeb Bush's dictatorial Sun-Pluto opposition which for me denotes his war hawk/neocon past (Jeb signed on to the Iraq War via PNAC even before brother George did). As for Cruz and Rubio, stellar links to the equinox chart congregate mainly via their Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions rising indicating great hopes but little to build upon with shifty Neptune at IC (Cruz's Jupiter is in Scorpio, however, not Sagittarius like Rubio's.)

Before the 2016 General Election in November, Donald Trump's Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius opposition will be visited by transit Mars, the activator, in September 2016 while transit Saturn will take his own time getting there beginning in late December 2016 though restrictive effects may be felt earlier. Saturn to natal Moon is a squelcher emotionally as is Saturn opposite natal Sun which tends to cause endless delays, missed goals, challenges to authority, and hurt pride. Promises not lived up to come back to haunt, vitality may be missing, and health can be somehow impaired especially if there are chronic conditions.

Well, we haven't talked much about the recent Justice Antonin Scalia vacancy on The Bench (may he R.I.P.) but it's early days yet for that situation to gel though both sides are making noises. Suffice it to say that the Jupiter-Saturn square and Jupiter Rx already noted will provide plenty of delay tactics and blockages that we all expect to witness during the matinee performances of the Capitol Hill Political Theater that annoys We the People who are paying the tab for their half-hearted efforts as they 'govern' in breach of the public contract. One threat is another expensive Cruz 'filibuster' and unless someone stops him from again making a mockery of the US Senate, I wonder what he'll ham-ishly read this time?!? Testy Mars rising supplies plenty of conflict and tension.

Now a quick mention must be made of wealthy manipulator Pluto @17Cap16 in the 2nd house of the National Treasury, an indicator of foreign banking interests directing our financial system through the Fed and centered in the City of London, last I heard. Here Pluto triggers the 1993 Great Conjunction/s of Age of Reason planets, enlightened Uranus and Neptune, as we've discussed many times before. Transit Pluto hitting their midpoint creates a picture of "the big picture which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise" (Tyl) which always reminds me of an 'offer that can't be refused' made famous as plutonian Underworld Crime Syndicate dialogue in films such as The Godfather. Yet it also hints at the centuries-long Great Plan to crash civilization so that a 'new world order' or 'global government' can be built upon ruins, a larger version of how they did us on 9/11/01. A draconian control grid is, in fact, in place already for the most part. Can you feel it? Pluto as sub-ruler of corporate Scorpio rules the 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and secret Back Room Deals in the Spring Equinox chart.

And yes, there is much more information to be found in the above chart but I can't type forever, so let's close with a few general notes concerning Spring Equinox 2016's fiery Sun Aries-Moon Leo blend if that's okay with you. Cautions are to watch out for those who exhibit a childish insistence on only seeing things their way (Ted Can Read!) or, those who move on to the next project before finishing the last (very Aries!) The emphasis is on such things as communications, support for causes, the concept or the actual demonstration of heroism, passionate idealism, inspired creativity, romance and entertainment.

Now if "passionate idealism" doesn't remind you of Bernie Sanders, maybe the blend's "Image for Integration" will: "After slaying the black dragon of sloth and greed, the young warrior is knighted by the one true king. He marries the maiden of purity and they live happily ever after." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.) Nice how 'the maiden of purity' is Virgo the Virgin and Senator Sanders' natal Sun, North Node of Public Contact, and idealistic Neptune are all in Virgo at the Aspiration Point of the Spring Equinox 2016 horoscope. Massive (Jupiter) audiences (NN) have so far been his during his campaign!

And last, on a curious note, one famous yet controversial person has turned up in the news during Campaign 2016 and perhaps she will again since she was born under the influences of the Sun Aries-Moon Leo blend. Her name? Feminist icon Gloria Steinem--with the Spring Equinox 2016 Moon spotlighting her Leo Midheaven!

Feb 4, 2016

Feb 4 and 6, 2016: R and D Candidates Debate as Saturn and Uranus Attend

February 4th and 6th: Democratic and Republican Candidates Engage Under Aquarius-Capricorn Vibes for it's a Sun Aquarius-Moon Capricorn blend of energies both nights with each sign ruled by Saturn, planet of government, the Establishment, the system, authority, accountability, responsibility, karma, and the status quo. And of course in modern astrology, Aquarius brings progressive Uranus to the debates--but the debates are weighted on the Saturnian side.

First, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate tonight February 4, 2016 (MSNBC 9:00 pm ET; Moon 00Cap) then Republican candidates will debate (aka, hurl insults at each other) this Saturday February 6, 2016 beginning at 8:00 pm ET (Moon 27Cap).

Since both debates come under the influence of the Spartan, steadfast, aloof blend of Sun AQ-Moon Capricorn, an *Image for Integration seems appropriate--simply apply to any of the 2016 presidential candidates as you wish!

Sun AQ-Moon Cap: "A revolutionary is elected president."


Image from Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Feb 3, 2016

Cruz’s Caucus Victory Is Terrifying for Democracy - Ring of Fire reports

Internet service continues to be capriciously spotty so here's a quick embed from The Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins concerning Ted Cruz:

And if you haven't, please answer the poll question at the top of the sidebar-->>

Feb 2, 2016

Horoscopes: Inauguration 2017 w/ Ted Cruz natal chart

Since this is a second week of comcast outages and DNS problems here my online time is brief so I'll publish a bi-wheel of the horoscope for Inauguration 2017 with the natal chart of Republican Senator Ted Cruz around it. As you must know, 2016 candidate Ted Cruz won last night's Iowa Caucus with Donald Trump coming in second and Marco Rubio third. Please enlarge the image below to read a few notes for I won't have a chance to write about the charts today.

Outside in green the US natal planets are entered; blue highlights are the planets of Ted Cruz; the chart in the center is the Inauguration horoscope of January 20, 2017 noon est Capitol Building Washington DC with the Moon @9Sco21 conjoined by Cruz's natal Mars--and his natal Saturn rising across from US natal Moon--ouch! Perhaps his Saturn will put an end to his (and the Koch Brothers') White House dream (see eclipses just below!) As you see, his impatient Moon-Uranus duo snugs closely around US natal Saturn (14Lib48) which has a 'traditional vs avant-garde' influence (particularly on the US Senate)> we have Plus, his natal North Node of public contact @25AQ19 conjoins America's natal Moon (We the People) of 1776. This will be four years of another Sun AQ-Moon Scorpio blend as we had on January 20, 2009, folks.

In the charts, more cosmic action may be seen via the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse area around 8-9 Virgo (5th house) with the degree of Cruz's 8 South Solar Eclipse being eclipsed by the 19 North of September 1, 2016 @9Virgo ('separation and loss eclipsed or triggered by realism'.) Also, the Inauguration 2017 North Node conjoins the 3Virgo33 Full Moon of February 22, 2016 which ties the two dates together in some way not yet discovered:

This double horoscope is titled, President Cruz?

edit 3/26/16: what do you think are his chances of taking the 2017 Oath of Office? What higher oath might he have already taken? The primary link I see between the two charts is Cruz's North Node of public contact conjoining US natal Moon, aka, We the People in Mundane Astrology. A sense of destiny is attached to the American public's connection to Ted Cruz yet his NN and the transiting SN will join in a while which makes it not the most opportune time to begin new relationships, partnerships. or alliances for they may have opposite goals and/or they may be based on negative traits or negative vs positive motives, any of which may lead to an early demise or ending of the union. All crowns come with a heavy price and the 'Oval Office' is one that even the self-important Senator Green Eggs will not be able to pay yet meanwhile, there's a "big picture" of a Script which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise, as Dr. Tyl has informed us (Solar Arcs).

And the 2017 Inaugural Moon precisely conjoining Cruz's natal Mars @9Scorpio? I hardly know what to say since Moon-Mars contacts can denote excited or stirred up people, or, an angry public or disgruntled and/or protesting groups of people. Hope he isn't counting on our Moon-Mars link to further his Reconstructionist dreams and visions of power and control over the masses in fruitless and painful attempts to legislate an authoritarian morality--his theocratic morality--from the White House. Our president is meant to represent The People and is our only avenue to making our views and needs heard by the two other branches of the US government.

Charletans, criminals, and racketeers who pose as politicians regularly practice government badly while in office and act in breach of the public trust with abandon and yet their antics will not cause this American, a daughter of the Revolution, to doubt our nation's original (and present) intent that a worthy Republic be formed to Rule by Consent of The Governed for the principle is well baked into the American pie at least since 1776. Time grows short and Inauguration 2017 rapidly approaches. May all turn out as best as it can.

Ted Cruz December 22, 1970 1:00 am MST Calgary, Canada; RR: B (accuracy in question).

Jan 28, 2016

Trump Brings Out Mysogynists in Fox Debate Feud - Thom Hartmann reports

Misogyny has long been apparent within some political circles and here we are in 2016 having issues with rude slurs cast upon women by 2016 candidate Donald Trump who's in a snit over being asked a pointed question by a--gasp!-- female FOX News anchor (in a previous debate)! What will tonight's GOP debate/s bring? Will Mr. Trump take his prejudices to another stage and skip the debate hosted by FOX in order to dodge being put on the spot by inconvenient questions? Oh deary me! Let's be anxious together, shall we? But I'll manage tonight's anxiety by watching NBC's The Blacklist at 9:00 pm and give nary a thought to the blacklist of Donald Trump:

Of course, without Mr. Trump, the GOP debate mojo falls upon other candidates, most notably senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz who, unlike real estate mogul Donald Trump, actually know how to debate issues and policies.

Jan 25, 2016

The Billionaires' Tea Party - Trailer (w/ Uranus in Aries 2010/2016)

When Uranus in transit entered Mars-ruled Aries in late May 2010 it timed many events related to revolt, protest, even riots. Disruption is one of planet Uranus' favorite past times and since 2010 the world has not been disappointed. And for America's 2010 Solar Return in July, Uranus performed a Station Retrograde precisely on the Aries Point (00:00) which, for those who use US natal charts set for a few minutes after 5:00 pm LMT on July 4, 1776 (Phildelphia, PA), announced Uranus in Aries entering America's 4th house of Home--but also the house of Endings and The Drain (IC).

The disruptive shift into US 4th house occurred around the time that the Tea Party rose to public awareness with Uranus in Aries denoting Utopian anarchists and blind zealots (Ebertin). Then as now, everyone continued to agree that America was following a wrong path and some accepted the propaganda that the 'grassroots' movement called the Tea Party could cure politically and socially what ailed us as a nation--and reform Washington Politics where the global criminal syndicate is centered. The last time period that Uranus traveled through Aries was from 1928 to 1934 which of course includes disruptive events and turbulent interventions such as World War I, the Market Crash of October 29, 1929, the rise of Hitler and FDR, fascism taking over Italy--while transit Neptune's continuing path through Virgo, sign of The Worker, helped to undermine employment and social conditions for millions of people--especially since America's natal Neptune is in Virgo (22+).

Of course in 1929, Uranus squared Pluto but Pluto was in Cancer then (transformation of family values), opposite Pluto's current sojourn through the governmental, legal, and business-oriented sign of Capricorn, ruled by tough Saturn. Social upheaval has reappeared under the New Millennium's Uranus-Pluto Cardinal square as extreme measures are being pushed through Congress (many of them hidden within legislation to be discovered and despised later on), fanaticism is prevalent from many directions, and war and weaponry are lifted high as Nationalism and Patriotism are again used by the power elite as shields for hiding an agenda of global conquest. Meanwhile, Pluto in Capricorn = the dictator, according to Ebertin, and from Washington and across the nation we've heard accusations of such behavior by Obama opponents yet my suspicion is that we ain't seen nuthin' yet in that department--wait till Donald Trump (or whoever) takes the Oath of Office on January 20, 2017! Only Senator Bernie Sanders seems genuine to me but we'll see how that goes with primaries about to begin.

Be all of that as it may or may not be, check out the following trailer for The Billionaires' Tea Party and marvel at the political chicanery of the plutocrats:


Related posts include: Horoscope: Solar Eclipse of the Roaring Twenties and Horoscope: the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933 which includes 2011 conditions such as anarchists like Ted Cruz play acting our nation into a credit downgrade. But that's a hammy 'President' Green Eggs for ya--'burning down the world' like a true Uranus-in-Aries zealot with ideological Utopian leanings of theocratic proportions.

Jan 14, 2016

Obamaism vs Reaganism: Jupiter-Neptune and Pluto-Chiron

As we read in The Guardian the economic rescue made so necessary by Wall Street culprits and the continuing economic policies first perpetrated under Reaganism have not been replaced or corrected by Obamaism which arrived in the wake of the disastrous 8-year Bush-Cheney regime that undeniably culminated with Financial Crash 2008. That the Obama presidency is historic for breaking the color barrier and began with great hopes for positive change (something the 2009 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction/s inspired and supported) is obvious yet America's Main Street vs Wall Street conundrum remains tucked underneath a whopping income inequality divide. Many people agree that Mr. Obama saved Wall Street but Main Street? Not so much.

To paraphrase The Guardian article many Americans are finally waking up to our massively wide income divide. Yes, but will a majority of us fall again for discredited Reaganomics policies and candidates in November 2016? Will such sleepwalking voters show up at the polls?

Actually the Venus Cycle indicates that voters will demand someone other, or different which usually means a president of the rival party--Republican, in this case. There have been two exceptions to the Venus Prediction as noted by expert astrologer Bernadette Brady, yet 2016 Democratic candidates may be able to fulfill the requirements of 'the other'--Bernie for his Democratic Socialism, Hillary for her gender. However, in the Republican stable, Donald Trump may suffice due to his not-a-politician condition and even Ted Cruz could because he was in Canada though disqualified he may turn out to be.

Now those readers who were around Stars Over Washington since 2009 and before know that I have typed a large amount of words concerning Jupiter and Neptune as a pair of energies that represent potentials for 'the grand spirit, visions, big promises, flowery religious sentiments, get-rich-quick schemes, fraud, waste, speculation, hypocrisy (Ebertin)--and irresponsible, abusive, or reckless financial mismanagement. Political conflicts are also within the realms of Jupiter-Neptune (ex: Republicans vowing failure for President Obama since Day One). Such readers may be familiar with astrological principles and if so, they have not missed the significant synchronicity of the three 2009 conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune perfecting upon the US Moon in late Aquarius as seen on July 4, 1776...mundane Moon = We the People.

The blend of this grand influence of the societal planet of expansion (Jupiter) and urge-to-merge Neptune (often a leader in fraud, falsehood, deception, loss, failure, and planet of The Masses, The Media, and propaganda) led us in 2009+ to be exploited by our dreaminess, by falling into a swoon, having little sense of reality, becoming involved in speculation and fraud, losing ourselves in plans which brought waste, loss, and instability for a majority of the public. That America's natal Neptune @22Virgo conjunct fixed star Denebola (to go against society) obscures Barack Obama's natal Mars @22Virgo made the use of Jupiter-Neptune = natal Moon easier for those who were aware of the significance of such cosmic occurrences that were timed to chime with our newly elected "rock star" president (Mars-Neptune).

The Neptunian veil cast over Mr. Obama's Mars denotes a lack of clear vision or understanding when it comes to the president's actions and motivations (Mars) which he and his backers have hidden behind when acting in secret. Neptune veiling Mars also accounts in part for the lack of trust in President Obama and we all suffer from this constant refrain from Republicans whether we share their distrust or not.

And of course, Mars is the warrior planet but this post is more about financial issues even though the Pentagon is next after Wall Street and the Fed on my financial mismanagement list since global copping and conquest are very expensive to maintain as are US military bases, CIA annexes, prisons, and our embassies all over the world.

So now, since the 1980s (or even the 1970s), we have increased Income Inequality thanks to a society that has devolved into more of a US Plutocracy than the Founders set it up to be. And as we face the November 8, 2016 Election/s, only a large voter turn out by Democrats can hope to deflect the GOP ('grand old plutocrats') from taking the White House and playing the decades-long game of Democrats grow the economy--Republicans harvest it dry (thereby creating more beggars out of the rest of us). This is a game set up by hidden hands secreted away in their European lairs (headquarters such as the City of London and the Vatican Bank) and it is somewhat visible in the World Bank, the IMF, and the Rothschild system of central banks that throttle the world's finances and resources while continuing to enslave the people via debts that can never be paid off. This exploitative condition between the 'haves and the have-nots' can be further described in Astrology by the Pluto-Chiron pair and all its -isms including Capitalism, Communism, racism--and primal violence.

Yes, the much-touted New Millennium has shown as a timing device for enslaving the world more tightly in the raptor's grip--in finances, total surveillance, politically, you name it. The current Pluto-Chiron cycle began with their conjunction in late 1999--at 12 Sagittarius, conjunct America's Ascendant in her late afternoon horoscopes of July 4, 1776 (I tend to use 5:09 pm LMT since it places 00Aries at IC though our Scorpio Rising chart is also descriptive). Therefore, Pluto-Chiron-r-us. But did Plutocracy need to announce its arrival as the New Millennium began? Many people were awake and aware of its tightening grasp upon our nation and government pre-1999 with the 60-year Pluto-Chiron cycle involving a transformation of mass consciousness, an expression of a mass need (Nolle)--and this we now hear in the campaign rhetoric of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Plus, how can we not wake up? The Sabian Symbol for 12 Sagittarius should have opened our ears back in 1999 into 2000: "A Flag Turned Into an Eagle That Crows"! Odd how the Bush gang had draconian changes to our traditional principles and freedoms ready to implement just after the attacks of 9/11/01--as if part of a plan. One question for 2016: is there a presidential candidate who isn't part of the plan? That's the one I want.

So since Democratic Socialist Senator Sanders is calling for a political revolution and because of his reform ideas and the fact that a Pluto-Chiron conjunction appears in the natal horoscope of Karl Marx (Marxism! Socialism!), I suggest that Pluto-Chiron's expression of a mass need is primarily the need to close the glaring gap in incomes in the US and beat Plutocracy of any political stripe back into its dungeon where it belongs if our allegedly democratic republic is planning to exist into the future.

And now commentary from Ring of Fire Radio's Farron Cousins:

Jan 7, 2016

Ed Schultz Gives Commentary on the News of the Day (01-07-16) - video

Well, they're all jumping into this week's news cycle: Bill, Hill, and Donald, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, North Korea... Here's a 5-minute synopsis by progressive broadcaster Ed schultz:

Here's a previois post containing the natal data of North Korea and a list of its natal planets. plus, a few brief notes--one example: NK's natal Uranus (shocking events, eccentricity, electricity, uranium) conjoins 00Cancer, one of the four Cardinal World Points of manifestation and recognition, and of course, where the Sun shines a bright spotlight every Summer Solstice (so he has that goin' for him).

Dec 15, 2015

12.15.15 GOP debate in Las Vegas: 5 Plutos Rising

A Republican Las Vegas Debate with Pluto Rising in Leo and Virgo

by Jude Cowell

The fifth and last of 2015, tonight's Republican debate in Las Vegas, Nevada should be interesting if you're in the mood for campaign promises on a national stage and perhaps some entertaining political fireworks which the networks and pundits are longing for. CNN and Facebook will host; follow the link for more details.

Astrologically it seems curious to me that in the natal charts of five candidates: Trump, Carson, Bush, Cruz, and Rubio--all have their natal Plutos rising or just risen as the show begins! Pluto's power principle is of course a major part of Politics and the stealthy one's manipulation tendencies are vital for propaganda purposes, publicity included. Pluto in dramatic Leo naturally expects to rule by force while Pluto in Virgo possesses zealous and fanatical tendencies for whatever is acquired. It's generational as Baby Boomers Meet...whatever you call Cruz and Rubio's 1970s generation...X?

Thing is, it isn't only their Plutos appearing tonight it's natal Pluto's condition in each chart so, with my blogging time brief today, I've taken a tiny peek to see what baggage their Plutos bring along. In chronological order of birth:

Donald Trump (June 14, 1946) was born in the Pluto in Leo generation as was Jeb Bush. Trump's natal Pluto @10Leo 'leads the pack' by degree (though it's his quirky 10th house Uranus that leads actually his natal planets in a Bowl shape making him a wild card candidate who tends to disruptively say out loud what others won't say.) His Pluto is unaspected, however, so his power principle knows no interference, thank you, and this we've seen during his campaign. It is apex in a midpoint picture which we've also seen and it's a difficult one: Mars-Saturn (the death axis) = Pluto: the need to take control; forcing an issue; strong anger (Tyl); brutality (Ebertin.) Sound familiar?

Ben Carson (September 18, 1951) has natal Pluto @20Leo conjunct his Mars @19Leo, a major indicator of surgery or the surgeon that he was. As a pair they also describe one who makes excessive efforts to achieve goals. Unconscious anger, manipulation, and taking 'controlled action' (as in surgery) are denoted. Carson's natal Pluto conjoins his natal Psyche with both Pluto and the archetype involved in Psychology or Psychiatry. (That's Psyche, not 'psycho'.) His Mars and Pluto are apex of a midpoint: Sun-Uranus = Mars: combativeness; rash action. And with Pluto the independnt pair of Sun and Uranus give a strong drive for power (Tyl.) (

Jeb Bush (February 11, 1953) as stated was born with a Leonine Pluto opposing natal Sun in Aquarius,a natal Sun within range of US natal Moon (uh oh--this can be a presidential indicator.) Sun-Pluto people crave power and control and usually have ways of attaining this (Poppy Bush has been Jeb's ticket.)

Ted Cruz (December 22, 1970) is one of two with Pluto in Virgo conjoining his natal Sisyphus--and you know how determined that manifests. A descriptive midpoint picture involves the power planet--Sun-Pluto = Saturn @16Tau08 Rx ('17Tau' is the "swords vs torches" degree we discussed previously...... and this adds potentials for his wild tendencies to be blocked (ex: no, Ted, you cannot shut down the US government a second time and waste millions of taxpayer dollars) and restraining one's fanatical tendencies (Munkasey.) Note that this midpoint picture between Sun-Pluto-Saturn is formed by a Fist of God pattern, aka, Thor's Hammer.

The last candidate I'm considering here is Marco Rubio (May 28, 1971) with Pluto in Virgo and a Thor's Hammer pattern between Venus-Mars and Pluto which gives him potentials for passion, envy, and stealth. Using sex for power is also indicated though I know of no scandals of that nature, so far, only his financial troubles denoted by his Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. (Mr. Cruz has the Jupiter-Neptune 'grand spirit' with over-promising and wastrel issues as well though his Jupiter is in corporate Scorpio, not Sag--both have Neptune @1Sag+). And perhaps Rubio's 'passion' is intensified by the asteroid conjunct his natal Pluto for it's sexy, glamorous Lilith who should feel right at home tonight as Senator Rubio debates his opponents in Sin City!

Dec 13, 2015

Horoscope: RNC 2016 Full Moon 27Cap40

A Brief Peek at RNC 2016 Through an Astrological Lens

by Jude Cowell

Assuming that the Republican National Convention of 2016 is held as planned from July 18--21 in Cleveland, Ohio, here is the horoscope of the Full Moon that will perfect on July 19 at 6:56:32 pm EDT in that city, during that political convention and noting that Full Moons can affect events in unexpected ways as significantly as 'wild card' eclipses:

As you see the Hour is Mercurial and chart-ruler Jupiter @19Vir57 is in his own 9th house of Ideology, Philosophy, and Foreign Affairs but makes no major applying aspects to other planets--unless you wish to count an opposition to Chiron @25Pis01 Rx in the 3rd house of Communications. Chiron in Pisces represents mentors and gurus so perhaps this is significant considering how bought off most politicians are. And expansive Jupiter is a quite corporatist himself (as as Republicans) and can signify several other roles in society such as politician, banker, religious leader, broadcaster, and/or The General.

And when in Mercury-ruled Virgo, Jupiter is an excessively ambitious organizer who doesn't mind using superficial criticism to get his point across. He can possess moral values and follow ethics but materialism may take the lead. This Jupiter is no longer the lead planet in a Locomotive pattern of the high-powered executive, by the way, for this chart has the shape of a Seesaw indicating a weighing of pros vs cons approach of constant conflict which supports the possibility recently touted that the Republican Party may end up with a brokered convention (first time since 1976); (edit: it didn't). Reporters are giddy over the prospect as I type (12.13.16) and this is said to be due guessed it...the popularity of Donald Trump, the guy the power elite would like to jettison from consideration, thank you very much. At least, that's the line being sold by pundits these days. Of course, Mr. Trump may not be a political candidate by July 2016 so don't fuss at me if his candidacy is moot by then! (edit: he wasn't moot and was selected to play president in order to undermine the institution and milk the cash cow dry).

So if we look at the chart (enlarge to read my notes if you wish) we find planetary patterns of interest. In turquoise (or aqua) I have marked a KITE pattern which includes the Moon and Sun, activist Mars @25Sco39 in 11th house of Groups, and Chiron already noted in 3rd house. KITEs suggest success ('high-flying') yet for that Chiron might be better replaced by a planet (you'll want to refer to other astrologers who have more recent info on Chiron, the Wounded Healer, than what I have.) All I can say is that a mentor or mentors (edit: or a Russian leader?) are aiding the GOP with their high-flying White House ambitions, financially and otherwise. Successful teamwork is denoted by Mars (ASC-MC = Mars) and of course, there's the culminating Full Moon @27Cap40 conjunct US natal Pluto (27Cap33 Rx) denoting fulfillment but also endings of relationships (see chart for themes of the PE in the 18 South Saros Series.) I usually take Pluto to represent hidden manipulators and puppet masters of the secret society persuasion but natal Pluto at can on one level, also stand for the Pentagon ('28Cap' = "A Large Aviary"). With US natal Uranus and Mars in the 6th house of Military and Police Service, a Pentagon influence on the nomination seems even more likely.

Another prominent planetary pattern (highlighted in orange) is a Cardinal Grand Cross--but only if we allow the Midheaven (MC) as the 4th point. In a case like a political convention I prefer to use the MC as the outlet for expression of the energies of the Full Moon which squares Uranus at IC and listed on the chart you see my paraphrase of Ebertin's description of Uranus in Aries: rebels, zealots, anarchists, Utopians which I have taken to mean (since 2010--transit Uranus to Aries Point = US natal IC) the tea party contrarians and anti-government shutdown artists who have infiltrated the US Congress such as the hammy Mr. Cruz. Of course, Mr. Trump may be part of the anarchy, too, given the way he has so far shaken things up--but this is significant only if he's still in the game by convention time.

So as you can tell, I'm reading the Full Moon horoscope as a representative of Republican National Convention 2016--can you blame me? The Democrats don't get a Full Moon for their 2016 convention (July 25- 28, Philadelphia, PA), only a 4th quarter Moon, the 'crisis in consciousness' phase. We'll have to discuss more about the DNC 2016 later on but for now, why not marvel at the GOP Full Moon conjunct US natal Pluto which is perhaps a signal for terrorist events that Republicans will tactically propagandize across their echo chambers in an attempt to frighten US voters into putting alleged safety over best interests by voting Republican in spite of the anti-government ideals they represent. In Campaign 2016 the Rs can't divulge what policies they really have in mind or no American would vote for them--ever!

Actually, the terror-touting has already begun since the Paris and San Bernadino attacks of 2015 and the tactic (which got them elected before) is paying off for the GOP in higher poll numbers if you can believe mainstream media reporting. I don't. But you can if you really want to. This is 'free' America after all.

UPDATE Jan 26, 2016: Trump, Cruz, Kasich

Well, Mr. Trump not only remains in the race, he continues to lead in various polls. Now it's Senator Ted Cruz that establishment Republicans are anxious to jettison--he, whom everyone dislikes, the flame thrower who'd like to burn Washington DC down to the ground and start over according to know-it-all Senator Green Eggs' theocratic specifications. It's tricky because both Trump and Cruz are pied pipers with plenty of supporters in the audience if not in the voting booth. But soon (Feb 1) the first primary will separate Republican candidates into plausible and implausible on a day that the Moon goes void-of-course at 7:35 pm (est) so the name of the victor will be 'baked into the cake', as political pundits like to say, before all the ballots are counted (which may take all night). Yes, Trump has an edge yet John Kasich is looking stronger as an establishment candidate and town hall audience pleaser. Can Kasich go national? His Sun Taurus-Moon Capricorn has the pragmatism and practicality needed to run corporate America but perhaps a lack of a connection to US natal Moon in Aquarius is missing unless we count his Pluto @19Leo opposing visionary Aquarius.

Still, it's curious that Kasich announced his nomination bid on July 21, 2015 with Mercury, planet of announcements, messages, plans, and deals, @26Cancer...conjunct US natal Mercury Rx, and his natal Uranus @11Cancer falls within the midst of America's Venus-Jupiter-Sun line-up. It will surprise me if these links are enough to pull off a victory for John Kasich unless the power elite who select our presidents decide he's their best bet for following the global government script.

From Wikipedia: John Kasich born May 13, 1952 McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. His birth hour seems to be unknown ('noon' Moon @15Cap30).

Nov 16, 2015

Economists Report In: Ted Cruz's Tax Plan Is Laughable

Flat Tax = Flat America

Confession: lately I've been privately and not-so-privately giving captions to Ted Cruz photos based on his variety of expressions during photo ops and simply could not resist adding this one to SO'W--what I call his "I'm So Adorable" look (in his own mind):

And here's the article via Ring Of Fire Radio that goes with the photo: Economists' Report In: Ted Cruz's Tax Plan Is Laughable though I doubt that 99% of us would be laughing if Cruz obtained enough power to implement his anti-society, anti-government ideas to shrink, drown, and collapse the US government.

Now have you seen this pitiful expression on the mug of thespian Cruz? This one I felt compelled on Twitter to label "sadness" for obvious reasons.

And We Must Never Forget Cruz's immortal rendering of Green Eggs and Ham for which US taxpayers paid millions of dollars while the big faker turned the US Senate into a laughing stock across the globe.

So tell me, Can Astrology Describe Ted Cruz?

Oct 30, 2015

Ted Cruz Cries To Conservative Hosts About Liberal Media Bias - video

My apologies for putting the self-dramatizing snoot of Senator Ted Cruz here on Stars Over Washington but you may wish to listen to this Ring Of Fire analysis concerning the last Republican debate and what Cruz has called "liberal media bias" which from a wider perspective yours truly considers just another attempt to keep the con vs lib tactic of divide-and-conquer politics active against the American people: